Friday, September 11, 2015

8 facts you might not know about Watermelon

1. Watermelon does not only quench your thirst, it can also quench inflammation that contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, and colon cancer.

2. Every part of a watermelon is eatable, even the seeds and rinds.

3. Watermelon is grown in over 96 countries worldwide.

4. In Japan and China, watermelon is a popular gift to bring a host.

5. In Israel and Egypt, the sweet taste of watermelon is often paired with the salty taste of feta cheese.

6. Over 1,200 varieties of watermelon are grown worldwide.

7. Watermelon is an ideal health food because it doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol, is high in fiber and vitamins A & C and is a good source of potassium.

8. Watermelon is a vegetable. It is related to pumpkins and cucumbers.

When last did you eat watermelon? As for me, it was yesterday. 


  1. Though am not a fan but overtime I have learnt to love it. The seeds are too much now to chew it? Nah

    I took water melon 4days ago.

  2. last Friday
    Will still eat one this evening

  3. I love water melon... I just recently learnt to eat it with its seed; very healthy.

  4. yaaay! i was still preaching to someone to always eeat the seed.i ate the last in my fridge yesterday.

  5. watermelooooon!!! yummy!!!!!! for decor, beads and cakes

  6. watermelooooon!!! yummy!!!!!! for decor, beads and cakes


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