Monday, September 21, 2015

Contact lens.. How safe is it?

I started using medicated glasses when I was in Jss1. I was supposed to start using it in primary five but my dad felt I was very young. I will be visiting an optician this week for a test and get another pair of glasses.
I have not been wearing glasses for the past three years now but I have to start using them now. I am also thinking that I should go for medicated contact lens. How safe do you think it is? Has anyone used it before or know someone that went for contact lens instead of glasses.


  1. Hi carina, I wear glasses as well but wen i need to go to sone places n dont want ti be seen as a nerd, i use my medicated contact lenses. Contact lenses are relatively safe. Just make sure your hands are clean before wearing and before taking out the contact lenses. If ure instructed to discard after 3months pls do. As eye infection isnt a joke. Ive suffered it enough to say this.


    Touch Of P!nk

  2. I only use contact lens for fashion ooo.

  3. Wow, this lens are just too pretty and all your tips and tricks about contact lens are amazing !
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