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Olivia took a deep breath, thinking about what Marcus advised her to do before making a decision when angry. She was deeply pissed at the man standing in front of her.

Sebastian pointed at her. “Please leave!”

She had to stand. “I need you to hear me out. You don’t have to shout.”

“I believe shouting is the only way you would leave. I don’t need to hear what you have to say. If you don’t walk out this minute, I will call the security to get you out!”

Olivia stayed quiet for a brief moment before she spoke. “Can we talk when you are calm?”

He dipped his hands into the pocket of his trousers and he gave her a look. “What makes you think I’m not calm?”

“Let’s talk please.”

“Not today.” Sebastian grabbed his two expensive phones and the key to his car. He picked one of his complimentary cards from his desk and extended it to her. She took it. “Call me whenever you want to see me. When I have the time for that, I will let you know.” He walked towards the door and opened it.


He cut her short. “Are you not leaving? Or do you want to sit and wait? I have a lunch date.”

Olivia shook her head, grabbed her bag and motioned to the door. Sebastian had an annoying smile on his lips.

“This isn’t over.” She said and started to walk out.

“Yes, it is.” He stepped out and shut the door. 

When Sebastian got to the reception, Olivia had gone. He gave instructions to his secretary never to allow Olivia into his office, never again otherwise, he won’t hesitate to demote her to a cleaner, after all, she would still have a job.

He stepped out to approach his car and sighted the Toyota Venza he didn’t recognize and then he saw her again. Olivia rested her head on the wheel. He didn’t know if she was crying or speaking to herself. He wanted to walk to her direction but hesitated and turned to his car to drive away. 

When Olivia raised her head, she had tears in her eyes. She wiped them off quickly, turned off the ignition and drove off.

“Are you serious?” The brother of Sebastian asked. They were having lunch in a fancy restaurant. He had made a reservation for both of them. He narrated what happened between him and Olivia, every detail.
“Yes. She came out of nowhere to tell me trash!” He exclaimed.

“At least you should have listened to her.” 

He looked at him surprised. “Joseph, are you being serious?”


“I shouldn’t be surprised. You are the good one.”

Joseph dropped his fork on his plate and leaned a bit forward. “You are also good. I don’t know why you don’t see it. You are a good man Sebastian.”

He rolled his eyes without saying a word.

“It is true. I can never forget what you did for me in the past. Do you know if you had been in the same situation with someone else in that accident, you would have saved that person?”

“I would never do what I did for you for someone.” He ate from his meal.

“But you would have saved that person in any way you could. I am sure if you sit down with that woman Olivia, you would be forced to help her.”

“Are you fucking serious? Do you want me to give her The Ark City?”

Both abandoned their food to talk. 

“I didn’t say that,” Joseph said. “You can compromise.”

“You are unbelievable!”

The tone of his twin brother didn’t stop him from saying his mind. “Speak with her and see what you can do to help her. You called her fifty?”


“But she is not fifty.”

“No, she is not. I think she should be in her thirties.”

“Why tell her she looked fifty?”

“I wanted to piss her off!” He began to laugh.

Joseph laughed aloud and shook his head. “What if you like her and used that as an excuse.”

“I just met her today. I don’t like her. Right now, I dislike her. How could she barge into my office and claim what is mine.”

He picked his fork and rolled some Jollof spaghetti. “Listen to her first before you conclude.” Joseph shoved the food into his mouth.

“Not interested. Don’t want to talk about her anymore.” Sebastian frowned and grabbed his glass to gulp the remaining wine.

Olivia was pacing around Marcus' office as he stared at her, not uttering a single word. It was obvious she was furious after she explained what transpired between her and Sebastian. When he waited for five more minutes, he had to speak. 

“Miss King, what is going through your mind right now?”

“I want to kill him! You need to have seen the way he embarrassed me!” She said still pacing.

“Can you please sit down?”

She halted in front of him. “For what? Why should I sit down? It’s not going to solve my problem! I just want that son of a bitch to die!”

“Committing murder is a felony. You will go to jail.”

Olivia offered him a look and sat down. “I can’t believe you think I am capable of murder! What do you take me for?”

“I know you don’t mean it. Let’s talk. What do you want?”

“The Art City of course. It is mine!”

“But you made a deal with a man that is dead now. He sold that land to another person and he built that unique estate. You have to speak to him again.”

