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Episode 2 Title: Most Wanted
Adebiyi wiped the tears away from Tiwa’s weary eyes and begged her to control herself. He already helped her to end the call. She sniffed her nose and took a deep breath. He suspected her emotional state was because of her pregnancy.
Tiwa released herself from him and dropped her feet on the ground. She wore her slippers and picked up her wristwatch to wear.
Adebiyi’s eyebrows went up. He left the bed to walk up to her. “What do you think you are doing?”
“I have to leave. I have to go to Peter’s house.”
“This night?”
“My love, you are pregnant.”
“I know. I will be careful.”
“Don’t say that. You know I won’t let you go out by this time. Tiwa will handle it and pass all the necessary information to you.”
“That means you don’t want me to sleep this night.”
“Of course I want you to sleep.”
Tiwa grabbed her phone from the bed to make a call. She grumbled by making a sound with her lips.
“What is it?” Adebiyi questioned her with concern all over his face.
“Peter’s number is still switched off. What am I going to do now?”
“We will wait.”
“He could be dead.”
“Don’t conclude. The battery of his phone might have run down.”
“I don’t think so.” Tiwa was almost in tears. “I want to see if I can help this night. I need to go.” She attempted to walk away but Adebiyi held her.
“There is nothing you can do this night.”
“What if Peter Harold is injured and needs my help? He called me and I didn’t pick.”
“It is not your fault. You were sleeping.”
Instantly she wore a straight face and her voice deepened. “I don’t feel like sleeping right now. I have to go now.”
Adebiyi sighed heavily and gave her a look. “It seems I can’t stop you from leaving. I will drive.”
“You are coming with me?” She said in a surprised tone.
“I am disappointed you sound surprise. You know I can’t let you leave this house alone. Peter Harold is also someone I know. I have to help too. Let’s quickly wear something appropriate and leave.”
Tiwa managed to smile lightly. “Okay. Thank you.”
He smiled at her.
On their way to their destination, Tiwa kept calling Genevieve to inquire if someone had heard from Peter. The reply was no. She never told her they were coming. Tiwa was outside the building when she saw her partner and hubby come out of the car after they alighted. She was stunned. Peter Harold’s place, a big building had become a crime scene. Three official cars of the police were there and some neighbors came out to peep. The gate was widely opened. The beautiful terrace was decorated with flowers and white stones. His G-wagon was still in his garage.   
“What are you doing here?” Genevieve asked Tiwa.
“I couldn’t stop her from coming.” Adebiyi quickly said. “She is very stubborn.”
“I don’t want to talk about me.” Tiwa said and started to walk towards the entrance. Genevieve and Adebiyi followed her. A police officer came out of the house holding a sealed transparent small bag. They couldn’t tell what was inside.
She asked her partner. “Why are the police here?”
“The police are involved.”
Tiwa stopped walking and faced Genevieve. “Why? How? How did they get such information by this time? How did you know what happened?”
“How many questions do I have to answer?” Genevieve asked.
“All of them but start from how you knew about this?”
“Coincidentally, Kevin came to visit his uncle that lives in this area.  At around 12am, he heard a gunshot. At first, he thought it was something else until he heard more gunshots. He called me and directed me to the neighborhood. I didn’t even know it was Peter Harold’s house until I came here and saw his photo in his living room.”
“He never told us where he lived.”
Adebiyi asked Genevieve. “Did Quincy follow you?”
“No. He had to stay with Freddie. I called Officer Lanre. He came to drive me here. He is inside with Kevin. He is trying to see if he can get something from the dead man.”
“Who is the dead man?”
“The police confirmed his identity. He is the son of a retired judge.”
“What!” Adebiyi exclaimed.
Tiwa’s jaw dropped.
Genevieve continued. “When we arrived, we met the police here. The superintendent in charge said one of the officers heard the gunshots too. They are taking the case.”
“We have to take that body to Dr. Omoni for a thorough autopsy.” Her partner said.
“We can’t. He knows the parents and he has called his boss to notify them.”
“What was the son of a retired judge doing in Peter’s house?” Adebiyi questioned.
“That is what I don’t know. Peter is the only one that can give us an explanation. No one knows where he is. I have asked neighbors if they heard anything but no one wants to talk.”
“They might be scared but someone might talk later.”
