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Episode 4 Title: Karma
“I will go and get a warrant and come back.” Inspector Kesmond told Adebiyi Gold and he gave him a response.
“When you do the right thing, I will open my door.”
Kesmond and the officers turned back to their car. Kesmond made a call to a male officer at the station.
“Did he talk?”
“No. We have tortured him but he refused to say anything.”
“He should be locked. He is a conspirator. He harbored a murderer in his home and that’s an offence.”
“Yes sir.”
“I don’t want to get a warrant until I am certain Peter Harold is with those detectives. If I search the house and I don’t find him, someone like Adebiyi Gold can sue for invasion of privacy. I am on my way to the station.”
“Okay sir.”
Kesmond ended the call.
Peter was back to the living room. Apart from Tiwa who start down, the rest were on their feet.
 “What am I going to do now?” He asked staring at Genevieve and Tiwa. “If the inspector gets the warrant he will come back here.”
“With the way he agreed to leave, I don’t think he is ready to get the warrant.” Adebiyi spoke. “I don’t think Skeleton told him you are with my wife and partner. He guessed and came here.”
“They must have been torturing Skeleton by now if they arrested him.” Quincy said.
“I am sure he was arrested.” Genevieve said. “He knew what he was getting himself into when he told us we should leave.”
Tiwa looked at Peter. “I think you should call your family and inform them you are safe. Your uncle might think you are dead.”
Peter didn’t say anything. It was obvious he was thinking deeply. He sighed and gazed at all of them.
“I can’t continue like this.” Peter said with a stern expression on his face. “I am Peter Harold. I am a fucking defense attorney. I am not supposed to be scared. I hate being scared. It makes me look fucking stupid. I have made a decision.”
“What is it?”
“I will surrender now. I will go to the police and none of you will follow me.”
They stared at him muddled.
“But why?” Genevieve quickly asked

“It will look as if I was truly here. I want an officer from your bureau to arrest me and take me to the station. Inform reporters about it so that the public will know. My family will hear about it in the fucking news.”
“It’s a good decision.” Adebiyi said. “We can’t continue to wait. I will call officer Lanre for the arrest.”
“Inspector Kesmond looks smart,” Quincy spoke. “He will ask where Officer Lanre saw Peter.”
“Lanre will tell that loser called Kesmond that he was driving when he saw Peter running away. He chased Peter and caught him and he decided to bring him to the station.”
“That’s good.”
“I hope you will be safe in prison.” He told Peter.
“I will call barrister Kemi to request for bail.” Quincy said.
“It might be difficult considering the fact that Peter is a wanted man.”
“If the so called barrister is good, I will be granted a fucking bail.” Peter spoke and gazed at the direction of Adebiyi. “I think it’s time to call officer Lanre.”
Adebiyi grabbed his phone.
Quincy said. “I will call barrister Kemi now.”
On hour later, barrister Kemi’s husband Jason arrived at their residence after his wife called him she was on her way to the station to see her client. 

Read 'Irreplaceable' to know about Kemi and Jason.