“I don’t think he will listen to me. That man is arrogant. What am I going to do now?”

“You made a decision when you were very young. I am sure you won’t make such right now.”

“Advise me on what to do.” 

Marcus Dotun detected the concern in her voice. He pitied her. “Take the matter to court.”

“A court case can take years.”

“That is the only solution right now.”

“That is not the best solution for me right now. I want it. I need it. Maybe I made a mistake when I was twenty years old but I am older now. I won’t make such a mistake again.”

“What do you intend to do now?” He asked her.

Olivia heaved a sigh and thought for a short-lived moment before answering. “I have to speak to him again and give him the photocopy of the deal I made with Chief Douglas. I have to make him understand why he has to sell the estate to me.”

“Does that mean you want to tell him your story?”

She bowed her head, nodded and looked straight into his eyes. “Yes.”

“Don’t you think it will emotionally drain you? I saw what it did to you when you told me about your mother and siblings.”

“I know. I have overcome that. Telling you my story made me stronger. I have to tell Mr. Sebastian everything, maybe he will reason with me.”

“If you think it will help regain your birthright, who am I to convince you not to do it.” Marcus smiled at her. “I wish you all the best Olivia Sade King. You are not just a client, you are like a daughter to me.”

Olivia couldn’t help it. She smiled brightly at him. His words made her feel delighted and appreciated. “Thank you. I wish you were my father.”

The smile remained on his lips. He rose and motioned near her. “I don’t mean to intrude in your private life. Have you ever thought of finding your biological father?”

She stood on her feet. “No. I don’t believe I can find him.”

“You can try. My wife and I can help.”

The smile flew from her face. Olivia shook her head. “No need. Right now, I have to focus on getting what is mine. That is my priority at the moment.”

“Good luck.”

“Thank you very much for your time.” She pecked him lightly on his cheek and walked towards the entrance. 

Olivia drove to the location where The Ark City was just to look at it. She was determined to get it back at any price. If she didn’t have the amount Sebastian would ask, she would contact her ex-husband. She left and arrived at the hotel thirty minutes later. She showered, rested and ordered for food, the first time eating for the day. 

Later at night, she called Andy and informed him to resume the next day. She planned to go to the bank for a transaction and go sightseeing. She felt Sebastian required a few days to himself, by then he would have calmed down.

The following day, Olivia met Andy with an older woman beside her car. He introduced her as his mother. She came to thank Olivia for her generosity. 

“You didn’t have to come,” Olivia said to her. “A call would have been better.”

“No. I had to come and thank you for your kindness. God will bless you.”


Andy’s mom continued to heap praises on her. Olivia had to beg her to stop. She ordered Andy to drive to his house and drop her before she would proceed for her activity for the day. They arrived at a rustic location. The road leading to the house was bumpy and muddy. Olivia wasn’t pleased with the one-bedroom apartment. If Andy continued to do well, she would surprise him one day. She was beginning to see him as a family, even a younger brother. 

After they dropped her, Andy drove to the bank. The moment she finished her transaction, she ordered him to take her to the mall. After sightseeing and buying a few pieces of jewelry, Olivia bought snacks for both of them and paid for a comedy for them to watch at the cinema. Later in the evening, they ate dinner and returned to the hotel. Andy went home and Olivia thought for a while before she took Sebastian’s complementary card and dialed his number. He picked the call.

“Hello,” he said gently.

“Good evening Mr. Sebastian. This is Miss Olivia King, the woman…”

“What do you want?” He asked in a harsh tone.

“I thought you didn’t remember me. I…”

“What do you want? Why are you calling me by this time?”

She glanced at the wall clock. It was 8:43 pm. “You know why I am calling you. It is about The Ark City. You need to hear me out, please,” he didn’t say anything, she thought he had ended the call. She glimpsed at her phone but he was still on the line. “Hello, can you hear me?”

“It is obvious you are a very stubborn woman. Don’t ever call this number again and you are not permitted to come to my office without an appointment.”

“I need an appointment. When can I see you?”

Sebastian ended the call. When she called back, Olivia frowned at the voice of the phone operator saying; the number is not available.

“Damn you!” she spat and threw her phone on the bed.

