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Sebastian arrived at the hospital to see Dr. Arnold. They were seated opposite each other as the medical practitioner explained Olivia’s condition.
“She is still unconscious but stable. She had some injuries that can be managed but the face needs reconstruction. She is expected to have a plastic surgery.”

“Can Bello hospital do that?”

“Yes. We have all the essential equipments’. The hospital has a contract with one of the best surgeons in the United States of America. He will come if the surgery is done here.”

“I still have to make an enquiry concerning her family. I will make a call to the other contact on her phone.”

“No problem.”

The doc returned Olivia’s phone and Sebastian paid her bill for the treatment. He couldn’t see Olivia, so he made a call at the reception.

“Hello.” The male voice said.

“Please, I’m I speaking with Dr. Marcus?”

“Yes. Who is this?”

“This is Mr. Sebastian Akande calling from a hospital. Are you related to Olivia King?"

"No. I am her therapist. What happened? Why are you calling me?"

"She has been involved in an accident but she is alive.”

“What! How? When did it happen?” His voice was shaky.

“Today. Can we see today?”

“Sure! I will come to the hospital immediately. Send me the address now!”

Sebastian met Marcus at the reception and explained what the doctor told him. He requested they should talk somewhere a bit quiet. They were still unable to see Olivia. He gave Marcus Olivia’s phone. The battery was down.

Marcus checked the time. It was 7:30pm. He suggested they drive to a nearby eatery which Sebastian agreed. He drove both of them there and the men requested for only a drink.

“I know you are her therapist,” Sebastian said to him. “She must have said things about her personal life to you. Do you know anything about her family?”

“Not really. I know about her family but I do not know how to locate any of them. What about her contacts in her phone?”

“I found none. Just three numbers, mine, yours and someone named Andy.”

“That’s her driver. He must be worried about her if he doesn’t see her at the hotel tomorrow.”

“Hotel?” Sebastian asked in a puzzled tone.

“Yeah.” He said. Marcus didn’t want to go further about the conversation. He was worried about Olivia. “I will call Andy to let him know what’s going on.”

Sebastian face transformed dolefully. “This woman Olivia remains a mystery to me. Did she tell you about me?”

Marcus eyebrows rose. “About you?”

“Yes. You are her therapist. She must have told you what she wants from me.”

“Oh, I understand now. Yes but I can’t discuss it with you. What Olivia told me is confidential.”

The two of them did not touch their drink.

“Cut the confidential bull crap.”

Marcus Dotun looked at him stunned.

Unconcerned about his facial expression, Sebastian continued speaking. “Let’s not pretend this woman needs my help. You need to let me know why she wants my Ark City. She made a deal with late Chief Douglas. Why does she want it so bad?”

“She is the only one that can tell you.”

“You never said you don’t know and I can’t talk to Olivia. She is still unconscious.”

Marcus frowned and Sebastian sighted it.

He added. “I’m blunt and unapologetic. I was born that way.”

The frown vanished and he wore a smirk on his face. “What are your plans about The Ark City. Will you negotiate with Olivia?”

“I don’t see any reason why I should do that. We are talking about an estate not a house. I spent money on that project.”

“I know but...”

Sebastian cut him short.

“This is not a conversation we should be having.” He gazed at his drink briefly and stood. “Olivia’s life is at stake. On the inside, she appears damaged to me. Tell me her story and if I find it a little touchy, I might think of a way to help her but I am not promising Olivia anything.”

“As a therapist it is against my ethics to discuss a client.”

“She does not appear to be a client with the way you speak about her. You care.”

“Of course I care.” Marcus said emotionally. “She is like a daughter to me.”

Sebastian sat down. “Then speak to me as if you are her father. She was even going to tell me her story but I never gave her the opportunity. I am ready to listen  to you. I have the time now or I will walk away and never look back. I am a man of my words and it scares me if it scares you.”

Marcus shook his head. What a man!

"Let me tell you a long story. I will make it short. My twin brother was jailed for a crime he didn't commit. I planned a successful prison break but on our way, we had an accident. I was in coma for a long time. As for my brother he lost his face. He had plastic surgery. I want to know about Olivia."

He heaved a sigh and placed his hands on the table. “Olivia told me she would tell you her story. It’s unfortunate she couldn’t before the accident. I will tell you what happened to her.”

