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Hateful! An Instagram user wishes Derenle death

Some people are mean! How can you wish your fellow human being death?

Derenle posted the above picture on Instagram and he got a hateful message.
It's a free world. We can dress and behave the way we like, no one has the right to judge.


  1. Hmm, it's true it's a free world and ure nt meant to judge but lips sealed…

  2. Abegi, d person is just a frustrated being cos its obvious denrele didn't even offend him/her, I'm not a fan too and whatever he does remains HIS biz! Rubbish!

  3. That's not good. God should be the one to judge

  4. This is not good

  5. Na wa oh. Some people have mind ooo

  6. Nigerians have bad mouth, no thanks to social media giving them Avenue to talk shit

  7. Haters will always hate
    But the guy is handsome in a way shaa


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