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Episode 10 Title: Unexpected
Lola hugged Wole and erupted into a bowl of tears. He wrapped his arms around her body as if he never want her to leave him. They cried together and Bidemi could only watch them. She was sad and ashamed of what she did.
Wole held his daughter’s face and wiped the tears. 
“Please don’t cry.”
She saw tears on him too and cleaned them away with her bare hands. It felt like a dream. It also felt like reality. She chose reality. She had always adored this man and finding out he is her father was a miracle.
Lola said to him. “I can’t believe you are my father. I loved you even when I wanted to hate you.” She hugged him again. “I love you so much!”
“I love you too. This is the happiest day of my life. You have made me so happy.”
“Lola.” Bidemi called her name. She was no longer crying.
Lola released herself from her father’s grip and turned to her mother’s direction.
“Omolola Bello, my only child, please find it in your heart to forgive me.”
“So you know I am your only child and you deprived me of fatherly love for twenty eight years. I would even be a year older soon and if I didn’t find out like this, I wouldn’t have known he is my father!”
Then, Lola remembered Duke. It was because of him she found out. God bless him. The last words he said to her still came as a flash. 
His words ‘You’ll be fine.” She closed her eyes and a little drop of tears dropped from her weary eyes. Duke did what no one could do, not even the woman that gave birth to her. For what he did, she would never ever stop loving him. No matter how he behaved towards him, she would cherish Duke and shower him with love for the rest of her life!
Bidemi continued to beg her. “I know I was wrong for denying you of knowing him…”
“You were selfish!” Lola barked.
“Lola, please forgive her.” Wole said.
She still focused on her mother. “You didn’t get what you wanted and you used me as a tool to punish him. You didn’t only punish him, you punished me too! Do you know how many times I cried when I was a child? You saw how I felt when I saw how my childhood friends, classmates talked about their fathers. I had nothing to say and it was because of you!”
“I am sorry!” Bidemi pleaded. “Tell me what I can do for you to forgive me.”
“Leave here and never come back!”
“Lola! I know you are angry with me.”
“Mom, just leave!” 
Wole held her left arm and she turned to him. “Just tell her to go, I don’t want to see her!”
Bidemi looked at Wole. “Please beg her for me. This wasn’t supposed to go like this.”
“And how would it have gone? What was the meeting about? What were you planning?”
“Lola,” Wole said. “That is no longer relevant.”
“It is relevant because I want to know what would have transpired if I didn’t catch both of you together! What did my mother want from you?”
“I wanted the two of us to come up with a story for you.” Bidemi said. “I don’t want to lie to you anymore.”
Lola asked her. “What story?”
“I was ready to introduce him to you if he would blame himself for abandoning you.”
“I wouldn’t have known the truth if I didn’t come here. It would have being a lie and I would probably hate him and even leave the hospital. What kind of a mother are you?”
“Lola, I am happy you found out like this. I only want you to forgive me. Please.”
“I know I will but I am not ready. I don’t want to see you for a while. I need some space?”
“Are you moving out?” Bidemi asked in a teary tone. She stared at Lola nervous and surprised.
“Yes.” Her broken voice said.
She moved quite close to her. “But you said you would forgive me. You don’t need to move out.”
“Mom, I can no longer live with you. I will forgive you but you need to give me time.”
“Lola, you don’t need to move out.” Wole Bello told her and she looked at him. “You can stay at my place for as long as you want. You don’t have to move out from your mom’s house.”
Lola said softly. “I don’t want to be a burden. You need your privacy.”
“You will never be a burden,” he said while smiling. “I live alone but that doesn’t mean I am single. I am seeing someone, although it’s not serious. I just want you to know in case she visits me. I won’t keep anything from you.”
Wole saw a smile arose from her lips.
“It’s good you are seeing someone. You don’t have to be alone.”
“Ever since you walked into that hospital, especially my office, I have never felt alone.”
Bidemi heaved a long sigh and walked to the door. She made eye contact with Lola.
“You deserve to be alone with your father. You have always wanted this. You have it now.”
Lola didn’t say anything and Bidemi opened the door and walked away.

