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Episode 8 Title: Instinct  (2)

Lola took a deep breath and came out of the dressing room. She saw Jidenna preparing to leave. He smiled at her and she smiled too. She didn’t want him to feel bad. She wasn’t really happy after the outburst from Yvonne. To her, it seemed Yvonne liked Duke but as a married-woman, it was none of her business when it concerned Duke’s romantic life.
“How was the meeting?” Jidenna asked her.
”The meeting went quite well, I think. Dr. Duke agreed to my plan.”
“Wow. That is very thoughtful of him.” He heaved a sigh. “I was thinking we should meet in a nice place tomorrow.”
“I would love to rest after church and spend some of my time with my mom.”
He nodded as he spoke. “I understand. I hope we will still have dinner.”
“Yes. Next week Saturday will be nice.”
“Cool. I will appreciate that. I am on my way home. I can drive you to yours.”
While he spoke to Lola, she was glancing across the large room to check for Duke but he was nowhere in sight. She didn’t even hear his last statement.
“Are you even listening to me?” Jidenna asked and looked around. “Are you looking for someone?”
“No, I’m not looking for someone.” She quickly answered while facing him. “I want to be on my way now.”
“Should I take you home?”
“Don’t bother, maybe on Saturday.” Lola smiled widely. “I will see you on Monday.”
“No problem.”
Jidenna watched her walk out of the building. He notified a female nurse to call him on the phone if the hospital needed his attention on Sunday.
“Step away from my car, I want to enter.” Zara spoke to Melvin in anger.
Melvin was standing in front of the driver’s door of Zara’s car. “You have been angry with me ever since I told you about Dr. Jidenna and Lola.”
“It is none of your business if I am angry with you.”
He held her by her left arm gently. “Do you want Dr. Jidenna?”
“If I say yes, what will you do?” She pushed his hand away from her.
“We can plan and make Lola look bad in front of Jidenna. He won’t be interested in her anymore.”
Zara gave him a look and thought thoroughly. She spoke to him. “Why would you do that for me?”
“In exchange for that, you will forgive me.”
“You can never do something for free. You have not changed.”
“So what do you say?”
“What if I decide to make Lola look bad in front of Dr. Duke too?”
“You want Dr. Duke too?” He asked with his eyes widened.
“Anything can happen between Dr. Duke and I. So, what do you want in exchange for that?”
“We get to have sex again if Dr. Duke doesn’t ask you out.”
“You are insane! I don’t think you want my forgiveness. It is my body you want. Get out of my way!” She dragged him away and hissed. Zara entered her car and zoomed off in speed.
Melvin walked towards his car to leave. Ahmed was waiting for him by the car and he has been watching them without hearing their conversation.
“I hope there’s no problem?” Ahmed asked in a concerned tone.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked angrily.
“I saw how Zara spoke to you. I wanted to know if you are okay.”
“Don’t ever ask me such a question again. What is the meaning of that? Is it because I have been helping you with my vehicle after work? Was that the reason you asked me such a nonsense question?”
“Melvin, you don’t have to get angry. I was only showing concern. I am sorry.”
“I don’t need your sorry. If you think we are friends, we are not friends. We are colleagues and there is a reason why we are here.” Melvin took out his keys from his pocket and opened the door. He got in and drove off, leaving Ahmed behind with his mouth widely opened.
“Ahmed, are you still around?”
He turned to the direction of the male voice. It was Duke standing with his keys dangling in his right hand.
“Yes, Dr. Duke.”
“I thought you normally follow Dr. Melvin.”
“He left before me. I was busy and I told him not to wait for me.”
“You are a lucky man. You can follow me and tell me where you want me to drop you.”
“I can follow you?” There was a surprised expression on his face.
“Yeah,” They started walking side by side, towards Duke’s car. “You seemed surprised. I just want to help.”
“I know and I’m grateful Dr. Duke.”
“You are welcome.”
When they reached his automobile, he gazed at Ahmed. “Where is Dr. Lola Bello?”
“She has gone home.”
“Oh, okay.”
Duke unlocked his car, they hopped in and he drove off. Ahmed told him the bus stop he wanted to drop. Duke only nodded and remained silent until he alighted at the exact destination.
“I will see you on Monday.” Duke said with a faint smile on his face.
“I will see you too Dr. Duke.” Ahmed came down from the car and Duke drove to a supermarket to buy groceries before going home. 
