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Episode 9 Episode Title: Decision
As Duke, Jidenna and watchers looked in shock; Lola touched her face, speechless. Daniela raised her hand one more time but Duke gripped her hand firmly and dropped it down. His eyes were brutally red. He pointed at her.
“Don’t ever in your life repeat this again! It is over!”
“What do you mean it is over?” Daniela raised her voice.
He lowered the volume of his voice. “You are creating a scene here. I am no longer interested again. The relationship is over.”
“What!” She uttered. “Are you leaving me because of her?”
Jidenna took Lola away as tears started to form around her eyes. Duke opened the documents in his hands to show her. Two male security officers were walking towards them.
“Dr. Lola and I went to see the doctor that can help me win my case. I don’t even consider her as a friend. You don’t trust me and I can’t be with you anymore.”
“I am sorry Duke. I was only jealous.”
“Jealous? Jealous of what? Did you see me in an uncompromising position with her? Did I kiss her?”
“No. It will never happen again.”
“Yes, it will never happen again. You and I can never be a couple again.”
Daniela tried to hold his hand but he quickly stepped away from her and gazed at the officers. They went to her and told her to respect herself otherwise; they would drag her out of the place. Duke walked inside the building without turning back. Duke felt bad, insulted and downgraded. How could Daniela slap Lola? How was he going to show Lola he was deeply sorry?
“Don’t touch me.” Daniela said to the men. “I will leave.” She motioned towards where she parked her vehicle, entered and drove off.
Duke searched for Lola around the ward but didn’t see her. He looked for Jidenna but couldn’t find him too. He asked Oliver who said he doesn’t know where they were. On his way to the dressing room, a nurse approached Duke and informed him Wole Bello wanted to see him urgently.
Duke quickly went to photocopy the documents and went to Bello’s office. He met him with the lawyer of Mr. Eddy.
“Where have you been?” Wole Bello asked Duke.
“I went to sort out some things.”
“You didn’t give us a feedback on the problem with Mr. Eddy’s leg. He wants to sue the hospital.”
“Is he awake?”
“Yes,” the lawyer answered. “My client is awake and he demands twenty million naira from you.”
Duke was tempted to laugh but the thought of picturing Lola’s face as Daniela slapped her, made him gloomy and weak in his body. He managed to smile and gave copies of the documents to Wole and the lawyer.
He explained briefly, on how he suspected Mr. Eddy had another surgery.
“I will be suing Mr. Eddy twenty million naira for defamation of character and a strategy to impose a false accusation on me. I will like to have a word with him now.”
“Wait,” the lawyer rose on his feet and stared at Duke. “I had no idea he had another surgery after yours.”
“He should have explained that to you.” Duke told him.
“This calls for celebration.” Bello cheered.
“Yes sir but I have to see Mr. Eddy first.”
Jidenna had taken Lola into the dressing room. She had to hide her face from the people in the ward before she could get there. They were sitting on the bed. Lola cried and Jidenna consoled her with thoughtful words. She cleaned her face and looked at him.
“Thank you.”
“Don’t mention.”
“I am fine now. I think your patients need you.”
“They need me. You need me too.”
Duke opened the door and they stared at his direction. Jidenna stood and glanced back at Lola.
“I will see you later.”
She gave a nod and smiled faintly at him. “Okay.”
Jidenna left the room and closed the door. Duke moved closer to the bed but remained on his feet.
“I know there is no amount of words I can say now that can reveal how sorry I am. I apologize on behalf of Daniela. I have broken up with her…”
Lola appeared surprised. “You didn’t have to break up with her.”
“It is not your fault.” Duke said. “I wanted to do it.”
“And you used this opportunity to do it? She would blame me.”
“No. I don’t want you to blame yourself. I shouldn’t be telling you this but my relationship wasn’t working. I think it’s best I remain single for now before going into a new relationship. It is not your fault. I am sorry. If there is anything you want, ask me.”
Lola rose on her feet. “It’s okay. I am better now. I don’t want anything from you. Have you seen Mr. Eddy?”
“I am going to see him now.”
“Can I come with you?”
“You can but I want you to rest or probably go home.”
“I don’t need rest. I need to be there with you.”
Duke smiled. “Thanks Dr. Lola.”
“You’re welcome.”
Dr. Yvonne came out of the OR happy. The son of the man in coma had a successful surgery. He was recovering in the Intensive care unit. A family member was contacted and he came with the wife to see the baby and ask of the welfare of his brother and family. Nurse Oliver broke the news about his sister-in-law’s death. The man and his wife cried. They paid some bills and the wife went home with the baby. The man stayed behind to stay with the brother’s son.