Duke’s brother hugged him tightly and shook his hand. They were very happy to see each other. They sat down to talk in Mike’s office. A stranger meeting the brothers for the first time could tell they were related. Duke was only taller and more handsome.
“The surgeon himself!” Mike uttered. “The surgeon in love!”
Duke laughed and shook his head. “You are not serious.”
“First of all, what can I offer you?”
“I’m not ready to drink or eat anything. I called your wife on my way here. She is already cooking a delicious meal for me.”
“That woman won’t cook if I was the one that called her,” he said jokingly. “She’s showing you love, not me her husband.”
“Everyone loves me apart from Lola.” Duke joked.
Mike laughed and cleared his throat. “That reminds me, how is Dr. Lola?”
“She should be fine.”
“Seriously, I have been thinking on your behalf. Are you sure she is not in love with you?”
“In love with me? Are you for real?”
“Yeah. I have asked myself repeatedly why she visited you when Jidenna revealed his past relationship. You are not in any way related to him.  Why would you be the first person she sees? Don’t ever say it’s because she wanted answers from you.”
“That is the only reason, Mike.”
“I doubt that my brother. She wanted to be comforted by you.”
Duke laughed hard. “Why would you think that? She doesn’t like me. You need to have seen the day she challenged me. Lola thinks I’m coldhearted.”
His elder brother pointed at him surprised. “You, coldhearted? That means she doesn’t know you. Give her the chance to know you. Jidenna and Lola have broken up. What are you waiting for?”
“I don’t want Jidenna to feel bad. I need to stay away from that hospital.”
“You want to stay away from Lola, not the hospital. Tell her how you feel. Tell Lola you are in love with her.”
“You won’t understand.” Duke said. “Lola is Wole Bello’s daughter.”
Mike gazed at him stunned. “How is that possible? He doesn’t have a daughter. His only child died in the car crash.”
“She is his biological daughter.”
Duke narrated what he knew and what he had done. He hoped Lola went to the hotel to know the truth. He hoped she was happy to find her father.

Lola and her father were already sitting beside each other. Smiling ear to ear and holding hands. Wole requested for refreshments but Lola declined respectfully. She suggested they celebrate the reunion in his home. She only wanted to talk.
“Lola, you can ask me anything.” Wole said. “I will give you anything. What would you like to talk about?”
“You.” she replied him. “I want to know you better. I want to know about where you are from. I want to know about your extended family.”
“You have read about me before and I am sure you know I am an only child. Your grandparents are deceased. They died a long time ago.”
“What about cousins, uncles and aunties?”
“Yes, I have uncles and an aunt. They are old now but their children, my cousins have families of their own. I am not really in good terms with all of them especially my aunt’s children. They believe they are entitled to have a share in my wealth despite I help them financially. It is never enough for them. I know I have done enough.”
“Do they know about me?”
“Everyone in my family knows about you.” He said with a smile on his lips.
Lola smiled at him. “I am not after your wealth. I am after your love.”
“You have my love and everything that is mine. You are like me. You have a large heart.”
“I am glad you think of me that way.” She said.
Wole spoke. “I received an important call from my lawyer today. The documents I want him to prepare are ready. It is for your benefit.”
“I have told you I am not after your wealth.”
“I know. I just want you to know you have always been in my heart.” Wole stared into her face and gave her a look. “How did you find me and your mother? How did you find us?”
Lola kept quiet and gently took her hands off him.
“Lola, if you tell me, I won’t get mad. I just want to know.”
“Does it really matter if you know? The most important thing is, we are together now.”
“It’s true but don’t you think I deserve to know?”
She turned her face away, thinking of how to keep Duke’s name out of her mouth. It wasn’t as if she was scared to tell Wole. She didn’t know how Duke would feel and what her father’s reaction might be.
“Lola, I am curious.” Wole said. “Your mother and I are the only ones that are aware about this meeting. I never told anyone and when your mom sent me a message telling me we should get to this hotel together, I was alone.” He paused and thought for few seconds and spoke to himself quietly. “I saw the message after I received a call from my lawyer. I left Duke in my office.”
He looked at her with his eyes spread apart. “Was it Duke? He must have seen the message.”
Lola gazed at him without uttering a single word and she saw a smile on his lips.
“There is no way you would have known about this except someone told you and the only one that is bold enough to inform you is Gerald Duke.” The smile grew wilder. “He cares about you.”
It came as a surprise and she suddenly appeared interested to talk. “Did he tell you?”
“He doesn’t need to tell me. I just know.”
It wasn’t enough for her.
“I’m glad he told you,” Wole said. “If not for him, we won’t be sitting down here. We have to talk about your mother.”
Lola frowned at him. “I do not want to see her, and I don’t want to talk about her. Not now, please.”
“It’s okay,” Wole placed his hand gently at her back. He smiled at Lola, she smiled and both of them could not stop smiling.

