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Marcus Dotun stared at her with compassion in his face. He felt her pain but not the anger yet. “It must have been hard losing her.”
She nodded and spoke softly. “It was very hard, very hard for me.”
“How did your siblings take the news?”
“Not good. I guess they were heartbroken by her sudden death or murder?”
Olivia could see the shock in his face. 
When the children of Elena Badmus arrived at the hospital and the doctor showed them the unrecognized and lifeless body, Sade (Olivia) screamed, Nelly and Naomi looked dumbfounded. Tears started to drop from Nelson’s face and he walked away. Before any of them could speak, Sade fainted.

“Sade! Sade!” Her siblings called her name. 

She was admitted and when she woke up and saw Nelson seated beside her, she sighed and told him she had a bad dream of their mother.
“I wish it was a dream,” he said. “Mom is gone. She is no longer with us.”
Sade started to cry. “No…no… It can’t be. Mom can't go!” The tears didn’t stop crawling down her cheeks. 
Two days later, Nelly and Naomi decided their mother should be buried in a week.
“Why the rush?” Sade asked them during a meeting between the four of them.
“Why keep her in the mortuary. Besides, we can’t wait for the money to be made, remember there is no money right now.” Naomi explained.
“Are you saying we won’t give her a benefiting burial? Is that what you are saying?” She asked with tears in her weary eyes.
“Sade,” Nelly spoke. “We can’t beg for money from her friends.”
“Don’t you have savings? Are you telling me you don’t have money?”
“I hope you know I am broke,” Naomi said defensively. “Don’t forget mom and I fought because of it.”
She looked at Nelly. “What about you?”
Sade noticed how Naomi glared at him with those her big eyeballs. He glanced at her briefly before he focused his gaze at the last born of the family.
“I don’t have much but I am capable of taking care of a few things. I hope two hundred thousand would be enough.”
"Naira of course."
She turned to Nelson. “What about you?”
“I have two hundred and fifty thousand naira. I am sorry.”
She was disappointed in them. “I can’t believe you want to bury her as if she meant nothing to you!”
Their eyes flashed with anger. Naomi flared from the seat and jagged a finger at her.
“Sade, how dare you! Are you mad? What kind of statement is that? She was our mother!”
“It’s okay,” Nelson told her. “She is still grieving.”
“What about us? I am grieving too!”
Nelly stayed quiet for a moment. “It’s okay. We will plan her burial with the money we have.”
“No,” Sade said while shaking her head. “I have money that I saved. We will use it.”
“How much?”
“1.8 million naira.”
They were shocked. Their little sis had such an amount of money. 
“I have been saving since I was in 100level.”
“But why would you want to use that money? You could keep it.”
“It is my money. I have the right to use it as I like and it’s for mother’s burial. We will get a professional to organize it.” She didn’t wait for any of them to say a word. She went to her room and cried herself to sleep.

When Sade wasn’t asking questions for the preparation of the burial, she was in her bed in tears. A few times, Nelson would check on her. He would beg her to eat after he noticed she had lost some weight. 

The funeral went well. Chief Douglas was absent. He was not back from his trip. Elena’s lawyer who Sade suspected was dating Naomi informed the children that the will was supposed to be read a year after her death. The four of them should prepare to start working at the company in two weeks. Sade was broke. The others claimed to be broke too. They managed the money some of Elena’s friends gifted them. Three days after the funeral, a police officer came to see Elena’s kids. He was investigating the accident.

“Investigating?” Sade asked surprised. All of them acted dazed by the new information. “I don’t understand.”
“The car has been accessed and we noticed the brake of the car was tampered with.”
“That is not possible!” Naomi yelled. “Who would want to tamper with her brake?”
“That is why I am here. How many of you were in the house the day she drove the car?”
“The four of us.” Sade quickly said.
The three of them frowned at her, but Nelson changed his expression when Sade looked at him.
He spoke. “It’s true; the four of us were in the house.”
Naomi scowled at him. Nelly stared at the floor.
“What about visitors the previous day? It is possible someone could do it the day before the accident.”
Nelson finally looked up, at the officer. “We didn’t have a visitor. No outsider was here during that period. We don’t even have a gateman for now. Maybe my mom went somewhere before she headed to the wedding.”
“I don’t think she went anywhere,” Sade said. 
“You don’t know that!” Naomi said angrily.
The officer stood. “Well, I will continue the investigation but if I am not able to make progress soon, I will close the case.”
“What!” Sade exclaimed and rose. “What if she was murdered? Are you going to give up so soon?”
“I will try my best but I am not promising you anything.”

