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Episode 3 Title: What at thou happened to Peter Harold?

Tiwa and Genevieve faced each other without saying a word. They both entered and Skeleton closed the door. No one apart from them was in the living room. Tiwa didn’t like the smell of the place. It was obvious Skeleton had been smoking for long. She wondered if his lungs were still intact.
“Please follow me.” Skeleton told them. They followed him to the direction of a room. He knocked and opened the door. “The detectives are here.”
Apart from the bed in the room, there was a reading table with a chair, a picture of Whiskey on the wall, television and a standing mirror. Peter with his upper left hand covered, raised himself gently from the bed to stand. Tiwa moved to hug him and he groaned faintly.
“I’m sorry.” She said staring at his injured hand.
Genevieve hugged him lightly. “We are happy you are alive.”
“I was right.” Tiwa said. “You were shot. I am not sure you went to the hospital.”
Skeleton closed the door and left. Peter sat down and Tiwa did the same. Her legs were getting tired.
“I am fucking fine.” Peter finally opened his mouth to talk. “I don’t want to go to a fucking hospital. It’s just a wound. I was lucky the bullet didn’t penetrate my bone. Skeleton did a fucking good job.”
“But it might get infected.” Genevieve told him.
“I will be fucking fine. Actually, I feel fine. I am only surprised both of you are coming now. I have been expecting the two of you in the morning.”
“We are sorry. What happened to you? Before I could get to your house last night, the police were already there.”
“The police? Damn! By the fucking way, how did you know something had happened to me last night? Tiwa didn’t pick my fucking calls. I thought you would hear about it in the morning and find me here.”
“And I am sorry.” Tiwa said. “My phone was on silent.”
“I am fucking sorry too.” He gazed at her stomach and back at her face. “I must have made you nervous and stressed you.”
“It’s okay.”
Peter looked at Genevieve. He expected an answer. She explained how she received a call from Kevin and what the officer in charge said to them about him being the murderer.
“He must be fucking insane for calling me a murderer.”
Genevieve and Tiwa quickly glimpsed at each other and Peter caught them.
“Are both of you fucking serious? You think I am a fucking murderer!”
“No, we don’t think you are a murderer.” Genevieve said.
“What do you fucking think?” It was obvious Peter was angry.
“It doesn’t matter what I think.”
“Oh yes it fucking does. How do you help me if you don’t fucking trust me?”
“We trust you if you tell us the truth. Anything you say, we will be there for you.”
“It’s fucking important I know what both of you think.”
“We won’t be here if we don’t trust you.” Tiwa said. “We won’t have been looking for you if we don’t trust you. We believe you are not a murderer.”
“What if you don’t believe my fucking story?”
Genevieve told him. “Tell us first and then you will know we are not just detectives trying to help you. Tiwa and I are your friends.” 
Tiwa touched him mildly on his hand. “As a matter of fact, you are family.”
Peter looked at her, nodded and smiled faintly. “I will tell you what fucking happened.”
Tiwa carried the chair to place in front of them and sat down. “We are listening.”
“And please Peter,” Tiwa said. “Can you explain without adding a foul word? We will understand what you are saying.”
He gave her a look and took a deep breathe. “I will fucking try but if I can’t I will reduce it. Okay?”
Genevieve nodded. Tiwa managed to smile.
“I will start from the beginning. A month ago, a retired judge’s son, Fred Adebayo came to meet me and told me he wanted me to be his lawyer. Fred heard about how good I am. He wanted to reopen a case.”
“What was the case about?”               
“He didn’t go into details. It was a murder case. It was dismissed due to unsubstantial evidence. The judge involved in the case was his father. After the case, his dad retired. He knew something was wrong. He started to dig about the case. It was about the murder of the secretary of a man named Larry Ogbonna.”
The expression on the detective faces changed.
“I heard about the case but I didn’t follow it.” Tiwa said.
Genevieve spoke. “I did. I heard it was dismissed. This happened two or three years ago.”
“Four years ago.” Peter corrected.
“Larry Ogbonna is a very rich man.”
