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Episode 5 Title: Holding on
Lola switched off her phone, bought dinner at an eatery and returned to the hospital. Her mother panicked the moment she saw the text message. She continued to call Lola’s number but it was unreachable. She didn’t have any of her daughter’s friends number. She didn’t even know if Lola had friends except the new boyfriend. How would she know if Lola was okay wherever she was?
Lola never bothered how her mother would feel. Probably it was time to look for her own place if she could not tell her where she could find her father. Lola ate, checked on some patients before going to the dressing room. She was lucky no doctor was there. She wanted to sleep, but turned on her phone when she was unable to.
Her phone began to ring. Her mother was calling and she refused to answer it. Bidemi was a bit relieved that Lola switched on her phone. Lola’s phone began to ring again, and as she wanted to cut the call, she saw it was Jidenna. She picked and spoke.
“Hello dear. How are you?”
“I’m fine my love and you?”
“I’m about to sleep.”
“Me too,” Jidenna said. “I couldn’t sleep without hearing your voice. How is your mom?”
Lola rolled her eyes as if the conversation was becoming boring. “She is doing okay.”
“That’s good to hear,” he said and stayed silent for few seconds. “Lola.”
“Yes dear.”
“When will you know my place? I have known yours and I think it’s time you know mine.”
She didn’t expect such request. She cleared her throat, while thinking of what to say. “I’m definitely going to know where you live. We will talk about that tomorrow at lunch. Is that okay?”
“That is very okay…” He was talking but she wasn’t listening as she heard a quick knock on the door and a female nurse opened the door.
“Doctor Lola please there is an emergency!”
Lola speedily stood while on the phone.
“Lola, are you at the hospital?” Jidenna asked.
Lola ended the call, shoved her phone into the pocket to question the nurse as they strode side by side. “What happened?”
“It’s an accident victim. He has a broken hip, and ruptured legs. Dr. Duke is needed urgently. I have called him already. One of the nurses told me you are around.”
“Both legs are ruptured?”
“Yes doc. I doubt if Dr. Duke can do anything to save his legs. He is an old man.”
Lola didn’t bother to ask any more questions. She ran as fast as she could to attend to the new patient. Lola looked at his condition. She knew it was bad and she needed Duke by her side.
Lola spoke to the nurse with her. “His case is critical. He is losing so much blood!”
Blood was given to the patient as he was taken to the operation room. It kept him alive but might not be for long. She grabbed her phone and saw ten missed calls, four from Jidenna and Six from her mother. She scrolled down her contacts and dialed Duke’s number. She heard a phone ringing and turned back.
“I’m here already.” Duke turned off the phone, kept it in his cross-bag and dumped it on a table. He was still wearing the trousers of his pajamas and a shirt.
“Tell me his condition right now.” He said to her.
Lola gave him the details. They prepared for surgery and went inside. 
As the operation went on, it was obvious nothing could be done except amputation. It was the only thing to save his life. As Duke concentrated on the legs, Lola stole a few glances just to look at his face. One of the nurses notified the family on the phone and after hours of successful surgery, Duke and Lola came out and Duke gave her the permission to inform the wife of what went on.
After the patient was taken to the ICU, Duke requested a scan must be done to see if there were other damages they didn’t see around his torso. He would see the result later when it was ready. He carried his bag to leave. He noticed Lola wasn’t making an attempt to exit the hospital. He saw her standing alone.
“Goodnight Dr. Duke.” Lola said but her eyes were sad.
“Goodnight.” He walked past her but halted and turned. “Dr. Lola, I know it’s late, but are you not going home?”
She gazed at him surprised.  Did he just ask me about my well-being? She asked herself silently before giving him a reply. “No.”
He knew she was not looking happy. He wanted her to be happy. He wanted to see her smile.
“I could call an Uber for you.”
“Don’t bother Dr. Duke. I am not going home. I don’t feel like going home.”
He shrugged. “Well, okay…” He paused and moved quite close to her. “Are you okay? Is everything okay with you and your mom?”
His question surprised her. Was he really showing concern or faking it? She wondered. Lola desired to tell someone what was happening in her life and the right person was standing opposite her. The man she truly loved.
“I might take your time if I tell you what’s bothering me.”
“I have the time to listen to you. Come, let’s go to the lodge.”
Lola smiled faintly and followed him. Duke checked the fridge, collected two-bottled water and gave one to her. He sat beside her.
He didn’t say anything but sat beside her.
Lola spoke. “I am aware you know about Jidenna and I. He told me.”
He stared at her but she wasn’t looking at his direction. “Is he treating you nicely? I shouldn’t even ask such, I know he will be treating you nicely. Jidenna is a good man. ”
“I know. I’m not really sure.”
His eyebrows lifted upwards. “You are not sure about what?”
