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Finding Robinson's Killer. Episode 4

I stared at his face as he walked past I and Ejiro but I called him back.

“Mr. Felix I will like to talk to you.“

He turned at me. “Can I help you?”
“Yes.” I turned to Ejiro looking at us with her two ears opened. “Please give us some privacy.” She nodded and left us. We walked away from the entrance door and went outside, close to his car.

I said. “I’m detective Ross Johnson investigating the death of Mr. Robinson Ajayi.”

He looked at me with a puzzled face and completely taken aback with his behavior. “Robinson is dead?”

“Yes,” I replied him. “Are you not aware?”
He shook his head repeatedly. “No. How was I supposed to know when I hardly know him? My parents did not tell me.”

“Where were you on Friday on the day he died?”

He glared at me in total shock. “Am I a suspect?”
“Yes.” I replied. 
“How am I a suspect when I don’t know really know him? The reason I know a little about him is because he works in my father’s company. I did not kill Robinson.”
“Can you give me of an account of where you were on Friday in the evening? Let me say as from 5pm.” 
He thought for a moment. “I was with my friends at a bar and I came home late in the evening.”
“How late?” 
He signed. “9:30pm.”
“How can I see your friends to confirm your alibi?” 
He quickly dipped his hand inside his pocket and brought out his phone. He dialed a number and called a guy name Chucks. He pressed the loud speaker before talking to his friend for me to hear their conversation. The person confirmed his alibi. He ended the call.
“I am not satisfied with that call.”                                                                                                                                              
He opened his mouth.                                                                                                                                                          
“Close your mouth Mr. Felix, I bet you don’t want flies flying in.” I said to him. He closed it and frowned at me. I wasn’t bothered. 
“Detective Ross,” he said. “I did not kill Robinson, I am innocent.” 
“Have you ever had any misunderstanding with the victim?”
He hastily answered. “No! Never.”                                                                                                                                           
I began to laugh. He looked at me with a face circled with amazement.
“Did I say anything funny detective?” he asked me.                                                                                                         
I shook my head and stopped to laugh. “You threaten to kill Robinson if he didn’t stop sleeping with your mother.” In my greatest surprise he fell on his knees, crying like a six-year-old boy caught stealing meat from the pot by his father.
“I never meant those words, I just wanted to scare him away from my mother. I am begging you detective, I did not kill Robinson, please my parents must not hear of this and my father must not know about the affair.” I told him to get up but he kept on pleading in tears. The gateman walked to us but I showed him my badge and he hiked away. 
“Your mother’s secret is safe with me. You can stand up.” He rose, cleaned his face and thanked me. I became short of words after his attitude. “You must not leave town, stay in touch.”                                              
“I will detective,” he said. I left him and called Tunde who refused to pick my calls. He sent me a text insisting I was wasting my time. 

I drove to his house and a woman I met there told me he was not around. I left there immediately and called Mrs. Ekaette on the phone. She screamed over the phone when I broke the news, I thought my ear drums were going to burst. She told me there was no way her husband could kill Robinson because he was out of the country for the past one month and he was not yet back. I became confuse on what to say or even think. I ended the call, there was to need to see her. I went to a restaurant for lunch and went back to the station. When I got there, an officer informed me Tunde came looking for me that he had gone because I was unavailable and will give me a call later. I went into my small office and sat down. I miss my partner, if detective Alero Martins was around she would probably keep me company and give her opinions about the case. My phone rang and it was Tunde calling me, I pressed the green button to answer.
“Good afternoon detective.” He said.                                                                                                                                    
“So you have the nerve not to pick the calls of an officer of the law?”                                                                      
“I am sorry about that, it was not intentional. I was busy with a female client.”
“That’s your business.” I spat out. I was pissed at him. “You came to the station and you couldn’t wait for me?”
                                                                                                                                                                                            “I had an appointment and I’m sorry I could not wait. Detective Ross you have to understand that Robinson and I were friends. I could never have done something bad to him because of a woman.” 
“Where were you on Friday in the evening?” I asked.
“I told you, you were wasting your time because I travelled to the village to see my mother and I came back on Saturday morning. I didn’t kill Robinson.”                                                                                                                       
“But you could have sent someone to do the job for you.” 
He laughed. “I can’t spend money for someone to get killed. I will see you at the station on Tuesday morning if you still insis…” I ended the call. I had better things to do than listen to him. I went to my boss to let him know how the investigation was going. I went back to my office to give Nkem a call, telling her if she does not sign the divorce papers I would die. She laughed it off and insisted I come home to work on the marriage but I declined the offer and ended the call and switched off my phone. At 4:35pm, I prepared to go home when a female detective informed me someone was looking for me. Behold, I was stunned to see my visitor.                                                                                                                                                                
“Miss Ejiro what can I do for you?” I asked her after the detective left us alone.                                                 
“I have to talk to you,” she said in a wobbly voice. I looked into her eyes and they were red and sore. I thought she must have been crying so hard and how was it possible for her to be emotional to someone she despised and treated anyhow she liked.                                                                                                                                  
“Please sit down.” I said and she did. She wiped off her face with her handkerchief and cleared her throat.
“I have a confession to make.” She said. 
 I blinked my eyes. “Did you kill Robinson?”
She shook her head. “No. I a…am…I was having an affair with Robinson.”
My eyes gawked at her in full shock. “I don’t understand. Someone told me his girlfriend’s name was Linda, meaning he was cheating on you with different women and also double dating.”
“My English name is Linda.”
To be continued… 




  1. Dis is gttn crious... can't even guess Wu d murderer is!!!

  2. Owwwww why did u pause here ...
    Getting more serious

  3. I guess you're trying to put everyone on suspense. Nice though

  4. Wow.
    Carina you are so good at these crime stories

    Nma's Blog 

  5. I guess you a fan of horror movies yea?had to go through rhe previous storiesto understand better..come back and finish up oo


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