“You are right.” Peter sighed. “Fred said his father dismissed the case and he didn’t know why. Fred said he was gathering enough evidence that when he is ready, he would tell me everything.”
“How was he gathering evidence?”
“He didn’t tell me.”
“Did he know the secretary?”
“No. He met and fell in love with a woman two years ago. When the girlfriend remembered her late sister a year later, it occurred to him it was the late secretary, Miracle. He promised his girlfriend he would get justice no matter what. Three weeks ago, I noticed I was being followed. I spoke to him and he said the same fucking thing.”
“Someone was following him too?”
“He suspected.”
“How did the person know both of you were working together?” Genevieve asked.
“I don’t know.” Peter replied. “I didn’t even take it serious. Last week it stopped.”
“Your uncle told us he wanted to get bodyguards for you but you refused.”
“I refused because I had another plan. I bought a gun just in case someone wanted to do something funny.”
“The police saw the receipt of the gun.”
“That’s their fucking business. I have my license.”
“The police know. So what really happened last night?”
“Fred called me yesterday morning that we needed to talk and he has something with him. I was busy at the office. We didn’t want to be seen together in a public place. I invited him to my place in the evening. I got home around 7:45pm and called him to come over. He came late. I think around 10:23pm. He said it was the traffic and he believed someone might be following him. He had to be careful before he could get to my place. He parked his car outside my house. Because of what he told me, when we got inside, I went to collect my gun and kept it beside me. I opened a fucking bottle of wine for us to share. Fred started to talk. He had an informant working in the company of Larry Ogbonna.”
“How was he able to get an informant?”
“He planned with someone to go look for a job there seven months ago. Luckily for him the person was employed and started to spy on Larry Ogbonna.”
“It was a risky thing to do.” Tiwa said.
“Fucking risky. He didn’t want the name revealed until the fucking case is opened. He said he told his informant to put a recorder in Larry Ogbonna’s office.”
“He put the life of his informant at risk.”
“Even my life too. See where it has fucking landed me!”
“Is the informant a man or a woman?”
“I don’t fucking know.”
Genevieve said. “For his informant to be able to put a recorder in his office, that means the informant has free access to the office.”
Tiwa suggested. “It could be a secretary, personal assistant or even a cleaner.”
“You are my detectives.” Peter said to them. “That is part of your job to find out for me. I will pay.”
“We are doing this for family.” Tiwa said. “We don’t need your fucking money.”
Peter Harold gave a side smile. Genevieve and Tiwa smiled at him too.
“What else did he say?”
“He said Larry Ogbonna didn’t kill the secretary. He was protecting someone that did it.”
“Who did it?” Genevieve asked him.
“He didn’t know yet. His informant took a flash from Larry’s office that contained what might have gotten his secretary killed. He checked his pocket and couldn’t find it. It occurred to him he left it in the car. Fred went outside. I wanted to sip from my glass of fucking wine when I noticed the key of his car on the table. I took the key and my gun. I had to be fucking cautious and be at alert. As I opened my door to go and meet him, I saw Fred. His hands were up. A man had placed a gun to his head. It was too late for me to close the door. I put my gun behind me.”
“The man holding the gun, did he cover his face?”
“If you see him again, will you be able to recognize him?”
“Oh fucking yeah and when I set my eyes on him I will fucking pull the trigger. It will be my first murder.”
“You are not going to kill anyone.” Tiwa told him.
“I fucking hope so. Fred was begging for his life. The man asked him what he knew about Miracle’s murder. The man told him to face him and answer his question.”
“Did he face him?”
“Yes. Fred was scared. Fred said he didn’t know anything.”
“Before I could blink my eyes or say anything, the man shot Fred. He looked at me and shot Fred twice. He didn’t know I had a gun. I quickly pointed it at him and he ducked. I started to fire at his direction. He did the same. On my way to the kitchen, he hit my arm. We continued to fire at each other and I managed to take my phone from my pocket.” he looked at Tiwa. “It was your number I first saw. It was your husband I wanted to call.”
“I am sorry I didn’t pick.”