“It’s possible.”
Kevin and Lanre came out and walked towards them. They approached Genevieve, Tiwa and Adebiyi. Kevin was carrying a one-hand bag. Kevin and Lanre greeted the couple and Adebiyi responded. Tiwa looked unhappy with Kevin.
“Why didn’t you call me?” She asked him.
“I didn’t want to disturb you because of your condition.” He replied in a concerned tone.
“The next time you mention condition to me, you will receive a query letter.”
“I’m very sorry ma.”
“Darling, it’s okay.” Adebiyi said to Tiwa and turned to Kevin. “What were you able to get?”
“I got sample of the deceased blood and some on the floor. They were splashes of blood on the wall close to the kitchen door. I don’t think it’s from the victim. It should be from someone else.”
Tiwa quickly asked. “Do you think it’s Peter’s own?”
“I don’t know. I have to run some tests tomorrow morning to know if it’s not the victim’s own. With the look of things, the victim was shot at close range. They were three gunshot wounds on the chest.”
‘The attacker really wanted him dead.” Adebiyi said.
Genevieve spoke. “If the victim was shot at close range, that means he knew his attacker.”
“Not only that, it is possible Peter opened the door for the person.”
“I went to the kitchen and the back door was opened.” Lanre spoke.
“Maybe Peter escaped through there.” Tiwa said. “I think he is alive but injured!”
They turned to the direction of the entrance when a man walked out and gestured to their way.
“That’s the inspector.” Genevieve told Adebiyi and Tiwa.
Adebiyi introduced himself and his wife.
“Nice to meet you Mr. Gold, I have heard about you. I am Inspector Kesmond. We have been able to gather the evidence we need. Mr. Peter Harold is a murderer.”
They looked at him stunned.
“How can you tell Peter is a murderer?” Tiwa asked him.
“We didn’t find any weapon on the victim. He wasn’t able to defend himself. Peter shot him.”
“It seems there are two people that were shot at.”
“If there are two people, that means Peter Harold must have taken the second body away to dispose. I am sure he didn’t have the time to dispose the other body.”
“This is ridiculous. Get your facts rights before you conclude.”
“We will see about that in court.”
“Court?” Adebiyi asked puzzled.
“When we find him, he will be charged to court.”
Genevieve and Tiwa gazed at each other with a confounded expression on their faces. Kesmond brought out his complimentary card and extended it to Adebiyi.
“Mr. Gold,” Kesmond said. “You can contact me tomorrow to know the next step we are going to take.”
Adebiyi took the card. “What will happen to the victim’s body?”
“It will be taken to the hospital for autopsy.”
“Which hospital?” Genevieve asked.
“I can’t reveal the name for now.” Kesmond looked at Adebiyi.
“This case is mine and we don’t need the help of your bureau or your detectives. None of you will be allowed inside.”
“What other evidence did you find?” Tiwa inquired.
“I cannot reveal everything to you but an officer saw a damaged phone on the floor. It is likely to be Peter’s own. We will repair the phone to get information from it. Please, you have to leave now. This is a crime scene.”
“You can’t do this. We want to help too.”
“If I need your help, I will visit your bureau.”
Tiwa gazed at Adebiyi. She didn’t want to cry. He held her hand and spoke to her.
“We have to leave.”
They didn’t have any choice. Adebiyi, Tiwa, Lanre and Kevin walked out and went to talk outside.
“I am confused.” Tiwa said to Genevieve.
“Me too.”
“The only solution to this is to find Peter Harold before any one gets to him.” Adebiyi said. “I think this is a scheme to destroy him.”
“Do you think they know he is alive that is why inspector Kesmond mentioned he will be charged to court?” Lanre chipped in to ask his boss, Adebiyi.
“Maybe. I don’t really know.” He looked at the partners. “The only way we can get involve is to find Peter alive. We have to listen to his side of his story.”
“Why didn’t I pick his call?!” Tiwa said out of frustration.
“I have told you not to blame yourself. You wouldn’t have done anything to help.”
“At least he would have told me where he would be.”
“We have to go home.” Genevieve said to Tiwa. “We will see at the office tomorrow morning.” Her phone started to ring, she peeped at it. “Quincy is calling.”
“We will see you tomorrow.” Adebiyi told her and he walked with his wife to their car.
