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EPISODE 7 TITLE: Instinct (1)
The young woman in the ICU opened her eyes and the first person she saw was Dr. Lola. Lola smiled at her as she wrote on the patient’s case file. There was a trip in her left hand and she appeared quite healthy. Her legs were in good shape.
“I hope you slept well.” Lola said to her and handover the file to a female nurse that came in to check on the patient.
“I slept well but I am very hungry.” Amara said in a gentle tone.
“Mr. Fred sent his friend to buy you food.”
“Where is Fred?”
“He is in another room.” Lola answered her.
She cleared her throat and took a deep breath. “I have been here for the past two days, when will you discharge me and Fred?”
“You are still healing and we have to monitor you for at least one week before we can come up with a full liver. Fred will be discharged on Monday.”
“Why not today?”
“We don’t discharge patients on weekends.”
“I think I am strong enough,” Amara said. “Dr. Duke said I will be able to walk with the help of a walking stick for a short time before I can walk properly. I want to go home with Fred on Monday. I know you can make that happen.”
Lola Bello paused at the mention of Duke’s name. After she had sent him a message that the surgery went successful, he saw her the next day and congratulated her. Ever since then, they never interacted. Lola wondered why she wanted to talk with him.
What is wrong with me? She asked herself silently. Jidenna had been nice to her and made her laugh each time they chatted or talk on the phone. Both of them were having dinner at seven and he already sent the location of the fancy restaurant. She had a new yellow gown and she planned to wear it.
Does she like him enough to date him? Lola asked.
“Dr. Lola… Dr. Lola…..” Amara called her name twice and stretched her hand to touch her. “Dr. Lola.”
“Oh!” Lola uttered. “I’m very sorry, I was thinking about something.”
“I hope there’s no problem.”
Lola gave a nice smile. “There’s no problem. I will like to talk with Dr. Wendy about the liver.”
“Dr. Duke said my name is on the list.”
“Yes and I will like to ask her if there is an update. I really want you to have a full liver before you go home.”
“Are you going to cut me again?”
“I will but it is for a purpose to save your life. You will only have a small scar. You will be fine.”
Amara smiled faintly. “Thank you for your encouragement. I really appreciate it.”
“You’re welcome. I will see you later.”
Lola walked out of the ICU.
“You have to be careful next time.” Melvin said to a seven months old pregnant woman in the ER. Her husband brought her after he noticed she was her bleeding from her thigh after she fell and hit herself on a pavement. She was lucky her baby was unharmed.
Melvin added. “If you need anything that will stress you inform your husband or anyone around you.”
“I understand but I was trying to exercise my body. I thought exercise is good for pregnant women.”
“You are right. It is advisable for a pregnant woman to exercise but you don’t have to stress yourself to prove a point.”
“I understand.”
“How often do you eat vegetable?”
“Doctor, I won’t lie to you, I rarely eat vegetable.”
“It irritates me. I used to love vegetable but ever since I became pregnant, after preparing it for my husband and I, I lose appetite because of the smell.”
“Vegetable is good for your health and the baby.”
“I know.”
“You have to try and eat.”
“I will. I hope I won’t be admitted.”
“No.” Melvin replied. “I have informed your husband you will be going home with him soon.”
She smiled widely. “Thank God.”
Melvin smiled back, left her and approached another pregnant woman he sighted walking inside the ward. She appeared okay and he asked what she wanted. Not far from them, Dr. Jidenna was standing and reading a patient’s file. Nurse Oliver motioned towards him and chuckled as if something he saw excited him.
“Even if you have been working, you are glowing.” Oliver said to him.
Jidenna plainly frowned at him as if he wasn’t really angry. “It was a mistake to give you my phone to help me charge.”
“I didn’t snoop. The message popped up on your phone.”
“If I had listened to my inner self, I wouldn’t have agreed to follow you inside your house. I would have simply dropped you and drove away to my comfortable abode.”