Lanre had taken Peter to the station and reporters were already asking questions about the arrest of the wanted man. Peter surrendered his gun to Kesmond and it was kept has evidence. He was still working on retrieving data from Peter’s damaged phone.
Peter had given the partners the flash. Genevieve and Tiwa drove to the bureau to give Idara the flash before heading to the station. Adebiyi stayed back at home. Quincy went to pick Fredrick from school and took him home.
“I think this case is going to be dangerous.” Jason told Kemi in their living room. He was wearing a nice suit, and looking handsome.
“Dangerous?” Kemi wore a nice suit. Her pretty face never changed.
“Yes. This is the murder of a retired judge’s son. If you intend to set him free, people would come for you. I am scared.”
“I will be doing my job. He is innocent.”
“That is what Quincy Harvey said. You don’t know the truth.”
“I will know the truth when I get there. I have to speak with Peter Harold. You know I have always wanted to meet him personally. He is like a role model to me. He is one of the best defense lawyers we have.”
Jason moved closer to his wife and placed his hands on her shoulders. “I just want you to be safe. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”
Kemi touched him by the left side of his face. “I will be fine.”
He dropped his hand and looked at the wall clock. “It’s eleven minutes after five. When will you be back?”
“At least by 8pm. I will speak with him and arrange for his bail. If it is not possible today, I will go back tomorrow. I really need to speak to him and know what happened. I have to leave now.”
“Won’t you see Nate and Jayden before you go?”
“No. Tell them I will be back soon. Nathaniel will understand but Jayden won’t and he would like to follow me.”
“I would like to follow you too.”
Kemi laughed. “You are not a baby. Kiss them for me.” She pecked his lips. “Don’t forget they will be going to Eniye’s place this weekend.”
“Nate said he doesn’t want to go. He said he is a big boy. He wants to go to his friend’s place.”
“Because he turned fifteen three days ago, we won’t hear word again in this house again. We will talk about it when I come back. I will see you later baby.”
“Okay love.”
Kemi pecked Jason again and walked out of the door.
Genevieve and Tiwa waited outside the station to wait for Kemi. Quincy had given them her number. She arrived and met the partners. They introduced themselves, shook hands and approached the entrance.
Peter was already quested by Kesmond. He insisted he was innocent of the crime. He was dressed in their uniform and taken to a cell. It was an empty small room with a foul odor. Peter felt he would die if he spent the night there.
The detectives and the lawyer met an officer to inform the inspector they wanted to speak with him and Peter. Kesmond informed the officer to bring only the barrister. He had spoken to Tiwa and Genevieve before; he had nothing to say to them again. Tiwa and Genevieve decided to go home. Kemi promised to keep them updated. Kemi met Kesmond and they sat opposite his each other in his office.
“I will like to see my client immediately and request for his bail.”
“You are entitled to see him and you will but I am sorry his bail has been denied.”
“There is a murder charge against your client.”
“But it has not been proven in the court of law. I don’t see a judge in our midst and we are not in a court room.”
“My hands are tied. There is a judge already involved in this case.”
What do you mean by that?” Kemi was getting pissed. “The case has not even started. He was arrested today.”
“Even if it has not been proven in court, your client allegedly killed a retired judge’s son. The news is everywhere. There is a persecutor involved. This is ‘The People vs. Peter Harold’. A judge has been assigned to the case. He told me not to grant the accused bail. This is an order from above and the only way you can get your client bail is speak with the persecutor so that you can meet the judge and convince him why Peter deserves bail.”
“I know.” She said in a disappointed tone. It was not what she wanted to hear. “I will need the contact of the persecutor before I leave.”
“No problem. One of my officers will take you to see your client.”
Kesmond made a call to inform an officer to take Peter to their investigation room. He took Peter there and he waited for his attorney. Kemi entered with the officer and noticed the handcuffs around his wrist.
She looked at the officer. “Please take off the handcuffs. I am here to speak with my client and not a criminal.”
The officer frowned, removed it and excused them. Peter rubbed his wrists. Kemi extended her hand and he shook it.
“It’s a pleasure meeting you barrister Harold. You are a role model to me and I never dreamed of meeting you this way.” She sat down.
“Thanks.” Peter sighed and looked at her directly in the eyes. “Now let fucking get down to business. I need to leave this fucking place.”
Kemi widened her eyes. It was not the kind of tone she expected. He took note of her expression.
“Neglect whatever foul language that comes out from my fucking mouth. You will get used to it. The detectives are already used to it. I am sure you have met them.”
“I did and they never told me about this. I have listened to you in court.”
“I speak law when I am in a fucking court.”
“Oh-okay. Let’s talk.”
She told him her fee and he said he could afford her as long as she was good.
“Tell me about your first case.” Peter said.
She sighed and spoke to him. “It has been hard despite the case happened nine years ago. It was about my friend. Her name was Meredith and her husband killed her.”
“Did you win the case?”
“You have earned my fucking respect. It is not easy to win a first case especially when murder is involved. Now, I will like to talk about what fucking happened.”
“Before you talk about it, I will like to ask you an important question.”
“Ask and it shall be fucking answered.”
“Did you kill Fred Adebayo?”
“Now let’s talk.”
Peter explained everything to her and she took down some notes to jot down key points for her to win the case.