“If he is the right man for me.” and then she peered at his surprised and curious eyeballs. Tears had swelled around her eyes and fallen down her cheeks.
“Lola, why are you crying?”
She covered her face with her hands and wiped the tears away. She sniffed her nose and looked at him.
“I am sorry, I shouldn’t be crying in front of you. I’m so sorry!” Lola quickly stood but Duke did too and blocked her from leaving.
“Lola, you have to tell me what’s going on. Is this really about Jidenna or you are going through something else.”
She wanted to step further but he touched her and they stared deeply into each other eyes. They knew they felt something extraordinary. Duke removed his hand.
He asked. “Lola, what is going on?”
Lola sighed and went back to sit down. “My father.”
“What about your father?”
Lola narrated everything to him. How she never knew him and how her mother lied and continued to lie. Duke felt drained and concerned. He sat down at the sofa opposite her. He was tempted to do more than touching her on the arm. He had to clear away that thought. She was somebody’s woman. She belonged to his colleague, and Jidenna considered him a friend. He wouldn’t betray him. Never! The next thing that came into his mind was Wole Bello.
“I’m deeply sorry for what you are passing through.” He told her.
”If you meet your father today, what will be your reaction?”
“I don’t know what will be my reaction but I will ask him why he chose not to be in my life. Am I not good enough to be called his daughter?”
“I don’t know what his answers might be but I am sure you are good enough to be called his daughter.”
For the first time tonight, Lola smiled at him. He smiled back. Her smile began to spread wilder on her lips. She was blushing.
“If you come across any details about your father, let me know,” Duke said. “I will help you find him.”
“Yes. You can come to my office anytime you find something about him. I will advise you not to punish your mom. If you act as if you do not care anymore about you father, it will make her wonder and begin to ask you questions. The truth might slip out.”
“I hope so.”
“Return home tomorrow and let her know you are happy.” Duke glanced at the wall clock. “It’s late and we need to rest. We will talk in the morning.”
“Thanks. Are you driving home?”
“No. I will sleep in my office.”
Lola nodded and he walked away. Duke purposely didn’t ask her about the her relationship. The less he knew the better for him. Lola went to the dressing room. She sent Jidenna a text, told him she was tired and needed to sleep. They would see in the morning. She switched off her phone again.
Despite Lola didn’t get enough sleep, she woke up at 6:02am, and went to check on Duke but he had gone. She went home and arrived there at 6:55am. She met her mother in the living room and there was a bible on the sofa where she slept.
Bidemi expressed joy and begged Lola not to try it again. Lola took a deep breath before she responded.  If not for Duke, she would have walked inside her bedroom without saying a word to her. She wouldn’t have even gone home, maybe a week later.
“Mom, I am not going to sleep outside without letting you know where I am.”
“That’s better my daughter. I was so worried. Are you okay?” She hugged Lola.
“Yes. I need to shower and resume duty immediately.”
“What would you like to have for breakfast? Please don’t say you are not hungry.”
“I am hungry and I have missed eating your food. I hope business has been good.”
“Yes. I am happy you asked.”
“You can make something nice for me. Any food you prepare is always delicious.”
Bidemi smiled broadly. “Your food will be ready soon. Go and have your bath.”
“Okay mom.” Lola pecked her on the cheek and scrambled away.
Her mother pondered about why Lola didn’t ask about her father. It’s not as if she didn’t want Lola to know whom her father was. If she did, there would be revelations that can’t not be avoided. If Lola knew, she would be disappointed in her. Thirty-five minutes later, Lola enjoyed the meal and ate to her satisfaction. On her way out Bidemi asked about Jidenna.
Lola told her. “He is doing fine.”
“Are you really happy with him?”
“Mom, I don’t know if yes or no would be the right answer, but all I know is, I don’t love him.”
Bidemi moved closer to her. “Give him a chance to prove he is the right man for you.”
“How would I do that?”
“Be open. Tell him your problems. Talk to him about everything going on around you. He should not only be your boyfriend. He should be your best friend.”
“But I….” She hesitated. All she thought about was Duke.
“But what?”
“Never mind mom. I have to go to work now.”
“Okay. Send my regards to my in-law.”
“He is not yet your son in-law. He has not proposed.”
Bidemi laughed. “I was only joking. Extends my regards to him.”
“I will.”
Lola hugged her before leaving the house.
Duke met the patient he operated on to check how his condition was. He was awake and happy to be alive despite he didn’t have legs. Duke checked the scan and his vital organs were okay.
Lola arrived and noticed Ahmed, Zara and Melvin were busy with their new patients. She saw Jidenna talking with nurse Oliver but decided to go to the dressing room. After changing, she was on her way to Duke’s office when she heard her name.
She knew it was Jidenna. She turned back to face him.
“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were at the hospital last night.” Jidenna said to Lola. He was angry and he couldn’t hide his feelings. “I heard about the surgery.”