The new surgeon that replaced Yvonne has been jovial with her new colleagues. Melissa Oni was in her mid-thirties, beautiful and coordinated. In the morning, she and Ahmed had attended to an accident victim. At 6:12pm, Melissa met Ahmed as she prepared to leave.
“Dr. Ahmed, I have told Nurse Oliver to monitor the patient. If there are any changes he should call me.”
“Is Oliver on night shift today?”
“Yes. That was what he told me.”
“Okay. Please inform me, if you need my assistance.”

"I will."
Mellissa smiled at him and Zara saw them together. She marched towards him the moment Melissa sauntered away.
“I can see you are already flirting with her.”
Ahmed stared at her surprised. “Flirting with who?”
“Don’t pretend. I saw you and Dr. Melissa.”
He shook his head. “That woman is older than me.”
“That is not an excuse. Stop lying.”
“I am not lying.” He defended himself.
“Keep your distance from her. There is nothing you can gain from flirting with her.”
“We were not flirting with each other.” Ahmed wore a frown. “Why am I even listening to you? You don’t have any right to tell me who I should flirt with. You are not my girlfriend.”
“Then what am I to you?”
“A colleague,” he said “And a friend if you are ready to become one. I am busy Dr. Zara. I don’t have the time to argue with you.”
Ahmed walked away from her and Zara blew out an exhausted sigh.

On his way to his brother’s house, Duke made a call to inform his mother he would be visiting the following day. She sounded elated and couldn’t wait to see her son.
He called his father twice but he didn’t pick. Solomon Duke sent him a text, he couldn’t answers calls for now. Duke and Mike arrived at their destination and came down from the car. The door burst opened and a young girl ran happily towards Duke.
“Uncle Duke is here!”
Duke grabbed her and raised her up. “My little Betty is a big girl!”
She giggled and he dropped her. “Welcome uncle Duke!”
“Thanks my beautiful princess. What have you been eating?!”
“My food.” the wife of Mike said.
Lebechi was standing at the door, smiling.  A pretty woman with an average height. Her daughter resembled her. Duke glanced at her and smiled. They walked closer and hugged each other.
“It’s so good to see you.” Lebechi said. “We miss you.”
“I miss you all of you too.”
“It seems no one misses me.” Mike said in a playful tone.
“We do honey.” Lebechi pecks him on his lips. “Welcome.”
“Thanks love.”
The four of them went inside. Duke gave Mike’s daughter the storybooks, chocolates and gold earrings he bought for her. The men had their baths and ate a delicious meal. Mike and Duke planned to drink later and chat.

