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Photos : Check out the lady who has done 20 Plastic Surgeries To Get the perfect body.

Her name is Aleira AvendaƱo and she is 26 years old. She has a 20-inch waist, has had two nose jobs, four breast augmentations, had every single one of her teeth removed and a gastric bypass surgery.

She did the Surgeries to have the perfect body.

Does she really have a perfect body? I know she has a banging body.

Is she hotter than Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose?


  1. She is a hot cupcake. Hotter!!!!

  2. What is this? Barbie doll. All i see is plastic

  3. ...and is this the perfect body??

  4. Is this all she's got? Hia

  5. Is this all she's got? Hia

  6. Too much of efrithing is nt good...I rest my case!

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