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Eternal Love (Hector&Renee). Episode 6

I woke up the next morning and checked the wall clock for the time. It was 7am. I knew I had an appointment at noon so I will be going to an 8:30 mass. I went to my fridge to get a bottled water to drink when my phone rang. I went to grab it from the reading table to see the caller. The facial look on my face changed into an angry one because it was not who I was expecting to call, I thought it was Mellissa. I was yet to tell her of my change of plans.

 “Hello.” I said to the caller after I picked his call.

“Happy Sunday my brother.” he said.

“Happy Sunday Michael.” I replied still with a livid look on my face.

“I did not hear from you this weekend, it’s unlike you not to call me when we don’t have plans to hang out together.”

“I’ve been busy. How is business?”

“Good. I will be going to my building site at Lekki, can you come?”

I cleared my throat before answering the idiot. “My schedule for today is tight. I will give you a call during the week for us to hang out.”

“Okay cousin, I will be expecting your call. My regards to everyone, help me greet them. I will visit next weekend.”

”No problem, I will send your regards.” I wasn’t going to do that because I am not his messenger.

“Take …”

“Wait!” I cut him short of his sentence. “Are you really going to marry Ndidi?”

“Yes, I love her.” he answered me.

I gave a one sided smile on my lips. “I don’t believe she loves you.”

“Hector, you have told me this several times. It’s because you know nothing about loving a woman with all your heart. Ndidi and I love each other and we are going to get married soon.”

“Well, don’t expect me to be your best man.”

He snickered. “I like you because you always say what’s on your mind, you don’t pretend. I wish I could be exactly like you. I knew you would refuse the offer. Felix will be my best man.”

“Excellent choice, see you soon bro.”

“See you soon our chairman.” He ended the call.

Foolish man, when I see you, your life will be in jeopardy.

After the call, I dialed my fiancĂ©e number. I informed her about cancelling our lunch. She was upset but I promised her I would make it up to her at lunch tomorrow with the good news I had for her. She sounded happy and said she needed to tell me something for her to be at peace. I insisted she inform me over the phone but remained adamant to let it out when she sees me in person. I agreed and cut the call to brush my teeth and have a cool warm bath. After that, I dressed into a well-fitted brown shirt and black pants with a one thousand pounds shoe I bought for myself when I travelled a month ago. I went to my parent’s room to greet them. They were surprised I was not going to the 10:30 mass we always go together. I left the room immediately to avoid been questioned by my mother. Hillary saw me at the living room but she quickly diverted to another direction to dodge my glare and what could spill out from my mouth. Ebube ran to me and fell on her knees to greet me. I was not in the mood to answer her. I went to the kitchen to see if breakfast was ready and yes, Chef Thompson delicacy had arrived. I ate yam pottage with tasty sauce on it and diced pomo. I dashed out in my range rover and drove to church.

I came back home at 11:15 am, expecting my visitor. I was delighted to be the only one at home. I ate one of my favorite chocolate and drank some fruit juice to while away time. After twenty minutes, the gateman came to inform me an angel inside her car was at the gate asking of me. I gave him the order to let her in. When she came in, I was aroused with what she wore, a very tight short skirt showing her beautiful laps and a cropped top with red high heels. I waited no further, took her in my arms, and noticed she wore no bra. Easy access! I brought out a packet of condom but she refused at first but I maintained on using them and gave her the special treat of her life in my bedroom. I did things to her she could never forget. She made my Sunday a thrilling one too. God bless God for creating beautiful and sexy women. After our exploration, I wrote her a fat cheque for making my day and she had her bath, dressed and drove off. I showered, wore something simple, went directly to the kitchen, made myself noodles, and fried eggs. That is the only food I know how to prepare.

At 5pm, my family and Ebube came back home with some delicacy, the house cleaner carried the food to microwave for dinner in the kitchen. My mother told me she wanted to see me after she had her bath. I waited for her at the living room. She came to meet me and sat down close to me at my left side.

“Why didn’t you come to the hospital to see Mrs. Bola and her husband? She informed me you were coming to see her today.”

“I was very tired when I came home. I will call her later. How is the situation?”

She shook her head pathetically. “The husband’s health is severe. He needs a kidney transplant.”

I was shocked to hear the news. “This is very serious!”

“Yes my son.”

“You mean his two kidneys are damaged completely?”

“Yes.” she replied.

“Any donor?”


I shook my head and bow down my head. “I really don’t know what to say about this. I feel so sorry for Mrs. Bola.”

“She is ready to donate one of her own but the doctor says one of her kidneys is weak.”

“Bad news,” I raised my head to look at her and they were teary. “Mom you don’t have to cry, everything will be fine.”

My mother closed her eyes and inhaled. She opened them and glared at me. “I hope everything will be alright.”

I held her right hand. “It will.”

“I also wanted to talk to you about Ebube.” she said staring at my face.

My left eyebrow rose. “What about her? Is she leaving finally?”

She smiled. “No Hector. 

“What do you want to discuss to me about her?”

“She told me few weeks ago but I just remembered this morning that she wanted to enroll for waec and neco.”

I was surprised. “But she didn’t finish her secondary school.”

“She did my dear but no money to enroll her for the exams. Ebube said she was saving to buy the forms and now she has gathered enough.”

“Well that still makes her a school dropout, but I am pleased she is not senseless as I thought. If she can still think of going back to school no problem, I can assist her with the school fees if she is brilliant enough to gain admission into the university.”

My mother’s face brightened up. “Wow. You are going to help her?”

“Yes, if she is really serious about her education I will treat her well like a younger sister if she passes her exams.”

“That’s good to hear my son.”

