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Episode 9 Title: Heartbeat
Duke called his gateman and he ran out to answer his boss.
“Where is she?”
“She has gone sir.”
“Why did you allow her to leave? Who told you to open the gate?”
“The gate wasn’t locked sir. I think she saw a taxi passing by.”
“You think? You are not even sure! Open the gate!”
The gateman opened the gate and Duke quickly drove out and began to look around for Lola. He didn’t see her. He returned home to get his phone to call her. She wasn’t picking and that made him very worried. He began to pace around in panic thinking of how he was going to reach her. He didn’t even know where she lived. He dialed her number again but he didn’t get a response.
“Damn it!” He hit his right feet on the wall and shut his eyes tightly when he felt pain coming out of his big toe. “What is wrong with me?!”
Duke started to feel bad about himself.  How could he act that way when she needed answers from him? He didn’t have the answers but he should have been nice towards her. His phone beeped and he received a text message from Lola, informing him she had gotten home.
He felt relieved and dialed her number but she didn’t pick. He got another message. Lola told him not to call her. She was okay. Duke sat down on the sofa, angry and sad.
The tears didn’t stop crawling down her cheeks even when she arrived home. Even the cabman was forced to question her if everything was okay. She told him she was fine. She tried to hide the tears when Bidemi opened the door but she failed.
“What happened to you Lola?” She closed the door and followed Lola as she walked away from the living room. “What’s going on? Why are you crying?”
Lola wiped her face with her left hand and turned to her. “Mom, I’m fine. I lost a patient. That’s all.” She started to motion towards her bedroom.
“But I don’t believe you. Please tell me.”
“Mom, I’m fine!” Lola opened the door and almost hit her mother on the nose the moment she banged the door and locked it with the key.
Bidemi knocked on the door continuously. “Lola, tell me why you are crying, please!”
Lola slumped and her bed and erupted into silent sobs.
“Lola, tell me what the problem is. Is there a problem between you and Jidenna? Did something happen to him?”
Her unhappy daughter refused to answer her.
“Please talk to me! Lola, I am begging you. You don’t have to open the door, just tell me so that I can know what to do. Please Omolola. I hate to see you like this!”
Lola sniffed her nose, wiped under it and cleared her throat. She sat on the bed, saw an handkerchief and took it to clean the tears from her face.
“Mom,” her croaky voice said. “I’m fine. I am okay, I will be fine.”
“If you are really fine, just tell me what happened.”
“I can’t. You can’t do anything about it. There is no need to tell you what I’m passing through.”
Bidemi closed her eyes in pain. Lola not being able to reveal the reason for her tears, crushed her heart. She opened her eyes and took a deep breath.
“Lola, is this about your father?”
Lola didn’t answer. She never expected the question. She purposely kept quiet.
“Is this about him?”  
No answer. Bidemi stayed muted for a minute and said. “I will see you in the morning. Please don’t cry anymore.”
“I’m no longer crying.” Lola rose and walked straight to the bathroom.

“What is the matter with you!” Mike uttered over the phone with Duke the following day at 6:15am. “She asked you a simple question. All you needed to do is give her the right answer!”
Duke was still at home. “What would I have said? I didn’t want her for too long with me in my house. She is still Jidenna’s girlfriend.”
“It is obvious Jidenna already told her his past relationship with Sandy. Why didn’t he tell Lola at the beginning of their relationship?”
“I have no idea. I don’t even know what I’m going to say when I see Lola today.”
“Should I come over to the hospital?”
“I would like to see Lola.” Mike said. “I just want to see how she looks like.”
Duke kept shaking his head as he spoke. “No way. There’s no need for that.” He heaved a sigh. “I’m thinking of taking some days off. I would talk to Dr. Bello about it.”
“Why do you want to take some days off?”
“It’s for my own good.” he responded. “I need to get away from the hospital for few days. I also want to spend some time with Mom and dad, and you too. I miss everyone.”
“We miss you too. No one blames you. Everyone is busy too especially dad. You know his nature of his job.”
“I know.”
“Please, try and find a way to make Lola feel better and…” he paused.
“Mike, what is it?”
“You said she cried.”
“Yes. She cried in front of me.”
“But why would she directly come to your place after Jidenna told her everything. There must be a reason.”
“She considered me a friend. I think that was why she came here.”
“I don’t want to believe that. We shouldn’t be talking about this over the phone. Take some days off. We will talk when we see.”
“Alright bro.” Duke said and smiled faintly. “Send my regards to the family.
“I will. Extend my greeting to Dr. Wole Bello. I will probably call him later in the day.”
“Oh okay.”

