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Episode 2 Title: Setting things straight
Lola went straight to the cafeteria and ordered for breakfast. Even before she went in, Jidenna saw her and smiled at her. She ignored him. She wanted to be alone. She was angry with Dr. Duke. Jidenna wondered what the matter was and he couldn’t go after her, he was speaking with Nurse Oliver and had a patient waiting for him.
Duke stared at Zara, Melvin and Ahmed. Their eyes were on him. They appeared to be waiting for a response from him.
“What are the three of you still doing here?”
“We thought you had something to say to us.” Zara replied.
“I don’t have anything to say to any of you now. You can go.”
The three young surgeons walked out and Ahmed closed the door. Yvonne remained in the office. She still had a shocked expression on her face and spoke.
“Doctor Lola deserves that query letter.”
He looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Huh?”
“You heard me. She disrespected you in front of your subordinates. She is not yet a full-time employee. She confronted you.”
“I know how to handle her.”
“I don’t think you do this time.” Yvonne said with an annoyed tone.
“This is about me and not you,” Duke said and rose. “Are you sure you are capable of mentoring her?”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“I want her treated the same way you are going to treat Dr. Melvin. I don’t have a favorite and so should you.”
“I have heard you.” Yvonne said walking towards the door.
“Are we good?”
She turned back to face him. “Yes. Remember I agreed to mentor them because you asked me. You owe me one for this. Don’t forget that.”
“I won’t.” He managed to smile faintly.
“I will see you later.”

Yvonne left his office and Duke went back to sit. The first thing that crawled into his head was the way Lola scowled at him before she stormed out. He took a deep breath and dialed his brother’s number to inform him what had happened but decided not to reveal his true feelings for Lola otherwise his brother Mike would rush down to the hospital to tell Lola. Mike was more outspoken. He didn’t know how to keep a secret.

Zara joined Jidenna with a patient and Ahmed attended to a man with an injury on his leg. Melvin checked the dressing room and didn’t find Lola. He saw Oliver, required if he knew where she was and he suggested he should check the cafeteria. He went, sighted her and joined her. He sat down. She didn’t say anything but focused on her meal.

“That was intense in Dr. Duke’s office!” Melvin stated with delight in his voice. “You were on fire! What got into you?”
She gave him a look and stopped eating. “Nothing got into me.”
“You have been banned from his office. That is not a good thing.”
“I know but I was trying to defend you and I. He is supposed to mentor us not Dr. Yvonne. I know she doesn’t like me.”
“I think so but Dr. Duke might be doing the right thing. He knows what he is doing.”
“Even if he wanted to pair us, he would have partnered me with Dr. Ahmed.”
Melvin’s face tightened. “What do you mean by that?”
“I am not saying it’s a bad thing you and I are together. Ahmed and I are quite closer unlike you and I.”
“It’s true but I told you we should be friends. This is an opportunity for us to spend some time together and know each other more. I’m serious about becoming your friend.”
Lola thought for some few seconds while gazing at him.  She heaved a sigh. “Fine. I hope I won’t regret it.”
“You won’t Dr. Lola.” Melvin said with a bright smile on his lips.

“You are lucky you don’t have a broken bone.” Ahmed said to his male patient. “You only need some stitches, pain-killers and antibiotics.”
“Thank you doc.”
“You are welcome. I will send a nurse to you. Just hold on.”
Ahmed turned away, met the nurse and gave her instructions on what to do. On his way out of the ward, he saw Lola with Melvin. He gestured towards them.
“Where were you?” He asked Lola.
“I was at the cafeteria.”
“I hope you are okay?”
“Yes. I am fine.”
Jidenna saw them and walked directly to where Lola stood. “I will like to talk to you, Dr. Lola.” He was not looking happy with the kind of expression on his face.
“Do you mean now?” She asked.
“Okay.” She looked at Ahmed and Melvin. “I will see both of you later.”
“That’s okay.” Ahmed said.
“No problem.” Melvin said.
Lola followed Jidenna to the dressing room and closed the door. No one was there.
“I can’t believe you had an issue with Dr. Duke and you didn’t tell me.”
She looked at him surprised. “How did you know about it?”
“Am I supposed to hear it from Dr. Zara?”
“She didn’t have the right to tell you.”
“She was in Dr. Duke‘s office when it happened. She told me not because of our relationship.”
“Did you tell her about us?”
“Of course not,” he said. “I smiled at you few hours ago and you pretended as if you didn’t see me. I was embarrassed in front of Oliver.”
“I am sorry.”
“Why didn’t you tell me? I can talk to Duke. He should not ban you from speaking with him or enter his office.”
Lola sighed and took his hand. “I want you to a colleague here and not my boyfriend. I can handle Dr. Duke.”
“How would you handle him?”
“I will simply do what he asked me to do. He will eventually get tired and things will become normal like before."
Jidenna shook his head while talking to her. “You have no idea the kind of person he is. If you don’t find a way to get into his good books, he will stay on his lane. He can continue to work with you professionally but he will never be your friend.”
Lola did not want that. In fact, she wanted to be more than a friend but she didn’t want to sound cheap by expressing regret for her outburst.
“So what do you think I should do?”
“I think you should apologize to him.”
“But I didn’t do anything wrong.”
He put his hands gently on her shoulders. He spoke to her empathetically. “I know but it doesn’t matter. You are doing a good job here. Don’t jeopardize that.”
“Can I think about it?”
Jidenna dropped his hands. “Yes but don’t think about it for long.” He smiled. “We need to get back to work.”
He wanted to peck her but she quickly motioned towards the door and opened it. Jidenna wondered if Lola did it purposely. He never bothered to ask her. He didn’t want to offend her.