“Are you saying I didn’t entertain you enough?”
“You did but you don’t have to remind me about what you saw on my phone.”
“What I saw wasn’t bad. Dr. Lola agreed to have dinner with you today is a good thing. After your last relationship ended with bad blood, you deserve someone elegant.”
Jidenna smiled as if he had won a jackpot. “You think she is elegant?”
“Yeah,” Oliver said. “She is calm and hardworking. I like her a lot. Don’t blow it.”
There were talking without thinking if anyone was listening to the conversation.
“I won’t. You think she will agree to be my girlfriend?”
“If she truly likes you, she will say yes but don’t push her. Don’t pressurize her to say yes.”
Jidenna heaved a relief sigh. “I am happy she agreed to go on a date with me today.”
“I am happy for you.”
“Thanks bro.”
Oliver gave him a thumb up with a smile on his face and sauntered away.
Duke was in his office staring at a medical report when Dr. Yvonne knocked on his door. Ever since he went to dinner with his girlfriend, they rarely spoke on the phone. She tried to convince him to call her dad but he refused. That night, she didn’t follow him home. Yvonne came in with a man Duke knew. The man was using a walking stick as support for him to walk. He was holding a document.  He appeared to be in pain as he leaped. Duke was surprised with the look in his eyes.
“Mr. Eddy.” Duke stood. “I wasn’t expecting you.”
“That’s because I am upset with you.”
He blinked his eyes and stared at Yvonne. “Is everything okay?”
“Mr. Eddy wants to see you and what he intends to do, is not good.”
The man looked at Yvonne. “How can you say it’s not good? Do you know how it feels to be in pain?”
Yvonne looked at him. “I’m sorry. I will leave both of you alone to talk.” Yvonne stared at Duke. “I will see you later.” She walked out of the office.
Mr. Eddy dropped the document on the table and sat down.
“What is this?” Duke asked.
“I am suing you!”
Duke raised his left eyebrow and picked the document to read. After a moment, he glared at Mr. Eddy. “The surgery I did for you a year ago was successful. I am surprise to see you leaping and using a walking stick for support. Eight months ago you were already walking on your own.”
“And leaping.”
“I told you it will take probably two months for you to walk properly.”
“So why am I like this? I am in pain! The surgery you did for me went wrong.”
“I am confident the surgery I did for you was a success except you want me to take a look at it again for another surgery that could stop the pain.”
“No.” Mr. Eddy stood and grunted in pain. “Your lawyer should contact my lawyer in two days’ time otherwise I will also sue this hospital for hiring an incompetent surgeon after assuring me I would walk properly in six months.” He walked out of the office.
Duke gazed at the document to read all over again.
He asked himself silently. How could this happen?
*******                                                                       “How many times do I have to explain to you that I still care about you,” Melvin said to Zara in the dressing room. She went to get her earpiece from her bag and met Melvin there.
Melvin was standing near the door, by blocking her from going out after she had collected what she wanted. “Even if you don’t want to date me again,” he said. “I want us to be friends.”
“I can never be your friend.” Zara said in anger. “When I needed you, you told me I wasn’t the one for you.”
“Forgive me. I was being selfish. I was thinking about only myself. I didn’t care about your feelings for me.”
“Well, the feelings I had for you are buried. I have feelings for another man.”
“And who is that man?”
Zara crossed her arms and stared into his eyes without uttering a word to him.
“I hope you don’t have eyes for Dr. Duke or Dr. Jidenna.”
“What if I have feeling for one of them?”
Melvin laughed and it irritated her.
She dropped her hands. “Melvin, what’s funny?”
“I thought you were smart.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Isn’t it obvious Dr. Duke is not interested in any woman here?” Melvin asked. “I am even beginning to think he is gay.”
“Dr. Duke might be very handsome but he is not gay. I know he is professional. I am sure he has a girlfriend or a fiancĂ©e.”