“Lola, are you sure that is what you want?” Wole asked her after a long discussion.
Lola nodded. “Yes.”
“But you are my daughter. I have to make an announcement at the hospital.”
“I don’t think it is necessary.”
“It is to me and I will make the announcement.”
“But nothing should change. I don’t want to be treated specially. I remain a contract staff.”
“Lola, this is your hospital. It belongs to you. You should be given automatic employment.”
“I won’t like it. Please Dad. I am not capable of handling the hospital. I don’t want to be called the owner. I am still your staff.”
Wole heaved a long sigh. “I will respect whatever you say. I will do anything to make you happy.”
If only he could read her mind. To see Duke was the only thing that could make her very happy. Wole suggested they go to his place. She told him, she wanted to go to her mother’s house and collect some of her clothes. He wanted to take her there but she refused and promised to join him at his residence later. He wrote down his address for her.
Wole drove out of the hotel and Lola boarded a taxi to the hospital. She noticed most of the surgeons had gone home. She met few other doctors and Jidenna.
“Where have you been?” he asked her. “I asked after you from Melvin and he said you went out.”
“Yes, I went to sort out something. I probably should be the one to tell you before Wole Bello does it tomorrow.”’ Lola took a deep breathe first before she spoke. “I am his daughter.”
He looked at her shocked. “Daughter? Whose daughter?”
“Wole Bello.”
“Lola, are you playing with me.”
“No. I didn’t really tell you about my father but I just found out he is my father.”
“Biological father?”
Jidenna stared at her speechless. He couldn’t believe it. “Are you sure?”
“It’s a long story. I will call you tonight and explain some certain things.”
“Lola, I would be lying if I told you I am not shocked.”
“I was shocked too. I didn’t even believe it at first but it’s the truth.”
He grinned at her. “Lola, I am happy for you.”
“Thanks. I will call you later.”
Lola quickly stepped away and Jidenna watched her leave his sight. She went to Duke’s office and found the door locked. Lola presumed he had gone home. She sent him a text.
’’Thank you Dr. Duke. I will see you tomorrow’’

Duke and Mike were drinking and chatting when his phone beeped. He checked it and a smile flashed on his lips. He turned his off phone and continued talking with his brother.
Lola went home to get some of her clothes. She was relieved she didn’t meet her mother. When she reached her father’s house, it came as a surprise to see he was living in a furnished and simple three bedroom flat. She expected Wole to be living in a mansion. Wole told her he had other houses. He couldn’t live there alone.
Wole had ordered food and drinks for both of them. After eating, they went to his room. She saw he has pasted her baby photos on his wall. She saw a photo of his late family. She wished she had met them.
He took her to her room. Lola opened her mouth. The color of the wall and bed sheet was white and the photo of Toni Braxton was there too.
“This is unbelievable. How did you know I love white? How did you know I love Toni Braxton?” She questioned him.
“How can you ask me such a question? I told you, I have been watching you for many years. You don’t expect me not to know some personal things about you.”
“That means you know I love singing.”
“Yes and you are going to sing for me. I want to hear your voice.”
Lola giggled and smiled wholeheartedly at him. She sang for him. He enjoyed it. Bidemi called to find out how she was doing. Lola told her she was having a wonderful time with her father. Before Lola slept at night, she kept staring at her phone, thinking Duke would call or reply her message. She received nothing and slept off with her phone in her hand.