Lola met her mother at her doorstep when she opened the door of her room, ready to go to work. She had makeup on her face and she looked cheerful. Bidemi still wore her nightwear.
 “Good morning mom.” Lola said softly.
Bidemi hugged her. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” She gazed at her face and Lola smiled.
“Mom, I’m fine.”
“But I want us to talk.”
“There is nothing to talk about, mom. I am fine. I have to be at work now.”
“No breakfast?”
 “I will eat at the cafeteria.”
“I said I am fine. I have to be at work now.” Lola hugged her and quickly walked away. Bidemi could only look and think of why her daughter would cry all the way from her place of work.

At 7:15am, Lola arrived at the hospital. The first person she saw was Melvin marching towards the entrance. She called him, he answered and waited for her. She moved to meet him and they walked together. She wanted to be in a conversation with someone to avoid seeing Jidenna and Duke at that particular time.
“Have you made your decision?” She asked him.
“It was just yesterday I was offered the proposal. I’m still thinking about it.”
“That is not a proposal.”
“Well it is to me.” He touched his stomach. “I need to drink something. I will see you later, I need to go to the cafeteria.”
“Me too!” She smiled. “Let’s go together.”
Both of them left to get a cup of coffee.
Duke had drafted a letter of absence at home before he drove to work. He changed his outfit and walked straight to Wole’s office, gave him the letter and informed him about taking a break for few days to spend some time with his family.
“You have my permission to spend some time with your family but I want you to leave after you are able to decide your top two. It’s almost close.”
“I can’t believe they have been here for close to three months now.”
“I can’t believe it myself. When you make a decision, let me know. You can leave for few days but return the moment we are to make the announcement for the top two. If there is an emergency and your attention is needed, you will be contacted.”
“No problem sir.” Duke thought briefly and asked. “Is it possible for the hospital to accommodate the four contract staffs?”
“You want me to employ the four of them?”
“If you can sir,” he said. “I know I am asking for too much. Can you think about it?”
“It is not possible. We have a budget. We can only fully employ two of them. But why ask me this all of a sudden?”
“I just feel they are all good enough to stay.”
“Then we will slash some salaries which I don’t intend to do. I can decide to add one of them based on a vote. I don’t even know if it will be possible. The new surgeon will resume work tomorrow. I have made an enquiry concerning the plastic surgeon.”
“I know you have been making plans for that. The surgeon here has been trying her best. Have you gotten a better one?”
“One of the best.” he replied. “The surgeon and I will be having a meeting soon.”
“That’s good.”
“I have told Dr. Yvonne to leave. We don’t need her to stay for more days.”
“That’s okay. Duke’s phone beeped. “Sir, I have to go now. I have a new patient.”

Lola and Melvin with a nurse were standing and speaking with a patient. He had woken up from coma at midnight. He was the man that had an accident with his family. He asked after his wife. The nurse and Melvin gazed at Lola. There were waiting for her to break the bad news.
She said to him. “Sir, you have to rest first. We are still going to monitor you.”
“There is nothing to monitor. I am awake. I am alive. I want to see my wife and children.”
“You are going to see your family soon. They have been notified.”
“That means my wife and children are okay.” he smiled widely on the bed. “I’m very happy.”
Lola couldn’t tell him it was his brother coming to see him. His children lived with him and his wife. She hoped the kids were treated nicely.