Bidemi had prepared a delicious meal for her daughter. Lola returned home, went straight to her room to freshen-up and checked on her mom in the bedroom. They went to the dining table to eat dinner. Bidemi noticed Lola seemed quiet and switched off her fully charged phone.
As they ate, Bidemi looked at Lola as she ate slowly. “You don’t keep things from me. We tell each other everything. Tell me what the matter is and I might tell you a solution.”
“Mom, I am alright.”
“I don’t think so.” She stopped eating and placed her hand on Lola. “What is it?”
“I’m confused.”
"Confused about what?"
Lola cleared her throat and dropped her spoon on the plate. “Is it too early to like someone at my place of work?”
“It is not too early if the likeness is genuine.”
“What about love?”
Bidemi’s eyes enlarged. “You are in love?”
“I don’t know. Maybe I like him. I don’t even know what I am feeling and I agreed to go to dinner with another doctor who I think he is nice and good.”
“So what is it?”
“I like Dr. Duke more but he has someone. I might have a future with him. He is in a relationship. He is not married.”
“My daughter,” she said with sincerity in her voice. “It doesn’t matter if he is married or not. He has a girlfriend and that should keep you away from him so that you won’t get hurt. I have been in a similar situation when I thought the man could leave his woman for me. I lost.”
Lola stared at her surprised. “You haven’t told me that story.”
“It happened a long time ago, before you were born. If this other man is good and nice as you say, give him a chance. You could fall in love with him later.”
“Although he has not asked me to be his girlfriend but what if Dr. Duke falls in love with me and I am already with Dr. Jidenna.”
“Has Dr. Duke given you any sign that he is attracted to you?”
She frowned and looked another way. “No.”
“Look at me.”
Lola grunted and gazed at her mother. 
“You are my daughter and I will not deceive you. Forget about Dr. Duke. If you wait for him to be attracted to you, he will get married to his girlfriend and you will lose Jidenna. Don’t lose both of them if you can have one of the men.”
Lola kept quiet and heaved a sigh. “I have heard you.”
Bidemi held her left ear briefly. “You better hear me well. I don’t want any man to break your heart. Do you like Dr. Jidenna?”
“I do but I want to take him as a friend.”
“Keep friend aside. You are not too young to get married.”
Lola gave her a look. “Who is talking about marriage? I will get married at the right time.”
“Now is the right time. What about your female colleague? Is she not married?”
“If you are talking about Zara, she is not married even the owner of Bello’s hospital is not married. He didn’t remarry after the loss of his family. I didn’t see a ring on his finger when I saw him.”
“You didn’t tell me you have seen Wole Bello?”
“Well, I did.”
“How did he react when he saw you?”
Lola’s eyebrows rose. “How did he react? I don’t understand?”
“Don’t worry,” she said quickly. “I thought he will be very happy to have you working in his hospital. I am sure he heard you are good at your job.”
“I am sure he did because he knew who I was before Dr. Duke introduced us.”
“That is nice.” Bidemi said and resumed eating her food.
Lola looked at her phone and decided to turn it on. She turned on her data connection. She had received five messages on her Whatsapp. They were from Jidenna. Lola smiled.
“You don’t respect me!” Daniela screamed at Duke. Her red painted nails were long.
He was surprised to see her in his house. He told her she should return his key or he will change his locks. She pissed Duke after she insisted he must see her dad.
She added as he glared at her. “If you love me, you will respect me and do what I ask you to do!”
“I can only respect those who respect me. What do you take me for?”
“Do you love me?”
“I have told you several times, yes! What else do you want from me?”
“Why is it that you have never introduced me to your family? You think I don’t know when your parents call you? I don’t even know if you have brothers or sisters?”
“You know I like to keep my personal life private. When I am ready to introduce you to my family, I will let you know. You and I talked about this before we chose to be in a relationship with each other.”
“We have been dating for a long time. I only know your colleagues and I met Yvonne at her wedding. Those are not your family. I want to know your family!”
Duke appeared frustrated.
“I can only take the woman I want to marry to my parents!” He yelled and grumbled underneath his fuming breathe. He went to sit down on the couch.
Daniela looked at him. “That means you don’t have plans to marry me.”
