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Naomi arrived at Sebastian’s Company and it became clear she had booked an appointment with him. The secretary welcomed her and directed her to his office. She motioned to his office, knocked and he ordered her to enter. She walked in, wearing a smile. The office had an incandescent smell and a very cool atmosphere. Sebastian, looking like a work of art stood and offered her a seat opposite him. Both sat down.

“You are welcome,” Sebastian said. “I was surprised when you called me in the morning about coming here during lunch.”

“Yes, I had to see you even though you told me you won’t be having lunch.”

“Yeah. I ate a heavy breakfast. Is there a problem?”

She gazed at him with a dissatisfaction look. “Must there be a problem for me to see you?”

“Of course not. May I know why you are here? It seems you are not here for business.”

She crossed her legs and placed her hands on her knee. “If I want something, I go for it. I want you, Sebastian.” Her feet touched him.
He didn’t act surprised. She was the one that appeared surprised.

Naomi added. “It seems you saw this coming.”

Sebastian smiled. “Well, women ask me out. Yours shouldn’t be a surprise to me.”

“So what do you say?” She uncrossed her legs and attempt to stand up but he raised his hand to stop her.


“Why?” She asked, as she remained seated.

“If you have noticed, I don’t beat around the bush. I am very straightforward person. I don’t sleep with married women.”

“I can be unmarried with a snap of my fingers. All you have to do is say yes.”

“I am not interested.”

“Excuse me?” She couldn’t hide the surprise from the tone of her voice.

“Mrs. Ejiofor, you are a beautiful woman and I am very sure your husband loves you. I am not what you need in your love life.”

Calling her by Samson’s surname made her cringe. “What makes you think you are not what I need?”

“I am unavailable.” He stated.

“Are you seeing someone? I don’t mind sharing you.”

Sebastian laughed mildly. “I don’t like to share and if you can cheat on your husband, you can definitely cheat on me too. Please, I have to attend to a business proposal. I will be having a meeting soon.”

“Are you sending me out of your office?”

“No. I felt the conversation is over except you want to talk about something that has to do with the Company.”

This time, Naomi gave a side smile, an unusual one. “You just need a little push.” she said and stood. “You didn’t even offer me a drink. See you at our next meeting.”

Sebastian offered only a nod. Naomi walked out with a livid countenance on her face.

Olivia was typing on her computer when Nelson knocked on her door.

“Come in.” She said, and paused what she was doing.

“I hope I am not interfering, I just wanted to see you briefly.”

“You are not, please sit down.”

“Thanks,” Nelson sat and smiled. “I checked on you earlier, the secretary informed me you went out for a quick lunch.”

“Yes. I returned a few minutes ago.”

“I just came to check on you and ask if you are well settled.”

“I am well settled. Thanks for asking. You are very kind.”

“You haven’t seen kindness yet.” Nelson said proudly. “If there’s anything you need, please my door is always opened for you.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“I hope I can buy you lunch whenever I am ready.”

“Sure. I cannot say no to a harmless gesture.”

Nelson smiled brightly and rose on his feet. “It’s so nice to have you here.”

“Thank you.” She rose and extended her hand towards him.

He shook her hands. “Take care of yourself. I should return to my office now.”

“No problem.”

The moment he turned to leave, he had a fulfilling smile on his life. Olivia wore a smirk.

“Are you serious?” Nelson asked Naomi after she narrated her discussion with Sebastian. This was after they had closed for the day. Both were speaking beside Nelson’s car.

“Yes. He told me straight to my face that he is not interested.”

“But you shouldn’t have toasted him immediately. You were too forward. I thought you wanted to have lunch with him, then use the opportunity to get close to him before you make a move. He would see you as a slut considering there is still a ring on your finger.”

She pointed at him angrily. “I am still your elder sister. I won’t think twice to slap you if you ever call me a slut.”

“All I am trying to say is that you should have taken it slow. You moved too fast. As for me, Olivia was accommodating when I went to meet her. I told her what she needed to hear. I welcomed her and offered to help if she needed it. She agreed to have lunch with me whenever I am ready. I feel she likes me.”

Naomi said. “You are lucky.”

“You can be lucky too if you apologize to Sebastian and offer your friendship.”

“How will that make me have him?”