Genevieve answered the call and narrated everything to Quincy. Kevin returned to his uncle’s place. Lanre drove to Genevieve’s house and she insisted he spend the night at her place. He could leave very early to go home and change before resuming work. He agreed.
The next day, at 8:55am, Tiwa was still sleeping. She woke up ten minutes later.

She knew she had overslept and blamed Adebiyi for not waking her up on time. He had prepared breakfast and served her in bed.
“I couldn’t wake you up,” he clarified. “You needed to sleep.”
“But I have a job to do today.”
“You will do your job. There is still time.”
“I am not hungry.” She frowned.
He smiled and took her left hand. “You have to eat and take your drugs.” He pecked her hand.
She nodded gloomily, rubbed his head and sipped some amount of tea.
“Be careful, it’s hot.” He told her.
“You are welcome.” he left the bed to approach the table and took his phone to see if there were any messages about Peter. He found none. “Detective Genevieve called while you were sleeping. She is already looking for a way to contact the family members of Peter.”
“That’s good. Maybe they know where he is.”
“Maybe. You will have your bath after your breakfast. You won’t take your car today. I will drive you to the bureau.”
“What if my partner and I want to go out?”
“You will take my car.”
Tiwa smiled cheerfully at him.
At 11:13am, Genevieve arrived at the bureau in a taxi and went to check on Tiwa at her office.
“I have been expecting you.” Tiwa said to her and stood up.
“I met traffic on my way coming. I hope you are okay?”
“I am okay. Were you able to contact his family?”
“Yes. I went to Harold’s company and I met his uncle. He was shocked and started making calls. No one knows where Peter is. They are bothered.”
“Oh my God. This is very serious.”
“Yes, it is. His uncle said Peter called him two weeks ago saying that he suspected someone was trailing him. Last week he wanted to organize bodyguards for Peter but he refused.”
“Peter said no one was trailing him again. That he was safe. I asked if Peter spoke about any retired judge’s son. He said no. He gave me the number of Peter’s brother.”
“Peter has a brother?” Tiwa appeared dazed.
“I was surprised too. He gave me the number of his elder brother. He is at home. He is expecting us.”
“How did he sound over the phone?”
“He sounded worried. He really wants us to find his brother alive.”
Idara knocked on the door.
“Come in.” Tiwa ordered.
She entered and gazed at Genevieve. “Mr. Gold is aware you are around. He wants to see both of you.”
“Okay.” Genevieve said.
“Did you check if Peter has any social media accounts?” Tiwa asked her. When she arrived at the bureau, she informed Idara to do that.
“Yes,” Idara responded. “Peter Harold does not have an Instagram or a Facebook account. He only has a Twitter account and the last time he tweeted was two weeks ago.
“What was his last tweet about?”
“I am not afraid of the unknown.”
Tiwa stared at Genevieve and back at Idara. “Continue to check. You might see something. Go through blogs to see if there is any new details concerning him.”
“I will.” Idara left.
Few minutes later, Kevin came out from the lab and saw the partners marching towards Adebiyi’s office. He quickly went to meet them to pass information.
“I have carried out the test and the blood is not from the victim.”
“It seems Peter was shot too but managed to escape.” Genevieve said.
Tiwa questioned. “How would he be able to take care of himself? I don’t think he would go to the hospital.”
“He must have gone to someone that can help him nurture his wound or hide him. If not us or his family, who did he go to?”
“A friend?” Kevin suggested.
The partners shook their head.
“I doubt if Peter has friends.” Tiwa said and faced Kevin. “Thanks. If we need you and Dr. Omoni, we will let you know.”
“Okay ma.” Kevin scrambled away.
Tiwa and Genevieve entered Adebiyi’s office and met Quincy there. Genevieve was visibly surprised to see him.
“I wasn’t expecting you here.”
Quincy stood. “I didn’t want to disturb you.” He peered at Tiwa and extended his hand. “How are you?”
Tiwa shook his hand. “I am stressed.”
“I know. I want you to take it easy. I came to speak with Gold to see if I can do anything to help. I can’t leave the three of you to do all the work alone. Peter helped me in the past. He made sure he won Brown Smith’s case so that I can have my job back.”
“Do you have anything in mind that can help?”