“I never said that. I will love to take the woman I want to marry to my parents. I don’t want to be like my brother. He dated a woman for seven years. Everyone in my family including me knew her. I liked her. I wanted her to be my sister-in-law. The relationship went soar when he met another woman. After six months of relationship, he proposed to her. Do you know how we felt when he told us his intentions? We were hurt. I stopped speaking with him but he is my brother. I had to stand by him later. My parents had to agree after months of rejecting the woman. He made them realize, the new woman made him so happy that if he lose her he will never marry.”
“What happened to his first girlfriend?”
“My brother broke her heart and she stopped communicating with us. My mom tried to reach her but she blocked her. I don’t know where she is now. I don’t want to do what my brother did.”
“You are not your brother.”
“I don’t want to make a mistake. I want to be ready and propose to you.”
“What is stopping you now?”
“Daniela, I don’t know.” Duke said in a sad tone. “I don’t want to lie to you. I don’t know.”
Daniela was about to cry. She went to sit down beside him. “Duke, you are special. You have a good heart. I know I have disrespected you several times but you still show me care. I need the truth from you today. Tell me the truth, do you love me?”
Duke looked at her. They were tears already in her weary eyes. He moved his hand to wipe the tears but she held his hand.  
“Please, don’t lie.” Daniela added. “Do you love me?”
“I like you very much, Daniela.”
She released his hand and wiped the tears off her face. “I know I have been putting pressure on you to see my dad. You can see him anytime you want. I want our relationship to work and I want you to love me.”
Duke appeared surprised. He wanted to be free. He knew he could never love her but breaking up with her was not going to happen tonight with the way she was handling the situation.
“If that is what you want no problem.”
She put her hand on his back and rubbed it gently. “I hope you are not going through pressure at the hospital.”
He told her about the legal action against him.
“What!” She barked. “Why didn’t you call me?”
“I didn’t want to disturb you."
“I am your girlfriend. You problem should be my problem. We would have sorted it today, if you had told me on time.”
“How would you have sorted it?”
“I will get my father involved and he will pay him the ten million naira.”
Duke’s face changed and he looked at another direction.
“Talk to me.” Daniela said.
He faced her. “There is nothing to talk. Dr. Lola Bello made a good suggestion and that is what I am going to do.”
“What suggestion? Who is Dr. Lola? I have never heard about her?”
“She is a new staff.” He explained about the contract-staffs. He revealed how Lola joined the meeting and helped. As he told her, there was a smile on his lips.
“There is nothing special about what she suggested. She is only going to cause more problems.”
“I think I trust her. I think Mr. Eddy is hiding something.”
“Let me be the first person you tell when her opinion backfires in your face.”
 “You ought to encourage me.”
“Why should I encourage you when another woman makes you happy?”
“Did I tell you Dr. Bello makes me smile?”
“Cut the crap and don’t pretend. You need to have seen the look on your face when you spoke about her.”
“I didn’t speak about her. It was about what she suggested that could help me.”
“It won’t help you. It will put you into trouble.” Daniela stood up. “Meet me in the bedroom.”
“What are we eating tonight?”
“I can’t cook tonight. I made my nails today.”
Duke rose and gestured towards the kitchen. “I will cook for both of us.”
“Please do. You have done it before and you can do it again.”
The next day, Lola and her mother went to church. When they returned Lola chatted with Jidenna and called Ahmed to check on him. Ahmed was very grateful for the call.
After church, Duke stayed in-door. He rested and made research on the internet. Daniela left to see her father and she returned in the evening with an envelope. She gave it to Duke in the bedroom.
“What is this?”
“Look at it and read.”
He dipped his fingers inside the envelope and fingered out a cheque and the amount written on it was ten million naira. He tossed it on the bed.
“What is the meaning of this nonsense? I didn’t beg for the money.”
“I know. My dad wants to help.”
“Why did you tell your dad about what I told you?”
“That is because I know my father can afford the money?”
Duke gazed at her with disgust. “Do you think I can’t afford the money?”
“I know you are rich but you are still a medical doctor. Ten million naira is a lot of money for you.”
He shook his head. “You don’t know me at all. If I can afford the things you ask me to buy for you, I can afford anything. Even if I don’t have the money, I have my family I can go to for assistance. Right now, I am disappointed in you. You don’t even believe I can win this case. Dr. Lola Bello believes in me.”
“Oh please! Must you mention her name?”
“Just leave me alone.” Duke rested on the bed and took his phone to read his new mails.
“Are you refusing the money from my dad?”
“I am not refusing any money because I never asked for it. Take the cheque back.”
“What do I tell my father?”
“Tell him anything you want.”