The next day Lola and Wole arrived at the hospital very early in the morning. Wole had sent a mail to all his major staff, letting them know he has an announcement to make. He excluded Duke. There was no need sending it to him. He already knew. When he returned, they would talk.
Wole and his top surgeons and doctors had a meeting at the boardroom. They were surprised to see Lola standing with him. He told them few details about his child he searched for and he mentioned Lola was the one, his daughter. It came as a total shock. Most of them looked genuinely happy. They took photos with her and Lola felt welcomed and pleased.
The news started to spread around and it got to Ahmed, Zara and Melvin. Oliver broke the good news to them. The anger in Zara increased. It pained her to her bones. For the past two days, she has been fuming and what had happened now made it worse.
Ahmed and Melvin went to congratulate Lola. Zara came there.
“Lola, I heard you are truly Dr. Bello’s daughter. Congrats.” She said dryly.
Her tone didn’t bother Lola. “Thanks.”
Zara told Ahmed she wanted to see him urgently. He later left with her. Melvin remained with Lola.
“You are a very rich woman now,” he said to her. “Money will start flowing. Don’t forget me in your paradise.”
“What makes you think I am a rich woman now?”
“What kind of a question is that? You are the daughter of Wole Bello.”
“And so?”
“You better don’t play the good girl and help him save his money. Spend it and have fun.”
“There is time for fun but right now, this is the time to work.”
“You are very boring.” Melvin told her.
“When money is not involved, everybody is boring. I need to go.”
“You can go but don’t forget you owe me a drink.”
“No problem.”
“Also, don’t forget to help me.”
“Help you?” Lola said in a confused tone.
“The top two. My name has to be there. You have the power to put my name as number one.”
She laughed lightly and shook her head. “You make me laugh.” Lola said and walked away from him. On her way to Dr. Duke’s office, she met Melissa. Melissa told her to make her father proud. Lola thanked her.
Lola still found Duke’s door locked. Where the hell was he? She silently asked herself.
Duke’s father, Solomon Duke appeared delighted to see Duke after some months. The last time they saw, they drank together. Mrs. Mirabel Duke couldn’t stop talking about how he had lost some weight. Duke switched on his phone.
“Mom,” Mike said to her. “He has not lost any weight. It is a strategy to keep him here for long.”
“She knows I can’t stay for long. I will only spend two days.” Duke told them.
“Two days?” Mirabel said, surprised. “I thought you will be spending a month!”
“Darling,” Solomon spoke to her. “You know that is not possible.”
“But he can be going to the hospital from here. I wonder why you supported him with money to buy that house. He should have done that after he has a wife. His mates are married.”
 Duke gave her a look. ‘Mom, this is the reason, I don’t come home. I will marry at the right time.”
“I wonder when the right time will come.”
“Soon mom.” Mike said happily.
“Mike!” Duke exclaimed.
Their mother stood from where she was sitting and gestured towards her first-born. “Does your brother have a woman he wants to marry?”
“Mom, I think you should ask him.”
“Mom, there is nothing to ask.” Duke rose and faced his father.
Before he could talk, Mirabel spoke to him.
“Duke, tell me.”
“What do you expect me to say? I am not even in a relationship.”
Her face fell and Mike didn’t like to see her like that, also with Duke.
“Mom,” Mike said to her. “Duke is in love with a woman and I believe she loves him too. He doesn’t believe it. I am asking him to profess his love to her.”
Duke’s parents focused their eyes on him.
“My son, is it true?” Solomon asked Duke.
He kept quiet for ten seconds and looked at his dad. “I love her but I don’t think she loves me.”
“Then ask her.”
“It’s not as easy as you think. You don’t know her.” His phone beeped. “Excuse me.” He grabbed his phone to check the message. It came from Lola.
Good afternoon Dr. Duke. Please where are you? I need to see you.
Duke turned off his phone again and gazed at his family. “I will like to go in and shower and when I come back, we are going to talk about something else.”
“I have to serve you some food.” His mother said.
“Better.” Duke motioned towards the hallway leading to his room. Mike sat beside his father.