“We have to find Peter Harold first and when he is found alive, he will need a smart and confident lawyer. A detective in the NIB is a relative of a Nollywood actor Denzel Diobi. I don’t know if any of you know about it, he was involved in a case few years ago.”
“I think I remember.” Adebiyi said. “I remember the case. It was in the newspaper.”
“Yes. I can get him to give us the contact of the defense attorney. She is competent and bold. I think her name is barrister Kemi.”
“Get her contact first.” Genevieve said to him. “When we are able to find Peter, you can call her.”
“I called inspector Kesmond.” Adebiyi spoke. “He said they are looking for Peter Harold. The receipt of a gun was found in Peter’s house.”
“He didn’t tell me.” Genevieve said.
“I am sure they saw other things there but they don’t want to say it.”
“Was the gun found?”
“No. Luckily for Peter the gun is licensed but it does not eradicate him from being the killer.”
“When I entered Peter’s living room,” Genevieve stared at the three of them as she explained. “I saw two broken glasses on the floor and a bottle of red wine. I am sure the victim was Peter’s guest.”
“If Peter really wanted to kill him, he won’t be stupid enough to bring him into his house.” Tiwa said.
“Exactly,” Genevieve said and gazed at Adebiyi. “We will be going to see Peter’s brother now.”
“That’s good. Be careful and watchful. Inspector Kesmond and his officers know you will be looking for Peter. We have to get to him first.”
“That’s true.” Quincy said.
Genevieve smiled at him. “See you later.”
Adebiyi went to Tiwa, gave her the key of his car and hugged her. He whispered. “Please be careful. Think of the baby.”
“I will my love.” She smiled brightly.
Tiwa and Genevieve arrived at Peter brother’s big house. It was richly adorned. Paul was his name. He had a slight resemblance with his sibling. He was quite slimmer and taller but they had the same eyes. He introduced himself and welcomed them. The partners could hear a female crying inside.
Paul spoke to them. “I have not been able to tell my mother what is going on. Although she is out of the country but she might want to call him by weekend. How do I explain to her Peter is missing?”
“We hope to find him before weekend.” Tiwa said to him.
“Please do. My brother is a bit secretive but I am sure he is alive. If he was going to die, I am sure he would call a family member.”
“When last did you hear from him?”
“Last weekend.”
“What did he say?”
“Nothing serious. He was calm and playful as usual. The family member that talked with him three days ago is my twin sister Patricia but I don’t think she will be willing to talk.”
The sound from the female became loud. A lady presumed to be the twin sister came out and gestured towards the partners. Even with the tears, she was beautiful. She looked like the female version of Peter.
“Where is my brother?!” She yelled at them.
Paul went to her and grabbed her. “You have to be polite.”
“Did you say polite?” She dragged her hands from him. “Fuck you!”
“I need you to calm down.” Genevieve gently said.
“Did you say calm down? Peter mentioned both of you to me on how all of you worked on a case together. I was with my family abroad during that period. You are his friends. You are supposed to be looking for him.”
“That is exactly what they are doing.” Paul said and pointed at Tiwa who looked puzzled. “As you can see, she is pregnant. Even with her condition she is looking for our brother!”
Tiwa decided to stay quiet.
“We will find him.” Genevieve said.
“How?” Patricia asked and cleaned her face with her hands.
“Do you know anyone that could want Peter dead? Does he have enemies?”
Paul scratched the back of his head and looked away. Patricia gazed at her as if the question she asked did not make sense at all. She started to laugh with tears littering around her eyes.
“You are asking if my brother has enemies.”
“Yes. Does he?”
“Of course he has! Peter has enemies. He has hurt many people in the past. He hurt me too after he married someone I never liked!”
“Shut up Patricia!” Paul uttered. “Stop talking about her. She left him and don’t forget she is dead.”
Tiwa and Genevieve knew they were talking about Whiskey.
Patricia added. “If Peter had listened to me, he would have concentrated more on himself than her. She came into his life to mess things up.”
Paul pointed at her. “She never messed things up. Peter has always been like that. His job changed him. Both of you are the same!”
“Shut up!”
“No you shut up and listen to me! Peter is capable of taking care of himself and I am sure he is doing that right now. I know he is alive. I know my brother is a fighter.” As he spoke, his voice broken and his eyes began to get wet. “Peter must be alive. He cannot die. I cannot lose my brother!” His burst into tears and Patricia gestured towards him. She gripped him and joined him to cry.
