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Footsteps of great grandmother's ghost. Episode three

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"Ireti!”                                                                                                                                                                                  Was that my name being called? I asked myself.
“Ireti where are you?” 
That was my mother’s voice. She’s back and it saved me. The sound of my heartbeat subsided. I opened the door of my wardrobe carefully. I saw light. My mother stood at my doorstep with her hands on her waist.
“Ireti what are you doing inside your wardrobe? Why did you break your door? What happened here?”   

I came out, standing inside my room, inhaled fresh air but I was not fully relieved.
I did not allow her finished her ineffective question. I grabbed her by the left hand. “Mum we need to leave here. This house is haunted!” 
“What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean by that? What happened to your door? Answer me!” 
I turned to look directly into her eyes. To tell her I was not joking. “Great grand-mother was here.”                                                                                                                                                                           
She was chuckling like an early morning chicken. “Is this a prank or what? Today is not an April fool’s day so stop. If you are trying to avoid being scolded for breaking your door, come downstairs with me, let’s eat and drink together.”                                                                                                                                                               
I held my mother strong and firm by her shoulder. Her eyes widened by my attitude. “You need to put yourself together. Drinking will not solve your problem.” I was angry and at the same time nervous. I needed to leave the house no matter what. I let go of my hands from her.
She dazed me with a hot slap. “Don’t you ever, ever talk to me like that. How dare you? Drinking myself to stupor is none of your damn business. Leave me alone or I will beat the crap out of you!” 
Tears filled my face. “Mom I don’t care about your lifestyle, I need to leave this house tonight.” I walked out on her, moving rapidly downstairs. I grabbed my phone on the dining table. I was racing to the entrance door with my mother following me behind. 
“Ireti what’s going on? I did not reply her. “Please talk to me!”                                                                        
I wiped my face and turned to her direction. “Your grand-mother is here to kill me. She’s here to hunt me for the maltreatment I did to her. I suffered her. Are you happy to hear that?”
 My mother's mouth was wide open. “You maltreated her?” she asked me shocked.
 “Yes I did!"                                                                                                                                                                                      
“How come?” she asked me, “When you were with her here, you abused her? Why?”             
“That is because I hated it here with her. I did not like taking care of old people, mother I want to leave.” I turned my back on her but she gripped me solid to turn me to face her. She held my clothes securely with her hands.
“How dare you?! How could you treat her in such manner? When I was your age, I took care of my own great grand-mother and that was why I gave you the opportunity to do the same.” She freed her hands off me, shaking her head. “No wonder she never gave you this house. I was stunned and confused when she passed it to me. I never knew you treated her bad and never one day did she say anything bad about you. How could you?” She burst into floating tears. 
I went to console my mother from sobbing but she pushed me away. I fell on the floor.
“Don’t you dare touch me! When I grow old with grey hair, weak and pale, will you not take care of me?” 
 I swallowed and sniffed my nose. I rose up. I didn’t have an answer to give her.
“Oh my God!” she blurted out.  Tears were all over her face. “You are heartless!”                                            
“Mom I love and I will take care of you.” 
She shook her head continuously. “You just broke my heart.”                                                                                             
Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa.                                                                                                                                                                               
My heart skipped. I raced to hold my mother. “Did you hear that?” I asked her.
She looked at me. “Hear what?”                                                                                                                                               
“Footsteps of great grandmother’s ghost.”                                                                                                                         
She hissed aloud. “How’s that possible? Just shut up!”  
Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa.
I gripped my mother with the last strength in me. My body began to vibrate. 
“Ireti.” a dead voice called my name.
I whispered and stammered to my mother. “Did he... hear my name?” 
She stared at my face dumbfounded.  The look on her face could tell something was erroneous with me. 
I held her tight, never to let her leave my sight!
Then, a terrific wave of breeze splashed at us. We fell on the floor and my phone fell from my hand.

My mother eyes were terrified, “Ireti what just happened?” There was panic in her voice. 
“That’s great grand-mother. We need to leave!”

I clutched her by the wrist to stand on our feet. We raced to the door. My hands were fidgeting with the key. I, scared to the bones could not hold myself. My mother snatched the key from me. She managed to let it open even with her uneasiness. But the door banged back forcefully, sealed. We looked at each other. We ran to the kitchen, the door bolted. Every door linking away from the living room was inaccessible! We were stuck, trapped in the living room. There was nowhere to run.                                                                                                                                         
The light went off! My heart froze. A sudden light flashed at the back of us. We turned towards it. And then we saw her. My mother halted, with her eyes poking out, she stood motionless.
My great grandmother’s body was smaller and darker. Her eyes and hair were pure white! There was sore on her forehead.  A deadly smile plastered on her wrinkled lips. She raised a cutlass and laughed.

Ha ah Ha ah Ha ah. She laughed in a strange way.
My body jerked. My eyes, face and neck drowned with endless tears. My mother fell on her knees and I joined her.                                                                                                                                                                                        
“Please forgive my daughter!” She begged on my behalf.
My great grandmother’s body floated up in the air. “Do you know what your daughter did to me?”
“She told me everything. Please mama, have mercy.”                                                                                                    
She gave a croaky, scarce laugh. She pointed the cutlass at me. “Ireti deserves death! She does not deserve pity but before she dies, I will inflict her with bruises.”                                                                                         
From nowhere an invincible cane began to whip me all over my body. I screamed out of tremendous pain, torment bounded me. I was shedding tears, pleading for the aching to stop.
“Mama I am sorry, please forgive me. I beg you mama.” I begged for forgiveness.
The invincible flogging stopped. I lay on the floor wailing out of discomfort.
My mother with hot tears continued to beg. “Mama, have mercy on me if not my daughter Ireti. I have no husband, only her. If she dies I will be left with none, nobody.”
She dropped down her cutlass. “Do you expect me to allow Ireti live? After all she did to me and will do to you when you grow old? Ireti will abandon you!”                                                                                                               
“Ireti will change.”
Her eyes turned angry! “If you think your daughter will change, tell her to confess!”
My mother facial expression turned into confusion.                                                                                                        
“Confess! Confess!! Confess!!!”                                                                                                                                                              
Those words hunted me. I couldn’t breathe properly. My eyes was aching me and my lips jiggled.                                                                                                                                                                                    
“Confess! Confess!!Confess!!!”
I covered my two ears from those words. A wobbling sound pounded underneath my skull!                          

"Ireti, please confess," My mother said. "What did you do?"
“Mother!” I shouted out from my lungs.                                                                                                                                 
My confused, teary-eyed mother held me. “Ireti, please tell me what you did."
I opened my eyes to look into her. “Before great grandmother died, I changed her medications. I gave her drugs meant for dogs. I killed her!”
To be continued….


  1. OMG!!!! Ireti is going to do same to her mother... So heartless!!

  2. miss cuteJuly 26, 2015

    Wow. That was heartless. @Temitope, please how do I create a user ID.

  3. Ewwwwww....Ireti no try but mama should forgive
    Nma's Blog 

  4. Hia. From frying pan to fire.

  5. Ah! Ireti is wicked oo.

  6. Na wa o.... Very wicked indeed.


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