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Episode 4 Title: Decisions
On his way to drop Lola at home, he knew something was off with her. Her mood had changed and he wondered what went wrong. As he approached traffic, he glanced at her as her eyes were glued at one spot.
She turned to him. “Yes?”
“Have I done something wrong?”
Her eyebrows lifted. “Why would you ask me such a question? You haven’t done anything wrong.”
“You don’t look happy. I must have done something to make you keep that look on your pretty face.”
She tried to smile. All he got was a weak one.
“You have not done anything wrong. I’m fine. I’m just tired.”
Jidenna forced a smile despite he sensed she was lying. “That’s okay. We will get home soon.”
“Okay.” Lola threw her face away and watched the stars, as Jidenna drove. She couldn’t stop thinking about Duke. It made her regret saying yes to be Jidenna’s girlfriend. Lola knew Jidenna was a good man and hoped it would make her fall in love with him, if not she would be hopeless.
Jidenna alighted at the front of Lola’s residence. Before he could get down to open the door for her, she had unlocked it and started working towards the door. He followed her without calling her name and when she wanted to put her hand on the handle, he stopped her by placing his hand on her.
“What is going on Lola? You have to tell me otherwise, I won’t leave.”
Lola couldn’t look at him. She was tempted to call off the relationship. How was she going to do it? She asked herself silently.
He added, “Lola, are you about to cry?”
She sniffed her nose immediately and gazed into his eyes. “I don’t want to cry.”
He carried her hands to hold tight. “If you are going through anything, share it with me. I am your boyfriend. We are partners.”
“Jidenna, I am fine. I told you I was tired.”
“I have to say the truth. I don’t believe you. Do you have financial problem?”
“No! Jidenna, I told you I am fine. You have to believe me.”
Just as he was about to talk, the door burst opened. A smile had spread on Bidemi’s lips. This wasn’t Duke. She assumed he had to be the other doctor, her daughter’s new man. She gestured her hand towards him.
“You must be Dr. Jidenna.”
“Yes. Good evening ma. You must be Lola’s mom.”
They shook hands and Lola watched in anger but she couldn’t allow it display on her face.
“Good evening. Yes, I’m her mom. Please come in.”
Lola widened her eyes and Jidenna saw the surprise on her face. He stared at Bidemi.
“I don’t think you should bother yourself. I will come in another time.”
“I won’t take no as an answer. My daughter talks a lot about you.”
Jidenna looked at Lola. “Can I go in?”
“Of course, you are always welcomed here.” She answered.
They went in and Jidenna sat down. Lola stood, smiling at him while Bidemi walked to the kitchen to get a glass of juice. She gave it to him.
“You don’t have to do that.” He told her.
“I have to. I know you must have eaten or are you still hungry?”
He laughed mildly. “No but thank you ma.” He sipped his drink.
“You are welcome.” She looked at her daughter. “Can I get you a drink too?”
“No.” Lola replied without making eye contact. She was pissed. She decided to sit near Jidenna. She wanted him to feel welcomed.
“Thanks for today. I enjoyed myself.”
He looked at her. There was surprise in his eyes. “Are you sure?”
“Yes.” She smiled brightly. “I had a nice time.”
“I’m happy you did.”
Bidemi sat down and started to ask him about work and family. He gave her the right answers. He finished his drink, thanked her again and told them he was leaving. Bidemi escorted him to the door and left Jidenna and Lola outside.
Jidenna said to Lola. “Your mom is nice.”
“Yeah. She likes you.” She smiled lightly. “I will see you on Monday.”
“Goodnight love.” He kissed her lips softly and she waived at him as he drove away. Lola entered into the house.
“I like him.” Bidemi told her.
“You didn’t have to invite him in. He was about to leave when you opened the door.”
“But you agreed for him to come in.”
“That’s because I didn’t have a choice! Wouldn’t it be awkward if I had refused?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Saying sorry isn’t necessary. I just want to sleep!” Lola walked out on her mom and entered her room. She laid on the bed.
“What have I done to myself?” Lola asked herself aloud. “How will I get myself out of this?”
She closed her eyes and the face of Duke flashed her mind. It made her smile.
The ringing tone of Duke woke him at 7:12am the following morning. Before he could pick it, the call had ended. He checked the caller. It was a number he didn’t recognize. As he was about to dial it, his phone rang again. He answered.
“Hello Dr. Gerard Duke. Good morning. I’m very sorry for calling you by this time.”
Duke felt he recognized the voice but he wasn’t sure. “No problem. Please who am I speaking with?”
“It’s Matthew Kola.”
Duke guessed right but was surprised why he was calling him, especially early in the morning.. “Mr. Matthew, are you okay? Is Dr. Yvonne okay?”
“I will be lying if I said both of us are fine. We are alright medically.”
“So what is the problem?”
“I need to see you. My wife didn’t sleep at home last night. She spent the night at her cousin’s place. I want us to talk.”
“I don’t understand. Why me? Can’t you talk to her cousin?”
