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Episode 6 Title: Not giving up (2)
Dr. Lola Bello was obviously surprised that he asked for her. She went to meet Duke outside the OR. She saw Ahmed and noticed he appeared to be unhappy and quite tensed. Zara was very jealous and left to the ER to assist Jidenna. Duke narrated the surgery was successful but the patient was still unresponsive.
“Could it be she is bleeding internally?” Lola suggested.
“No, she is not.” he said. “Also, the anesthetic administered to the patient was the right dose.” Duke told her. “The sedative is not the cause in case you think so.”
“We have to talk with the boyfriend. He’s name is Mr. Fred. He should be able to contact her family so that we can ask questions. She might have an ailment that is trigging her not to wake.”
“She is breathing through a ventilator for now. We have to detect what is wrong with her or else we might lose her. I don’t want to lose any of my patients today.” Duke said with passion in his voice.
“Before we see her boyfriend, some tests should be carried out.”
“The patient’s blood has been extracted for test.”
Ahmed came out with a worried expression on his face. He faced Lola. “Please, do we have a solution now?”
“Dr. Ahmed,” Duke said to him. “You need to put your mind at rest.”
“I failed you Dr. Duke. I failed you. You gave me the opportunity to prove I am a good surgeon but I failed you.”
“You didn’t fail me. I watched what you did and you did it right. It is not your fault she is unresponsive.”
“Maybe if you had done the surgery, she will alright.”
“I don’t think it is the surgical procedure that is the cause of the problem,” Lola quickly said. “Something else that has nothing to do with you is the fault.”
“What do we do now?” Ahmed asked.
“I want you to relax,” Duke responded. “Dr. Bello and I will talk with the patient’s boyfriend.”
He nodded at them and rested his back on the wall. Lola and Duke walked away, they were optimistic to come up with a solution. Ahmed was devastated.
Lola and Duke approached the room where Mr. Fred was and a female nurse came out from the room. She told them Fred was awake and was asking for the condition of his girlfriend, Amara. Both of them went in and saw how distraught he was. He was indeed very troubled.
Fred raised his head and looked at them. “How is Amara? How is she?”
“The surgery was successful, but there is a problem we have to fix.” Duke told him.
“What kind of problem?”
“First of all, we need you to contact her family.”
“Amara’s family does not live in Nigeria and they stopped communicating with her two years ago. I am her only family right now.”
Lola and Duke looked at each other and back at him.
“How well do you know your girlfriend?” Lola questioned him.
“I know everything about her. Her family abandoned her because they didn’t accept our relationship. Maybe if she had listened to them, she won’t be here.”
“You don’t know that.”
“I do.” Fred said. “Two months ago, Amara found out I was going to buy her a car and I couldn’t say no when she wanted to learn how to drive. I gave her the order to go to a driving school. Today, she told me she has finished learning and I gave her my car to drive us. I was foolish.” He started to cry.
Duke felt pity for him but he didn’t come there for that. Lola took a deep breath and moved close to him.
“I am sorry.” Lola said. “If you know everything about her, we will like to ask you some questions.”
Fred wiped his eyes with his hands. He grabbed his trousers beside him and dipped his hand inside one of the pockets. He brought out a small black box; he opened it and a beautiful ring gleamed at the surgeons.
With tears hovering around his eyes, he spoke to them. “I was going to tell her to marry me today. You can ask me anything and I will give you the right answers. Amara means a lot to me and I don’t want to lose her.”
“I understand.” Duke said when he noticed Lola had become quiet. “We have carried out some tests but the results are not out. Does your girl have any ailment or medication she is supposed to take?”
Fred thought for a moment and shook his head. “I don’t think so.”
“What does your girlfriend do for fun?” Lola asked. “Does she smoke or drink?”
“She doesn’t smoke. We drink together.”
“How often?”
“We drink a lot especially on weekends. Could she be diabetic?”
“Why would you ask such a question?” Duke asked him.
“Amara told me her father was diabetic.”
Duke sighed. “Has she ever complained of how she felt?”
“No. I don’t think so.”
“Mr. Fred you have to think.” Lola told him. “Has she ever complained of fatigue or loss of appetite?”
He blinked his eyes, thinking. “Yes. Few weeks ago, she told me she didn’t feel like eating. I thought it was because of a hangover but it continued for days. She even felt nauseous and vomited. We thought she was pregnant but we did a urine test at home and it came out negative.”
Duke thought about the symptoms. Lola gave Fred a look and asked.
“What was the color of her urine?”
 “It wasn’t the normal color. It was dark urine color.”
 “Oh my God.” Duke muttered. “I think I know what is wrong with her.”
Lola looked at him sadly. “I do too. She has liver disease.”
“That’s true. She could be diabetic and it’s one of the risk factors of having a liver problem.”
Fred put his hands on his head. “Jesus Christ!” Tears burst out from his eyes. “What is going to happen to her?”
“We have to now.” Duke quickly told him. “We will get back to you.”
Duke and Lola left the room and Ahmed approached them with a paper in his hand.
“I was coming to meet you,” Ahmed said to them. “She has a liver disease.”
“We know.” Duke said and collected the result from him.
“I have ordered for a CT scan to know the level of damage. I also took some of her tissues for analysis.”
Duke collected the result to read.
“We don’t have to wait for a scan.” Lola said. “For her not to be able to wake up, it means her liver is damaged.  She needs a liver transplant. We have to put her name on the list of patients in need of a liver.”
“You are right,” Duke said. “For her condition, if we don’t get a liver for as soon as possible, she might not have the strength to stay alive.”
“What do we do now?”
“I have to convince Dr. Wendy to put her name on the list although she might refuse because it not the normal procedure.”
“If she refuses, you can talk to Dr. Wole Bello about it.” Ahmed said. “I heard he is around.”
