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Sisterhood of Bloggers Award.

This is coming late and I am sorry for that. I was nominated by three wonderful bloggers, be Inspired With Mily blogPamscrib blog and Sassy mom blog I am supposed to answer one but I will answer the three of them. Thank you for nominating me. MUAH!!

The rules for the nomination are :
Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site –DONE!
Put the award logo on your blog –DONE!
Answer the questions sent to you. - I WILL BELOW!
Nominate five blogs. - OKAY!
Make up ten questions for nominees to answer. - NO PROBLEM!

Questions By Mily's blog
1. Which do you prefer, High heel shoe or flat shoe and your reason for your preference?
Answer:  High heel shoe. My reason is, I am not a tall person. I am a short girl who desires to get tall by force. I need a miracle for that ooo.

2. If you are given a chance to change one thing in your life what will it be?
Answer:  My height! But I love the way I am. God created me in his own image. 

3. What are the characteristics you want in your man.
Answer: My future prince charming should know he has be a good Christian. He must be tall ooo. I don’t want short or average, no ,no, no, my daddy will beat me…lol. He has to be hardworking, ambitious, love family and be romantic because I’m not.

4. Name your favorite verse in the bible.
 Answer:  Romans 12:9 “Love must be sincere. Have what is evil; cling to what is good.

5. What is your most embarrassing moment? 
 Answer: Can’t remember any. I do not think I have.

6. What attitude disgust you?”
 Answer: Pride, jealousy, LIES, Cheating, back biting and nagging!

7. What do you think of Milysblog?
Answer: You have a lovely blog and I do like it. 

8. What possession of yours that you can’t let go, even if your best friend needs it badly.
Answer: My talent for creating and writing stories. My elder sister won’t dare ask me cos she’s my best friend.

9. What do you think the government should do concerning these frequent sex crimes involving minors.
Answer: They should behead anyone involved in a sex crime.

10. Do you think couples in courtship should be having sex and why?
Answer: Ah! There’s no harm in trying once just to know how active your partner is. Abi I lie? Let’s be honest with ourselves ooo. There is protection to avoid pregnancy and unwanted diseases. What if the man has low sperm count or can’t perform after getting married? The woman will be the one to suffer. You can have sex with your partner jor but it can be done once or twice or thrice or maybe till you get married sef…LMAO!!! Just follow your heart abeg!

Questions by Sassy mom
1. Who is your favorite American male actor?
Answer : I don’t have a particular favorite but I love Jensen Ackles, and Jeremy Renner. 

2. Who is your favorite American female actress?
Answer: Sandra Bullock.

4. Are you a book lover? If yes what type of books do you love to read?
Answer: YES! I love to read Suspense, Crime, Forensic Thriller. I love Iris Johansen, Jonathan Kellerman, Mario Puzo,  Sidney Sheldon, Marilyn French…..

4. Do you like Sassy mom’s blog? If yes why?
Answer: Yes! She’s a very good writer and her other posts are interesting.

5. Do you like Nollywood films?
Answer: I rarely watch Nollywood movies but I like them. 
6. Do you cook or are you a take out freak?
Answer: I cook ooo. I’m supposed to have a section for cooking in my blog because I do that almost every day. Sometimes I cook seven times in a week. Yes, I am serious! I mostly cook two different soup and stew on Saturday or Sunday. Don’t ask me why or how. That’s me for you! I love cooking. It’s fun!!! I’m trying to learn how to make different snacks. I tried to make puff puff but it came out as ERROR!! I only know how to bake cake.

7. Are you single, married or in a relationship?
Answer:  SINGLE! Sassy mama, do you have anyone for me? *winks* hehehehe

8. What is your view about gays and transgenders?
Answer:  It’s a free world. Their kind of life is not my business.

9. Do you believe sex before marriage is the best? If yes why?
Answer : Sex before marriage is not the best and it’s also not the worst. Shikena!

10. Name 5 blogs you think are the best in Naija (hehe na trouble I dey find)
Answer: Na big trouble you dey find. It is hard oo because we have amazing blogs in Nigeria.
My blog, your blog, all the blogs in the world are the best. (Hehehehe)

Questions by Pamscrib 
1.What is your worst blogging experience?
  Answer: Network issue and when there is no comment on a post. Lol  

2. What are your greatest regrets?
Answer: I did not start my blog early enough.
3. What are your hobbies. 
Answer: Watching football and my favorite series, hanging out with family, playing video games, cooking, writing.
4.  What are your likes and dislikes? 
Answer: Likes- Good things that have to do with humanity.
 Dislikes- Lies, Cheat
5. How do you handle a stressful day? 
Answer: I sleep.
6. Best color? 
Answer: White
7.  Best movie? 
Answer: Don't think I can name one.

      8. What has blogging thought you?
     Answer: To be focus in what makes me happy.
      9. What’s your best fashion accessory?
     Answer : I love Bags
     10.  How do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Answer: Where God want me to be but I would love be a well known/successful Author and a film maker. Also married to an amazing man with a kid or two.
My questions.
1. What's your favorite TV show?
2. Do you love football?
3.What are your hobbies?
4.Can you cook?
5. Do you love my blog? If yes why and if no, Kilode?
6. Are you a Christian or a Muslim?
7. If the world ends tomorrow, do you think you can make heaven?
8. Do you love to read novels? If yes, who are your favorite authors?
9. Can you marry a celebrity?
10. What's your favorite sex position? *winks*

I nominate my Readers and bloggers who visit my blog. Answer!!!


  1. Hahahahah. Favorite sex position Kwa? I love u already Carina, datz if I didn't love u before. Let's be best friends joor. Lolz.
    I'm at d hospital now, will be back to answer ur questions.

  2. Hehe funny questions
    Thanks for posting dear muah

  3. U hit d nail on the head. Congrats dear.
    Topmost Tree

  4. Congrats on your nomination. Wow you Bagged three awards. Thank for posting. I will answer one and come back later for others. I love your blog, it's so organized. And your posts are always so short , straight to the point. Making it so easy to read. You are a indeed a talented blogger. Kudos to u.

    Help me, the father of my child left me because his mother hates Igbo.

  5. Interesting answers and straight to the point....let me try and answer some in no particular order.
    I'm a christian.
    I sure can cook.
    Ofcos I do love your blog.
    My favourite sex position depends on the mood...missionary atimes, rear entry if preggers, cowgirl if I want to be naughty *runs out*

  6. Questions and answers are cool

  7. Carina you are not serious oo,let pastor Lucy cash you with those answers to Mily question. Even if you have sex before marriage you can never detect if your partner has low sperm count. .

  8. Lemme answer your question
    1. I don't watch T.V
    3 . Blogging.,surfing the internet
    4 . Yes of course
    5 . Yes, I love your stories but they are lengthy
    6 . Both
    7.As the Lord pleases
    8 . Sidney Sheldon
    9.I am married already
    10.Doggy something

  9. Carina you are hilarious! Enjoyed reading your answers.

  10. Very funny


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