Duke went to meet Ahmed and the new patient. A male. He had an injury on his leg, covered with bandage. Ahmed opened it for Duke to see. He widened his eyes in shock. A deep and wide injury with a foul odor oozed out. A part of the leg had also swollen.
“What caused this?” Duke asked.
The man spoke in pain. “I fell from my power bike a week ago. I thought I could treat it myself.”
“How could you treat it yourself when you are not a doctor. It’s infected.”
“But I have been taking some antibiotics.”
“That’s not enough.”
“Please, you have to save my leg.”
“I will see what I can do. You have to know self-medication is not advisable.”
Duke stared at Ahmed to give him some instructions. Ahmed’s eyes were focused on a particular place. On the floor. Duke wore a questionable look and tapped him.
“Yes sir.” Ahmed said to him as if he had been listening.
Duke never bothered to ask him what was wrong. He only told him what he needed to do concerning the patient’s injury.
Lola and Melvin came out from the room and she received a text message from Jidenna, asking her where she was. Melvin left her at the doorstep as she thought of a reply. He sent her another one, asking her to see him at the dressing room. He was alone there. No matter how she ignored him, she would still see him. Running away from Jidenna was pointless. Lola went to see him.
“Thank God you are here,” he said. “I’ve been so worried. How did you get home last night?”
Lola decided to be honest. “I went to see Dr. Duke before going home.”
He looked at her shocked. “You went to see Duke? Why?”
“You are his friend and I work under him. I told him he should have told me about you and Sandy.”
He didn’t understand but he didn’t want to start asking questions that would upset her. “Duke didn’t know about the child. I didn’t tell him. He only knew I broke off the engagement.”
“I didn’t know.”
“Lola, I am deeply sorry. I care so much about you. I don’t want this to affect our relationship.”
“You are not talking about the paternity test.”
“We will do it very soon.”
“I don’t know what to say.”
“Tell me you still want to be with me. Tell me you will stand by me, please.”
“Jidenna, it’s going to be difficult. You shouldn’t even be apologizing to me. You should be apologizing to Sandy. You denied the baby.”
“And I am ready to make it right if the baby is mine.”
“Jidenna, I have to think of what I want. I think we should go on a break.” Lola turned towards the door.
“What! Lola, please going on a break is the same thing as breaking up with me. Are breaking up with me?”
Lola halted, inhaled in and out, and looked at him sadly. “Do you remember I wanted to talk to you about something before Sandy came?”
Jidenna thought for few seconds and remembered. “Yes. You were going to tell me something before she walked in.” He moved closer to her. “I forgot. What did you want to tell me?”
She sighed and gazed into his apprehensive eyes. “I was going to tell you that my heart does not belong to you. We shouldn’t be lovers. We should be friends.”
He stared at her speechless.
Lola added. “I am sorry Jidenna. I think Sandy coming back is a sign that we are not meant for each other.  I don’t want to be self-centered. You are not the only one that is sorry. I am. I am sorry too.”
Jidenna continued to look at her in shock. Words ceased from his lips. He watched Lola turned away and walked out of the dressing room, leaving him helpless.
Lola sat alone at the lodge, thinking of how she would get herself to stop thinking about Duke. She wanted to get him out of her mind. Even she felt awful about how she treated Jidenna but if she continued to be in a relationship with him, she won’t be happy at all.
The brother of the man that woke up from coma came with his kids. They were happy to see one another and he cried when they told him about his wife's death.
After scan and test of the infected injury, he needed surgery as soon as possible. The patient was taken to the OR at 3pm.
“Get one of your team mates to join us.” Duke told Ahmed.
“Anyone in particular?”
He thought while staring at him. “Dr. Lola.”
Ahmed nodded and left to call her. “Dr. Duke wants you to join us at the OR.”
“He requested for me?”
She didn’t see it coming. She planned to act professional and mind her damn business. On their way to the operating room, Ahmed told her details of the condition of the client. Both of them prepped for surgery and joined Duke. Lola and Duke made eye contact and operated on the man as if nothing happened the previous night. The surgery turned out successful and they came out from the OR.
“See me in my office.” Duke told Ahmed and walked away.
“Did you do anything wrong?” Lola asked him after Duke left their midst.
“I don’t really know. I wasn’t attention when he was attending to the patient in the morning. I hope it won’ t affect my chances of being chosen.”
“I hope so too. Are you thinking about the case in court?”
“Yes. You know I’ve not been going home. I don’t know my uncle plans.”
“You have to put your mind at rest. Don’t let your personal issues distract you from doing your job. Always remember why you are here.”
He smiled at her. “Thanks Lola. Let’s create time to go out and talk. We can talk better when we are not in the hospital.”
“I’ll like that. There are so many things I want to tell you.”

Ahmed knocked on Duke’s door.
“Come in.” Duke said while writing.
He entered, closed the door and motioned to the desk. Duke ordered him to sit and he did. Duke continued writing on a sheet. 