Duke grabbed his earpiece to insert on his phone and his ears to listen to music. The sound of Daniela’s voice infuriated him. Even after they went to bed to sleep, Duke ignored her and she remained angry with Duke.
On Monday, very early in the morning, Dr. Duke and his lawyer, barrister Patrick met with Mr. Eddy in his office. He came with his lawyer. Both barristers spoke and Patrick told him what Duke wanted.
“What if I refuse?” Eddy asked Duke.
“We will go to court.” Duke replied. “I will demand to check what caused the problem and I will get it from the judge. We don’t have to prolong this, give me what I want and I will give you what you want.”
Eddy whispered to his lawyer and excused himself outside to make a quick call. He came back to the office and sat.
‘I have nothing to hide. You can go ahead with it and when you are done, I will increase the money to twenty million naira. The choice is yours.”
Duke and Patrick looked at each other. Duke wasn’t scared about the money but failure. He thought of Lola in a flash, and his instinct told him to trust her.
He looked at Mr. Eddy. “I want to check the damage.”
“No problem.”
The surgical process was scheduled in the afternoon. Duke told Oliver to prepare the operating room when it was time. He looked around the ward and didn’t see Lola. He approached Jidenna.
“I hope you will sue him if the surgery you did is not the cause of the pain.” Jidenna said to him.
“I don’t even know what I am going to do. What if I am the cause?”
“Let’s be hopeful. I have your back.”
“I know. Thanks for the encouraging messages you sent me.”
“You are welcome.”
Doctor Lola discharged Mr. Fred, he went home to take care of things at work and returned to be by his girlfriend’s side. Lola had received good news on a liver for Amara and she scheduled the surgery to Wednesday afternoon. They expected Amara’s family on Wednesday morning. Lola went to the ward and saw both men. Jidenna raised his hand to greet her. She inhaled in and out and moved towards them.
“How are you?” Jidenna asked her.
“I’m fine.” Lola replied.
Duke looked at her. “I have asked after you today from Ahmed. I did on Saturday but he told me you had gone home.”
It was as if a bright light came out from Lola’s eyes. “I didn’t know.”
“Anyways, I want you to join me in the OR for Mr. Eddy.”
“Okay, no problem.” She smiled cheerfully.
Duke gazed at Jidenna. “I will see you later.”
Duke walked away and Lola didn’t dare watch him after Zara mentioned she noticed it.
“You look happy.” Jidenna said to her.
“I am?”
“Well, my patient is doing well and ready for her surgery on Wednesday. I will check on you later.”
“Alright.” Jidenna wondered if Lola liked Duke. If she did, he needed to act fast. He was falling in love with Lola. He needed her in his life.
Duke informed Wole Duke and Wendy Fayemi about the outcome. Jidenna, Melvin and Zara attended to new patients. Melvin apologised to Ahmed for his behavior. There was an accident involving a family. The baby had no injuries except a small cut on his arm. His elder brother assumed to be seven years old had a severe injury on his torso. His parents were unconscious.
Wendy informed Yvonne about the latest outcome concerning Duke. Yvonne felt hurt that Duke didn’t tell her. She marched to his office to confront him. At that time, Duke was preparing to go to the OR
“I am not happy with you at all. I didn’t have to hear it from Dr. Wendy.”
“I have been busy. I have to go to the operating room now. Lola could be waiting for me.”
“Is Lola more important than our discussion?”
Duke was obviously surprised. He thought of Daniela and shook his head. “I am sorry for not informing you. We will talk later, please.”
“Okay. I will do anything for you.”
Duke quickly left his office and went to the OR. He met Lola waiting for him. Mr. Eddy was given sedative and they proceeded to reopening the leg.

As Duke made way inside the leg, it became obvious he was nervous.
"Take your time Dr. Duke." Lold told him.
“The bones are healed completely.”
Lola pointed at a bone. “What about that?”
Duke looked closely at it and noticed something that interested him to inspect what he did. Duke had this questionable look on his face.
“What is it Dr. Duke?”
“That is the shin bone which I treated. It was intact after I did his surgery. The tibia has been tampered with.”
“So what are you saying?”
“Someone else worked on this leg and I think I know who did it.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes. I see pieces of fragments from it. That is the cause of the pain. There are two surgeons with this kind of procedure and one of them is a former colleague and an old friend. Let’s close up.”