Jidenna went to see him. “Your brother is in coma and we need you to pick an option.”
“What are the options?” He asked.
“Do you want us to pull the plug or allow him breathe through an oxygen?”
“If I allow him continue to breathe through an oxygen can he ever wake up?”
“He can wake up anytime.”
“For how long?”
“I can’t tell but it could be a day, a week, months or even years. It depends.”
“I have to see the other members of my family to discuss it. Don’t pull the plug yet.”
“That’s okay.”
Yvonne went to see Dr. Wole Bello and met him with Dr. Wendy. They told him about Duke and the anger she had for Lola increased. If she had been the one to tell Duke the idea, he would be with her. He would be proud and that could increase the chance of being with him intimately.
Mr. Eddy was already seated on the bed, preparing to stand up when Duke and Lola walked inside. His lawyer was with him and Duke assumed he had told him his plan.
“Dr. Duke, I can explain.” Eddy quickly said.
“What can you possibly explain?”
“It was the work of the devil.”
Lola spoke. “What if Dr. Duke never found out you did a second surgery without his knowledge, you would have ripped him off of a huge amount and tarnish his image in this hospital.”
“I never intended to sue him.”
“So what made you do it?”
Mr. Eddy gazed at Duke. “Can I see you privately?”
“Whatever you want to say, say it now. No one is leaving this room.”
He dipped his hand into his pocket, brought out a complimentary card and extended it to Duke.
“Do you recognize it?”
Duke glared at it and looked at Lola and the lawyer. He glanced back at Lola. “Please, I will like to talk with him in private.”
“That’s okay.” Lola said.
She and the lawyer left the room.
Lola checked on Ahmed in the ward and met him attending to a man in a kaftan. He was being prepared for an operation. The man had a broken leg with a bone ripped out of it. He explained he heard gunshot in his neighborhood and jumped down from the second floor of his building out of fear. Two men saw him and brought him to the hospital. He spoke in Hausa and English.
Lola joined him. When he was about taking him into the operating room, Zara saw them.
“You guys should be careful with this Hausa man. He must be a Boko Haram member.” She said smiling at them.
Ahmed frowned deeply but didn’t say anything. Lola looked at him and smiled gently. He took his face away. Without Dr. Duke, Ahmed with the help of Lola performed the surgery.
Jidenna was writing on a report when Zara and Melvin started talking as if he wasn’t able to hear them.
“I am certain Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Lola are close because they are having a secret affair.” Melvin said.
“That is what I suspected too.” Zara said.
Jidenna stopped writing, thought for a moment and continued to write and listen to them.
She added. “Lola told Ahmed she knows she will be among the top two. She is ready to use what she has to get what she wants.”
“I hope she won’t start sleeping with one of the doctors here.”
“She might want to deceive a doctor and make him believe she likes him. She knows how to use people.”
Jidenna started to get irritated. If only they knew, Jidenna wasn’t the kind that responded to gossip. He was searching for Lola to know the truth.
Lola and Ahmed came out of the OR happy. The surgery was a success but they looked exhausted especially Lola. She knew Ahmed was gloomy despite the smile on his face. She washed her hands and prepared to leave. On her way leaving, she hesitated and faced Ahmed.
“I know you are unhappy with what Dr. Zara said.” She told him.
“I am disappointed. Even if the patient is a Hausa man, that does not give her the right to call him that. I am Hausa.”
“I know.”
“I am not a Boko Haram Member.”
“I know that too. She is ignorant for her to say that. I will talk to her to apologize to you.”
“I don’t need her apology. I need her to learn how to talk. Ever since we started working here, she behaves as if she is better than us.”
“The best thing to do is to ignore her.” Lola said and glimpsed at the right side and saw Duke. He raised his hand and gestured for her to come. She looked at Ahmed. “I will see you tomorrow. Immediately I am through, I will go home.”
“That’s okay. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome.”
Lola motioned towards Duke and they walked side by side.
“I won’t be suing Mr. Eddy anymore.” Duke told Lola.
“The complimentary card he showed me belongs to my girlfriend’s father. I mean my ex-girlfriend.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Daniela’s father is the elder brother to the governor of this state. He built a hospital recently and he will be opening it by next month. He wanted me to quit my job here and work for him. He was going to offer me the position of chief of surgery.”
“Did you decline the offer?”
“Yes. I don’t want to work for him. I love it here.”
“So how did Mr. Eddy get Daniela father’s card.”