A female nurse, Mimi went to meet Dr. Duke in his office. She informed him Dr. Wole Bello wanted to see him urgently. Duke marched there and met Wole drinking a hot cup of coffee. He greeted him.
“Good morning sir.”
“Good morning Dr. Duke.” He pointed at his teacup. “Do you want some?”
“No. Thanks.”
“Please, sit down.”
“Okay.” Duke sat, staring at him questionably. “I hope all is well.”
“I should be the one asking you that.”
“All is well sir.”
He sipped from his tea, placed the cup on the saucer and gazed directly into Duke’s face. “I heard about what happened between you and Dr. Lola.”
Duke stared at him visibly surprised and repulsed. “She told you?”
“We were only six in my office. One of them must have told you about it.”
“Who told me wanted me to take action on Dr. Lola.”
Duke knew who it was. “I told Dr. Yvonne I would handle it. She didn’t have to tell you. What did she want you to do?”
“She said Dr. Lola deserved a query letter.”
“I must have mentioned it but I didn’t mean it.”
“I know. You might have been upset when you mentioned it. That is not why I called you to come.”
His eyebrows uplifted. “Why am I here, sir?”
“If you insist your decision to separate them is right, take Dr. Lola and give the other female to Dr. Yvonne.”
“The other female is Dr. Zara. Why the sudden interest in Dr. Lola?”
“Don’t get me wrong. I am only asking you to take her because I feel she will work better with you. She will learn from you. I believe that is what she wants.”
“She didn’t tell me that and I maintain she should stay with Dr. Yvonne. She challenged me.”
“Dr. Lola will apologize. I will speak with her immediately you leave here.”
“I am not asking for an apology. I just want her to obey my instruction except you want me to do what you want. That will be a slap on my face. I won’t be respected by anyone in this hospital. Is that what you want?”
Wole Bello frowned. “Don’t forget I am your boss.”
“I am sorry for the tone I used on you.”
He didn’t think twice before he responded. “Apology accepted. You are not just my employee. You are my friend. When I look at you, I see the younger version of me. I don’t want a misunderstanding between us.”
“I don’t want a misunderstanding between us too.”
Wole stood and Duke rose too. Wole walked closer to Dr. Duke. “Please, don’t punish Lola for long.”
“It’s not a punishment sir. I don’t have any ill intentions towards her.”
“I hope when she apologizes, you would let it go.”
“Yes, I will. Your tea will get cold. See you later doc.”
Wole smiled at him. “See you later.”
Duke walked out of the office and frowned deeply. On his way to the ward to check there, he saw Yvonne coming his way. She was smiling. He was frowning and he ignored her even when she attempted to start a conversation. She assumed Duke already knew she told Wole Bello.