“If you know that, it means you are interested in Dr. Jidenna.”
She gave him an uncertain facial reaction. “I didn’t say that.”
“It is written all over your face. My advice for you is to look elsewhere. Dr. Jidenna is interested in Dr. Lola.”
Her eyes ignited. “That’s a lie!”
“It’s true, I overhead Dr. Jidenna and Oliver talking about her. They are going on a dinner date today.”
It left Zara speechless.
“That means I am right,” he said. “You want Dr. Jidenna.”
“I don’t want anybody.” She dragged Melvin by the arm and pulled him away from blocking the door. The moment she came out, Ahmed paged her. She ran to the emergency ward.
Lola ate lunch and received good news from Dr. Wendy that Amara was the next to receive a liver. Lola went to see Amara and met Fred standing beside the bed. It appeared Amara had eaten.
“Mr. Fred,” she said as she approached them. “You should be resting.”
She was shocked when he turned to face her. Fred was in tears. He was holding the engagement ring.
“She said no.” Fred said in a sad tone. “I proposed and she refused to accept my proposal.” Fred turned to Amara. She couldn’t look at him in the eyes. “I thought you loved me.”
“I love you but I can’t marry you.”
“I gave you a part of my liver for you to survive. I swore to stop drinking because of what happened to you. Please Amara, don’t do this to me.”
“I am sorry, I can’t marry you. We have to break up.”
Fred shut his eyes, wiped the tears and strolled out of the room. Lola gestured closer to Amara.
“That man climbed of his bed to propose to you,” Lola said to her. “He loves you.”
“I know.” Amara quickly asked. “Do you have good news for me?”
“Yes. You won’t be discharged. I am certain you will receive a liver on Tuesday.”
“Thank you, I will like to rest.”
“No problem.” Lola knew she didn’t want to talk about her relationship. She was about to leave when Amara enquired.
“Can I get a piece of paper and a pen?”
“Sure. I don’t have a paper here with me.” Lola took her pen from the pocket of her white coat and gave it to Amara. “I will be right back with a paper.”
Lola came back in two minutes, extended it to Amara and she wrote on it. She returned the pen with the paper. Lola looked at it and recognized it to be an international phone number.
Lola questioned her. “Whose number is this?”
“My mother’s number.” She responded with a gloomy face. “I want you to call her and let her know where I am.”
Lola gave her a look and thought for a quick moment. “Was that why you rejected his proposal?”
Amara looked away and tears started to surround her weary eyeballs.
She added. “I am aware your family lives abroad. Do you want to reconcile with them?”
“Yes.” Tears dripped down her face as she nodded her head. “I need my family with me.”
“You also need Mr. Fred.”
“I know but my family is important.”
“Is Mr. Fred not important?”
“He is but I don’t have a choice.” Amara told her. “If I agree to marry Fred I will lose my family forever.”
“And you get to lose the love of your life.”
“Are saying I should let go of my family because of a man?”
“I can’t advise you to do that,” Lola said. “I will call your mom. When you talk to her, you have to let your family know how much Fred means to you. Tell your mom if they don’t want him in your life, you will never be happy for the rest of your life.”
“Do you think I haven’t told them? They said he wasn’t good for me. My mother said he was a bad influence.”
“It could mean they were angry with him because he influenced you into drinking alcohol.”
Amara let out a low sigh and wiped under her eyes. “I was the one that influenced Fred.”
She was surprised. “Does your family know you are the one?”
“No.” She started to cry again.
“You have to tell your family the truth and let them know what Fred did to save your life.”
“My father will be so disappointed in me. He is a pastor.”
“Then your father should know the true meaning of forgiveness. He will forgive you if you are willing to change. After the surgery are you ready to stop drinking alcohol?”
“Yes. Fred and I have talked about it before he proposed.”
“Then you have the chance to have your family again and marry the love of your life. You can have both.”
With tears in Amara’s eyes, she smiled and looked at Lola. “Call my mom and tell Fred I said yes. I want to marry him.”