“I am listening.”

Marcus Dotun opened his drink, took a sip and cleared his throat before he proceeded to tell Olivia’s story to Sebastian Akande.

Andy has been pacing around the small living room in his home. He called Olivia’s number several times, but it wasn’t going through. His mother entered and noticed his untouched food.

“Do not tell me you are not eating because you can’t reach your boss.”

“Mama I feel strange about this and I don’t know why.”

“Maybe her phone is down.”

“There is electricity at the hotel. She told me she would be going somewhere. What if something bad has happened to her?”

“God forbid!”

“Mama, I am worried. Should I go to the hotel?”

“By this time? I don’t think that is necessary. I believe she is fine.”

When she saw how concerned and uneasy Andy was, she decided for one thing that could put him at peace. “ Let us pray. I believe by tomorrow, you will be able to see her.”

“Okay mama.”

Mother and son began to pray for Olivia.

The nurse rushed to the doctor’s office to inform him Olivia had woken up. He hurried to see his patient to inspect her condition. Olivia’s face was wrapped with white clothing. Her eyes  and mouth were visible. She raised her right hand and tried to touch her face but the doc stopped her and placed her hand gently on the bed.

“Why does my face feel heavy?” She asked despite the pain from her body.

He had to make sure she was strong enough for him to tell Olivia about her face.

The face of Sebastian had changed. His eyes red. He appeared furious and he could not pretend how he felt.

“I can’t believe it.” He scowled. “How could they do that to her? What kind of family is that? Damn! I am pissed! No wonder she wanted it badly.”

Before Marcus could talk, Sebastian’s phone rang. He glanced at it and widened his eyes.
“Olivia’s doctor is calling.”

“Please pick.” Marcus said impatiently.

He answered the call and he was informed about the new development.

“We have to go now.” He said after he ended the call. “Olivia has woken up.”

“Thank God.” Marcus stated and both drove to the hospital.

When they arrived there, a nurse led the men to the private ward. The medical doc was with her. The moment Sebastian and Marcus stepped inside and saw Olivia, she screamed and pointed at Sebastian.

“Get out! Get him out of here!! I don’t want to see him!!!”

The doctor, nurse, Marcus and including Sebastian was shocked about her utterances.

The nurse had to take him outside. With anger boiling inside his body, he motioned straight to his car and drove away.

Marcus sat beside Olivia’s bedside and held her hand. “I am happy to see you alive.”

“Are you aware about my face?”

“Yes. Sebastian told me about it.”

“I don’t know why they called him first.  He is not supposed to be here. He is the cause of my accident.”

“Was that why you don’t want to see him?”

“Yes. He treated me like a nobody. You need to have seen the way he chased me out of his office. Why is he here now? To laugh at my face? To mock me?”

“Never. He is concerned. I’m sorry, I broke your trust, I told him your story.”

Despite he could see only her eyes and lips, he knew Olivia was surprised.

“He listened to you? How did you do it?”

“He asked me to tell him.”

“But why?”

“The accident got to him especially the condition with your face. Something similar happened to him and his twin brother. I think you should give him a chance. Listen to what he has to say.”

Olivia shook her head. “Sebastian Akande looks deceitful. He has a dark heart. I don’t like him at all. I despise him.”

Joseph and his wife Lucky were surprised to see Sebastian in their house very late. He looked drained and he refused the food and drink they offered.

“What happened?” His sister in law asked.
Sebastian told them to sit. They did and he explained everything. The couple were sympathetic about Olivia’s predicament.

“This is serious” Joseph spoke. “Does she blame you for the accident?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. I should have listened to her when she came to my office.  I was not patient enough.”

“Even if you had listened to her and declined her offer politely, it won’t have changed anything.”

“It would have changed something. She would have avoided the accident. Listening to Olivia would have prevented the accident."

Lucky went to sit beside him. “I am happy she is alive. She has a chance to live. What if she died? You have to speak with her.  I am sure you mean well for her.”

“I do. Her story touched my heart. I feel pity for her.”

Joseph gazed into Sebastian’s eyes. “Are you giving her the Ark City?”

He gave him a look before answering. “Are you kidding me right now?’

“You said you feel pity for her.”

“That’s does not mean I should give her my estate. I’m not stupid.”