“If you come as only a friend, he would accept it. Give it time, he will come around if you play your game well. Have lunch with him without trying to eat him raw. Before you know it, he won’t say no to you.” He looked around, leaned closer to murmur. “You could seduce him.”

Naomi whispered back. “What if he doesn’t fall for it?”

“You can drug him.”

She widened her eyes in surprise and thought for a moment. She told him they should enter his car to talk better which they did. They sat at the back of the car.

“Something just came into my mind.” Naomi said.


“You might not be happy with it but I will say it. If I can drug him, I could sleep with him, take photos and video without showing my face and use it to blackmail him.”

“Blackmail him for what?” Nelly asked in a puzzled tone. “He is single. You are the one with a husband.”

“You think I don’t know. Don’t be a dumbass at your age. I can blackmail him to bring more money.”

Then it dawn on him what she meant, and that brought a thick smile on his lips. “That is the best plan ever!” He uttered enthusiastically. “Sis, you are too much.”

She laughed. “Well, I think I have to see him again to apologize.”

“You have to. Olivia and Sebastian’s money will be ours.”

“It’s just a matter of time.” Naomi said spitefully.

In the evening, Sebastian and Olivia sat down to discuss how their day went. The were drinking wine. Olivia told him about Nelson.

“Is he trying to get close to you?” Sebastian asked.

“I have no idea. I do not know his intentions but I'm ready to use every means to be close to him again.”

“I understand.” 

She hit him mildly on his upper arm. “What about you? Why didn’t you want to have lunch with me today.”

He shrugged and dropped his glass. “Naomi booked an appointment with me in the morning.”

“You had lunch with her?” She sounded surprise even though she tried to hide it.

“No, but we met at my office.”

“Is everything okay with the contract or has something gone wrong?”

Sebastian smiled. “No. She came to ask me out.”

Olivia stared at him stunned. “She asked you out? Like on a date? She wants to have an affair with you?”


She opened her mouth. Words could not stream out.

“I turned her down.” He said.

Olivia closed her mouth, thinking of what to say. “Why did you turn her down?”

“She’s not my type.”

“A woman offers you herself, and you say no. A man like you don’t say no to a woman.”

“A man like me?” His eyebrows went up.
“Ever since you have been staying here, how many women have you seen with me?”

“None but I am not always with you.”

That statement got to him deeply. “Did you expect me to say yes to her? She’s a married woman.”

“What if Naomi wasn’t married? What if she was single, would you have said no to her?”

Her questions silenced him for a moment. He never thought of it. Truthfully, he didn’t know the answer because it gave him mixed feelings. If Olivia wasn’t in his life, he would probably have said yes, date Naomi and dump her later. But he felt it would be a betrayal now that Olivia was in his life and they have a mission together.

Sebastian noticed her eyes were still on him and he didn’t like it. “What do you think? Do you think I would have dated her if she was single?”


He smiled in annoyance. “You really think I would do that to you?”

“You would be doing nothing to me. You are single and you don’t owe me an  explanation when it comes to your private life. I don’t know what you do behind my back and it’s none of my business.”

“Wow.” Sebastian sounded disappointed. He stood on his feet. “Well, since you have an idea about me in your head, go with it. I think Naomi deserves an apology for saying no.”

Olivia felt a sting and she dropped her glass of wine. “You are going to apologize?”

Thank God he wasn't holding his glass, he would have smashed it on the floor. “If there is information regarding the Company, send me a mail.” Sebastian started to walk away. “Goodnight Olivia.”

Olivia was lost for words. If only Sebastian had looked at how she was rubbing her hands together while she questioned him, he would have known she was nervous. She let out a despairing sigh. Sebastian was unhappy with her. She sat alone for a while, thinking. She went to his room, stood and waited for the right moment. She made a move to knock but changed her mind and motioned to her room. Olivia couldn’t sleep, she tossed a few times before she finally fell asleep. 

After Nneka had her bath and read a story to put her kid to sleep, she returned to her bedroom and found Nelly speaking through his phone with Naomi. It was obvious considering the conversation. She watched him finish making his call.

“What is it?” Nneka asked and sat beside Nelly on the bed after he kept his handset. “You barely touched your food and you didn’t look happy when you returned from work.”

He said to her. “I wasn’t really hungry and I am not happy with what is going on at the Company presently.”

“I thought things have been settled.”