Lola smiled widely. “I believe you have made a good decision.”
She left, called Amara’s mom but she didn’t pick. She sent a text.
Dr. Yvonne saw Lola coming out from Fred’s room after she has shared the good news. She signaled Lola and she went closer to her. They began to walk across the hallway.
“I am scheduled to perform a surgery on a patient next week and I want you to be among the surgeons that will work with me.”
“No problem. That is very nice of you.”
“Well, Dr. Zara and I have team up together. I want us to do the same.”
“I heard your patient is likely to have a liver on Tuesday.”
“Yes. Dr. Wendy is certain we will get a liver for her soon.”
“That’s good. I am very tired. Today is Saturday and we are supposed to close by 5pm. I just hope the meeting by 7 will go well.”
“What meeting?”
“It involves Dr. Bello and Dr. Duke.” Yvonne said. “Dr. Duke is getting sued.”
Lola widened her eyes in shock but before she could question her, Yvonne glanced at her wristwatch.
“I have to go now. See you later.”
Lola was obviously looking alarmed. Zara was going to the laboratory when she saw her.
“Are you in trouble?” Zara asked her.
“Excuse me?”
“You look like someone in trouble.”
“I am fine. I am okay.”
“The other day I overheard a patient’s daughter convincing you to date someone in this hospital. Who is he?”
“That is not what she said.”
“I thought you wanted Dr. Duke.”
“I never told you that.”
“I notice how you look at him. If you know you want him, leave Dr. Jidenna alone.”
Zara walked out on her before Lola could utter a single word. Lola decided to go to Duke’s office. She knocked on his door and he ordered her to come in. He appeared surprised to see her.
“What can I do for you?” He asked in a gentle tone.
Lola moved closer to the desk. “I wanted to check on you. I heard you are getting sued.”
“That’s true. Thanks for checking up on me.”
“Can you tell me why?”
Duke explained to her.
“What if you decide to do another surgery to correct the problem?”
“He doesn’t want another surgery and I am sure there was no complication. I am surprised to see him in pain and in that condition.”
“So what went wrong?”
“I don’t know. I have a meeting by 7 to talk about options that can help me pull myself from such a mess. My lawyer has to contact his lawyer before Tuesday otherwise Bello’s hospital will be sued too.”
“That’s bad. How much does he want?”
“He wants ten million naira.”
“That is a huge amount of money.”
Duke touched the left side of his head and closed his eyes. He was stressed.
“Can I come to the meeting in case I come up with an option that will help you?”
He opened his eyes to look at her. “The contracts staffs are not supposed to be in the meeting.”
“What if I can help?”
Duke took a deep breath, thought and peered into her curious eyes. “You can join us.”
“Thanks. I will be there.”
He gave a nod and Lola left the office to think of a way out. Amara’s mother called and Lola went to give Amara the phone to speak with her. Her mom promised to enter the country before her next surgery. Her dad and siblings would come with her.
Amara told Lola she would tell her family everything when they arrive. She flaunted her ring and thanked Lola.
Lola went to the ER and saw Jidenna. She inhaled in and out and tapped him. Jidenna turned back to face her. He dazzled a sincere smile at her.
“It’s not seven yet.”
“I know.” she said in a calmed voice. “I won’t be able to make it.”
“Why?” He asked in a nervous tone. “Did I say or do anything wrong?”
“No.” Lola replied. “We can reschedule.”
“But why don’t you want to have dinner with me today?”
“Are you aware about the man suing Dr. Duke?”
“Yes. I have gone to see him about it.”
“I want to stay for the meeting.”
“But it doesn’t concern you.”
“I know but he told me I can attend the meeting. I just want to see if I can help.”
Jidenna’s face fell. “Do you still want to go to dinner with me?”
“Of course. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to.”
He smiled. “It’s okay. I will call you tonight.”
“I will be expecting your call.”
