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Guest Post: Why I don't think there is a God.

This is not written by me!! Find time and read it. This is written by a blog reader Kelvin Ohiri.

Have you ever taken your time to ask why am I a man or a woman? Why didn’t I choose my gender? Is it possible that I was somewhere and made the decision before being born? These may sound childish but they hold a vital answer to the bigger picture.
Before now I could not answer these questions, yes at least not until I became a scientist. One may ask are there scientists in Nigeria? Sure there are. You are meeting one right now.
I began my early life as a catholic, following in the footstep of my mother and elder siblings. My father at the time was a traditionalist and was indifferent about Christianity. Soon I would become an altar boy and get very close to reverend fathers. I now was in love with God and the euphoria of heaven. I even wanted to be a priest myself.
In December 2006, I went to a Sunday mass as Catholics call it and I had an epiphany. I heard a priest say something quiet controversial. He said ‘let’s live our lives as best as we can and serve God, so when we die if there’s God well end up with him and if there isn’t God we would have lost nothing’. My eyes widened. I could see the skepticism in the priest. The doubts all over him. Like Donald Trump would say to the reported from fox news ‘I can see the blood coming out all over her, from her eyes and everywhere’.
After the mass, I approached the priest and we had a long conversation. What I realized was the priest was no less an atheist as I was. He was just passive about it and continued playing along. Afterwards I’ve spoken with two more priests who’s names I won’t mention here and three pastors. I also had a private session with an Islamic imam in Ibadan two years ago.
When I began my atheist activism late last year, a few people asked me what I have to gain. Well, I swore an oath to myself to know the truth, teach the truth and preserve the truth. Something I picked up from my almamata. Everyone deserves to know and understand as much as the can. They need to access the right information. Ask questions and be clarified. The very fact that you are not allowed to ask questions during a sermon is rather military-like. We are to accept the teachings and doctrines hoot line and sinker without a single doubt. That is unacceptable to me.
Every week I’ll answer puzzling questions that may have struck your mind at some point but you may just have shoved it under the carpet and said ‘only God knows abeg.’
One more thing, I want to appeal to everyone reading this to be civil and not use an offensive approach towards my views.
Today, I will set out to answer the creation question, the question of if I say there is no God so who made us, how do we exist?
Let’s start from what we know, we’ll gradually work our way to what we don’t know. What we know is an account from the bible where God created the universe, day and night, separation of rivers from land, sea creatures, birds, wild beasts, and then finally Adam first then eve.
The order of creation is no coincidence. Take a look at it, the bible says it happened in seven days. And each day held a unique event. I might have occurred to you that the bible is an old book. The writers who claimed inspiration from God obviously only knew the preexisting technology around them at the time. For instance, you don’t hear of aeroplanes, helicopters, cocaine, smoking, gay marriage, internet, television and the like in Johns prophecy or anywhere in the bible at all. The writers obviously had some crude knowledge of science and knew the simple food chain so they could easily say that’s the order it came. For instance, if a goat eats only grass, its only obvious that the grass existed before the goat, else how would the goat feed? So, the land had to be apart from the seas for land animals and sea animals to exist independently, smaller animals had to come first, and so on, in the same logic the man had to come before the woman. Well that’s rather controversial just like the controversial ‘hen and egg who came first question.’ Anyway, that’s not my point, my point is if the writers knew what we know now that story would not be as oversimplified as it is. It’s noteworthy to add at this point that even the Catholic Church accepts evolution.
Straight to my answer, I’ll start with how do we exist?. How does something exist? Think about it for a second. The first thing that comes to your brain is someone must create it. Good, but that’s not all. One day, I watched my cousins’ play, one of them took onions and chopped it, the other took garri and mixed it with the onions, soon they added salt and pepper, and then sugar and water. Now, they dished it in a plate and left it on the table. By the time my sister returned, she saw it and thought someone made it and tasted it, and liked it and started eating it. Then it struck me. To her, I mean my sister someone intelligently designed the food because it tasted good and she was only present at the prepared state. Same as we. Since we’re only present now, now in the preparation process we are so quick to think that a marvelous God intelligently made us and as such we are good. That is not a truism. There are two ways we can exist, by intelligent design or by chance. Yes, chance. Is it a wonder that voila you are a Nigerian, an Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa, tall, short, dark, in a rich family, or male or female? It’s all chance, it’s a geographical accident. In fact the very fact that you’re a Christian or Muslim my largely be because of your geographical location.
If we were made intelligently then why would we have vestigial organs? In other words, why would we have organs like the appendix, which are useless? Which were useful at some point in our evolutionary tree.
We share so much similarity with animals because we evolved from them. Here I’ll take my time to explain Darwinian evolution. One may ask why we humans are not evolving into some other creature or why are there still apes since we evolved from them. Evolution is a rather slow drift that takes millions, even billions of years. Picture a goat that lives in say Victoria Island and had five kids. Suddenly the goat is moved to Mushin and has to live in a slum. Now, survival of the fittest comes to play and its kids may have to struggle to survive. If two of them dies, the other three would now possess genes for better survival. If for instance, there are wolves in Mushin who are their predators, and wolves can’t see the color white clearly, the three kids if they discover that when the run to an area painted white the wolf leaves, they would likely give birth to white goats. That’s evolution, now where it gets extreme is where say in Mushin all food is kept in high places to avoid the goats from reaching them say on their fences. Now, the goat would try all it can to solve the problem and if it can’t, his kids, a few would like develop either height or longer necks. That’s evolution. Note, that if there are other goats in Victoria island, and in paradise, they would remain normal goats and have no need to evolve. Evolution occurs out of pressure to survive and the selection process is non-random in the sense that it selects better traits for survival. One may ask if black men are more evolved that white men. Well, that I don’t know.
It may be hard to accept that a gorilla was once your cousin.   
Next time I’ll go much further to the beginning of the existence of matter.
**** About the writer.
Kelvin Ohiri is an atheist activist and scientist. He has been involved in various research involving blood chemistry and hemoglobin. His curiosity on religion has led him into deep research into history and theology.  He believes that religion has deterred rational and creative thinking in Nigerian youths and advocates for a better approach to life centered on self-development, creativity, and self-actualization. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in protein chemistry and enzymology from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He can be reached through