“It’s okay. We kept shooting at each other. I came out from where I was hiding. God fucking saved me. He almost shot me again. The phone fell from my hand. I mistakenly step on it. I ran through the kitchen back door. I was lucky I had Fred’s car key with me. That was how I ran and escaped.”
Genevieve and Tiwa sighed.
“Do you fucking believe me?”
“Yes I do.” Genevieve replied with a sincere smile.
“I believe you.” Tiwa answered. “Something must have gone wrong. Someone knew Fred wanted to reopen the case.”
“And I will.” Peter said. “I was with a fucking gun and I couldn’t save him.”
“There was nothing you could do. The man took you unaware. You were not ready to start using a gun. I am sure you didn’t think something like that was going to happen.”
“I didn’t know he was going to be killed. I just held the gun just to feel safe. Miracle and Fred must get justice.”
“They will and we will help. Your family is worried but your mom is not aware.”
“Better. I know my siblings will be worried. You have to tell them to leave the country.”
“You have to tell them yourself.” Genevieve told him.
“If I do, they won’t leave. Tell my brother and sister I don’t want to see them.”
“Do you really think they will travel?”
Peter thought for a moment. “Damn it! They won’t. Those two are very stubborn especially my sis. They must have panicked when I was declared a wanted man.”
“They did.”
“You have to leave this place.” Tiwa told him. “Was there anyone that was here when you came here?”
“Two of Skeleton’s friends were here. They left in the morning. Why I wanted to call your husband was because I needed a safe place. I am sure he has somewhere I could hide.”
“Yes he does and our house is safe. The place is big. He has where you can hide. He won’t allow you stay far from us.”
“But you have to surrender soon.” Genevieve said. “You will need a lawyer.”
“We were informed you will be charged to court for the death of Fred.”
“I don’t need a lawyer. I will defend my fucking self.”
“Quincy has gotten that handled. He is getting you a lawyer.”
“Why will a lawyer defend me when I can defend myself? I am capable.”
Skeleton quickly opened the door without knocking. “You have to leave now!”
The three of them stood up.
“What happened?” Peter asked.
“One of my friends you saw yesterday has called the police to give them your location. He saw the reward on TV. My other friend called to inform me. You have to go.”
“You must follow us.” Genevieve told Peter.
“What about Fred’s car?” He asked her.
“You can’t drive it.”
“Good,” skeleton said. “I will find something to tell them when they come.”
“What about your gun and the flash?” Tiwa asked Peter."
"They are with me. I saw the flash inside the car. I used it on Skeleton's laptop, there is a password."
"Idara will find a solution to unlock it."
Peter took them from under the pillow and they walked out of the room. Peter thanked Skeleton before Tiwa grabbed the wheel of her car and zoomed off.
Two minutes later the police arrived in front of Skeleton’s house. They brought three vehicles with officers parading around. Inspector Kesmond was the one that removed the trampoline and saw the car. An officer dragged Skeleton out and before he could say anything, Kesmond gave him a heavy slap.
“Where is Peter Harold?!” he barked.
Skeleton didn’t look like someone that was slapped. His eyes were only red. He grinned at Kesmond. “Suck my balls.”
Kesmond slapped him twice. This time, Skeleton staggered and an officer held him firmly.
“Where is Peter Harold?!” Kesmond yelled.
“I don’t know.”
He pointed at the BMW. “How did that car get there?”
“I can’t recall.”
“Oh, you can’t recall?”
"I can't recall."
“Our informer told us Peter informed you yesterday night that he will be expecting two women. Did the women come here?”
“I can’t recall.”
“Is one of them pregnant?”
“How can I tell you if one of them is pregnant when I can’t recall if Peter Harold was in my house?”
“No problem. When we finish dealing with you, you will recall. Take the idiot away!”
The officer pushed Skeleton to the van. Another officer came to inform Kesmond they saw pain-relieved tablets, bandage and other medical kits.”
“Pack them as evidence." He ordered.