“He sent him to sue me, thinking I would reach out to him for the money. I would be indebted to him and he would force me to work in his hospital. He offered me the money to pay Mr. Eddy but I refused. That was what got Daniela upset and she came here thinking I was having an affair with you.”
“I understand now. Does Daniela know about the plan of her father?”
“I doubt that. She might be possessive of me but she would never do such a thing.”
“I hope you are right.” Lola said. “I am glad everything is over.”
“I will inform Dr. Bello that I won’t be suing Mr. Eddy anymore. I don’t have time for that.”
“No problem.”
They saw Jidenna heading their way. They faced each other with a smile on their faces.
“Dr. Lola.” Jidenna called her name as he moved nearer. “I want to see you when you are through.”
“I am through with her.” Duke said and tapped Jidenna by the arm. Duke walked away.
“What is it?” Lola asked him as she noticed an apprehensive expression on his face. They sat down.
“I just want to clarify something from you and I want the truth.”
“You can ask me anything.”
“I know you work better with Dr. Ahmed. Are both of you dating?”
Lola was obviously surprised at his question. “No. Dr. Ahmed and I are just colleagues. I consider him a friend too. Why ask me such a question when you know the truth?”
Jidenna answered. “I heard a rumor you are having an affair with him.”
“I am supposed to be angry but I won’t. Who is spreading such rumor?”
“To avoid a disagreement, there’s no need to tell you. I believe you.”
Lola had a plan to cancel the dinner plan after Duke told her he had broken up with his girlfriend. It gave her hope that they might have a chance to be together. The words ‘I believe you’ made her compassionate and reconsider Jidenna. She beamed at him.
“Don’t forget to send me the time and location for the restaurant on Saturday.”
“I can’t forget that.”
Around 7: 21pm, Duke returned home and met Daniela waiting in his living room. He didn’t say a word to her, dropped his bag on the couch and dialed a number on his phone.
Duke spoke on the phone. “Good evening. I want you to come tomorrow morning with new locks. I want to change the old ones.” He stopped talking and listened.
Daniela rose up and gestured closer to him. She was looking regretful and almost shedding tears.
He said. “That’s okay. I will wait for you but if there’s an emergency that needs me to be at the hospital, I will call you.” he listened to the person. “That’s okay. Bye.” he ended the call.
She fell on her knees but Duke raised her up.
“You don’t need to beg me. If you can’t trust me, the relationship cannot work.”
Tears began to drop from her eyes.
“Daniela, you don’t need to cry.” Duke added. “My decision is final.”
“But you promise me we would be together forever.”
“I never promised you that and you know it.”
She wiped the tears off her face. “Is this about Lola?”
“Dr. Lola is an innocent woman unfortunate to receive a slap she didn’t deserve.”
“Are you in love with her?”
Duke gazed at her with a ridiculous look on his face. “No.”
“Do you like her?” Daniela asked.
“I don’t hate her.”
“Then give me another chance.”
“I can’t give the daughter of my enemy a chance.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
Duke explained how he found out her father was behind the lawsuit against him.
“That is impossible.” Daniela stated. It was obvious she had no idea about it. “My father can never do such a thing.”
“Well, he did it. You can ask him.”
“But you can’t end the relationship because of what my father did.”
“Daniela, we can’t be together. You know when I make a decision it is final.”
Daniela’s face fell. It seemed Duke had made up his mind and there was no going back. “I will confront my father about what he did. I will go in and get my things.”
Duke waited for her in the living room. Some minutes later, she returned with her bag and walked towards the door. She turned back to look at him.
“I still believe in us. If you change your mind, call me.”
“You know I won’t change my mind. Don’t wait for me. Move on with your life.”
Daniela heaved a sigh, walked out of his abode and entered her car. Duke felt relieved when he heard the sound of her car as she drove away.
“I think it is a good decision to give Dr. Jidenna a chance.” Bidemi told her daughter, Lola after they ate dinner.
“You are saying this because you haven’t seen Dr. Duke. I am not saying Dr. Jidenna is not good enough but there’s something about Dr. Duke that makes me happy whenever I see him.”
“But you said he broke up with his girlfriend and told you he wants to be single for some time.”
Lola didn’t tell her mother about the slap. “Yes.”
“That means you shouldn’t wait for him.” Bidemi said.
“I know and it seems involving himself in a relationship won’t happen soon.”
“That is exactly what I am saying.”
“I have heard mom.” Lola’s phone beeped and she grabbed it to look at it. She smiled.
“What is it?”
