Tuesday, June 18, 2019

13 Hollywood Celebrities Siblings You Might Not Know About!

1. The talented singer, Rihanna has a sibling that rarely is talked about. Her younger brother by the name of Rajad Fenty. Despite the restricted amount of time she gets to spend time with him and ot.er members of her family.

2. Brad Pitt's brother, Doug Pitt likes to stay out of the attention of media and lives in his home state of Missouri. One thing he isn’t fond of is questions about his brother. “I appreciate the interest [in Brad]. I understand why people want to ask about him,” he told NOVA FM. “But I’ve answered the same question for 25 years. And so, you do go a little bit on autopilot… Again, I appreciate the interest. I’m really proud of him.”

3. Emma Watson biggest fan is her brother named Alex Watson.

Alex is a model who has done campaigns for Burberry. The two share similarities in appearance, so maybe Emma could step into some modeling as well? Alex was also an extra in one of the Harry Potter films.

4. Long before Willow Smith came into the limelight, there was the first son that Will Smith became a parent to, and his name is Trey Smith. Born in 1992, the 25-year-old isn’t in the limelight as much as Willow and Jaden.

He was a star football player in school and was even offered a scholarship but chose to pursue a career in music like his father and other two siblings did. Trey has released some of his own music but he hasn’t found the same success as his siblings or father.

5. The enchanting and talented entertainer Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have a hard time staying in the spotlight. One seductive post on Instagram and boom, the star is once again the topic of every conversation. However, have you heard of her sister, Lynda Lopez? Lynda is two years younger than Jennifer and was a former New York television journalist who is also a single mom.

That’s one thing that Jennifer praises her younger sister about, how great of a parent her sister Lynda is. “I just love and respect her so much. She’s a single mom but not like I’m a single mom,” Lopez told US Magazine. “I have a lot of help — she doesn’t.”

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been stars since they were toddlers starring in Full House. But even some of their biggest fans may not know about their sister Elizabeth Olsen! Elizabeth started making more of a name for herself as an actress in 2017, making it easier to step out of the shadows of her more successful sisters.


7. Due to the obscurities surrounding Tom Cruise’s religious beliefs as a Scientologist, some matters in his personal life are not put on full display. We know Cruise is a great actor and that he is apart of the cultish religion but something most have not known about is his sister. Who you see above is Lee Ann Mapother DeVette. They look alike!

When Tom’s very first girlfriend was interviewed she was asked about his family and siblings. “I think he grew up too fast but he was very close with his three sisters. One time he said he’s so close with them they taught him how to kiss,” she told the Daily Mail.

8. Did you know Ashton Kutcher has a twin brother?

His twin brother’s name is Michael and he has cerebral palsy. He also had a heart transplant when he was younger. Michael currently is a spokesperson for the advocacy organization Reaching for the Stars. They support people with cerebral palsy.

9.  The spanish actress Penélope Cruz has a charming sister.

Her sister’s name is Monica Cruz and she is also following in her sister’s footsteps. Monica is a Spanish actress and dancer. The two sisters have started a clothing line together as well.

10. Scarlett Johansson. You probably don't know she is a twin! His name is Hunter. He is also an actor, at the start of his career. The twins shared the screen in a film called Manny & Lo.

11.Vanessa Hudgens is not the only Hudgens blessing others with her beauty. Something fans may be unaware of is her younger sister that she is apparently really close with. Her name is Stella Hudgens and Vanessa is worried about her growing up.

In an interview, Vanessa was asked about her sister and this is what she had to say: “She’s 15 and I’m kind of terrified and I feel like a mother, ‘call me when you get to the movies,’ it’s bad.”

12. The incredible actress, Jennifer Lawrence has two brothers! They are bearded. *winks*
Their names are Blaine and Ben Lawrence. They for sure know what their sister does for a living but if you ask Jennifer what either of them do, she is at a loss for words. “God, I don’t know,” she answered. “It’s something with computers… It’s something called Louisville Geek I think. I think he goes to an office?”

 13. Not everyone knows Sylvester Stallone knows about his younger brother Frank. Frank is also an actor, yet has not been nearly as successful as his older brother. he has played small roles such as a singer in the Rocky franchise, and other films such as Return of the Roller Blade Seven and Zero Dark Thirty. Although he doesn’t take his acting career to successfully, he has a successful singer-songwriter career, and his track “Far From Over” earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song from a Motion Picture.


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