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The medical and romantic story is centered around Lola and doctors working at a private hospital. She loves her job and hope to help patients in anyway she can. Beautiful and quiet Lola prays for the right man that will fill the hole in her heart. A
time will come when three men will battle for a place in her heart. It will be between the man she loves, the man she likes and the man she can never hate. An emotional story of pain, regret and undying love.

Season 1 will commence soon. (10 episodes). After this season 4 of Partners in Crime will be next.

The partners will be faced in a challenge as they investigate a murder case that involves someone they know. He is accused of murder. Tiwa and Genevieve are ready to win the case and reveal the truth even if they fight hard or crack bones.


  1. Bring it on carina baby

  2. Oshey... Bring it on and I bet the story will be fire..

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