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Episode 9 Title: Hero of the Heart
Lola’s body was quivering without control when Duke reached there. He quickly removed the antidote and injected it into her with an injection. They gazed at her in tremor, her body didn’t stop shaking. Fear gripped them as Duke held her very tight. He was confused and afraid.
“What is happening?”
“I thought this is the antidote!” Wendy cried.
“Yes, it is!” Duke uttered. “I don’t know why it’s not working.”
He started to call her name. “Lola… Lola…”
All of a sudden, Lola’s body became calm, but she was motionless. Her body wasn’t moving. Duke had to check her heartbeat to be sure. Wendy and Nurse Betty looked at him nervously. He gazed at them with a relieved sigh.
“She is still alive.”
Wendy and Betty hugged excitedly and Duke sat down on the bed. His eyes were on Lola. He couldn’t stop looking at her as Wendy administered other mediation on her.
“She is sleeping and she needs a lot of rest.” She said to him in a gentle tone.
He looked at her with his weary eyes. “I know.” He held Lola’s hand. “I was close to losing her when she needed me the most.”
“And you were there for her. I don’t think anyone apart from you would have done this successfully. You singlehandedly did this on your own.”
“I owe it to her. I owe her everything.”
“That is why you are going to finish what you started.” Zara said.
She had been standing beside the door and listening to them. They didn’t know she was there until Duke, Wendy and Betty heard her voice. The three of them gazed at her direction as she gestured towards them. They could see how sore her eyes had become.
Zara said. “Everyone that witnessed what you did salutes you. I am so proud to work with you,” her eyes travelled to Lola. “And Dr. Lola.” She sniffed her nose. “Dr. Jidenna has refused to let them go. We are still waiting for the arrival of Chief Daniel Jumbo. You have to go and sort it out. I promise that Dr. Wendy and I will look after Lola. Nurse Betty will inform you when she is awake.”
Duke held himself from filling his eyes with tears. He rose on his feet and pecked Lola on her forehead. He gave Wendy a nod and motioned towards the door. When he neared Zara, he stared at her with a faint smile.
“Thank you.”
“It is you we should be thanking. Thank you.”
Duke walked out of the room and took his phone to make a call before going to sort everything out.

“I will not be tied to your mess! You need to say something.” Daniela said while looking at Yvonne.
Staffs and some patients were glaring at the women. Two security officers blocked the door. Yvonne kept quiet.
“Stop lying,” Jidenna told Daniela. “You planned this with her to infect Dr. Lola.”
“I didn’t plan it with her. I swear. I am not going to jail for something I didn’t know about. You have to believe me. I know I threatened Lola, but I said those unpleasant words out of anger. I had no intention of doing anything bad to her.”
“You can pretend, but you will go down with her!”
“I was not aware of this, Dr. Jidenna. I didn’t know she was going to use it on Lola. I had no idea!” She glared at Yvonne. “You need to say something. Tell them the truth!”
“You might not have known about this,” Yvonne said coldly. “But you gave us this idea to invent a virus and a cure that can fetch us millions. You and your father are going down with me.”
Daniela eyes turned red. “You are on your own! We didn’t give you the permission to bring it into this hospital and especially to a woman that never offended you.”
“She took my man!” She shouted.
“I was never your man!” Duke stated with his hand pointing at her.
All of them turned to him. Daniela was in shock.
“You are a married woman Yvonne.” Daniela said.
She didn’t get a response but a stony stare.
“I never and will never be your man.” Duke continued. “You need psychological help. Lola never took anything from you.”
“Duke, please shut up! Lola always takes everything from me. When I wanted to leave this hospital, I expected Dr. Wole to beg me to stay. He told me he would get my replacement!”
“What did you expect him to do? Get down on his knees and crawl to beg you? You must be out of your damn mind! It’s not enough to have a grudge towards him.”
“How did you expect me to feel when I heard Lola turned out to be his daughter and he gave her this hospital? She came out from nowhere to get what she never labored for?”
Duke and the rest gazed at her with a bewildered expression on their faces.
“She is his daughter! What is even wrong with you? You should be apologetic for what you did. Two people died because of you!”
Jidenna was looking at her with anger. “Because of you, I never said goodbye to Oliver. He didn’t deserve it. I will never forgive you for what you did.”
Yvonne turned her face away and Daniela looked at Duke remorsefully.
“Duke, I had nothing to do with this. I am sorry. Yes, I was desperate to have you back in my life, but not desperate to do this to Lola. I have a heart.”
They heard footsteps coming their way. The security men had opened the door for Chief Daniel Jumbo and two of his employees. He hastily moved to his daughter when he saw her. He appeared scared and bothered. Daniela told him she was okay. Duke explained what had happened.
“How could you have done this?!”Daniel yelled at Yvonne. “I will destroy you!”  
She startled at the sound of his thick voice.
“This is not a matter of destroying anyone,” Duke said, staring into his wild eyes. “I have called the police and they are on their way. I have witnesses that heard your daughter confirm you are aware about the infection your hospital created.”
“Not only witnesses’ sir," Said a young boy that appeared to be in his early teens. His elder brother was a patient. “I have it on record. I have been recording with my phone.” He extended the phone to him. “You are a hero Dr. Duke.”
Duke smiled at him. “Thank you.”
The police came and arrested them. Duke and Jidenna followed them to the station to write their statements.
Bidemi began to get worried when she did not hear from Lola. She wasn’t picking her calls. She thought Lola was probably busy, but it was getting late. The time was 9:35pm. She searched her contact lists for someone she could reach and ask after Lola, but she didn’t. She grabbed the key of her car.