  1. Sorry didn't read.

  2. carina dear i strongly believe before you post this, you read through it.

    my question to you now is, Carina are you Athiest?

    stop where the bible stops. if need more revelation and understanding, Pray to God, and the Spirit of God will reveal Great and Secret things to you.

    dear please let me know when you post "the Kingdom Episode 2"

  3. I was taught that a wise man weighs his words and views on these scale
    #Will it hurt anyone? Will it cause strife? Is it appropriate at the time and place? What good will it add to my love circle(ie my important ppl). If his views are not positive based on these, he should keep his views to himself. Today's world encourages freedom of speech and thoughts but forgets self control (knowing when to hold back views or thoughts or opinion). Thats why a muslim would try to shove his views in a christian's face and expects him/ her to understand. That's why an atheist would boldly pronounce his disregard for God before a christian and expect them to accept it. I clearly understand that the writer has a bit problem in understanding what a christian stands for and what they believe. Is it important that he publicly makes a joke of someone else's values? Christianity is not clearly understood by everyone. its practices are not public norm. 1corinth.1:27-' God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful'. Verse 21 goes on 'Since God in his wisdom saw to it that the world would never know him through human wisdom, he has used our foolish preaching to save those who believe'. So Mister Poster, if you ever choose to understand God and his existence, you need to get down that scientist throne and wisdom and knowledge of yours and he will show you himself. The moment you simplify yourself, God will simplify himself to you. But if you dont, he is Almighty and you will continue to parambulate till he, in his mercy draws you. A student who has known it all, has no use of the teacher. Until the student counts all he knows little, only then would he add more to his knowledge.
    Nevertheless, the blood of Christ was shed for everyone, including you, Mister Poster. That's why a christian would not condemn or speak in disdain to anyone because they are very important too to God. The priest you spoke to is not confused. Yes, the world makes jest of our belief of Christ's return. But check it, being a christian protects one from popular norms and wayward lifestyles etc. So if one chooses to think that Christ wont come, If he actually doesnt come, no one is at loss because you didnt smoke thus, healthy lungs; didnt live a loose sexual life thus, no HIV/AIDS; didnt steal, cheat or lie thus, no prison or Buhari's arraignment; a peaceful marriage thus, stable children and relationship. But Christ is coming and we Christians know that. We feel it in us just as a suckling baby can perceive breast milk. 1Corinth.1:18 -'For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God'. The person without the Spirit/ a non-christian does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit (Chap.2:14).
    I'd advise you keep your misunderstanding of God personal and do your researches privately because those that seek God in lowness of heart, will find him. Also for peace sake so as not to arouse angry and unfriendly words. I love you just as God loves you.

    1. Are you afraid of what you might find if you ask questions my friend? The truth is the lie everyone believes in.What is truth? and what is a lie? I leave it to you my friend, because you already feel threatened.

    2. The Bible already got this covered in Psalm 14:1

  4. @ Lucy Carina is not an atheist, I am.