For two days, Olivia tried to reach Sebastian but he wasn’t picking her calls. On the third day, she drove there and met the secretary who refused to allow her to see him. She became angry and ready to cause a scene. She didn’t care, she needed her story to be heard. 

“I have to see him! He can’t shut me out!!”

“You can’t madam. Mr. Sebastian is unavailable to see you.” The secretary explained.

“I must see your boss! I have to see him! I won’t leave without seeing Mr. Sebastian…”

A few employees of the company appeared, some peeped. Sebastian heard the outburst and called. He ordered the secretary to allow Olivia to see him. The moment Olivia stepped into his office and shut the door, he spoke while he remained seated.

“I have said this before, and I will remind you. You are a stubborn woman but I know that I am more stubborn.”

She walked to his desk. “You need to listen to my story. Why this is important to me.”

“I am not interested. I don’t bloody care.”

Olivia gave a cocky smile. “I am aware the public does not know the rightful owner of The Ark City. I could leak it to the press.”

Sebastian burst into laughter. “Are you fucking serious. That is blackmail.”

“I don’t have to do that if you lend me some of your time and listen to me.”

He hissed. “I could reveal my identity to the public before you do and believe me I will be regarded as the wealthiest and most handsome bachelor.”

“No wonder you are still single. Your ego stinks.”

Sebastian's eyes turned red and he rose on his feet. “How dare you!”

“Didn’t you call me fifty?”

“You are still pained about that.” He chuckled, adjusted his jacket and sat. “Just leave. I don’t have the time for your story. I am sure I would be bored.”

What kind of a man is this? She asked herself.

“He added, “Woman, I noticed you have long legs. I could shoot them and nothing will happen. You are trespassing on my property.”

She knew the man saying all these to her wasn’t ready. She wanted to cry but definitely not in front of him. Olivia dropped the photocopy of the document on his desk and hurried out of the office. She walked in a hurry; Sebastian’s secretary wondered what had happened. Olivia hopped into her car and exploded into hurt tears. She cried, thinking about her mother, their last conversation about her dream of The Empire City. 

Olivia sniffed her nose and wiped her face with the back of her left hand. 
She decided to drive away, in speed, still, her mother’s face kept flashing in her mind. Olivia couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her cheeks as she drove. When she reached approached the highway, she grabbed her phone and called Sebastian. 

Sebastian was reading the document, despite unbothered. He peeped at his phone ringing and chose not to answer. She was disturbing him. Olivia dialed his number again and when she didn’t receive a response, she tossed her phone on the passenger seat, shut her eyes for a few seconds as tears washed down. The minute she opened her eyes, a bus that had lost control swerved in her direction.

“Jesus!” Olivia tried to turn but it was already too late. The bus had bashed into her car and it tumbled twice. Her face smashed the window beside her and Olivia couldn’t feel anything before she closed her eyes, unconscious.


Two hours later, Sebastian was about leaving when his phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number, he didn’t want to answer but he had a rethink and answered. 

“Hello,” he said with a scorn on his face. The photocopy of the document was inside the trashcan.

“This is doctor Arnold calling from Bello’s hospital. Am I speaking with Mr. Sebastian?”

“Yes.” His heart skipped. He wondered why a doctor was calling him. He thought of his brother and his family. “What can I do for you?”

“I am calling because of a woman named Miss Olivia King. Her ID card was found. She has been involved in an accident.”

He felt relieved nothing bad had happened to his family. “Why are you calling me?”

“There are only a few numbers on her phone. I checked her call logs and your name tops the list. We thought you are related to her.”

“I am not related to her. You have to call someone else.”

“But her life is at risk. She is still unconscious and her face…”

He was about to end the call when the doctor said something that caught his attention. “What did you just say?”

Doctor Arnold continued. “I said her face is damaged. She will require plastic surgery as soon as possible.”

Sebastian opened his mouth in shock. What he said took him to the past, about the accident involving him and his brother, how Joseph lost his face and how he needed surgery to make Joseph bear a resemblance to him. “This is unbelievable.”

“I am sorry for wasting your time. I will check her phone and call someone else.”

“No, don’t. Please, don’t let her die. Keep her alive! I am on my way to the hospital!” Sebastian grabbed his key and headed towards the door in a hurry.

To be continued….


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  3. This is interesting and the atmosphere is tensed right now. Thumbs up Carina but please don't keep us waiting this time around. More power to your elbow

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