“Oh.” Lola realized she has not delivered Jidenna’s message. She gazed at Duke. “Dr. Duke, I am very sorry. I forgot to tell you. Dr. Jidenna told me to inform you that Dr. Bello is around.”
“I understand. We will see him together with Dr. Zara and Dr. Melvin.”
He looked at Ahmed. “Before we wait for the scan, page them, we have to see Dr. Bello now.”
Lola and Duke went to check on the patient before the others joined them to see the owner of Bello’s Hospital.
“Come in.” The deep voice said after Duke knocked on the CEO’s door. Both of them were quite close to each other.
Duke opened and entered alone while Lola, Ahmed, Melvin and Zara waited outside the office.
Dr. Wole Bello was a handsome old man with nice grey hair. He smelled nice and he had an expensive wristwatch around his left wrist.
“Welcome sir.” Duke shook his hand.
“Thanks. How is everything?”
“I’m fine. The surgeons are outside waiting.”
“I am aware Dr. Lola Bello is among them.”
Duke gave him a look before he answered. “Yes. I will tell them to come in.”
“I know you want to ask me a question, go ahead Dr. Duke.”
“I don’t intend to ask you a question. I want you to open up to me if you are going through something.”
“Something like what, Dr. Duke?” Wole Bello asked him.
“I don’t know. You are the one to tell me if you are going through something we should talk about.”
“I don’t have anything to talk about right now.”
“No problem, when you are ready, let me know.” Duke opened the door and told the surgeons to come in. They entered.
Wole Bello stood on his feet and walked towards them with a smile on his lips. Before Duke could introduce them, Wole shook their hands one after the other and when it got to Lola’s turn, he held unto her hand. Duke focused his eyes on Wole.
“I heard your name is Dr. Bello.”
“That’s true sir.” Lola said. “It’s an honor to meet you. I am proud to work in your hospital.”
“Thanks.” The smile on his face increased and he released her hand.
Duke sighed and called the names of the other surgeons.
“Nice to meet all of you,” Wole said to them. “I want to advise all of you to take this place as your second home. Your colleagues are not your enemies but your partners. As partners, you have to work together with peace and love. If you have concepts for the benefit of this hospital, my door is always opened for that.”
“Yes sir.” The five of them chorused with a smile on their faces. Zara’s own wasn’t real. She was upset how Wole Bello acknowledged Lola.
What if there were bearing the same name?There was nothing special about that. Zara thought to herself.
They thanked him for the advice and left Wole and Duke alone. Duke faced him.
“I know you didn’t attend the job interview and you have not been around. How did you know that was Dr. Lola Bello?”
“I guessed.”
“You guessed?”
“Yes. Are you interrogating me?” Wole asked.
“No.” Duke replied. “Do you know Dr. Lola Bello before?”
“Dr. Duke, I only guessed and that should be the end of our conversation.”
“No problem.”
Lola and her colleagues where notified the scan for the patient was ready. They went to check and analyzed the level of damage to the liver. They were not pleased.
Lola went to inform Duke about it and they left to see Fred.
“How is she?” He asked them.
“Your girlfriend needs a transplant.” Lola answered him. “Her liver is damaged.”
“Oh my God. What’s going to happen now?”
“We will put her name on the list but I am afraid time is not on her side.”
“Is there anything I can do to help?”
“What she need from you is your love and prayer.”
“I am not a religious person.” Fred said and looked at Duke. “Doctor, are you married?”
Duke was surprised. “No.”
“Do you have a girlfriend you love?”
Lola heaved a low sigh and folded her arms.
“My answer won’t solve the problem your girlfriend has.” Duke stated.
“I know but if you were in my shoes, what will you do?”
“I will wait for the surgeons to find a solution and save the woman I love.”
“Is there a solution for me to help her?”
Lola stared at Duke. “I might have a solution but I don’t know if you will approve it.”
“You are going to be in charge of the surgery. Whatever solution you have, do it to save her life.”
“For real?”
“Yes. This is not my area of specialization. My work was done after Ahmed did the surgery. I am here just to assist you.”
It occurred to her, he was right.
“Thank you Dr. Duke.”
He smiled faintly and nodded. “What is your solution?”
“We can keep the patient alive if the boyfriend will agree for me to take part of his liver and give it to her. She can survive with that for weeks or even months while we wait for a liver.”
“If it’s possible, I will do it.” Fred quickly said.
“Dr. Bello don’t forget he drinks too.” Duke told her.
“That is true.” Lola said in a saddened tone.
“But I don’t have liver disease. You can do the test to check. I am ready to give her part of my liver. I love her.”
“We will do the test.”
“Please do it. I will not give up on her. I am ready to help Amara in any way I can.”
“No problem.”
Lola and Duke walked out of the room. Duke went to the cafeteria to eat a light meal while Lola did the test and waited for the result. When the result came out, Fred’s liver was in a good shape. Lola and Ahmed went to meet Duke in his office.
“I can’t believe it.” Duke said after he looked at the result. “He must be very lucky.”
“He is very lucky.” Lola said. “When I told Mr. Fred, he swore never to drink again.”
They couldn’t hold it. They laughed.
“Everything is in your hands now.” Duke said to her.
“I won’t fail you.”
“I know you won’t.” He stared at Ahmed. “I can see that you are looking happy.”
“Yes I am happy.” Ahmed said. “I thought it was my fault.”
“You, Melvin and Zara should join Dr. Lola in the OR.”
“We will.”
“You are not a good surgeon,” Duke said to Ahmed. “You are a great surgeon.”
Ahmed beamed and Lola couldn’t stop smiling.
“Thank you Dr. Duke.” Ahmed said.
“You’re welcome.” Duke grabbed his bag and turned to Lola. “I have to go now. Send me a message after the surgery is over.”
“I will.” She said.
Lola and Ahmed left him in his office. Duke sent a message on his phone, combed his hair and walked out. Duke was on his way home to refresh up and prepare to have dinner with his girlfriend and her father.
Daniela and Duke arrived at the restaurant, ordered for drinks and waited for Daniela’s father. Duke kept staring at his phone to see if there was a message from Lola but found none.

