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Who killed Annabel? Episode Three

If you missed episode one and two click here and here

"I didn't kill Annabel!" barked Mr. Timothy, one of the victim's customer.

"Why should I believe you?" asked detective Alero.

"Because I can't kill an ordinary ant. I am too fragile to kill such, not to talk of a human being. It is too much."

"But you threatened to slit her throat so don't pretend." said I, Ross.

"Who told you that?" he asked angrily.

"Sarah." I replied him calmly.

"That slut!" He uttered.

"And if anything bad happens to her you'll be held responsible."

He widened his eyes. "What! I'm not a bad person. I didn't kill Annabel. We only had an argument which I said I would slit her throat but I regretted saying such words to her and I apologized later by sending her a text message."

"What did you two argue about?" Alero asked.

Mr Timothy sighed. "It was about money." he said. "To tell you the truth, I am a very hot tempered person and I do say hurtful words to people who offend me but I will never kill."

I cleared my throat before asking him a question. "Did Annabel reveal to you she was pregnant?"

"Pregnant?!! It is impossible for me to impregnate her."


"Yes because I always use protection." he said. "Annabel never told or accused me of impregnating her. I've overstayed my welcome here because you have no prove I killed her. Let me go and if there's anymore questions to ask me, you detectives will be directed to my lawyer. I'm done talking."

I was having a quick lunch with my soon to be ex wife Nkem, to discuss some vital issues regarding our divorce to be finalized quickly when detective Alero called to inform me the other customer of the victim had arrived. I had no other choice but to leave Nkem, promising to see her the next day.

I arrived to meet Chief Ejiro, a pot belled man of about fifty seven years. He looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I saw him. He didn't allow me speak first.

He said, "Detective I understand you are trying to do your job but let me be frank with you, I'm not a murderer but a Politician. I didn't kill Annabel."

Then it occurred to me where I had seen him. It was in a newspaper. He's a chairman to a local government area in the state.

I said to him, "You're a man of power and money but I'm not scared of you. If you don't tell me the truth I will locate your wife and contact the media."

His left eyebrow raised.

I continued. "A man like you won't want scandal right?"

Chief Ejiro became nervous. "I will pay you anything to avoid such scandal. I beg you."

"Are you bribing me and my partner? You do know it is against the law."

"This is not about bribing but protecting my name. I will give you any amount even if it's in dollars. "

"Dollars?" I asked suspiciously.

"Yes in dollars."

'That means you must be the person that paid the victim two thousand dollars that was found in her bag the day she died. I swear if you don't say the truth, I will arrest you."

Chief Ejiro face changed soberly. "Yes I was with Annabel three days ago to pay her off for getting pregnant for me."

Detective Alero quickly asked. "So you were the one responsible for the pregnancy?"

"Yes." he replied. "I paid her to get rid of the pregnancy which she agreed to but I didn't kill her. I'm innocent.' He sighed heavily and continued. "Before Annabel left my office after I paid her she was arguing with someone over the phone. She was crying and screaming at the person."

I glanced at my partner and back at him. "Do you know what they were arguing about?"

"Not really." he replied, "but she kept on accusing the person of betraying her and she was going over to see that person."

I asked, "Do you by any chance hear the person's name?"

"I can't really remember but it's em.. ern...ernnn.. Ono..Ono something."

Alero quickly asked. "Onome?"

"Yes!! Onome. That's the name of the person she was talking with on the phone!"

I stared at him stunned.

To be continued....


  1. I must say you are really gifted as a writer.

    Your stories spark thoughts . . .and more of crimes.

    Nice job, i hope to see one of your books!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. God bless you.

  3. Shei I talk am . Onome is the murderer


  4. miss cuteJuly 21, 2015

    Wow. I like this. Your story kept me awake by past 1am.


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