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Finding Robinson's Killer. Episode 1

Detective Ross Johnson of ‘Who Killed Annabel’ story, he is featured in this new crime story. If you have not read it, please do to understand what is going on in his personal life. Thank you.
                                                        ********                                                                                                          I, detective Ross will investigate the murder of Mr. Robinson Ajayi. I will be investigating the case alone because my palatable partner Alero Martins is on leave from work. The victim’s dead body was located inside a bush. Paramedics carried his body to the hospital at midnight, on Friday. The medical examiner who examined the body informed me the cause of death. The victim was cruelly beaten and stabbed severally on his chest with a broken bottle. He bled to death. Inside his wallet, I found some amount of money, his national ID card and his employer’s card too.

On Saturday the next day, I called the victim’s boss on the phone …

Murder in room 16. Episode six

Sorry for posting this late. This is the last episode. "Finding Robinson's Killer" episode one will be on Friday. The first episode of My first lovey dovey(lol) story will be posted on Saturday. The title is "Eternal Love (Hector&Renee)", and the chapter one of 'Unforgivable Housewife' will be posted too. Thanks everyone.
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Footsteps of my great grandmother's ghost. Episode four

Murder In Room 16. Episode five

Happy Sunday Readers!

Beautiful Family Quotes! Check them out.

Footsteps of great grandmother's ghost. Episode three

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List of some words to describe someone's voice.

Appealing: an appealing look/voice shows that you want help, approval, or agreement.

Booming: very loud and attention-getting.

Breathy: with loud breathing noises.
Brittle: if you speak in a brittle voice, you sound as if you are about to cry.
Croaky: if someone’s voice sounds croaky, they speak in a low, rough voice that sounds as if they have a
sore throat.
Dead: if someone’s eyes or voice are dead, they feel or show no emotion.

Murder In Room 16. Episode Four


These are how to detect some facial expressions. Enjoy reading!

SURPRISE: The upper eyelids and brows rise, and the jaw drops open.

FEAR: The eyes widen and the upper lids rise, as in surprise but the brows draw together. The lips stretch horizontally.

Footsteps Of My Great Grandmother's Ghost. Episode Two

Ten facial expressions explained.

I saw this and decided to share with you.

CONFUSION: An expression of confusion is often determined by the nose and forehead scrunched up, sometimes with one eyebrow raised higher than the other. Lips are typically pursed together as well, although the expression of confusion tends to be most accentuated around the eyes and nose.
SURPRISE: A look of surprise is easily identified by its widened eyes and gaping mouth. The emotion of surprise or shock is a close relative of fear. The surprised face is one of the most instinctual faces we make. Most of the time we do not constantly make the face-it is an instantaneous reaction to something. All primates, and many other animals for that matter, widen their eyes in fear or when they are spooked.
SHAME: A look of shame is an easily and universally recognized expression. It typically includes eyes averted downward with a saddened or worried appearance. The head is also often positioned to face down with a frowning or neutral mouth. When simp…

Hilarious Weight-loss Quotes with Pics. Check them out!

Check out more pics....

Footsteps Of My Great Grand-mother's Ghost. Episode one

Messages From Me. Read!

Good morning to my beautiful lollipop(lol) readers. Please if you commented through google+ I was unable to read them or reply. It is very upsetting and frustrating. You can comment with your gmail, anonymously or the other options now. Do not be angry I never replied or post them to my blog comments. It was incapable for me to do that.
Your comments and words of encouragement will give me the zeal and ginger my swagger to write more and post them for you to read. Thanks to those who sent mails to me. God bless you all.

Barka Da Sallah to the Muslims

Murder in Room 16. Episode Three

If you missed episode two click here  here
                                                                                                                                                                    Officer Rose was speechless to hear of the sudden unfortunate news about the manager's wife.  
How come? Who could have done it? Was Mr Osaro innocent of not killing the first victim in room 16? What could be going on or did he find out about the sexual relationship of his wife and the Mr Kelechi. Maybe he lied, maybe he knew his wife was unfaithful. All these were questions floating inside her head as she dashed back into the station to make the report.

Monday's Incredible hunk!

Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka popularly known as Wole Soyinka. He's my Incredible Hunk for this week for being an inspiration to me and the generation.

Murder in Room 16. Episode Two

Hello my beautiful readers I'm sorry I rarely post but I will try my best now to post fiction stories written by me more often. Please don't forget to drop your comment. That's all I ask.