Lola couldn’t put her phone away. She was impatiently waiting for a reply from Duke.
Thirty minutes later, she decided to go to the cafeteria.
“You didn’t call me last night.” Jidenna told Lola during lunch. He saw her eating alone and joined her after he ordered and took his food.
“I was very busy. I didn’t have enough time. I hope you are not angry.”
“I can’t be angry at you. Can you tell me now?”
She narrated it briefly to him while she ate.
“I am glad you have found him.” Jidenna said. 
She smiled and held her spoon to eat “Have you seen Dr. Duke?”
“He travelled.”
Lola widened her eyes. “He travelled?”
“But I saw him yesterday.”
“He travelled yesterday.”
Lola’s mouth remained sealed but her eyes showed she was furious. She dropped the spoon on the plate and rose.
“Is something wrong? Are you not eating again?”
“No. I will see you later.”
As she was about to step away, Jidenna spoke.
“I will be having the paternity test tomorrow. Sandy is coming.”
“Good luck.”
Lola stormed out and Jidenna wondered why. She grabbed her phone and dialed his number at the lodge. Switched off.
“Shit!” she blurted. “Why didn’t he tell me?! What is wrong with him!”
“Lola.” Ahmed said.
Her harsh response stunned him and when Lola turned back to face him she motioned closer. Ahmed was sweating profusely.
“Are you alright?”
“What happened?”
“Remember the first day I told you I stopped sleeping in my late father’s house.”
“Yes. You said you slept somewhere.”
“That somewhere was at Zara’s place.”
Lola looked at him dazed. “Zara accommodated you?”
“Yes and we slept together.”
“You mean you had sex with her?”
“Yes!” Ahmed yelled. “I have been with her at the dressing room. We have been talking. Lola, Zara is pregnant for me.”
He placed his hands on his head. “What was I thinking?!”
“How could you have slept with her without protection?”
“I didn’t know we would sleep together. She made the first move and I became aroused.”
“Now it has resulted to a pregnancy. Are you sure she is pregnant.”
“Yes. She did a test and showed me. She is a month pregnant.”
“What have both of you decided?” Lola asked him.
“Zara said she wants to think about it.”
“What do you want?”
He stared into her concerned eyes. “I don’t know. I still have a case in court and now this. I am tired!”
“Don’t be. Learn from your mistake and think about what you want. Both of you can raise the child together.”
“I hate Zara,” he said. “Lately she has been unbearable. I don’t think we can raise a child together.”
“How can you sleep with someone you hate? Admit you like her and not her character.”
Ahmed said with a scorn on his face. “It was wrong for me to say I hate her. Lola, I don’t like Zara at all.”

After he showered and wore another clothes, Duke sat down to think about Lola for a short while. He was tempted to send her a message but he felt it would be better to express himself in another way. He took out a plain sheet of paper and a pen, and began to write.

Dear Lola, 

I want to talk to you too. I want to let you know I love you. No, I am madly in love with you. I can tell you are happy you have found your father. I am happy too. Getting away from the hospital because of you is of no use. I miss you. I am missing you.

Lola Bello, I need you in my life. I wish to cater for you and show the world what you mean to my dear heart. I have never been in love. You are the first woman I have fallen in love with. Lola, you are my first love.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. What I did for you it’s just little. I want to show what you mean to me. Everything. You are everything I need. 

I don’t know what tomorrow might bring but I know I will never stop loving you. Loving you will be endless. I love you Lola. I want us to be together forever.

Gerald Duke.

He folded the paper, searched for an envelope in his father's office and kept it inside. He heard footsteps and he quickly hid the letter inside one of his father books placed on the shelf.
Solomon opened the door. “We have been looking for you. Your food is set on the dining.”
“Okay dad.” Duke followed his dad.

For three days, when Lola wasn’t alone, she appeared cheerful. She attended to her patients and acted normal. When she happened to be alone, she was in rage. Lola was waiting impatiently for his return. She didn’t bother to ask her father.
Jidenna and Sandy had done the test and they were waiting for the day the result would come out. Bidemi continued to call Lola, this time, she wasn’t picking her calls. She communicated with her through Whatsapp.
Zara was still thinking of what to do. Ahmed told her he was ready to agree to whatever she decided. The next day, doctor Fola resumed work after suspension and solely stayed on his own. He asked after Duke from Wole.
“He is returning on Monday,” he said. “We have to make a decision concerning the top two next week.”
“Okay sir.”

