Thursday, October 29, 2015

Adele reveals she wanted to be a surgeon.

The singer, songwriter and performer revealed she wanted to be a surgeon. She said in the interview DMagazine, that it was because of the death of her grandfather she wanted to pursue a job as a heart surgeon.

Adele has confessed that she almost had a career as a heart surgeon, but that she 'gave up on it' after discovering fun and boys'

'I wanted to fix people's hearts,' she told the magazine but the singer said she 'gave up on it' when she discovered fun and the allure of boys. 'My heart wasn't in it anymore,' she said.

The 27 year old, first album, 19 - released in 2008, her mother knew her daughter had fulfilled her initial ambitions.

'I played her the unmixed version of Someone Like You,' she said.

Adele is pure and amazing.


  1. Adele is something else. When it comes to music, you see all the emotions in her as if she was actually born for it, which to me she was born for it. She doesn't just release her albums anyhow, she takes her time to make sure it's a perfect job she wants to release.

    Honestly, I see her surpassing even the combination of Beyonce and all other female musicians put together.. My own thought though.

    She has this mother like figure and doesn't seem to be bothered or worrying about life. And also, doesn't seem like she is competing with anyone.

    But this girl is amaaaaaazing.

  2. She was born to do music abeg..


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