“Detective Genevieve and her partner are going to update me with their investigation. I will see you tomorrow.”
Peter eyebrows rose. “Don’t tell me I will be fucking sleeping here tonight.”
“I’m sorry. Yes.”
“What! I thought you are fucking good.”
“I will have to get a judge to grant you bail by tomorrow.”
“Has it gotten to that?”
“I am fucking innocent. If I sleep in that cell, I am fucking going to die.”
“You won’t die barrister Harold. I will see you tomorrow and you will be out of here.”
She stood up and he did too.
“I need you to request for a bail for Skeleton. He was arrested.”
He explained.
“I will see what I can do before I leave here.” She told him.
Kemi shook his hand, left and the officer took Peter back to the cell. He asked of Skeleton and the officer never said a word. Skeleton had been beaten black and blue. He had a swollen eye, bruised lips and an injured leg. He was in the midst of seven prisoners in a tiny cell.
“I am sorry the man named Skeleton is denied bail. He conspired with an alleged killer.” Kesmond told Kemi.
“But there is no evidence to prove that.”
“We have a witness. Also, the victim’s car was in Skeleton’s compound. He can leave here after Peter has been declared innocent of the crime.”
“But nothing must happen to my client and Mr. Skeleton.”
“I assure you nothing will happen to them.”
She took the number of the persecutor and drove home.
The following day, the detectives drove to the bureau. Kemi had called to inform them she was on her way to see the judge with the persecutor. Idara wasn’t looking happy when the partners approached her.
“I don’t like that look on your face.” Genevieve said to her. “What is it?”
“It’s been difficult to access the flash.”
“Why?” Tiwa and Genevieve asked.
“It was encrypted. It will be difficult for me to open and if I do, it can take days or even a month or more to crack it and open.”
The detectives looked at each other and back at her.
“We need you to crack it as soon as possible.” Tiwa said. “A month or more won’t help us.”
“I will try ma but it will be difficult.”
“Please try. Let us know when you do.”
“I will.”
Genevieve and Tiwa told Adebiyi they were going to speak with Peter’s uncle. He called them and wanted to see them urgently. Peter’s siblings had gone to see Peter at the station.
Mr. Harold welcomed the detectives in his elaborate office.
“I went to Peter’s house yesterday after I heard about the news,” He said to them. “I wasn’t allowed in. The police said they were guarding the place and called it a crime scene. I think I have something that might help my nephew.”
Genevieve spoke. “Really?”
“Please tell us.” Tiwa quickly said.
“When Peter rejected the bodyguards, I told my tech guy to go to Peter’s place when he was at work. I told him to install a CCTV and an automatic voice recorder in his living room. Peter doesn’t know and I don’t want him. He can sue me.”
“Sue you?”
“You don’t know my nephew. Even if it helps him he would accused me of entering into his home without his permission. The day the tech guy went there, he could only install the voice recorder. It was difficult for him to go there a second time because I didn’t know the schedule of Peter. He could return to his home anytime.”
“I hope the police didn’t find it.”
“I hope so.” Harold said.
“Inspector Kesmond won’t allow us go in and we must not tell him. I don’t think he is trustworthy at all.” Genevieve said.
“We will find a way to check there. We want to see if we can get a witness around the neighborhood.”
“Please don’t tell Peter.”
“We won’t.”
The female persecutor, barrister Cynthia Ogbonna Ojukwu, a fair complexioned woman in her forties stood with barrister Kemi in the judge’s room. Judge Ofili was a man that appeared to be in his sixties. He was quite slim.
Kemi requested for a bail and argued with Cynthia why Peter should be released. To Kemi, it seemed the judge wasn’t even listening to her. He paid more attention to Cynthia by looking at her direction. When it was time for him to talk, it was then he stared at her with no form of cheerfulness in his face. His voice was firm.
“Peter Harold’s bail is denied.”
Kemi was speechless. How would she tell Peter that she did her best to set him free from that pit the police called a cell?
Tiwa and Genevieve arrived at Peter’s residence. The officers refused to let them in. They claimed they would tamper with evidence because of their relationship with the accused. They left to the house opposite Peter. It was a huge one-storey building with a creative design.
They met the owner of the place with his wife. Both of them said they didn’t hear anything until the police came. They noise woke them up. As they wanted to leave, their young son probably seventeen or eighteen walked to the kitchen to get a glass of juice. He was listening to music with his headphones. The detectives tried to talk to him but his parents refused claiming their son was asleep too.
Genevieve and Tiwa came out from the building and looked at Peter’s house once more. They decided to check another house if there was a witness, they found none. No one was ready to talk.
They were motioning towards their car when they sighted the boy from the house opposite Peter’s home. He was in his room. It was located on the top floor. He was sitting close to the window and staring outside. He was drinking his juice and nodding his head as he listened to music.
Tiwa gazed attentively at him and looked back at the Peter’s house. She faced Genevieve. “It is possible that boy saw what happened that night.”
“What if he was awake and listening to music as he is doing right now?”
They looked at his way and raised their hands to waive at him. He waived back with a smile. His mother entered his room and ordered him to close his curtain and leave the window side. Before he did, his mom walked there to see what was happening. She saw the detectives and frowned. She warned her son not to talk with them if he met them anywhere.
The partners were frustrated at what was happening. They were getting nowhere with the case. They drove to Larry Ogbonna’s office. His male secretary told them he was not around. The secretary didn’t act as if he cared when they informed him the reason they were there.
“What!” Peter bellowed when Kemi told him the news. “How could the judge deny me bail? This is fucking ridiculous.”
“I am sorry.”
“I don’t think you are capable of doing this job.”
“That’s because you were not there with me facing the persecutor and trying to convince the judge you deserve bail.”
“Fuck the persecutor and fuck the judge.” he sighed heavily and shook his head. “What is the name of the persecutor? Maybe I have faced him or her in court.”
“It’s a female persecutor.” Kemi answered. “Her name is barrister Cynthia Ogbonna Ojukwu.”
Peter had an uncertain look on his face and thought briefly. “I think I have heard that fucking persecutor’s name before but it’s supposed to be Cynthia Ogbonna.”
“Maybe she got married and started bearing Ojukwu.”
“Could she be related to Larry Ogbonna and married from the Ojukwu’s family?” He asked himself.
“Isn’t Larry Ogbonna the man Miracle worked for before she was murdered?” Kemi asked him.
“Yes. I need you to call the detectives now and tell them to come here immediately.”
“Is everything okay?”
“I don’t fucking think so. What is the name of the fucking judge?”
“Judge Ofili.”
That moment Peter closed his eyes as if something had occurred to him. He stood on his feet, put his hands on his waist and bowed down his head.
“Barrister Harold,” Kemi said. “You have to tell me what is going on.”
He looked at her. His eyes were sad. “Please, call the detectives for me. I have to see them now.”
She stood and moved close to him. “I think I deserve to know what you want to tell them.”
“You will when they get here. I need you to do me a fucking favor. Tell Tiwa to find out from Idara if she can find information about the persecutor.”
The officer came to take Peter away and Kemi left to make the call. Tiwa put a call to Idara to pass the information. Idara promised to give them a feedback soon. The partners were on their way to see the retired judge but took another direction. Tiwa drove to the station.
Some minutes later, they arrived and met Kemi. Idara called to tell them the information she had. An officer brought Peter back to meet his lawyer and the detectives. It was the four of them alone in the room. They were standing and facing each other.
“What did Idara say?” Peter asked Tiwa.
“Barrister Cynthia Ogbonna Ojukwu has an Instagram and Facebook account. There was a picture of her with Larry Ogbonna which she tagged him and he commented on the pic and called her his beautiful sister.”
“I knew it. I knew they were related.”
“Yes. They are siblings. Cynthia’s wedding photos are on her page too. She married eleven months ago to a man named Kennedy Ojukwu.”
“Fuck!” he barked. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!”
The three women stared at Peter puzzled.
“I knew it. I fucking knew it that this was a conspiracy to destroy me and I deserve it.”
They were shocked at his statement.
He added. “This is payback time. This is not about Miracle’s death. Fred Adebayo didn’t know getting himself involved in my life was going to cause him his death.”
“Peter please, you have to explain.” Kemi stated.
He looked at Kemi. “This is karma. I deserve to be in prison.” He stared at Tiwa and Genevieve. “Remember I told you I have told things in the past I am not proud of.”
They nodded at him.