On their way going, Genevieve called Quincy to inform him about Peter. He was still at the bureau and they agreed to meet in Adebiyi Gold’s mansion. Tiwa, Genevieve and Peter were the first to get there. Tiwa had to shower, wear something else while Genevieve cleaned Peter’s wound. Tiwa had given them her first aid box. Genevieve went to the kitchen to prepare a quick meal for Peter to eat. He was feeling weak.
“I think you still need to go to the hospital.” Genevieve told him while he ate.
“I’m fucking fine. I only need pain-relieved tablet. I forgot mine at Skeleton’s place.”
“The police could link it to you if they see it.”
“I don’t fucking care. I am fucking innocent.”
Tiwa gave him a new packet of pain-relieved tablet. Adebiyi and Quincy arrived and they were happy to see Peter. He narrated what he had told their wives.
“You can stay here.” Adebiyi said. “I will advise you to publicly surrender when you are ready. If you go to the police without informing the public, something can go wrong.”
“The police are untrustworthy sometimes.” Quincy said. “You could be killed.”
“I know.” Peter said. “I am entitled to ask for bail. I will plead not guilty.”
“I have already called barrister Kemi Olabisi. She is interested in the case.”
Peter tried to convince them he would defend himself, but they refused.
“So, what’s the way fucking forward?” Peter asked staring at all of them.
“We are going to find a way to know Fred’s informant.” Tiwa answered. “That person’s life is in danger too. We hope the person has not been silenced. We are going to investigate the death of Miracle.”
“That means you and your partner will question Larry Ogbonna.”
“We will speak with Fred’s father too.” Genevieve said. “We will find a way to speak with the retired judge.”
Peter's face fell. “I don’t know why I feel this is not only about Miracle’s death.”
“What did say that?”
“I don’t know. I just feel there is something more. I don’t want to believe this is only about the case. If that man wanted to kill me, he would killed me. He would have shot me before I could grab my gun. I don’t know why I feel he allowed me to run. He allowed me to leave that house alive.”
Adebiyi gave him an uncertain look and spoke. “If he really allowed you to leave your house alive, that means someone wants you framed for murder.”
“Yes,” Quincy said. “Someone wants to destroy you.”
Peter looked at both of them. “That is it. Someone used this opportunity to set me up.”
“If you are being set up,’ Tiwa said. “Who is it the person that set you up? How is Miracle’s case connected to it?”
“That is why I have you and detective Genevieve to find out.”
“That means you have to be open.” Genevieve spoke. “You have to tell us the person you suspect.”
The siren of a Police vehicle was loud for them to hear clearly. They all rose on their feet. Adebiyi and Quincy rushed to check through the window. Three police officers and Kesmond approached the main entrance. When Adebiyi drove in, he had forgotten to lock the main gate.
“What am I going to do?” Peter asked in a concerned voice.
Tiwa and Genevieve looked at him with pity.
“Follow my wife.” Adebiyi said and looked at her. “Take him to my office.”
“Office?” Peter asked. “If the police enter to search, they will find me.”
“I won’t allow them search my house,” Adebiyi told him. “But if they enter they won’t find you.”
The police had started to knock on the door.
Tiwa spoke softly to enlighten Peter. “There is a hidden door that is linked to a safe place in this house. There is an underground here.”
“Really?” Peter was surprised. “Let’s go.”
Adebiyi waited for Tiwa and Peter to leave before he opened the door. Inspector Kesmond stood very close to the door. He tried to peep but Adebiyi blocked the way.
“Yes, can I help you?” Adebiyi asked Kesmond.
“We meet again Mr. Gold. We are here to search your house. We believe Peter Harold is here.”
“Peter Harold is not here.”
“Mr. Gold, let’s not complicate things and become enemies because of a killer. We are friends.”
“We are not friends.” Adebiyi said with anger in his voice. “I follow the law. I know the law. Get a search warrant before you can enter. You can’t barge into my house as you like. I don’t have a criminal record. I am not a killer or a criminal and I will never harbor one. Get off my property. I will see you as a threat if you try to step on my toes or force your way in. I swear to God, I will defend myself. I will defend my pregnant wife and my unborn child. Step back, turn around and look else where for Peter Harold.”
To be continued….


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