“Hey, this must not result to an argument,” Lucky quickly said and  faced Sebastian directly. “You have to see her when she is calm.”

“I know. I will keep in touch with her therapist in case she is ready to see me.”

“Now tell me what you are going to say to her that will ease her pain.” Joseph said.

Sebastian thought briefly before he spoke. “I have a plan. My plan will ease her pain. I am certain of that.”

Two days later, Olivia had Sebastian in her thoughts. She still didn’t want to see him despite Marcus advised her to do that. She has made a decision on her surgery, though her treatment for the injuries in her body was effective, she was getting stronger. Doctor Arnold refused to allow Olivia see her face whenever the nurses dressed it. It was a bad sight.

Marcus already contacted Andy. Andy and his mom visited the hospital and Andy choose to stay and watch over her. Sebastian continued to call Marcus to ask for Olivia’s health improvement.

On the third day, Marcus called Sebastian. Olivia was ready to see him. He was in a meeting at that time. He scheduled the meeting for another day and drove to the hospital.When he arrived, Andy left to give them privacy. Sebastian took the plastic chair and sat near her bed. He was wearing an expensive suit, looking sharp and handsome as usual. She looked at him and took her eyes away.

“I am glad you are getting better.” Sebastian said calmly. “Have you decided where you are going to have the surgery?”

“I am having the surgery here. The surgeon abroad has been contacted.”

“If you need my assistance to pay for it, I am here for you.”

She faced him. “Did I tell you I don’t have money?” The tone of her voice was harsh. “What exactly do you want? Why are you here? You walked me out of your office.”

“I should have listened to you. I know your story.”

“So your ego won’t let you apologise.”

Sebastian sighed. “Apologising won’t change anything.”

“Are you for real?”

He stayed silent for a quick moment. “I’m sorry.”

Olivia didn’t say a word.

He added. “I won’t beat around the bush. I will go straight to the point. What your siblings did to you is the height of wickedness. Concerning the Ark Estate, we will talk about it when you rightfully take what belongs to you from your siblings. They betrayed you and I am ready to stand by you to make you achieve it.”

Her eyes were surprised. “Why?”

He smiled for the first time he has been in the room with her. “I love revenge.”

“That means you are a vengeful person.”

“Yes and I am proud of that. I will never plot evil against my family or people close to me. Your family betrayed you and your mother. Olivia, give me a chance to help you.”

“How do you intend to help me if I say yes?”

He smiled again. “You and I will get close to your siblings and with that, you will take over the company and other properties. I need you to believe me, my plans will work, you just have to agree with what I am about to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“You are going to get a new face.”

“A new face?”

“Yes. They won’t suspect anything if they see you. I heard they knew you as Sade. You are going to continue to bear Olivia King. They won’t see it coming when you hit them when you reveal your true identify.”

Because of the white clothing wrapped around her face, Sebastian had no idea tears had dripped down her face. It was until she sniffed her nose he noticed.

“You are crying.” He said gently.

She nodded. “Yes, I will change my face. I want a new face Sebastian. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet. Get what you want from them, then you can thank me.”

Olivia and Sebastian smiled at each other. He rubbed her arm gently.

“You’ll be fine.”

For the past one week, Sebastian visited the hospital every day. Sometimes she could be sleeping and the few times she happened to be awake, they spoke briefly. On the day of the surgery, Sebastian came.

Sebastian wished her good luck as they wheeled Olivia to the operating room. Andy and his mom prayed. Marcus and his wife were present.

After three hours, Sebastian had to leave for the office. He promised to keep in touch. After some hours later, the main surgeon in charge came to inform them of the good news.  It was a successful surgery. Her face would be revealed in a couple of days or a few weeks depending on the healing process.

At 8:12pm, Sebastian met Andy, his mom, Marcus and Mrs Marcus in the room with Olivia. He apologised for coming late. She told him it was okay and she understood. His company was important. She was happy to have then around her despite none of them was related by blood.

After a week  and some days later, Marcus called Sebastian. It was the day of revealing her face. Sebastian,  Marcus, Andy stood in front of her as Dr Arnold unwrapped the white covering on her face. Behold, they saw a new face and when she smiled, they smiled back. One thing was certain, Sebastian couldn’t stop smiling at Olivia.

To be continued on Friday.


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