“She is not ready to listen to any of her family. I believe she will listen to you. She respects you a lot Dr. Duke.”
He heaved a sigh and looked at the wall clock before talking. “I will be available around 4pm. Can we meet at a restaurant?”
“I will text you the address.”
“No problem. Thanks doc.”
“You are welcome.” Duke ended the call. There was a worried expression all over his face. He shook his head and went back to sleep.
After Lola closed from church, she boarded a taxi to see a woman, her mother’s friend. Mrs. Nkem was surprised to see Lola at her doorstep when she arrived. She welcomed her inside, sat down and Lola was offered a drink. Lola politely declined. She wasn’t in the mood to drink or eat. She was there to talk.
“I came here to talk to you about my mother?”
“Your mother?” She asked in a surprised tone. “I spoke to her two days ago. Is she sick?”
“No. She is well.”
Nkem heaved a sigh of relief. “Better. Tell me why you are here.”
Lola munched her lips and took a deep breath. “I know you and my mother have been friends for a long time. I know you were childhood friends. You should know some things about her.”
“That’s true.”
She peered into the woman’s curious eyes and asked. “Do you know who impregnated my mother?”
“Impregnated your mother?”
“I don’t understand. Is she pregnant?”
“No. I am asking, who is my father?”
Lola could tell Nkem was shocked with the question.
“Why would you ask me?”
“That’s because my mother has refused to say who he is. She doesn’t want to tell me. You have known her for a long time and I believe you know him. I believe you know how I can reach him.”
“I am sorry, I can’t say anything about it. It is not in my position to answer your questions.”
Lola rose up. “It is clear you know who he is and where I can find him. You just don’t want to tell me.”
“I can’t say a word about what you are asking me Lola.”
Lola didn’t bother to say anything. She walked out of the house without looking back. She didn’t waste her time going there. If Nkem didn’t know anything, she would have denied it but she did not. Her mother was still lying to her.
The men sat opposite each other with a bottle of wine on the table. Before Matthew arrived, Duke had ordered for food and eaten. Matthew was a fine looking man, and quite older. With the way he dressed, it was obvious he was rich.
“Are you sure she wants a divorce?” Duke questioned him after Matthew narrated Yvonne’s unattached attitude towards him recently.
“She didn’t say so but I overheard her talking with her cousin on the phone. She wanted her cousin to introduce her to a divorce lawyer. I’m worried doctor. I don’t want to lose her.”
“I am very surprised about it.” he lied. “I know she loves you.”
“I don’t think she does anymore.” Matthew said in a saddened tone. “I really care about her. I am not even pressurizing her to get pregnant. I know she will at the right time.”
“What if she doesn’t want a divorce? She could be asking for someone.”
“I don’t think so. I really need you to talk to her. She talks a lot about you. Please.”
“It doesn’t matter if she talks a lot about me. She does that because of my work. I don’t know if she will listen to me.”
“Why don’t you talk to her first,” Matthew said. “I don’t want to lose my marriage.”
Duke grabbed his glass of wine and leaned back on the chair. “I will see what I can do. I will talk to her on Monday.”
“I heard you and Dr. Lola have settled your differences.” Wole said to Duke the following morning in his office. The door was wide opened.
“That’s true.”
“Do you think she will be among the top two?”
“I can’t say for now. The four of them are doing great. I don’t know who will be among the top two yet.”
“I know you are not biased.”
Duke smiled at him. “Thanks.”
“Can I ask a question?”
He lifted his left eyebrow. “You can ask me anything sir.”
“Do you like Lola?”
Duke gave him a look. “If you mean if I like how she cherishes her job, my answer is yes.”
Wole smiled at him. “Not that. I think Lola is single. Both of you would make a lovely couple.”
He didn’t want to break the news about her new relationship. He couldn’t do that.
Duke motioned to the door and closed it. He faced Wole. “I know your private life is none of my business but I think I deserve to know why you care a lot about Dr. Lola.”
“I care a lot about my staffs. I just believe you and Lola would make a cute couple.”
“That is not what I believe. I didn’t want to ask but I have to. What’s your relationship with Lola’s mother?”
He appeared stunned with the look on his eyes. “Lola’s mother? Do you know her?”
“I met her once.”
“She came here?”
“Yes. She wanted to see you but Lola came and she pretended she was asking after her daughter.”
“Are you sure she came here?”
“Well, I don’t know her.”
“I am not a child sir. She wanted to see you. It was obvious she knew you.”
“Maybe she wanted to talk about her daughter.” Wole said and took his phone from the table. “I have an important call to make now. I will call you when I need you Dr. Duke.”
Duke shrugged. “No problem.”
Jidenna, Ahmed and Zara were attending to patients at the emergency ward. Duke came there to inspect them. He asked after Melvin. Zara told him he was in Dr. Yvonne’s office. He walked away searching for Lola around. He didn’t see her. Dr. Lola was in the consulting room prescribing a drug for a man.
