Saturday, August 08, 2015

Premier League Starts Today!!!

As a true lover of football and a certified Liverpool fan, I am excited, thrilled and pleased to have the Premier League back on. My club was able to buy incredible players like Benteke, Ings, Firnino and the others. Congrats to the new vice captain James Milner, although I wanted Skrtel. I will miss Steven Gerrard, my number one footballer.

Read Steven Gerrard’s message to the Reds from his Instagram’s page:
I just wanted to wish the Reds the very best of luck for the season ahead, all my ex-team mates and to the new boys that have signed I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting one. I will be watching every match over here I can. #YNWA

I was almost in tears reading this. Steven Gerrard #Legend

Man Utd vs Tottenham
Bournemouth vs Aston Villa
Everton vs Watford
Leicester City vs Sunderland
Norwich City vs Crystal Palace
Chelsea vs Swansea City

Arsenal vs West Ham United
Newcastle United vs Southampton
Stoke City vs Liverpool! *dancing skelewu* lol

West Brom vs Manchester City

If you are a football fan, what is the name of your beloved club?


  1. Am a chelsea fan, but now am thinking of following my boo, peter cech to Arsenal. Lol

  2. @Vivian...oK dear.

    @Mimi...Lol, Arsenal will break your heart. Lol

  3. Sunshine stars is presently on top of the league table, with Enyimba on the 2nd position. Who will win this edition of the Nigerian premier league...

    Let's talk about our Nigerian League too... habaaa!
    *SmileS* Proudly Naija *Winks*

  4. @Ugo...Lol well I hope sunshine wins the league. Correct bobo!

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  6. @Kumar.. Thank you very much. Greetings!

  7. Thank God my hubby doesn't like ball.


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