Jidenna and Zara did all they could to revive the woman from the accident but she gave up. The father was in a coma and their older son was taken to the OR. Dr. Yvonne was the surgeon in charge. Ahmed and Melvin joined her. Zara wanted to join but Yvonne refused. Yvonne believed she won’t be able to concentrate after losing a patient.
Mr. Eddy was taken to the room. He was still asleep. Duke went to change and later saw Lola talking to Jidenna.
“Nurse Oliver told me about the woman you lost today. I am sorry.” She told him.
“I feel so bad. I tried.”
“I know you must have tried. I am sorry.”
Duke moved closer to them and gazed at Lola. “Why haven’t you changed?”
“Are you not following me to meet the surgeon?”
“I didn’t know I was going to follow you. I am coming.”
“Meet me in my car.”
“Okay!” Lola hiked away.
“Why that sad look on your face?” Duke asked Jidenna. “Did you lose a patient?”
“Yes. I lost a woman and her husband is in a coma. We believe the older son will make it.”
Duke sighed gloomily. “Very sad to hear. I’m so sorry. Was that why Dr. Lola Bello was talking to you?”
“Do you want her to stay with you? You normally come to my office to talk but I am on my way out.”
“I will be fine. Lola should follow you.”
It was a lie. He didn’t want Lola to follow Duke. He loved Lola. He trusted Duke to be a gentleman when no one was looking at them.
Duke and Lola arrived at a private hospital and the owner, a surgeon; Dr. Rod was on his way out when he saw Duke. Both men were happy to see each other. He introduced Lola as a colleague and they went to his office to talk.
Duke told him. “I have seen you operate on two patients trying to correct the defect of the structure of a bone.”
“Did you come to my office to tell me this?” Dr. Rod asked Duke.
“Do you know Mr. Eddy?”
“Is he a patient of mine?”
Duke described him and the leg issue.
“I think I remember him. He came here eight months ago. He said he could not wait for another three months to walk. He wanted another surgery. He never mentioned who did the first surgery and when I looked at the leg, I suspected it to be you but I wasn’t sure. I told him the surgeon did an amazing job but he said I was better. He said I had my own hospital which makes me wiser.”
“So he wanted you to do another surgery for him to walk properly after your own surgery?” Lola quickly asked.
“Yes and I told him it was risky. I told him to be patient with the first surgery."
“But he insisted you do it.” Duke said.
“Yes. We wrote an undertaking that if it doesn’t work after few weeks, he will not sue me.”
“It did not work. He is suing me.”
Duke explained. 
Rod spoke. "Is he he mad? Don’t worry, I know how I will help you.”
“Thanks Rod.”
“Don’t mention. You have helped me in the past. I will help you now.” Rod picked his phone and made a call to a nurse. She came and he ordered her to bring all the documents on Mr. Eddy.
Lola had never seen Duke happy as he drove back to the hospital. He was grinning. “I am happy for you. Congratulations.”
“Thanks Dr. Lola.”
This was the first time he called her by her first name. She noticed and smiled.
“You are welcome.”
“I should thank you. Probably if not for you, I would have paid him the money.”
“You would have paid him ten million naira?”
“Yes but I don’t have to pay him anymore. You did it and I am truly grateful.”
Duke arrived at the hospital and drove into the parking space. He saw a car that appeared familiar but he neglected looking at it again. They came out of the car. There were documents in Duke’s hands. They walked side by side towards the hospital.
“What do you want me to get you?” Duke asked Lola.
“Thanking me is enough.”
“I think you deserve more. If you want me to take you…..” He looked surprised as a woman approached them in rage. She was with Jidenna and he was trying to calm her down.
“What are you doing here, Daniela?”
“Dr. Jidenna told me you went to a hospital with Lola Bello. I know that’s a lie.”
“Daniela, what is wrong with you?” Duke asked surprised. “It’s not a lie.” he was about showing her documents when Daniela glared at Lola.
“You are the new woman in his life, right? You are the one that is stopping him from taking my dad’s money.”
Lola stared at her confused and attempted to defend herself.
“Duke is mine!” Daniela landed a hot slap on Lola’s face.
To be continued….
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  1. Daniela issa mad woman. Duke have been looking for way to end things with her, I think that's it coming. Lola don suffer oooo.

  2. Daniella is an evil woman, now I pray the relationship should end, Dr Lola Bello go suffer for this hospital oooh I really feel for her, congratulations on your sister wedding HML to her and thanks for the post, thou is not easy but nice one one.

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