“Are you happy with me?” Daniela asked him with a frown.
He looked at her. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You have been staring at your phone ever since we came here.”
“We have been waiting for your dad,” he said. “What do you expect me to do while we wait.”
“I expect you to look at me.” Daniela said angrily.
Duke decided to drop his phone on the table, relax his back on the chair and stare at her face.
“Why can’t you call your dad? We have been waiting for the past thirty minutes.”
“There is no need to call him,” she said. “He will come.”
They waited for another twenty minutes and Duke ordered for food. Daniela refused to order. She excused herself to the bathroom. Daniela called her dad’s number and he answered.
“Dad, where are you?” She questioned.
A male voice spoke. “I am very busy dear. I won’t be able to make it.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I am busy. I have sent one of my bodyguards to you and Duke. How is he?”
“He is fine.”
“Tell him to call me. We have to talk about the hospital I want to open soon. I need him to work there.”
“Dad, he already told you he is not interested. He is happy where he is.”
“I don’t care. I am the father of his girlfriend and he will obey me. I have to go now.”
“Okay. Bye dad.”
Daniela didn’t receive a response. He had ended the call. Daniela applied power to her face and went back to meet Duke. He was reading a message from Lola.
I am excited. The surgery was successful. The patient is awake. I am hopeful for a liver next week.
Duke smiled. He was tempted to call her and hear the sound of her voice.
“What’s making you to smile?” Daniela asked.
He looked at her. “A patient of mine survived her surgery.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“Daniela, please don’t start.”
The waiter came to set his food and left. A muscular man in a suit approached them. Duke recognized him. The man greeted them and gave Daniela an envelope and left. She extended the envelope to Duke. He refused to take it.
“What is that?” He asked her.
“It’s money for our dinner. My dad said he is sorry. He won’t be able to make it.”
Duke wasn’t surprised. “You can keep the money for yourself. I will pay for my meal.”
“I am capable of paying for my meal.”
“My dad is sorry he can’t make it. He is busy.”
“I have heard you. I will pay for my meal.”
Duke started to eat and Daniela watched him with a scorn on her face.
In the evening, Lola went home. She bathed, ate and went to her bedroom. At 9:23pm, Lola couldn’t stop smiling as she chatted with Jidenna on her phone. He told her some jokes before he asked her a question.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Lola stayed silent for a moment before she answered.

I will like to take you out during the weekend. Dinner at 7pm on Saturday?
Lola took a deep breath and thought. She replied.
Okay, no problem.
To be continued.


  1. Carina I thought Fred's girlfriend was called Cassey, or is Amara her local name? I was almost getting confused.

    1. Yes dear. I will change it to her local name to avoid confusion . Thanks

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