“It’s a message from Jidenna. He wants us to chat.”
“I think you like him.”
“I didn’t say I never liked him. I do.”
A concerned demeanor appeared on her face. “Are you in love with Dr. Duke?”
Lola faced her mom instantly with her eyes widened. “Love? Why do you ask?”
“You prefer Dr. Duke to the other doctor. If you like Dr. Jidenna that means you love Dr. Duke.”
She stood up. “Mom, love is a very strong word. Goodnight.”
Bidemi sighed. “Goodnight.”
The family of Amara arrived into the country and went straight to the hospital. Oliver attended to them and took her parents to see Lola. Lola explained her condition and informed them Amara had a surgery in few hours’ time.
Lola took them to see Amara. They met Fred with her. Fred greeted them and they answered forcefully. Lola and Fred gave them privacy to talk. Both of them went to sit down and waited.
“I wonder if she will tell them the truth.” Fred spoke to Lola.
“I am sure she will do the right thing,” she said. “She loves you.”
“But she refused my proposal at first.”
“She was probably scared she would never see her family again if she marries you. Just keep your fingers crossed, if they love their daughter, they will agree for you to marry her.”
“I hope so.”
“How are you feeling?”
“I am feeling better.”
“I hope you have been taking your drugs.”
“That’s good.”
Zara walked up to them and faced Lola’s direction. “Have you seen Dr. Duke?”
“No. I don’t think he is around.”
“I thought you would know since you have been following him around.”
Lola looked at Fred. “Please, excuse me.” She walked quite away from him and Zara followed. “Dr. Zara, I don’t like the way you talk to me.”
“How do I talk to you?”
“You are not my superior here. We are equal.”
“And what makes you think that?”
“You and I are on the same mission. I will advise you to concentrate on that mission and stop gossiping about me.”
Zara folded her arms and glared at her. “What gossip?”
“I am very sure you are the one saying Dr. Ahmed and I are having an affair.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“You can pretend but spreading false news about me won’t work. I might act quiet but I am not a dunce.”
“I never called you a dunce and I am not the one spreading false news about you.”
“No problem.” Lola said. “Dr. Ahmed needs an apology from you.”
“He doesn’t need an apology. If he cannot agree with what I said yesterday, he can go to hell. We should be careful in this hospital. He can even be a Boko Haram member.” Zara hissed and walked out on her.
Lola shook her head.
There was a beautiful smile on the face of a pregnant woman. Melvin had revealed she was having twins. She glowed as she received the news.
“Dr. Melvin,” she said. “This is a miracle.”
“Why would you say that?” He asked.
“My husband and I have been childless for the past five years of marriage. I can’t wait to tell him the news.”
“I am happy for you ma.”
“Thank you.” She rubbed her stomach. “You haven’t told me the sex of the babies.”
“You are having a boy and a girl.”
“Wow! This is amazing. Thank you so much doctor. I really appreciate it.”
“You’re welcome. Your babies are healthy. You don’t have any complications. I will only advise you to eat plenty of fruits and have enough rest.”
“I will do that.”
A female nurse came to the room. “Dr. Melvin your attention is needed at the ward.”
“Okay.” He looked at the pregnant woman. “I have to go now.”
“That’s okay.”                                                       
Melvin turned to the nurse. “Please, escort her out of her.”
“Yes sir.”
Amara’s family and Fred wished her well as she was taken to the operating room. Lola was filled with joy. Amara had told her parents the truth and they promised to hold a meeting after the surgery. They welcomed Fred into their family and congratulated him about the engagement.
Duke came to the hospital late. The locks in his home had been changed. Dr. Duke went to the OR to watch what Lola as she operated on her patient with Melvin and Ahmed by her side. She had no idea he was there. Duke was proud of Lola. He was proud of the others too.
The moment Lola finished, Duke left. Lola came out to give good news to the loved ones of Amara.
On Saturday evening, Lola enjoyed the company of Jidenna. She told him about herself without mentioning anything about her father. He noticed and decided not to ask. He was afraid asking her about it might likely upset her.
“What about you?” She asked him.
“My sister used to live with me until she got married. I live alone now. I lost my parents a long time ago.”
“I am sorry about that.”
“That’s okay. I am supposed to be in charge of the family business but I can’t because of the nature of my work.”
“Who is in charge of it?”
“My sister and her husband.”
“For real?”
“Yes. Well, I inherited the family business and my sister got a house and an amount of money. My business is safe. I have a manager and a supervisor to monitor the daily activities there.”