“I will tell Mrs. Blessing to get her the forms. I will pay for them and don’t let Ebube know about this until I get the forms.”

“Okay.” She said. “Blessing your secretary, how many kids does she have now?”

“I think three.” I answered her.

“Her parents must be lucky to have three grandchildren from an only child.”

“Mom I will give you grandchildren. It’s just a matter of time.”

“Hello sis.” said Hilary on the phone with Hope.

“I have arranged dinner for the four of us on Wednesday at 7pm at Queen’s Royale.”

“Thank you for doing it for me. I really appreciate it.”

“You don’t need to thank me,” Hope said. “You are my sister and I want the best for you.”

“I won’t disappoint you.”

“Please be punctual.” she said.

Hillary said, “I will. Greet Peter for me.”

“I will dear.” she responded.

On Monday, Hope arrived at the company to see her father. Mr. Henshaw called her he wanted to see her for an important talk. She entered into his office and they hugged each other.

“Please sit.” Henshaw said to her. She sat down opposite him. “How is the family?”

“Good dad.”

“I won’t waste your time because you are a busy woman.” He took two different envelopes on his table and gave it to her. She opened them to check the contents.

Hope took out two long sheets of papers and read through them one after the other. ”The first one is a business deal between you and Chief Samuel Nnaji. I do not trust this deal father. It’s an illegal deal but it is worth millions of dollars. If this gets out mistakenly, it will ruin everything you have worked hard for, your money, investments and your reputation in the society will go down the drain.  Don’t take it, do not sign it.”

He smiled wholeheartedly. “I won’t my daughter. Thank you for your advice.”

She dropped the papers on the table. “The second letter reveals you are invited for a conference in France?’

“Yes by next month. It will go on for a week.”

“Why are you telling me this?” she asked.

“I want you to go there on my behalf.”

“What about Hector.”

“He will go there to start checking out booties.” They jeered into laughter. “And another main reason I want him to stay here is because I will be retiring next month.”

Her jaw dropped. “So soon?”

“I don’t need to stress myself any longer. I need a lot of rest.”

She rose on her feet to her father side. “Are you sick?”

He gave a faint smile. “I will be fine my daughter. I just need some rest and spend more time with your mother.”

“Dad I do not like the sound of your voice. Tell me if you are sick so that something can be done fast.”

“Hope I am fine. Don’t worry, if anything happens to my health I will let you know.”

She nodded. “Please, you have to let me know.”

“I will my daughter.”


“Do you have information about Michael?” I asked Weyinmi as he walked into my office and sat down.

“Yes” he replied me. “I was able to get some information from Felix. Michael has a contract. He is to purchase fifty brand new cars to the minister of Finance.”

“Fifty?” I asked amazement. “To do what?”

“Yes, fifty cars. Maybe he wants to donate them. I really don’t know the motive behind it.”

“Do you know who gave him the contact of the minister?”

“I think your dad.”

I signed. “I know the minister of finance’s personal assistant, but I wasn’t interested in getting close to him when he offered me friendship. I will call him to see if he can set up a meeting with the minister.”

“What do you intend to do?”

“Was there a written contract?”

“I doubt. Michael felt since he has been doing business with him he trusted him to pay him after the cars arrive and delivered to him.”

I shook my head. “Meaning he wasn’t paid in advance?”

“No,” he replied. “He used his own money.”

I chuckled. “That’s foolish of Michael to do and that will cost him a lot.”

“Do you know the amount he used to purchase the cars?” I asked.

“No but I will find out.”

“When are the cars arriving?”

“Next month.” he replied me.

“That’s two weeks from now.” I relaxed my back on my leather chair and thought of something. “Did you say minister of finance?”

“Yes.” he replied. “Is there a problem?”

“No. I just remembered I dated one of his daughters who married a white man this year. We broke up amicably a year ago and I still have her number. I will give a call later too.”

“Michael has invested in this deal and he’s not buoyant at the moment. He’s has a big project, a house he is building at Lekki and he gave Ndidi a huge sum of amount to start up gold business.”

I stared at him in full shock. “He did what for Ndidi?”

“I said, he set up…”

“Michael is an asshole! How could he?”

“If you know what love is all about you won’t talk like this.”

“Please don’t mention that word ‘love’ to me. I’m highly disappointment.”

“Are you saying, you can never do that for a woman?”

“Have done more than that for a woman. All I am saying is, Ndidi does not love Michael, and she is after his money. The marriage will not last. When I am able to get Michael destabilize you will see the true color of that bulldozer.”

Weyinmi gave a long laugh. “You will never change. You must have a reason to believe she is after his money.”

“I have never told anyone this before not even Hope. That slut came to my office twice to seduce me.”

“What!” he exclaimed. “Are you serious?”

“Don’t ask me pointless question.”

“Why haven’t you told Michael about this?” he asked me.

“I just don’t feel like.”

“Don’t do this to Michael. I will tell him to apologize for discussing about you with your mother.”

I checked my wristwatch for the time. It was 1:23pm. I rose on my feet. “I will send your cheque to you tomorrow. Will that be too late?”

Weyinmi rose too. “I can see I can’t change your mind. Well, tomorrow will not be too late.”

I offered him my right hand for a handshake. We shook hands and I went to the door to open it.

“It’s seems you are going out?” he asked me.

I buttoned my suit jacket. “Yes. I am on my way to see Melissa.”

To be continued….


  1. Wickedness @ it's peak!!! Weyinmi is jes an asshole...

  2. Dis family has issue... Interesting

    Check out for ur short stories

  3. Hw abt episode 7.pls waiting for it

  4. @cc... I will post episode 7 tomorrow morning. Thanks for your comment.


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