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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee). Episode 14

I went home the next day after my groove on Saturday with a beautiful half-caste at my hotel. I was drained and feeble. Despite my father’s failing health, he was still able to leave the house and go to church. I was unable to join them. I called the car dealer and he assured me that the number of cars I wanted will be ready very soon. I slept for a long time and after I woke up, I stayed in doors for the rest of the day. 
I left very early to the office the next day for an impromptu meeting to talk to my father’s employees about the handling over the company to me. They were whispering among themselves and I didn’t give a damn if they thought it was too early for me to handle them all. They knew I would be their boss one day but I suspected they thought it was too sudden. My father and his lawyer were going to come over to the company later in the day. I reviewed some files, checked my emails and made some important calls.
At noon the deed was done. I, Hector Ebuka Henshaw signed the necessary documents of me taking over everything my father had. I promised him that I would never betray the trust he had for me and never will I destroy what he worked very hard for. All his money transferred to my bank accounts was going to take a short process. All my employees congratulated and cheered me up and I promised everyone a treat by the weekend.

At 2pm in the afternoon, I felt very hungry and realized I skipped breakfast. I rose up on my feet to leave the office and drive to a nearby eatery when my door opened.

I stared startled at the person in front of me who had no courtesy of knocking.

“Melissa can’t you knock?” I asked.

She walked in, sat on the chair opposite mine and crossed her long legs. “Were you doing something bad?”

My secretary ran down to my office to explain the unfortunate burst in but I told her there was no need for that and I understood. She left us to our privacy.

I remained standing and turned to my fiancĂ©e. “What do you want here?”

“I came here to ask you why you refused to tell me where you were on Saturday night.”

“You could not call me on the phone?” I asked.

“If I had done that would you have answered my question?”

“And what makes you think I will answer now?”

She shook her head and gazed at me without saying anything.

“If you don’t have any reasonable thing to say, I would like to leave the office.”

“You want to leave me here alone after I am not done with you?”

“I do not want to lose my patience, I have not eaten today and I was about to leave when you burst into my office like a peacock.”

“I will not be insulted!” she shouted.

“You are in an office and I will not like to be placed in an uncomfortable situation with your rants!”

My office line rang and my secretary informed me I had a visitor and the person was from my house. I gave the order for the person to come into my office. I ordered her to come in after she knocked. 

“Good afternoon ma.” I greeted Mrs. Alice. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Good afternoon Hector.” She said and turned to Melissa. “Good afternoon ma.” 

Melissa looked at her from her head to toe and looked away.

“Please my apologies for that,” I said on behalf of the nitwit. “What can I do for you?”

She handed over a fancy bag and I checked inside to see a food flask. 

“Your food.” she replied. 

I was amazed. “You didn’t have to do this. I do not order for food from the house when I am in the office. I eat my lunch at any eatery.”

“Your mother told me but I felt since you didn’t eat breakfast I should come with your lunch. Besides, we did not see this morning. We came after you left the house.”

“That is very thoughtful of you and I am grateful for this but you don’t need to do this again because I might not be eating breakfast for a while. My schedule this week will be very tight and that requires me to leave the house very early.”

She smiled faintly. “I understand, but bringing your lunch won’t be a problem to me.”

“I insist.” 


“How is your daughter?” I asked her. 

“She is fine.”

“That’s good.” I dropped the flask on my table and picked up my wallet. Mrs. Alice quickly hiked to the door and begged me not to worry. She bid us goodbye and left.

I sat down and opened my food flask. Inside it was hot garnished jollof rice and grilled chicken laps.

“Are you going to eat that?” Melissa asked.

“What do you expect me to do with it?” I asked without looking directly at her. “Drink the food?”

She uncrossed her legs. “I wonder why your mother always employs good for nothing people. I know that woman should be your new cook. With the money you Henshaw’s have, why can’t you employ a professional chef instead of these so called women who have no educational background?”

I refused to answer her question and began to eat my food.

“Am I not talking to you?” she asked me.

“When I finish eating I will answer you.”

Melissa hissed loud.

I stopped to eat. “If I should act for what you did, you will regret coming here.”

“What did I do?” she asked innocently.

“That woman that left here is old enough to be your mother.”

“I will rather leave your office than allow you compare my mother with a wretched human being.”

“I never compared her with your late mother.” I said to her. “In fact a respectful woman like that cannot train a daughter like you.”

Her facial appearance transformed irately. “Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?!”

I laughed inaudibly. “You can say or think whatever pleases you, I would love to go back to eat my food in peace and not in pieces.”

She hissed again but I ignored her and went back to eating my jellof rice.

Melissa watched me until I was through with my food. We talked about the upcoming wedding, the number of musicians she wanted. I informed her to order and get anything; I just wanted her out of my sight. Before Melissa left, she locked my door with the key and gave me a blow job and I promised to see her the next day after work. At 4:30pm, I was still at the office occupied with relevant assignments, I had no other choice than to call Hillary to do something for me.