Tiwa’s phone rang and she picked instantly. It was Adebiyi.
“Hello dear.” She said.
“Are you watching the news?”

“No, I am not watching the news. What is it? Is he dead?” She asked in a panicked tone.
Paul, Patricia and Genevieve gazed at Tiwa. They looked frightened.
“No but the news it’s about Peter.” Adebiyi said.
Tiwa felt relieved and looked at them. She shook her head. “He is not dead. Turn the TV.”
Paul quickly did. The photo of Peter Harold was on display. He was a wanted man for murder and announced to be a danger to the public. There was a reward of one million naira for information for his whereabouts. The newscaster mentioned the victim’s car was missing and Peter could be in possession of it. If anyone had seen a black BMW 5 series 2017 model, a phone number shown on the screen should be called.
“I will call you back later.” Tiwa said and ended the call.
“Peter would never kill anyone.” Patricia told the partners.
“Did he discuss anything with you when you spoke with him three days ago?” Genevieve asked her.
“No but he told me he is likely to leave the country soon and pay a surprise visit to our mother. If he knew he was in trouble, he should have told me. How could he hide it from me?”
“I am sure he knew you would have blamed his dead ex-wife.” Paul told her.
“No way. How can I blame a dead person? I am sorry for talking about her in that way.”
“Does that mean there is no one you think he might have gone to?” Tiwa asked Paul.
“No. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend.”
Tiwa took a deep breath and looked at Genevieve. “What do you think?”
“I think we should leave.” Genevieve replied.
“You want to leave?” Patricia asked surprised.
“Staying here won’t help us. We will call when we find him.”
“Please do. I love my brother very much.”
On their way out of the place, Genevieve told Tiwa to drive to an eatery for them to think and talk. Genevieve made sure Tiwa ate and she did too. After they had lunch, Tiwa stayed quiet.
“What are you thinking about?” Genevieve asked her.
Tiwa sighed. “I am thinking about Peter Harold. I can recall he said he has hurt many people in his past.”
“I remember but he didn’t tell us about it.”
“What do we do now?”
“I don’t really know.” Genevieve started to think.
Tiwa relaxed her back on the chair, placed her hand on her belly and rubbed it. She gazed outside the window. She watched a very slim man walking towards the restaurant. He was smoking. Tiwa wore an undefined countenance on her face and stared at Genevieve.
“Is everything okay?” Genevieve asked her.
Tiwa managed to sit upright. “Peter might not have gone to meet someone he is close to. What if he went to meet someone no one would think he might have gone to?”
“Who could that be?”
“Remember Whiskey’s friend, the slim guy that smokes.”
“Yes. Yes, I do.” Genevieve quickly thought for a rapid moment and stated. “That house Whiskey stayed is the perfect hideout for Peter.”
Tiwa smiled. “His family doesn’t know there and I am sure the police have no idea about it.”
They stood up and called the waiter. Genevieve paid the bill. On their way to the car, Tiwa spoke.
“I hope he is there.”
“Me too.”
As Tiwa drove there, she and Genevieve were watchful in case someone was following them. They arrived, came out, advanced to the building and knocked on the gate. No one answered. They pushed the smaller gate and it opened. They were two cars in the compound. One was covered with a trampoline. Both of them gently motioned there to remove the trampoline. The car was a black BMW.
“Oh my God.” Tiwa looked at Genevieve. ‘This is the victim’s car.”
They covered it back.
“Do you think he really killed him?” Genevieve whispered.
“I don’t know what to say right now.”
They heard the sound of a key. Whiskey’s old friend, Skeleton opened the door of the house. He was wearing a blue jean, black singlet and holding a cigarette. Tiwa and Genevieve approached the doorstep. He surveyed around and spoke.
“I hope no one followed you.”
The partners shook their heads. They were speechless to say anything.
“Please, come in,” Skeleton said. “Peter Harold has been expecting both of you.”
To be continued….


  1. What the f*****g f**k is going on with Mr F**k? How can i ever forget Mr F**k? Hope it was self defence. These (PIC) will soon find out.

    1. Lol.
      You will f**king find out what is going on soon.

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