The weekend for Lola was plainly normal. She and Melvin met at a bar on Saturday and she bought him his brand of beer. After that, she went home and called Duke’s number but he didn’t pick. She stayed strong and hoped he would return soon. She was already missing him.
Duke spent some time with his family. He was definitely going to miss them despite they usually speak on the phone frequently. He planned to leave on Sunday and when he did, he purposely left the letter. He felt there was no need to take it.

On a bright Monday morning, Duke arrived at the hospital, changed his outfit and attended to some of Ahmed patients. Ahmed showed him some medical reports, which he glanced through and smiled at him for doing a nice job.
Surgeons, doctors were beginning to resume work for the day. On his way to his office with nurse Oliver, Duke met Jidenna. Jidenna welcomed him back and informed him the paternity test would be ready later in the day.
“Let me know when it is ready.” Duke told him.
“I will.”
Duke left to his office. Lola arrived with her father. He begged her to drive his other car but she preferred to ride with him. Oliver notified Duke, the boss was around. Lola and a doctor were in a conversation when she noticed Duke walking towards the direction of Wole’s office.
She was happy and at the same time angry. She deliberately stayed around there to monitor when he would pass by. She smiled and shook her head. Today she must talk! She must express herself. 
Wole Bello and Duke talk for long about the reunion. 
“Thank you Duke. I appreciate it.”
“I thought you would be mad at me.”
“I can’t.” he said. “I spoke with Dr. Wendy Fayemi and she will be going on vacation. Irrespective of what the paternity test might be, she wants to spend some time alone. I have concluded you will be the chief of surgery permanently.”
Duke appeared stunned. “What? Permanently?”
“Wow! I don’t know what to say.”
“Just say thank you.”
They chuckled together.
“Thank you sir. I am very grateful.”
“You are welcome.”
They shook hands.
“I will send a mail to all the surgeons to inform them. There will be a meeting tomorrow.”
“Okay sir.”
Duke thanked him again and left the office. He came out, made eye contact with Lola and she watched him leave. She finished whatever she was doing before she bounced all the way to Duke’s office and knocked.
“Come in,” he said. Duke was sitting on his desk and reading a file. Lola entered and closed the door. He looked up and dropped the file.
“Dr. Lola,” he said calmly. “I spoke with your father. I know how you feel right now. You must be happy.”
“You have no idea how I feel right now!” She started stepping closer to him. ”Who do you think you are?”
The tenor of her voice surprised him.
She added, “What do you take me for? You left without telling me! You left me just like that! Do you expect me not to say anything? I called you several times you didn’t pick, sent messages, you never replied. I ask you again, who do you think you are?!”
“Gerald Duke.”
She became more pissed. “What is wrong with you?! You owe me an apology and you never replied my messages. You travelled and came back and all you could do is look at me!”
“I didn’t travel.” Duke said, “I only went to visit my family.”
“And you couldn’t tell me?! Why?”
“It’s none of your business.”
“But it’s your business to meddle into my family!” Lola uttered.
“I helped you to find your father. You should be thanking me instead of shouting at me.”
“So now I am shouting! You can say I am shouting!”
He motioned close to her. “Lola, keep quiet.”
Lola continued ranting,” “Don’t tell me to keep quiet! You can’t tell me to shut up!”
“I didn’t tell you to shut up. I said keep quiet.”
“There is no difference! It’s the same thing! You can’t tell me to keep quiet. Who are you to tell me to keep quiet?!”
“A man in love with you! Shut up Lola. You talk too much!”
Duke locked her lips with a very deep and passionate kiss. Lola body shuddered as she heard he loved her. She didn’t want him to stop kissing her. She wrapped her soft arms around him and held him tight. She kissed him back. Deeply too. An intense kiss. If the world could see how roughly their lips patted each other, it would pause for them.
Duke released her wet lips and peered into her eyes. There were getting wet and her lips were shaking.
“You don’t have to cry.” He muttered.
“I love you Duke. I love you so much.”
His own eyes were getting wet too. “I didn’t know until now. I should have told you how I felt.”
“I should have told you too.” Lola said and cleaned under his eyes. “Look who told me not to cry.”
They started to laugh and Duke wiped the tears that have fallen down her face.
“I want to be with you Lola.”
“I want to be with you Duke.”
"We can be together now." She said.
"Yes. We will be together." Duke hugged Lola and they began to kiss again. 
Jidenna with a document in his hands knocked quickly and opened the door. He saw them before they could stop kissing.
‘Oh my God!” Jidenna yelled. “Duke!”
“I can explain!” Duke said and attempted to follow Jidenna when he turned away. Lola stopped him by putting a hand on his chest.
“I will go. I should be the one to explain to him. Stay in your office.”
Lola ran after Jidenna and followed him to the back of the hospital.
“Jidenna, it’s not what you think!”
“Was it because of Duke you left me?”
“Let me explain.”
“What is there to explain? Both of you were deceiving me!”
“No. We could never do such a thing to you. You just have to give me the chance to explain to you.”
“There is nothing you can explain. Both of you have broken my heart. This is time I need you!”
He extended the document to her and she read it. 
Lola looked at him. “He is your son.”
“I shouldn’t have denied him.” Jidenna said.
“Jidenna, this is the time to prove you love him. You will be there for him.”
“I can’t do it all by myself. I need you Lola.” He moved near her.
“I’m in love with Duke.” She tried to explain but he didn’t let her. He continued to put the blame on her and Duke.
Duke became worried. He didn’t like that she was alone with him. He came out from his office, stared at his left and right side but didn't see them. He motioned towards the ward to ask Oliver if he had seen them.
On his way going, he noticed a woman holding a black handbag. She was coming towards his way. He recognized her instantly and a confused expression enveloped his face. 