He dropped his phone number and left. Sade called him every day and she got the same response, no suspect or progress. After the fourth day, he stopped picking her calls. She decided to go to the police station the following day. 

She informed Nelson about it and asked him to accompany her there. He couldn’t. He had to travel very early in the morning. She didn’t bother to ask where. She left his room unhappy. 

The next morning at 7:45, the hot slap on her back woke her up. She saw Naomi raging eyes and her finger pointed at her. Nelly was standing at the door of her room.

“What’s going on?” Sade asked. "Why did you wake me like that?"

“You have been acting like a saint but today you will confess.”

“Confess to what?”

“Murder! You killed our mother! You purposely made that call so that you will distract her! You are a killer!!”

She didn’t know what to say. Sade began to cry. “How can you accuse…”

Naomi landed a slap on her face. “Murderer!”

“Naomi!” Nelly shouted. “You didn’t have to do that!”

“Tell her to leave! She is not wanted here anymore! She should go and leave us alone!”

“What!” With tears raining down Sade’s face, she gazed at Nelly. “Nelly, what is going on?”

He couldn’t look at her in the eyes. “Sade, you have to leave. You killed her. We don’t want to tell the officer you are a suspect. That call you made was suspicious. You killed our mother. Please leave this house now or we will drag you out like a thief!”

She could not tell them the house belonged to her, after all, she was the biological child of Elena. She made a promise. She did not intend to break it.

“I don’t have anywhere to go.”

“We don’t care!” Naomi barked at her.

"Sade, please, just leave quietly." Nelly said to her.

Sade Olivia Badmus begged on her knees but the two of them never listened. Naomi and Nelly threw her out. Both dragged her on the floor when she pleaded on her knees. They didn’t let her bath or carry any of her belongings, just her phone, school certificate, and wallet.


Marcus' body quivered. What a story. How could they do that to her? Olivia buried her face in her hands. Remembering that incident crushed her heart. She had to break down and Marcus let her. When she finally cried and wiped her face, she smiled.
“I am a strong woman.”

“I agree, you are a strong woman. You won’t be here if you are not.”

She sniffed her nose. 

“Can you continue?”

“Yes, I am strong enough to finish my story.”

 He smiled at her. “It seems Nelson had traveled very early in the morning.”

“Yes. I called his number but it was not reachable. I was hurt, I wasn’t thinking straight. The people I loved and trusted betrayed me. I had some money in my wallet and I stayed in a motel for two days to think. I was scared to return home. I didn’t know if they would hurt me. When I didn’t have enough money for myself, I went to the bank to retrieve the documents of the land and boarded a cab to Chief Douglas petroleum company. I was lucky he was back from his trip and around. When his secretary mentioned my name, he requested to see me immediately.”


Chief Douglas was a man in his late 60s, owner of Doug O Company. He had his filling stations in thirty-one states in Nigeria. He was overweight but he acted agile. He welcomed her in and expressed how sorry he was about the death of Elena. 

“Why are you here?” He asked her?”

“I need money. I want to travel to Canada.”

He told her she looked pale, that she didn’t need to suffer or travel, he could marry her as his last wife, and take good care of her. 

“Please, sir. I need the money.”

“I am sorry, I don’t have any money to give you right now except you come back. We will have a meeting at my hotel concerning the money.”

Sade knew this man wanted to get into her pants but she had another way to get what she wanted. She dropped the documents on his desk.

“I need twenty million naira.”

He looked at her stunned and erupted into a long laugh. “Do you think I am a bank?”

“I know my mother asked for a loan from you. You were planning to give her.”

“But she is no longer with us. She had a plan for the money.”

“She told me about it.”

“Young woman, I can’t help you.”

“But you were willing to give her the money.”

“It was important to her. I knew she was capable of refunding the money. It was 100 million naira she needed, not twenty million.”

“Then give me twenty million, and I will give you 50 million in fifteen years.”

Chief Douglas gazed at her shocked. “Are you here to joke with me?”