“It seems you are from a rich family.” Lola said.
Jidenna chuckled. “The only thing I can tell you is that I am very comfortable.”
“That’s nice to here.”
“Thanks. I am very happy you are here with me.”
“Me too.”
Lola took a taxi home and told her mother everything.
“Did he ask you to be his girlfriend?”
“Yes but I told him to give me time.”
“You already know the answer.”
“I know mom. I will definitely agree but I am going to take things slow.”
“Better. Even if you say yes, don’t sleep with him.”
“I will when I know he is truly the one for me.”
On Monday morning, Jidenna couldn’t stop smiling. Duke noticed and was tempted to ask the reason for his cheerfulness.
“It’s a secret.” Jidenna told him.
“That means you won’t tell me.”
“I will when the right time comes.”
Oliver motioned to them. “Dr. Duke, your attention is needed at Dr. Bello’s office.”
The brother of the man in coma informed Jidenna not to pull the plug. He wanted his brother to remain in coma. He believed he would wake up one day.
Duke went to the office and entered. He met Dr. Wendy, Dr. Yvonne and two prominent members of Bells Helping Hands Initiative (NGO). Duke sat down. He was also a member. Lola knocked on the door and entered. Duke and Yvonne were surprised to see her.
“Please, sit down.” Bello told her.
Lola sat down. She didn’t know why she was called to the meeting. She wasn’t a member.
What was she doing here? She asked herself silently.
Dr. Wendy gave them a file separately and they read the content.
Wole spoke. “The NGO wants to be in charge of the payment of a patient with a kidney transplant but something occurred. Another patient needs the same amount for a brain surgery. Which do we attend to first before we can come up with the same amount in three weeks’ time?”
“Why is Dr. Lola here?” Yvonne asked.
“I value her decisions.” Wole said.
“I know she has been making the right decisions here,” Duke said. “But this isn’t the protocol. We should follow the procedure. We have to be professional about this.”
“I know Dr. Duke,” he said. “We have decided her opinion matter and that is why we agreed for her to be here.”
“But you didn’t ask of mine and Dr. Duke’s opinion on this?” Yvonne said.
“I know but the four of us voted. It is four against two.”
Lola kept quiet. Duke looked at her and returned his gaze to Wole. He questioned him.
“How critical is their conditions?”
“They are both critical. Although, the kidney patient is the first on the list but the patient with the brain hemorrhage urgently needs surgery as soon as possible.”
“How old are they?” Lola asked.
“The first patient is a seventy year old man and the one with the head trauma is a nine years old boy.”
Duke glanced at the documents to read again.
Lola spoke. “Can the first patient survive until three weeks’ time?”
“Yes.” Dr. Wendy said. “The surgeon in charge told me. The thing is, he is supposed to have the transplant first.”
“Can the boy survive in three weeks’ time?”
“It is difficult to tell. I don’t know.”
Lola kept quiet to think. Their eyes were on Lola, Duke and Yvonne.
Yvonne said. “I think the man deserves to have his surgery. He is the first patient on the list.”
“That is not the issue Dr. Yvonne.” Duke said to her. “I have looked into the case file of the boy. I doubt if he can survive the surgery.” He looked at Dr. Wendy. “You are the one in charge of this operation. You should know how it will end.”
“I know his case is critical but I can’t promise he will survive with or without the surgery. He has fifty percent chance of survival.”
“Then he should be operated first.” Lola said. “He is just a boy.”
“What about the old man?” Duke asked in a surprised tone.
“He should wait.”
“I disagree. This old man has more chance of survival. He should have the surgery immediately.”
“The boy can still make it.” Lola said. “He can survive the surgery and it’s better he is operated on first.”
“You are making a decision because it involves a boy.”
“He might survive the surgery.”
“You don’t know that.” Duke said. “What if he dies?”
“You don’t know that too.”
Duke frowned and glared at Wole. “I want the man to have the surgery.”
“What about you?” Wole asked Lola.
“I want the boy to have the surgery.”
“We will have to vote. Who agrees with Dr. Duke decision?”
Only Yvonne raised her hand.
“Who agrees with Dr. Lola’s decision?”
All of them raised their hands except Duke and Yvonne.
“Majority wins the vote.”
Duke rose on his face. “This is not a good decision.” He walked out of the room angrily.
Lola hoped she made the right choice. Duke was right. She made such decision because it involved a little boy.
To be continued….


  1. Waoooooh very interesting I pray the little boy survive it, now I see duke and Lola are gonna have issues, but still love each other.thanks carina j.


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