“It has been settled in a way.” Nelly said. “The money Nelson and Naomi wants to invest in the new products is huge. We already have our equipment’s, although Naomi told me on the phone that we need to buy a new engine for the new product. I feel they want to waste the money, but if I disapprove of it, they may feel I don’t value them or their ideas.”

“They are your family and I know they want what’s best for the Company. Why don’t you trust them? Give them the benefit of doubt.”

“That’s what I am trying to do. If I don’t trust them, I won’t entrust Naomi and Nelson with the money.”

There was muteness between them for a short while. Nneka broke the silence.

“I spoke to my pastor about you.”

Nelly gave her a look but refused to speak.

She added. “I am not going to pretend that everything is all right with you.”

“What do you mean?” He asked in a surprised tone.

“This is no longer about work. Something else is eating you up and if you can’t discuss it with me, kindly talk to the pastor about it.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying, Nneka.”

She stood up from the bed to speak out of love for her husband. “I am talking about the nightmare! The dream you always have. It can’t make you sleep!”

Nelly’s eyes opened widely. “I can’t believe this! You had the guts to discuss me with the pastor.”

“I didn’t have a choice.” Nneka said and crossed her arms. “Does your sister and brother even know about the nightmare?”

He rose on his feet speedily to face her. He was breathing very fast. “It is not a nightmare! How many times have I told you?”

“I don’t believe you.” She dropped her hands.

Nelly tried to calm his nerves by inhaling and exhaling gently. When he finally felt composed, he moved near her and touched her arms tenderly. “I am not lying to you. It’s not a nightmare but something that happened in my past. I don’t think I will be having it anymore.”

“How would you know?”

He left her to take out some tablets from his briefcase. He showed them to her. “I bought them on my way home today. They will make me sleep.”

Nneka had a shocked look on her face. “You bought sleeping pills? Has it gotten to that?”

“It will help me to sleep.”

“Why can’t we discuss about what happened in your past? Maybe if you do, you won’t dream about it.”

“It is not important.”

“If it is not important, it won’t deny you of sleeping peacefully.”

Nelly knew she would continue to insist. He had to find a way to stop her from interfering and persisting. Instantly, he wore a scorn on his face. He had to appear angry. He pointed at her.

“Woman, I have found a solution to my problem. You should be ashamed of discussing me with a fellow man! It’s not supposed to be that way. Marriage is between a husband and his wife and not with a third party! Show me some respect!”

Nneka had her mouth opened. She could barely complete a sentence. “But… I…”

“Go to bed!!” Nelly yelled.

Her body jerked as she watched her husband grab the bottled water from the mini fridge and took it with some pills. She sighed, climbed the bed and rolled the duvet over her body.

This time, Nelly didn’t feel bad. His wife was beginning to get on his nerves. but for the love he has for his daughter, he needed to be patient. He turned off the light and went to bed.

Olivia woke up very early to prepare for work and make an apology to Sebastian. She was wrong for judging him after what he did for her. After she prepared for the day, she went to the living room and noticed the chef served breakfast for one. She called Lauren to request for Sebastian’s meal.

“Mr. Sebastian took his breakfast to work.” Lauren said.

“He has gone to work?” Olivia said while she rushed to the curtain to lift up.

“Yes ma.”

Olivia didn’t see the car he mostly took to the office. She saw Andy leaning against one of the vehicles. She began to walk to the entrance.

“Are you leaving?” Lauren asked.


“What about your food?”

“Eat it!”

The mere sight of Olivia’s face couldn’t allow Andy ask Olivia how was her night. He only greeted her. On their way out of the compound, she spoke to him.

“Did you see Sebastian this morning?”

“Yes. He called me to come early. He won’t need my services for a while.”


“He said I should focus on driving you wherever you want.”

“Did he sound upset when he told you?”

“No.” he paused and looked at her through the mirror. “Is there a problem ma?”

“Andy, no.” Olivia started to rub her hands together.

Throughout that day, Olivia kept to herself and ate a light lunch. Everyone in the office was busy working on the new projects. Naomi gave Nelly documents to sign for approving all the funds for the merchandises. Nelly reluctantly read it and signed. He had started to trust his siblings again. Nelson had another meeting with their manufacturer presenting another budget for the products. Fifty million naira would fund everything. His initial plan worked.