She pointed at the documents. “These are the original papers for the land. Take it. Use it if you want. We will have a written deal signed by you and I. Give me twenty million naira. When I return, I will refund your money and an extra thirty million. If you build anything on the land, I will buy it, demolish it and build The Empire City.”

He sighed. “She really told you about it.”

“Yes, she did.”

He studied the document for a while and dropped it. “I will call my lawyer to write the deal. We will sign and have our copy.”

“You would give me the money?”

“Yes. It’s a good deal for me. A great one. I have nothing to lose. I don’t think you will be capable of achieving your goal.”

“I will. I am my mother’s daughter.”

“Wow!” Marcus exclaimed. “He gave you the money?”

“Yes, and he helped me with my traveling plans. I traveled to Canada, got a job I managed for a while and I met my ex-husband. He was far older than I was but he seemed nice. He was a wealthy widower. He had a daughter twice my age, although married and living in Australia. I told him my story and he swore to help me if I marry him. I didn’t have a choice. He promised to give me anything I desired. I told him my dreams and aspirations, he groomed me, helped to achieve so many things. We had a Prenup agreement when we got married, but when I told him it was time to return to my country, he knew I would divorce him. It was peaceful. He settled me with some of his properties and two businesses to me. He said I deserved it because I never cheated, or disrespected him in any way. I would have given him a child but I had two miscarriages and I gave up on it.”

 “So what do you want now?”
“I want the estate, my mother’s properties, the company. Those people she called my siblngs don’t deserve anything good! They are not her children but pests!” She shrugged. “Maybe I can give Nelson a chance to be in my life but he wasn’t there when I needed him.”

“Who you really want to punish is Naomi and Nelly.”

“Yes. Those twina are evil. One of them killed my mother. One of them tempered with the brake of her car.”

“She was truly murdered and they accused you.”

“Yes! They accused me of killing my own mother!” Now, she felt as if something huge had been lifted off her shoulder after her narration.  

Marcus understood her pain but he didn’t want it to consume her. “I will advise you to tread carefully. Always think before you act. Don’t make any decision when you are angry. You might not like the outcome if you do.”

Olivia didn’t say anything.

“What is your first step to getting what you want?”

“Chief Douglas,” she replied. “I want to see him concerning the Ark City.”

 “It will be extremely expensive to buy that Estate.”

“I have money. I don’t care if I have to drain my account to get it. I will give him the money I owe him and buy the place.”

“Keep me updated. I want your progress.”


He smiled lightly at her. “Despite everything, you deserve love. Do not say no when you find it.”

Olivia gave only a nod with a smile. After they spoke for a few minutes, Marcus escorted her to the living. Andy was even sleeping and snoring, Olivia shook her head and woke him up. She thanked the therapist and his wife before they headed to eat an early dinner at a fancy eatery. Both ate quietly and when they finished eating, she broke the silence.

“I will be going somewhere tomorrow. You can take the day off.”

“But I can drive you there,” he stated in a worried tone. “Lagos is a very big place. You might miss your way.”

“Don’t worry, I have been there before. Although it is a long time ago I went to that place. I know the area. I will use the Google map on my phone.”

He patted his lips with a serviette. “Okay Miss King.”

The next day, I drove to my destination in a happy mood. I noticed the name of the company had changed including the exterior and interior when I stepped in. I thought Chief had rebranded after many years. 
At the reception, I approached the busty female secretary, who didn’t welcome me with a smile. With loud makeup on her face, she attended to me with a mean face. 

Was she thinking I was a new babe for her boss? I thought to myself. Chief Douglas was an old man and would probably have grey hair all over his head now. He might not even be able to walk well considering his weight except a miracle had happened.

“Good afternoon, how can I help you?” She inquired.

“My name is Olivia King. I am here to see your CEO.”

She frowned. “Do you have an appointment with my boss?”


Then she smiled as if she has won a battle. “I am sorry, you can’t see him.”

I was surprised. “Why?”

“You have to book an appointment. Even right now at the moment, he can’t see you. He is very busy.”

“I have to see him today. I am here to discuss an important matter.”

“Are you a new business partner?” She asked me.


“Are you a new investor?”


“Are you here to show him a business proposal?”

“No. I am sure if you mention my name, he would see me immediately. Tell him Sade Olivia Badmus, the daughter of Elena Badmus is here.”

“I am sorry, I can’t help you.” She took her eyes off me and focused on her desktop.