After he finished, he dropped the pen and looked at Ahmed. “How are you doing Dr. Ahmed?”
That question surprised Ahmed and he didn’t hide it. It was visibly obvious on his face.
“I’m fine Dr. Duke.”
“I doubt. My gut tells me you are not fine. Yes, you look fine physically but I believe something is bothering you. You can tell me.”
When did Dr. Duke begin to care? Ahmed silently questioned himself.
“Dr. Duke,” he said. “It’s a family thing but I believe I will overcome it. It just a matter of time, I believe things will get better.”
“Is there anything you think I can do to make it better now?”
He felt there was nothing Duke could do to help him win his case in court. Ahmed shook his head. “Dr. Duke, I do not want to bother you with my problems. Things will get better soon. I appreciate your concern for me.”
“I am more concerned about your effectiveness. You have potentials to do great things here. Focus more on your work.”
“I will. Thank you Dr. Duke.”
“You are welcome.”

Jidenna still did his job despite he was seriously thinking about Lola. He sent her another text so they could meet after work. She agreed.
“I still don’t understand Lola,” he said to her in his car. “Are you saying you never loved me?"
“I never told you I did. I told you I cared about you.”
“You said your heart does not belong to me. Does it belong to someone else? Are you in love with someone?”
“It doesn’t matter if my heart belongs to someone else.”
“But I deserve to know the truth.”
“And I have told you the truth,” Lola said. “Jidenna, we cannot be together. I am sorry.”

"Do you have another man in your life?"
"No. I can never double date. I never cheated on you."
"And I never cheated on you too."
"Jidenna, that is not the issue. I already told you what I want."
“Let’s me do the paternity test, then you can make a decision when the result comes out. If I am the father,  Lola I won't blame you if you leave me, but I am not going to give up on you. I won’t.”
"The result of the paternity test won’t change anything. We can be friends, good friends but not lovers. I am sorry.”
“If your heart does not belong to another man,” Jidenna said. "I won’t give up on us. There is no other man competing for your heart.”
Lola said in a saddened tone. “I have to go home.”
“I will take you home.”
“No.” Lola unlocked the door and came out. She looked at him. “We can only be friends.” She walked away.
Jidenna closed his eyes. The thought of losing Lola broke his heart. 

No matter how Bidemi begged Lola to tell her why she cried, Lola refused and acted she was happy. Two days later, she asked after Jidenna and Lola told her they had broken up without giving her any reason. Whenever she was at home with her mom, she behaved as if nothing bothered her. Bidemi pondered if not finding her father made her decide on making silly decisions about her life.
For close to a week, Duke and Lola pretended as if everything was fine between them. They acted and worked professionally. Whenever they saw and passed each other, they would either nod at themselves or walk away.
Jidenna continued to send messages to Lola whenever she was at home. She would reply, informing him, they could not be a couple again. When he was alone at work, he thought about her.
Melvin finally called the woman and told her the money was too small. He couldn’t do it and advised her to adopt. The woman cut the phone on him and when he dialed her number, it was switched off.
Wole Bello noticed Lola wasn’t coming to check on him as before. It bothered him and asked Duke about her. Duke always gave him the reply that made him smile. The new surgeon to replace Yvonne resumed work.

On a Friday, Jidenna told Duke what had happened between him and Lola. Duke had no idea she had broken the relationship. He was sincerely sorry for him with the way he sounded.
“I swear, I had no idea,” Duke told him. “I thought both of you had a little misunderstanding.”
“Yes and she feels we can’t be lovers again. Our relationship didn’t last.”
“Did she leave you because of what she found out about Sandy?”
“Well, that’s one of the reasons.”
“There is another reason?”
“I think so but she claims her heart doesn’t belong to another man.”
“Are you saying there is another man in her life?”
“She didn’t say so,” Jidenna replied. “I don’t want to believe there is another man in her life she is hiding from me. I want her back in my life. I am ready to do anything to make her mine again. I won’t give up on her.”
Duke smiled at him. “Do what’s best for you.”