“Everything happened in a rush. I couldn’t tell you.”
“You couldn’t tell me? Even before the emergency, you didn’t tell me you were at the hospital when I called.”
“It was unnecessary to let you know and I had everything under control.”
“It doesn’t matter. I would have come here to assist you or be with you.”
“Jidenna, you are…”
“Lola, you are my girlfriend.”
Zara and Melvin walked towards their direction and Jidenna lowered his voice and pointed at her.
“It is not over yet. We are still going to talk.”
“I’ve heard you.” Lola said softly.
Zara and Melvin watched Jidenna sauntered away without saying a word to them.
“What was that all about?” Zara asked her.
“I think you should mind your own business.” Lola walked away.
Zara and Melvin looked at each other.
“Do you have any idea what they were arguing about?” Zara questioned Melvin.
“She said you should mind your business.” Melvin walked out on her.
Zara hissed. “Idiots.”
Lola didn’t bother to check on Duke anymore. Instead, she went to meet the man set to have his kidney transplant later in the day. His daughter, Patricia had not arrived and Lola prayed she should come.
“My daughter is not going to come.” He told Lola.
“I really don’t know what to say.”
“Tell yourself you have done more than enough. Don’t blame yourself if she didn’t come.”
“I just don’t want you to be alone.”
“I am not alone. I am even happy you will be among the surgeons that will operate on me.”
Lola gave him a smile. “I am happy too.”
After hours of waiting and busy schedules of the surgeons, doctors, nurses at the hospital, it was time for the surgery. Patricia was yet to arrive. With nurses and Lola by his side, they were taking him to the OR when Oliver approached them with a woman.
“Doctor Lola,” he said. “This woman is asking after you.”
All eyes were on the women and the man widened his eyes in surprised. Lola couldn’t even say anything. She was stunned to see Patricia. Patricia started to cry and hugged her father on the bed. Both of them cried together.
“Today is the happiest day of my life!” The man said. “If I die today, I will die a happy man.”
“You won’t die father!” Patricia wiped the days off his face. “I forgive you.”
“God bless you my daughter.” He gazed at Lola.
Lola was smiling widely. Duke was walking towards their way.
He added. “You have made me happy. May happiness not depart from you.”
Everyone around them chorused Amen, including Duke. Lola heard his voice and glanced at him. With a smile on his lips, he winked at her and gave her a thumb up. He said inaudibly.
“Good luck.”
Duke didn’t wait to hear what she wanted to say. He didn’t look at her anymore. He was looking at where he was heading. The man was taken to the OR. After hours of surgery, the surgeon in charge came to inform Patricia the good news.
“Wow!” Patricia expressed joy. “Please can I see him now?”
“You can’t see him for now. Dr. Lola will let you know when you can.”
“Thank you so much! I’m grateful.”
“You are welcome.” The male surgeon walked away.
Lola came to see her and Patricia thanked her over and over again. Later, Lola left to eat a late lunch. She didn’t want Jidenna around her. She was in a good mood and didn’t want anyone to spoil it. After eating, she checked on the man and found him awake He was happy to be alive.
“Now I have the opportunity to spend time with my daughter. Doctor Lola, thank you.”
“You are welcome. Your daughter will be with you soon.”
Lola informed Patricia but begged her not to allow her father talk for long. He still needed enough rest. Patricia went to see her father and Lola left to Duke’s office. She knocked on his door.
“Come in.”
She entered and Duke rose. He appeared happy.
“I heard the transplant went well.” he said and extended his hand. “Congrats.”
She shook his hand. “Thank you doc.”
“I also heard what you did for him concerning his daughter. I am proud of you for doing that. It is a selfless act and that is why I will do everything I can to help you find your father.”
“You really want to help me.”
“Yes. Anyways, why are you here? Any update on him?”
“No. I went home and everything seems fine.”
“You don’t have to quarrel with her to prove a point.”
“You are right.”
Her phone beeped. She received a text and it was Jidenna telling her to meet him at the lodge.
“I have to go now.” Lola said.
“That’s okay.”
Lola moved towards the door.
“Lola.” He called her name and she wished he called it again one more time. His voice was sexy. She turned to him.
“Dr. Wole Bello has been asking after your welfare at the hospital. He wants to see you succeed.”
“Yes. I think you should check on him from time to time. I believe he will really appreciate it.”
“You think so.”
“I don’t think so. I know. Get to know him.”
“I will get to know him.” She smiled, opened the door and closed it.
Before walking away to the lodge, she muttered. “I love you Duke.”
In his office, Duke wore a smile, thinking about her and he whispered. “I love you Lola.”
To be continued on Tuesday…


  1. The last paragraph melted my heart.
    See them professing love ooo.

    Thanks Aunty Carina.
    I wish the next episode could come before Tuesday.

    Thanks again , blessings!

    1. If I can I will post on Monday. God bless you!

  2. Wao... Tnx Carina. Love is truly a beautiful thing. Forgiveness is beautiful too


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