Jidenna watched Lola walk away. He hoped she only wanted to help Duke and there was nothing else attached to it.
At 7:10pm, Dr. Wole Bello, Duke, Wendy, Yvonne, Fola were discussing when Lola knocked on the door. Apart from Duke, all of them were surprised when she walked in.
“You are not supposed to be here.” Yvonne said. “You are not a fulltime surgeon in this hospital.”
“I told her to come.” Duke quickly said.
Wole smiled at Lola and ordered her to sit. Yvonne still appeared surprised even after they continued their discussion.
“I don’t advise you to allow the hospital’s lawyer represent Dr. Duke.” Wendy said to Dr. Wole Bello. “It is risky.”
“I am willing to take that risk,” he said. “Dr. Duke is one of the best surgeons in this hospital.”
“I know.”
“What if Dr. Duke’s lawyer talks to the Mr. Eddy’s lawyer to reduce the money?” Yvonne asked. “Ten million naira is on the high side.”
Lola raised her hand a little far above her head.
“You can say anything you want.” Duke told her.
Yvonne gave Lola a wicked look.
Lola looked at Duke. “I think you deserve to know what went wrong even though he refuses.”
“How will I do that?”
“You have the right to take him to court and request to know the damage in his leg. You have to know why he is in pain.”
“What if he finds out he made a mistake in the surgery?” Wendy asked.
“I am certain I didn’t make a mistake.” Duke said in an angered tone. “Mr. Eddy will sue the hospital if I refuse to pay him. He doesn’t want to go to court.”
“That is better.” Yvonne said. “If the case is taken to court, your case will go public.”
“And it won’t benefit this hospital.” Wendy stated. “It will make is look bad.”
“There must be a reason Mr. Eddy doesn’t want to go to court.” Lola said. “If you go to court, you have ninety percent chance for the judge to grant you approval to check the damage in his leg. There must be a reason Mr. Eddy prefers the case is sorted out between the lawyers. What if he doesn’t want to go to court because he is hiding something?”
“Something like what, Dr. Lola?” Yvonne asked her.
“I don’t know but Dr. Duke deserves to find out by looking inside the leg. He won’t perform any surgery. Dr. Duke will only look for where the problem is coming from.”
“That is what I will do.” Duke said.
“If Mr. Eddy refuses to allow you check the leg, go to court.”
“Good.” Wole Bello said.
Wendy shook her head and Yvonne scowled. The women came out from the office while Duke and Wole spoke privately.
“I don’t want you to involve the lawyer for this hospital.” Duke said. “My lawyer will contact Mr. Eddy’s lawyer on Monday.”
Wole shook his hand. “I believe in you and I am glad you didn’t look down on Lola. You gave her the opportunity to express herself.”
“I’m glad I did. I can never look down on anybody.”
Lola checked on Amara and her boyfriend before she went to the dressing room. She had finished dressing when Yvonne came in. Her eyes were red.
“Why didn’t you tell me your idea when I told you about Duke?” Yvonne asked her.
“I didn’t have the idea when you told me he was getting sued.”
“When you thought about it, you should have come to me first!”
“I don’t understand you Dr. Yvonne,” Lola said in a confused tone. “Dr. Duke gave me the permission to attend the meeting if I had an option to help him and that is what I did.”
“Do you like Dr. Duke?”
“What kind of a question is that?”
“I want an answer!”
“Why are you asking me? Are you not married?”
The anger in her increased. “I don’t need you with me in the OR next week. Zara will join me.”
“That’s okay. That is fine by me.”
Lola kept quiet. Yvonne moved closer to Lola.
“Dr. Duke is in a serious relationship and his girlfriend’s name is Daniela. He is not interested in you if you are interested in him.” Yvonne walked out.
Lola swallowed a huge lump down her throat. Even though what Yvonne said made her feel heartbroken, it will not keep her away from Dr. Duke.
To be continued…..


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