Duke gestured towards Yvonne’s office and Melvin came out, holding a file. They greeted each other and Duke entered. Yvonne stood and motioned closer to him.
“I know Matthew called you but I don’t know why.”
“Do you want a divorce?”
She was surprised by his question. “How did you know?”
“What! You want to divorce Matthew?”
Yvonne turned away from him and wore a sad face. “I am not happy.”
“You can’t divorce him. He loves you.”
She faced him. “But I don’t love him. It’s you I love.”
“You will be making a big mistake if you leave him. If you leave him, we can never be a couple. Mathew trusts me and I don’t want to break that trust he has for me.”
“Are you saying you can never love me?”
“It’s not as if I was in love with you before. I have told you I am in love with someone else.”
“But you are still the same person that told me you can never be with her.”
“That’s because she is unavailable.” Duke tried to explain. “She has a boyfriend and I don’t want to come in between them. I am begging you on behalf of your husband, go back home. Your cousin’s house is not your matrimonial home.”
Yvonne stepped away and started to cry. Duke wasn’t going to touch her to console. It would be a big mistake.
“You will make Mathew the happiest man if you stay by his side as his wife. Both of you fit each other. If you truly respect me, stop crying and think about what you will lose if you decide to walk out of your marriage. Make the right decision.”
“Are you saying we can never be together?”
“No and I am sorry.”
She wiped her eyes. “Can you leave my office?”
Duke didn’t say anything, he opened the door and walked out.
Lola came out from the consulting room and met Dr. Wendy.
“I have been looking for you.” She told Lola.
“I hope there is no problem?”
“No. I have good news. That patient will be getting a kidney transplant tomorrow.”
“You have gotten a kidney?” She asked with excitement.
“Yes. He is lucky the fee for the surgery is complete. I went to inform him the good news but he was sleeping. When he is awake, can you do that for me?”
“Yes, sure!” She answered with a sincere grin. She was indeed happy.
“You will be among the surgeons for the transplant tomorrow.”
“Thanks. Can’t wait.”
Wendy strolled away and Lola moved towards the doctor’s lodge to check for Melvin. She told him the good news and he was happy for her. They decided to have lunch together. After eating, they went to the ward and met Wendy arguing with Jidenna. It was about a new patient.
“Don’t tell me that.” Wendy said with anger in her voice. “You are supposed to let me know first.”
“I came to your office but you told me you were busy.”
“You should have dropped her file. Does she not have a file?”
“I have not finished diagnosing her. I came to ask for your opinion but you pushed me away.”
“You pushed yourself! I will attend to her alone.” Wendy walked away to approach the sick woman.
Jidenna didn’t know Lola was there. He marched away and Lola followed him behind. She saw Duke coming, first time seeing him today. She didn’t speak to him when she passed him. She felt shy. He was on the phone and staring at a file.
She followed Jidenna to the dressing room. He looked furious.
“I saw you and Dr. Wendy. You need to tell me what is going on.”
“We were arguing over a patient.”
“I know. I am asking you to tell me why she doesn’t like you.”
“I have told you not to worry about that.”
“What happened between both of you?”
“Nothing really happened between us.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” He moved close to her. “Don’t worry, she will get tired of her attitude towards me,” he smiled at her. “I am no longer angry again. You are here with me now.”
“I want you to take it easy.”
“I will.” Jidenna made a decision not to tell her the reason Wendy was unhappy with him. Whatever happened was in the past. Lola was his future. He didn’t want to go back to the past.
At 5:15pm, Lola came down from the taxi and approached the bank to see Patricia. She was lucky to find her about to enter her car. She quickly hiked towards her.
“Good evening.” Lola greeted her.
Patricia looked at her plainly. “Good evening.”
“I know you don’t recognize me…”
“Who told you I don’t recognize you? I do. What do you want again?”
“I have good news.”
She kept quiet.
Lola continued. “He will be having a kidney transplant at 3pm tomorrow.”
“Good for him.”
“You need to be there for him. Create time and come to the hospital tomorrow.” Lola quickly brought out a paper she had written the address of the hospital and her phone number. She gave it to Patricia, which she threw on the floor.
“My father can go to hell! I don’t want to see him. Is it by force?”
“No. I want you to surprise him. He is sorry for what he did,” she sighed. “I don’t know my father.”
Patricia gave her a look.
“You know your father. This is an opportunity to prove you are better than him. Show it to him that you have a good heart. You have the heart to forgive him. He is an old man. He needs someone he loves beside him. Make the right decision. Don’t make the wrong one and regret it in the future.”
Patricia thought for a quick moment. "I will think about it but I can't promise you I will come."
"Okay." Lola picked the paper and extended it to her. 
This time, Patricia took it.
"Thanks." Lola said.
"Don't thank me yet. I might not come." Patricia entered her car and zoomed off. Lola brought out her phone and sent a message to her mom.
'I'm not coming home tonight'
To be continued on Thursday


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