“Hello my sweet bro.” she said on the phone.

“Can’t you greet?” I asked her.

“Good evening sir!”

I smiled. “Yeye girl, I want you to help me get my favorite chocolate from the supermarket. I don’t think I will be able to make it there today.”

“I don’t know if I can because I am driving at the moment and very far from the place.”

“You have to turn back and drive there.” I said. “I have a feeling they might run out of stock today. I totally forgot to buy a pack during the weekend.”

“Even if I turn back it won’t make any difference. Everything might be sold before I reach there but I will if you still insist.”

Mrs. Blessing knocked and entered my office. She gave me some files. 

“I will call you back later.” I said to Hillary.


I ended the call and read the documents. I called Hillary’s number thirty minutes later but her three phone numbers were unreachable.

“Stupid girl.” I murmured.


Mr. Henshaw had been very nice to me ever since I started working for him today. He didn’t give me any stress and he dismissed me by 5pm that I should go home and rest. I went over to the kitchen to help my mother prepare garden egg sauce before leaving her. I was through with it and about leaving when Ebube called me Mrs. Henshaw needed my attention. I ran to her and she gave me her phone to speak with her daughter.

“Miss Hillary good evening ma.” I saluted her.

“I want you to go to John’s Hart supermarket. Do you know the place?”

“No ma.”

“My mother will direct you.” she said. “I want you to get a particular chocolate called Kitty creamy. My mother will give you the money to buy two packs. It is not for me but for my brother.”

“Ok ma.”

“Did you see him in the morning before he left to work?”

“No ma.” I replied.

“If you do not buy at least one pack, don’t bother to come back to the house. He will eat you raw if you do not buy it. I would have sent Ebube but I still need her to work in the house, you are new here so your punishment might not be severe.”

Fear gripped me. 

“I will make sure I get it ma.” I said to her.

“You better!”  She cut the call.

If she was not my employee’s daughter, I would have asked her if I was the manufacturer of the chocolate. I explained everything to Mrs. Henshaw.

She described the place, told me to buy some things for her too and gave me money and my transport fare. She also warned me to make sure I bought the candy for her son.

Was her son a baby?” I asked myself. 

I was lucky there was no traffic on my way there. I arrived at the supermarket and entered. I was unfamiliar with the place so I checked the first counter but could not find any. It was when I approached the fourth counter I sighted only one pack on the upper part. I promptly marched there but as I was about to stretch to take it, a big hand quickly grabbed it. I turned to ask for it but I saw a tall man already walking away. I quickly sauntered up to him and tapped him on his back. He rotated back to my direction and I saw the most handsome man ever! A light skinned man with a peculiar brightness in his eyes. His jaw was firm and he had a pointed nose and small salivating lips but the man frowned at me.

"What can I do for you?" he asked me saucily.         
I pointed at the chocolate. "That belongs to me."     
“I was about to take it when you...” 
"Why didn't you take it first?" he interrupted me. 
I didn't answer.               
"Is it because you are not tall enough?" he asked me arrogantly.   
He was no longer the gorgeous man I admired but an arrogant punk. I asked, "What's that supposed to mean?"   
"It means you should go to the section where you are capable of reaching."    
My eyes were red. He was indirectly telling me I was short. I said to him, "With people like you this country can never progress."                    

It was my turn to make him angry.   
"What do you mean by that?" he asked me with a scorn on his face and I was prepared to make it worse.

"It means that if you are a gentleman you would kindly give it back to me." I said and looked around. "As you can see we're being watched. You do not want them to feel you are taking an advantage of an innocent girl."

The look in his sexy eyes flashed with terrific anger and I must confess I was thrilled. He handed over it to me and walked away. I returned to check for the other items I needed. After few minutes, I was through, paid and went out of the supermarket. I was heading to get a cab when a hand tapped my shoulder. I turned and was surprised to see the overconfident man again.

"Haven't you gone?" I asked.            
"Are you the one to ask me that? I want it back!"   
I was astounded at his arrogance. "You want what back?" 

"What belongs to me."         
I laughed mockingly.      
He said, "I'm willing to pay double for it."   
I shook my head. "The person who has this chocolate needs it more than you, so you better leave me alone!"

"I am not holding you!" he said.              
"So don't stop me when I walk away from you and less I forget Mr...?”
I was waiting for his name. I wanted to know his name.    
"Hector." he finally told me.             
"Mr. Hector please have some respect for women."     
"If not that I don't hit women I would have done it a thousand times on you. But you are fortunate, in fact today is your lucky day but don't expect such next time."  
"There will never be a next time." I said.            
"You can’t be too sure."     
"And what if we accidentally meet again, what can you do?"   
"It can't be accidentally but destiny to teach you how to talk to your elders. Now walk away from my sight. Nobody walks out on me until I tell them to."    
I became dumbfounded as he turned away from me, walked to his car and drove away.

To be continued….. lol


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