Lola was in the consulting office, talking to a male patient that had a successful surgery some months ago. He came to complain of pain after he had finished his drugs. The result for the scan he did was out and she looked thoroughly at it.
The man appeared to be in his forties. He hair was quite bushy and he looked restless. Lola sat opposite him to discuss his health issue. She didn’t like his physical appearance but choose not to say anything about it.
“We will have to run some tests to know why you are still having pain in your body.”
“What about the scan?”
“There is no sign of concern on your torso.”
“I just want the exact pain-killers I was given after my surgery,” he told her.
“But were you had the surgery is healed completely.”
“I know but I feel it’s because of it I am having pains all over my body.”
“That is why I told you we would run some tests to know why. You can’t conclude it’s because of the surgery. The surgeon that did the surgery is on leave. I have read your file.” She smiled trying to calm him. “Don’t worry, you will be fine when we come up with the source of your pain.”
He didn’t smile at all. “All the chemists I went to didn’t have the drug. I went to a pharmacy and I was told I needed a prescription before they can sell it to me.”
“The pharmacist that attended to you is right. It is a very strong mediation. I hope you are not addicted to it.”
“I am not addicted to it. Give me what I want and let me go.”
“I am sorry, I can’t.”
The man grumbled audibly not minding if she was listening. “Ohh God. Which kind thing be all this one sef. Na wa for una for here o.”
Lola placed her right hand on the table. “Sir, I am doing what is best for you.”
“No, you are not. You don’t know how I feel. You don’t have any idea the pain I am going through.”
Lola rose. “That is why I will call a nurse right now to take a sample of your blood and urine.”
“That is not necessary.”
“It is if you really love your health.”
Nurse Oliver walked in. “Dr. Lola, you are needed in Dr. Bello’s office. Lola looked at his nervously. Has Duke reported her to him? She asked herself.
“Okay.” she quickly said and stood up to question Oliver. “Are you busy at the moment?”
“I would be if you tell me what I need to do.”
Lola managed to smile at him, instructed him on what to do, and stated the patient should remain at the hospital.

Duke had checked on what Zara and Ahmed did before he went to have a late lunch with Jidenna. None of them mentioned anything concerning Lola. They ate and Jidenna brought up a topic on a medical condition that they discussed.

A female patient called the hospital and booked an appointment to see Melvin the next day. The woman has been married for four years without getting pregnant. 

Yvonne was in her office and thought of what she would do concerning Duke. She knew he wasn’t happy with her.

Lola got to Wole’s office and he welcomed her with a bright smile on his lips. It made her relieved. She was not in trouble. She thought to herself. Wole explained how he knew. He didn’t inform her he already spoke with Duke.
“Do you want to give me a query letter?” She asked.
“No. I want you to apologize to Dr. Duke. I think it is the right thing to do.”
“But he banned me from speaking with him. I don’t want him to embarrass me.”
“He won’t. He is not like that. You can explain yourself why you confronted him. I guess you wanted to know the reason why he did that. It’s just that it didn’t come out well.”
“I did not insult him Dr. Bello.”
“I know Lola.”
She looked at him. The way he called her name, she felt warm and comfort around him.
“If you want me to apologize to him, I will sir.”
“Do you want to apologize to him?” Wole asked her.
She kept quiet briefly and answered. “I don’t think I want to do that now but I will.”
“If you are truly sorry, he might take you and give Dr. Zara to Dr. Yvonne.”
Her eyes sparkled and Wole noticed.
“Did he say that?” She asked eagerly.
“No. Is that what you really want?” He asked to know her intentions towards Duke.
“I will agree to whatever he wants."
“Just do the right thing Lola.”
“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”
“You are welcome.”
Lola walked to the door and was about to open it when Wole spoke.
“Lola.” He realized his mistake. “Dr. Lola.”
She turned back. “Sir?”
He looked at her briefly and shook his head. “Never mind. Take care of yourself.”
“And you too sir.”
Lola left his office and went to check on Oliver to ask about the patient.
“I have taken the samples to the lab. The result will be out in few hours.”
She glanced at her wristwatch. “It’s 4:55pm already. No problem. Just let me know when the results are out.”
“I will.”
She went to the lodge to rest. She met Melvin there.
“How are you doing?” He asked her.
“I am very tired.”
“I can see that. I will be leaving soon.”
“I have a family meeting by 6pm. I will return by 8:30 to check on my patients and go home and sleep. I have asked Dr. Duke for permission to leave.”
“And he agreed?”
“Yes. I think he is planning to go home too.”
Lola speedily rose on her feet and rushed out. She looked at her left and sighted Duke marching away. She walked towards him, allowed him get to his car before she called his name.
“Dr. Duke. Dr. Duke I have to talk to you.”
He turned back to look at her with a surprised expression on his handsome face. He didn’t say anything. He unlocked his car and entered. Lola opened her mouth in shock. She heard him turn on his ignition and she tapped his car. He reached for his piece of paper and biro from his bag on the passenger’s seat and wrote on it. He placed it on his glass for her to read.
‘You are banned from talking to me. Go back to work.’
She read it, and Duke drove away in speed. Lola was shocked.
“What is wrong with this man? Why is he behaving like a baby?” Lola burst out laughing.
She wasn’t mad at him anymore. In fact, she did not think she would be mad at him for long. She was in love with him and she would do everything to get his attention. She didn’t care if she was banned from his office. She would be the first person Duke would see when he arrived at the hospital the following day.

To be continued on Wednesday


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