“Please, just tell Chief Douglas Ogbonna I am here,” I said to her. “He would like to see me too.”

This time she gave me a look. An uncertain look I could not comprehend. “Chief Douglas Ogbonna?”


The secretary heaved a sigh and stretched her hand towards the waiting settee. 

“Please, sit down.”

I was a bit relieved. I sat down. She took the telephone to make a call.

“Hello sir, there is a woman here. She said her name is Sade Olivia Badmus and here to see the CEO, Chief Douglas. Should I tell her?” She listened for a few seconds, “oh, I should direct her to your office?”

She should tell me what? I asked myself silently.

She spoke with a frown. “Okay sir, I will send her to see you now.” 

The lady dropped the phone and rose. What I assumed was right; the length of her skirt was way above her knee. I could see her laps! Was she here to seduce people or work? Anyways, I knew Chief liked women a lot.

She pointed towards the way leading to the hallway. “Just walk straight and turn left. The CEO’s office is first, a large artwork is beside it.”

I stood with a smile and walked away without mentioning a word to her. I should have thanked her. She was rude to me. This is my turn to be rude to her. Respect is reciprocal. I reached there and knocked. A baritone voice spoke.
“Come in.”
 I walked into an elaborate, contemporary and well-ornamented office. It was very manly and lovely. The place smelled nice and refreshing. I couldn’t see his face, he was reading an automobile magazine.

I approached the desk. “Good afternoon sir.”

He dropped the magazine and looked at me. “Good afternoon.”

I became stunned. The man that answered was unquestionably the opposite of the man I needed to see.

“Please sit down.” He said.
I turned around confused and back at him. “I don’t understand. You are not Chief Douglas Ogbonna.”

“No, I am not.”

“But I am here to see him.”

“You can’t see him. I am the CEO. Can you sit?”

I had to sit. “Please, where is Chief Douglas?”

“You can tell me why you want to see him, maybe I can help.”

“You can’t help. I have to see him concerning a deal we made some years ago.”

He gave me a look. “A deal?”

“Yes. Are you his son?”

He gave a sarcastic chuckle and relaxed on his leather chair. “No.”

“How can I reach him now?”

“Chief Douglas is dead.”

“He sold his company to me. He was very sick for a while, became bankrupt, he had to sell most of his properties if not all.”

I was dumb for a few seconds. I became lost, weak and broken that moment. This wasn’t happening. I needed my estate, the City. I needed to reclaim my birthright.

“He can’t be dead. We made a deal.”

“Can you tell me about the deal?” He asked me.

“It’s about The Ark City. It belongs to me. I am supposed to call it the Empire City and…

This man began to laugh ironically, making me look like a fool as if I didn’t know what I was saying.

“This is not a laughing matter. I am serious. I have the document of the deal in my bag.”
I was about to bring it out when the cheeriness vanished from him, he hardened his face within a second.

He spoke. “And do you think I am joking? How can you come here and tell me the Ark City belongs to you.”

“It is mine! I gave the documents of that land to Chief Douglas before I left Nigeria. We had a deal he would return it to me for a fee. He knew what I wanted to build there.”

“I am not going to lie he didn’t tell me a few things about how he got the land. He said the idea of the City was his and his friend’s daughter.”

“That’s a lie. It was my late mother’s idea not mine.”
His eyes had turned red. “That is none of my business. Chief Douglas was extremely sick, needed money urgently and he sold the land to me! I built it. I named it Ark City. I am the rightful owner. It belongs to me.”

I shook my head, refusing to accept, never! “This is unfair. It is mine!”

“It is not yours.”

“You can’t do this. We need to agree on how I would get it back. I am ready to pay for it. I will buy it at any amount you call right now. I made this deal with Chief when I was twenty years old.”

“And how old are you now? Fifty?” He said to me arrogantly and without penitence in his voice. He rose with arrogance oozing out of his body. “If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, don’t walk out of my door, run!”

This man was rude! How dare he? At first, I found him attractive, but now I saw him as a cocky son of a bitch, a fucking piss of shit!

As if he knew what I am thinking, this asshole looked into my blazing eyes and spoke audibly while pointing at himself, 

“My name is Sebastian Akande. Woman, I am a crazy motherfucker. Don’t mess with me!”

To have an idea who Sebastian Akande is please read Love and Justice.
To be continued….

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