    @ muna chiny well i see your understanding of wisdom is keeping quiet because you don't want to hurt your loved ones. Its about expression of what you feel is true irrespective of what people think. If for instance gay people thought that way they would'nt have the rights they enjoy now in several countries. No one is shoving his views in your face, I am explaining why I think there is no God. Now your role is to convince me since if you don't agree with me, not tell me to be foolish to believe God or not ask questions or to be passive. As for your Bible quotes, I shall address them one after the other in subsequent posts.

  5. Right before the LGBT right movement, there were homosexuals. They existed. Everyone in their own sphere. It was until one thinks his is superior and everyone has to agree with it, the movement began. I know atheists, well placed ones in the society that know that its not important to do any explaining to anyone on what they understand or believe in as long as no one imposes anything contrary on them. A wise man knows that no one needs to be explained to , if he chooses to burn his field but for the sake of the rodent that live the holes the field bears, the cows grazing, the gypsy bunking there, her wont cuz he considers them important. Its not public norm to be silent but think outside the box, silence is not weakness and infact, is power. Wisdom is not public display or words. It is simply the correct application of knowledge.Being wise is knowing how to, when to, what to, where to.

    1. That which killed Thomas Paine and caused him to be crucified, trying to convince people to see his light, that which made him a hero among Americans today, that which makes Christianity the greatest religion ever, that which also makes it also the weakest ever, That which makes the Pope liberal today in other to save Christianity. In your words "A wise man knows that no one needs to be explained to", tell that to Christians today and yourself first.

  6. @ muna chiny when you say that there is a spirit and the spirit has to explain God to me before i understand him even after reading the bible, you imply i should be blind and just believe, something you christians call faith i guess. How about i tell you that there's a giant spaghetti monster in eternity who is watching us and after we die we will have all the spaghetti we need to eat and never be hungry for all eternity, and then tell you not to ask questions and just believe since only the spaghetti monster can explain himself to you once you have faith? Its the same thing my dear.

    1. Hello Kelvin, I was exactly like you. The whole questions and all. It is very healthy, don't mind any of the others who are saying you shouldn't question what you are taught. It is really silly to say I will have blind faith, true believe come with conviction. Now what am I saying? To continue with your research and answer to all your questions, read the Grail message and then we can have a discussion. Good luck

    2. Grail message my foot! Be free thinking and rational my friend, the worst bondage and slavery in this world has come about because man enslaves his fellow mans mind with doctrines and religion of fear and little hope in this world. Read the grail if you will, but let it leave you educated and wiser, let it make you better and help you in making the world a better place for the next generation.

  7. Hello Carina, u shuldnt ve posted dis though!

  8. The kingdom of God is not for the knowledge is a waste though.

    Eid mubarak to all Muslims around the globe.

  9. To Kevin:
    Hmmm quite an interesting read, i have so much to say but alas i dont have energy to type plenty so i shall drop key points.
    1) Einstein in all his knowledge and understanding of science said "the more i study science the more i believe in the existence of a God"
    2) It is easy to say those ancient men didnt understand science but let me remind you that there are numerous inventions from ancient times that we(with all our scientific awareness) still dont understand.
    3) Complacency is a core human trait
    I see a lot of this mostly among the catholic folk and it is mostly because of how routine and mundane their idea of Christianity is, it is so easy to fall into a routine manner of doing things and forget the reason you started in the first place.
    I do not know about other religions but when you take time to study the bible you will understand that God is very patterned and deliberate in all his doings, so if we are similar to monkeys and apes it is only because the God that made us all has a pattern of doing things, there is a common belief that if it is divine then it shouldnt be explicable and that is horribly wrong, God is not an author of confusion remember.

    See ehn, I always try to steer clear of this kain talk because "the mind sees what it wants to see" I will however urge you to be mindful of how you "spread" your beliefs and opinion because if in the future you have a change of heart there will be little you can do to undo the harm and confusion you wrought in the past.....

  10. To Carina:
    I am writing under the assumption that you are christian, if you are not then i apologize, please disregard this.
    A lot of things are unclear about this world and life and existence and so on, but a few things are quite pristine of which is "if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem" because sitting on the fence or just breaking even in itself is a loss. It was a very well written article so i could see why you would wanna put it up but, "if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem" do not propagate(directly or otherwise) religious doubt and think you are not a part of the problem. Simply put "if you dont believe it, if you cant defend it then you have no business dishing it.

    1. "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost". The publisher has done no wrong my friend, by passing on knowledge. The world needs everybody, even those sitting on the fence.

  11. Theism, Athiesm, Diesm, Understand yourself first, what you are, what you aren't and what you can be, then try undersatnding someone else.

  12. Lord Kel....over time, i have come to question the theory of evolution. At some point, there is always an unexplainable point....hi

  13. Walking by the post


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