Sebastian received a call from Naomi later in the evening, apologizing and asked if they could be friends. It surprised him even though he didn’t expect it but went ahead to accept and he agreed for them to meet the next day for lunch in an eatery near his office.

For three days, Olivia didn’t see Sebastian. He returned home late and went to the office very early. He never left a note as he used to do. It made Olivia quite worried. The lunch with Sebastian and Naomi went well. He didn’t apologize but acted like a perfect gentleman.

On the fourth day, Saturday, in the morning, Olivia noticed all the cars were in the compound. She waited in the living room for Sebastian to come out. When she saw the housekeeper, Nkechi taking her boss clothes to the laundry room, she had to question her.

“Is your boss still sleeping?”

Nkechi looked surprised. “No. He has travelled.”

“What!” She rose. “He travelled?"

“Yes. This morning. He boarded an Uber to take him to the airport. I thought you knew.”

Olivia stammered. “I… I forgot. It’s.. It’s okay. You can go.”

Nkechi left and Olivia sat down and placed her hand on the head. She had an instant headache. She had no idea where he had travelled to and when she sent a text, no reply. She chatted with him on WhatsApp. It was clear he read it but he didn’t respond. 

On Sunday evening, she sent him another text. She needed the number of detective Akin. She got a reply immediately, he sent the phone number. Olivia spent the weekend alone.

In the afternoon on Monday, Olivia received a text from Sebastian saying he travelled for business and would return on Wednesday. She called him but he didn’t pick. The anger that had subsided increased.

On Wednesday evening, Olivia arrived home tired. She had a meeting with Akin and hoped to discuss it with Sebastian. She motioned to her room to shower and slept off. She woke up later at 8:45pm and went to the living room. The chef was already waiting and requested if she should serve her food.

“You can serve it. I hope you prepared for Sebastian. He is coming today.”

Lauren stared at her dazed.

“What?” Olivia asked.

“He has eaten. Mr. Sebastian is back.”

She didn’t know whether to smile, laugh or frown but Olivia knew she was upset. 

“When did he return?”

“Around 5pm.”

“Does that mean he was around when I came back from work?”

“Yes ma.”

Olivia took a deep breath. “Lauren, you can return to your base. I would request for you when I need you.”

“Okay ma.” Lauren went to the kitchen to keep her apron before leaving. Olivia was about to leave the living room when Sebastian emerged. He appeared to have showered and shaved. He looked fresh and wore a smile that pissed her off.

“Oh, Olivia how are you?”

“You didn’t expect to see me here?” Olivia asked with a frown.

“I thought you were sleeping.” He said staring at her in the eyes, still with a smile.

“How could travel without telling me?”

“It wasn’t planned. I had to leave for Port Harcourt. It had to do with an oil refinery.”

“You refused to pick my calls, you didn’t reply my messages!”

The smile on Sebastian’s face vanished. “I was busy when you called. I sent you the number of detective Akin.”

“Is that the only message you received from me?”

“I felt it was more relevant than the rest.”

Olivia opened her mouth in amazement. It hurt her. “I guess the only thing relevant to you is apologizing to Naomi. I hope you did.”

“Oh, if you must make this about Naomi, I think you deserve to know I had lunch with her before I travelled.”

Was that a bomb he threw at her? “Why don’t you clap for yourself? That is an achievement.”

“No, why don’t you clap for yourself!” Sebastian uttered. “I am not going to render an apology for you assuming the worst of me. If you must know, I would have dinner with Naomi on Saturday. I am sure it’s what you want. You must have thought of it.”

“For you to tell me this, I think I should know if you are going to make love to her.”

“I fuck women, Olivia! I don’t make love. I have not seen a woman that is worth the volume of the love I have in my heart!” 

Another bomb thrown towards her.

Sebastian grabbed one of the car keys from the shelf near the bar. He walked to open the door and slammed it hard.

When Olivia heard the sound of his car, she knew he was going out late. His words pierced her hard in the soul. Olivia didn’t want to admit she might begin to fall in love with Sebastian Akande. She was totally jealous when he mentioned he would have dinner with another woman, Naomi for that matter. Naomi shared her mother’s love with her. Olivia was ready. She would not share Sebastian with Naomi even if it has nothing to do with love.

To be continued on Tuesday!


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