“You have to tell him how you feel.” Ahmed said to Lola after they ate lunch at an eatery on a Sunday.
“He would reject me. You need to have seen the way he spoke when I told him I thought we were friends.”
Lola had narrated everything to him.
“It doesn’t matter. At least, he will know how you feel.”
Lola shook her head. “My heart can’t take no from Duke. It’s better he doesn’t know.”
“I feel bad for Jidenna. He has not been himself.”
“I can’t be in a relationship with him anymore. I can’t keep lying to him and myself.”
“I know but still talk to Dr. Duke. He should apologize for treating you that way. I don’t even know why you went to his house.”
“You can say that again,” Lola said unhappily. “Whenever I think about it, I feel stupid. Why should I have gone there for answers? Was he the one that got Sandy pregnant?”
Ahmed smiled widely. “Your heart went there to get comfort from the man you love. It wasn’t answers that took you there.”
“And he rejected me.” Lola laughed and shook her head. “I have suffered.”
He couldn’t hold it. Ahmed laughed too.
“I don’t think Duke knows how to apologize.” Lola said to Ahmed. “I didn’t even believe it when you told me he asked about your personal life.”
“I didn’t believe it myself. He showed concern. Dr. Duke is an amazing person. We just have to know him better.”
“He doesn’t want anyone, especially the four of us to know him better.”
“And I know it makes you sad.”
Lola gave him a calm look. “Very very sad.”

