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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee). Episode 5

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After I woke up, I went immediately to check my parents room if they were back. After that, I was heading to the kitchen when I surprisingly saw my sister Hope at the doorway of the living room. With the facial look on her, she appeared furious.

“Hope when did you come?” I asked. “And why is there a look on your face telling me you are angry.”

She explained the drama scenario between our mother, Hillary and herself.

I laughed. “Hope you should not be mad at mom for defending or taking sides with that spoilt brat. She thinks she is still a kid. Ignore her disgusting attitude. Mom will always support Hillary because you and I know she is her favorite.”

She signed heavily. “But why is mom always doing this when dad is not in our midst but when he’s there she is nice to me. I really do not know what I have done to her. To be treated in a harsh way. Hector, mother is always hard on me.”

“Don’t worry sis, I will talk to her on your behalf.”

“Where is father?”

“I just came from his room, he’s sleeping.”

“Please inform him I came, I have to go home.”

I nodded. “How is business and Peter?” I asked her.

“Peter is doing great and business is good. I thank God for that.”

“Anyways what did you discuss with Hillary?” She told me about the hook up. “You are nice to her yet she’s after something. If only you knew.”

Hope eyebrows cocked. “She’s after what? If only I knew what?”

I touched her by the shoulder. “Ignore what I said. It’s nothing serious to ponder about. I will always have your back” I put down my hand.

“Okay, if you say so, I will call you later dear.” She hugged me and opened the door to leave.

I was not happy after I saw Hope leave. I am never happy when she is unhappy. She has always been there for me since I was a kid. I remember how she tried to defend me in school, she fought a chubby kid who was always picking on me and Hope was suspended. With my bulky bank accounts, whenever I tell my sister to give me money letting her know I was broke. All she would do was laugh, write me a cheque when she knew I was lying. She took everyone by surprise after she finished her master’s degree in Business Administration. She declined my father’s job at the company and a huge sum of money to start whatever business she wanted. Hope revealed to us that she had her own money already. She wanted to start up her transportation business all by herself. To be independent, she did it, ‘Living Hope Motors’ and today she is very wealthy. Hope my father’s jewel.

I walked towards the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice in the fridge and my favorite chocolate to lick. I loved it a lot, it has coffee aroma and tasted like butter in my mouth. Anytime I send someone to buy it for me it must be the whole pack. I was ready to fight anyone who took it without my permission at home. Because of my love for it, I have asked and even offered money for the recipe from the chocolatier working at the supermarket, but I get rejected all the time and I gave up on the matter. As I opened the fridge, my mother entered. I closed the fridge and turned to face her. As a man of my words, I spoke to her.

“Mother, I need to talk you?”

“Is it about Mellissa?” she asked me.

“This is not about her but someone dear to my heart. How can you treat Hope that way? Telling her, she was disturbing the peace of the house. It’s unfair.”

She hissed at me. “Are you done?”


“Did you just shout at me?”

“No.” I said inaudibly. “But I know why you are tough on Hope.”

She folded her hands. “Mr. know it all, can you tell me?”

“It’s because Hope has not given you a grandchild. But you have to respect her decision.”

“I, a mother should respect my daughter’s decision for having desire not to bear children? Is that not the reason she got divorced in the first place, embarrassed this family.”

“She did not embarrass me.”

“Oh please, stop defending her. If Peter really loves her, can he not persuade her? I pity those two especially your so called elder sister. Peter already has a son from his previous marriage.”

“Let her be mother, “I said. “It’s her life not yours.”

She hissed at me again and turned her back to check inside the pot on the gas.

“Do you want to cook?” I asked.

“I know you like food and you must be hungry,” she said without looking at my direction. “I just ordered from Chef Thompson. That is what we will do until Mrs. Bola is back.”

“Can’t you tell Hillary to cook?” I asked annoyingly.

“Leave my baby out of this.” she said.

“She’s thirty not thirteen.” My mother did not utter a word but walked out on me. I shook my head pithily for my lazy younger sister.

Hillary sat on her bed, deep in thoughts. She was still upset her sister had the nerve to match make a man for her. How could Hope and Peter think of such arrangement? Well, if she accepted the proposal, it could be a way to get close to Peter and he may realize she his is true and only love. She needed to let him know she has always been in love with him ever since her eyes saw him. This was the right time to get him, this was the opportunity to have him as her man.