What could she be doing here? Who let her out?

She got closer to him with a smile on her face. “Dr. Duke, I am very happy to see you. I miss you.”
He appeared very apprehensive. It seemed as if he was scared of her.
“You are not supposed to be here,” he told her. "Who let you out?”
She was his stalker.
“The mental institution is not the right place for me.” The woman said. “You are the right place. Dr. Duke, I swear, I am very okay. I am normal.”
“I didn’t say you are not normal. You only need help.”
“Are you saying you don’t want to be with me?”
“I have told you we can’t be together.”
Her face turned murderous. Her eyes became red! She dipped her hand inside her bag and brought out a gun. She pointed it at him. 
"If I can't have you, no one will!"
Duke raised his hands in panic and those around him ducked in fear. Jidenna and Lola heard noises and they moved in a hurry to check what was happening.
Duke said in a shaken tone. “We are going to talk about us in my office. You have to put the gun down and follow me.”
“I don’t believe you!”
The woman pulled the trigger and Duke slumped on the floor with blood flowing at the right side of his abdomen.
Lola saw it, screamed and started to run.
Jidenna told her to stop but she didn’t listen. The woman pulled the trigger again. Lola fell on her knees, grabbed Duke in her arms and started shouting hysterically as if she was about to run mad.

The end of season 2.
Season 3 will commence soon. 28th.


  1. Tnx Carina, what a story but I must confess I don't like the tragic ending, oh my God, Duke death ? Prays he did not, can't wait for season 3, but in all, kudos to Carina, more wisdom and more ink to your Biro, you are the best, keep up the good works

  2. Wow wow wow
    What a story. This is sure a long and nice interesting ride. Thank you Carina

    You have done well.

  3. Carina why now, why are you behaving like INEC chairman? You for try post the episode today .
    I've been refreshing all day and although I know it's not easy but you should at least say something after keeping us in suspense for 2 weeks.
    Love you dear, well done .

  4. Hahahaha INEC chairman?? I'm better na.. It will be posted soon. On Tuesday. Thanks everyone for the comments.

  5. Carina, today is Tuesday now, I have checked countless times today. please have pity on me now

    1. I thought I was the only one sef .
      It's really annoying refreshing the page every time .
      Carina we know it's not easy but please you need to up your game.

      We hope to see the new episode tonight.


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