On Monday morning, Duke gave Wole a sealed envelope. It was the two names he had chosen for the top two and he was ready to leave the hospital for few days.
“That’s fine.” Wole said. One of his phones began to ring. “I have to take this call.” He quickly excused himself and went into an inner room. His other phone on the table rang and Duke innocently saw the name that popped up - ‘Lola’s Mum’. When it stopped ringing, a message displayed on the screen and he sharply read it. He speedily strode to wait at the door. A minute later, Wole came back.
“I’m sorry. That call was very important.”
“It’s okay sir.” Duke said. “I have to go now.”
“Please, keep in touch.”
“I will.”
On his way out of the office, Duke wrote on a piece of paper and looked around for Lola. He saw her walking alone. 
He moved to her direction and smiled at her.
“Good morning Dr. Lola.”
She had an odd expression on her face while answering him. “Good morning Dr. Duke.”
He smiled again. “Have you been able to get any details about your father?”
It wasn’t the question she expected from him. “No.”
“Can you do me a favor? I won’t be around to go there this afternoon.”
“You want me to do a favor for you?” She asked in an astonished tone.
“Yes. Will you do it?”
“It depends if I can.”
“If you can,” He gave her a piece of paper. “Go to this place by 3:50pm today. Stay quite close to the building. I want you to look for a place to wait outside for ten or fifteen minutes.”
“Why should I wait?”
“Just go there and wait. You will see something that will interest you.”
“I thought I am going there for you. Why should it interest me?”
“You will understand better when you get there.” Duke gave her a reply. “I would have followed you but I need to leave now for somewhere else. Please go there.”
Duke telling her ‘please’ came as a big shock.
“You will be fine.” Duke stepped away from her and walked out of the entrance. Lola looked at the paper again and wondered.
At 3:55pm, Lola arrived at the location, a hotel. There was a shop opposite the hotel and she pleaded with the owner to allow her stay there for fifteen minutes. The owner agreed. Lola didn’t even wait for ten minutes when she saw her mom driving inside. And another car followed behind. It was Wole Bello inside. Lola gazed at them shocked.
She waited for them to go inside before she entered the hotel. Her heartbeat pounded faster as she gestured there. She didn’t know the reason they were there together. How did Duke know? What was happening? She walked into the reception and sensibly searched for them around. She didn’t see them until she asked one of the receptionists about the man and woman that came few minutes ago.
The receptionist requested why she was asking for them.
“The woman is my mother.” Lola stated. “I want to see her now.”
“I’m sorry. She is in a private meeting. You can’t see her now.”
“What kind of meeting is she having with my boss? I want to see her now or I will create a scene here. Where are they having the meeting?”
“You have to talk to the manager.”
“I didn’t ask for the manager!” Lola took her phone and called her mother’s number. It started to ring and she moved around to see if she would hear the ringing tone. She heard the tone as she passed a particular room presumed to be an office.
“Please you have to leave here.” The receptionist said. “This place has been booked. They are having a private meeting.”
Lola began to knock on the door. Bidemi purposely didn’t pick Lola’s call. She and Wole didn’t know why someone was knocking. They were sitting opposite each other.
“I thought you booked the place for us to talk.” Bidemi said in a stern tone.
“I did. I will check.” Wole rose to open the door. “Who is that?”
Lola didn’t respond.
He unlocked it and saw Lola standing in front of him. “Oh my God.” He muttered.
“Wole, who is that?” Bidemi asked.
Lola entered and Bidemi rose up immediately. Wole told the receptionist everything was okay. He shut the door.
“Lola, what are you doing here?” Bidemi asked her. “How did you find us?”
Lola didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say. She moved towards her. “Are you here to bribe my boss to offer me full employment? Don’t you believe in me anymore?”
“I believe in you, my daughter. It’s not what you think, Lola.”
Lola gazed at the table and noticed her baby photos on it. She picked one of them. “What’s going on? What are my pictures doing here?”
Bidemi shut her eyes as if she wanted to cry. Wole bowed down his head.
Lola yelled. “Mom, talk to me!”
She had to look at Lola. “He is your father!”
Lola received an instant headache. She thought her head would explode. She turned to Wole. “Is this a joke?”
He peered into her stunned and confused eyes. “No. I am your biological father. You are my daughter!”
“Never! I don’t believe it. That’s impossible.”
“It is possible. You are my child!”
“I am your father!”
Lola’s mouth was opened in disbelief and she looked at her mom. “Is this real? Am I in a dream?”
“You are not in a dream.” Bidemi answered. “Wole Bello is your father. It is not a coincidence you bear the same surname.”
“It is not a coincidence Lola.” Wole chipped in to say.
Lola faced him. ”You abandoned me! You left me!”
“I didn’t leave you. I never abandoned you. Your mother took you from me!”
“That’s a lie!”
Instantly, Bidemi burst into tears. “It’s true Lola! It’s true! He is saying the truth.”
“What!” Lola exclaimed. “How can it be true?”
Her mother looked at Wole. “You are free to tell her. I know you want her to hate me.”
“How can you talk like that?” he asked. “It was your decision and not mine. You cannot continue to hide the truth from her. I can’t protect you anymore. Lola has to know.”
“I have to know what?” Lola asked quickly.
He stared at her. “You have to know I have always loved you. I was married when I met your mother. She worked for my wife as a cook. My late wife and I had issues one day, I got drunk and I slept with your mom. It wasn't rape. It was concensual.”
Lola glared at her mother. Bidemi couldn’t look at her.
Wole continued. “Few weeks later, your mom told me she was pregnant. I had even forgotten we had sex but I never rejected the pregnancy. I was ready to bring you into this world and take good care of you. I told my late wife about it and I begged for her forgiveness. She did forgive me. She was ready to accept you after you were born but your mother said no.”
“That can’t be true.” Lola wanted to cry.
“It is true my daughter. Your mother told me to leave my family and marry her. That was the only way I could see you when she gives birth to you. When I refused, she lied the baby wasn’t mine but I didn’t believe it. I made sure I saw you when you were born. You had my eyes and I loved you with all my heart.”
“So what happened?”
“Bidemi left with you and never contacted me again. I searched and found you and her when you were only three years old. She told me to leave her, that I wasn’t needed. I left but I still had my eyes on you.”
Tears rolled from Lola’s eyes and he gestured closer to her.
“When I had that accident and lost my wife, son and the power to operate with my right hand, I didn’t give up on life. I knew I had you. When I found out you got admission to study medicine, I became the happiest man on earth. Because of you, I started to build that hospital.”
More tears flushed down to her face. She struggled to speak. Wole Bello touched Lola’s wet face, and with his eyes soaked with tears, he smiled and said.
“Without you, there won’t be that hospital I built. You are the rightful owner.” Wole Bello said and wiped the tears off her face. “Lola Bello, you are the heartbeat of Bello’s hospital.”
To be continued…. Monday!


  1. awwwwwn, this got me so emotional right now, duke is the man, Dr. Bella has been wonderful, lola's mum ehn... don't let me talk sha. Carina u are a blessing, more power to ur elbow

  2. The story is getting more interesting, Carina you are the best,keep up the good work. Please cari let Monday be Monday oo, don't keep us waiting for so long

  3. Hmmmm. Y did this end. Can't wait for episode 10. Carina u are something else. More ink to ur pen. Monday should just come abeg

    1. Thanks Chux. You are too much. Episode 10 will be explosive. Lol

  4. Wow.
    I am speechless.
    Thank you.
    This suspense is too much. Cant wait for Monday to come.


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