Hope arrived home to meet her husband, seated on the long leather sofa in their living room, reading newspaper. They greeted each other and she dropped her car key and her phone on top of the center table. She sat down beside him. He asked her of the update between her sister and she explained to him what happened.

He widened his eyes. “What!” he exclaimed. “How could Hillary behave that way?”

“I was embarrassed for my kindness and humiliated by my own mother. I felt stupid.”

He rose on his feet and raised his wife up to hug her tight. She wrapped her arms round his neck.

Peter said, “I’m sorry for bringing up the idea in the first place. I never should have thought of it. Forgive me my darling.”

“It’s not your fault. I thought it was a good idea. Let us forget about it. I love you.”

“I love you more.”

Hope’s phone rang from inside her bag. She released herself from Peter and picked up her phone. She was shocked to see Hillary as the caller. She picked it up to answer and pressed the loud speaker for her husband to listen to their conversation.


“Hope, I am really sorry for what happened between us today, please forgive me.”

She didn’t say anything.

“Hope,” Hillary called her name. “Are you there?”

“I’m listening.” she replied.

“I should not have talked to you in a rude way and to your husband too, my dearest in law. It was childish of me. I am ready to meet Ibrahim. You can set up a date and let it be the four of us. Would that be okay by you?”

Hope eyes peered at her husband questionably. He gave her a nod. “Okay. I will inform Ibrahim and set up a dinner date and let you know.”

“Thank you sis.”

“You are welcome.”

After dinner, on my way to my room, my mother stopped me at my doorstep.

“Have you spoken to Melissa?”

I frowned at her question. “Not yet but I will talk to her soon and let you know about the date.”

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes mom.” I replied and changed the subject. “Have you heard any update about the cook husband's health?”

She sighed sorrowfully. “It is serious. Your father and I will visit the hospital after church to hear more about the cause of the illness and the treatment procedure. He has been transferred to a better hospital and your father will be footing the bill.”

“That’s good. I will call her. God forbid, but what if something drastic happens to her husband, do you think she would continue to work here? I can’t imagine another cook in this house cooking for you because you are used to Mrs. Bola and you trust her. ”

“If her husband dies, I don’t think she will stop working for me. She has children to take care of. I will only give her time to mourn. It’s true I trust her because she is loyal, loves God and a good woman. Apart from her, I can only eat food from a professional Chef. We have to be careful especially when it comes to the stomach. No one knows the mind of other people except your own. We are lucky to have her and it hurts me to see her in agony.”

“Well, I pray nothing bad happens.”

“Me too son, good night Hector.”

I kissed her on the cheek. “Good night mother.”

I went into my room and called Mrs. Bola, promising to see her at the hospital after my lunch with Melissa. I was still on the phone when my other handset rang. I had to press the red button to hang up in other for me to answer Weyinmi’s call.

“What’s up! Any latest on Michael?” I asked.

“Not yet chairman but I will tomorrow or next.”

“Be fast about it.” I said. “So why did you call me?”

“There is this sexy chick, an old school mate, your kind of a woman, she saw your picture on my Instagram and she wants a piece of your rod tomorrow by noon. She came in from Germany today.”

“Must it be tomorrow?”

“You don’t want to turn down a woman. Do you?”

“I have a date with Melissa. I need to see her urgently about our wedding date.”

Weyinmi chuckled over the phone. “But are you ready for that?” he asked in an astounded tone.

“Never, but my mother won’t let me breathe if I don’t.” He laughed at me over the phone. “I wish I could punch you in the face right now.”

He laughed again. “Well, if you insist but tomorrow is Sunday. You are always busy during the week.”

“I know.” I said. “Send me her picture if she’s worth my time tomorrow.”

“I will.” I cut the phone. 

In a minute, the photo entered my phone and I visualized the picture of a tall, light skinned woman with huge boobs and behind, with full sexy lips. I did not need a miracle worker to tell me I needed the babe to grace my bed. Instantly, I dialed Weyinmi’s number to inform him, I was interested and I will be waiting for her in my home the next day at noon. Melissa can wait. I will lie to her that my father needs my attention. I will cancel our date and take it to Monday.

To be continued….


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