On their way to the hospital, Jidenna was silent as Duke drove. When they reached a certain point, he looked at Jidenna.
“I know you and Oliver were close. I am sorry.”
Jidenna closed his eyes. The tears he had been fighting not to fall, fell down his cheeks. He was crying audibly. Duke had to park his car. He put his hand on Jidenna’s shoulder.
“I am sorry.”
Jidenna shook his head sadly, wiped the tears and looked at Duke. “He tried to speak with me to settle things with you, but I refused. I should have listened to him. How can I tell him how sorry I am?”
Duke dropped his hand and sighed. “I am sure he knows you are sorry.”
“How? He is dead!”
“I know. Oliver must have thought of a lot of things before he gave up the ghost.  I am sorry for hitting you, Jidenna.”
“I am sorry for fighting you. You had every right to hit me. If I had questioned that man before referring him to Dr. Lola this wouldn’t have happened. I might have suspected something was off if he mentioned Chief Jumbo’s hospital or Yvonne sent him.”
“I doubt. I believe it would still happen. Don’t blame yourself.”
He let out a sigh and nodded. Duke drove away.

Bidemi arrived at the hospital and the first person she saw and approached was Melvin.
“Good evening doc,” she said. “I am the mother of Dr. Lola. Please where is she?”
He thought of the right way to break the news. “Dr. Lola is okay. She had an infection.”
“What kind of infection?” She sounded anxious.
“A serious one but she is getting better.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. She is presently sleeping. I will take you to her.”
She placed her hand on her chest. “Thank God my daughter is okay.”
Bidemi saw Lola. She was still asleep. She asked Dr. Wendy when she would be discharged.
“Your daughter is recovering from an infection. She would remain here for some days. We have to monitor her and when she is strong enough, I will discharge her.”
“Should I be worried?”
“No. Please I need a favor from you.”
“What is it?”
“I don’t want Dr. Wole to know about this for now. I think Lola should be the one to tell him what happened.”
“Okay. No problem.”
Wendy left the room with Nurse Betty to sleep for a short while. They were exhausted. Bidemi decided to stay. Very early in the morning, she planned to leave and bring some provisions, fruits and few of Lola’s clothes.

Duke and Jidenna arrived and checked on Lola. She was still sleeping. Bidemi had slept off on the chair.
“I think you should go home and rest.” Jidenna suggested to Duke. “You will see her tomorrow. She would be awake by then.”
Duke shook his head. “I can’t go home. I want to be there when she opens her eyes. Lola was the first person I saw when I woke up from coma.” He smiled. “I want to be the first person she sees when she wakes up.”
Jidenna forced a smile. “Lola loves you. I will be lying if I tell you it does not hurt. I know you are going to take good care of her. Both of you belong together. Her heart belongs to you.”
“I know.”
Jidenna walked away from the room and Duke dipped his hands inside his pocket. Truthfully, he was tired. His body was weak, but he had to stay strong. He turned to the direction of Lola and he noticed she was moving her body.
He rushed to the bed. “Lola.”
Lola opened her eyes weakly. Their eyes met.
“Duke.” She called his name softly.
“Lola.” He grabbed her hand. He didn’t want to cry. He wanted to kiss her and tell her everything was all right.
“I am alive.” She said.
“Yes, you are my love.” He kissed her lips deeply. “I love you. I love you so much.”
“I love you too.”
“I don’t know what I would have done, if I had lost you.”
Lola smiled. “You didn’t lose me.”
“I know and I am the happiest man alive.” He mounted a deep kiss on her lips again.
To be continued on Monday or Tuesday.


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