Read (S3) E2 Partners in Crime

“There’s one fucking thing I did that I hate to remember. When I met both of you and defended Brown Smith, the judge in the case Judge Osunde reminded me of someone called Kenneth Ojukwu. Kenneth is the brother of Kennedy. Kenneth used to be a prosecutor. Few years ago, I bumped into him unknowingly and the files I was holding fell with his briefcase that opened. Documents flew out and we arranged them and I took mine. I never knew I took one of his documents as my own. It was when I got to my office I knew. I read it but didn’t give it back or tell him it was with me. Some months later, we met in court. The Magistrate was Judge Ofili. I was defending, and Kenneth was prosecuting. He was good at his job and I didn’t want to lose the case. I thought of a fucking strategy to disrupt him and I used what I saw in that document against him.”
“What was on the content of the document?” Kemi asked.
“It was a medical report. I told barrister Kenneth Ojukwu to focus more on his impotency than trying to take my client to prison for a crime he did not commit.”
“He was impotent?”
“Yes. I told him he needed to do a paternity test for his two kids. I was held in contempt but I had already done what was on my fucking mind. The courtroom was in chaos. Kenneth couldn’t look at anyone in the eyes. He was ashamed of himself.”
“Oh my God.” Genevieve said.
Tiwa and Kemi didn’t even know what to say.
He continued. “I wasn’t thinking about his children even though they were not his biological kids. I just wanted to fucking win! I was a fucking proud idiot!”
“If that is why you are really here,” Kemi said. “The detectives and I can go and meet Kenneth and plead with him.”
“You can’t talk to him!” Peter’s eyes were red with tears around his eyes. “Kenneth is dead. He died because of me. Kenneth Ojukwu committed suicide the next day!”
“What!” Tiwa exclaimed.
Kemi’s mouth was wide opened. Genevieve looked at him speechless.
“This is Karma slapping me on my face!” Peter Harold said as tears drained his face.
To be continued on Friday…


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