Friday, December 11, 2015

A female school teacher and a flower tattoo.

I was discussing with a secondary school student about her teachers when she told me one of the female teachers in her school have a colored flower tattoo on her right arm.

A tattoo? I had to ask again to be sure of what I heard. They said yes and she flaunts it well .

This is a federal school and they are supposed to have supervisors and counselors. Don't they see it?

I'm not judging her for having a tattoo but why would she expose it when she can actually wear a long sleeve shirt to cover it up in the school environment.

This is a distraction to the students because whenever she comes to the class to teach, their eyes are on the tattoo.

She talks about how she got the story before she got married.
not real photo
Is it right for a teacher to flaunt her tattoo and talk about it in class? For me it's wrong! What do you think?


  1. It's very very wrong. What legacies is she passing on to the students?

  2. It is wrong except the topic is about tattoos..

  3. It is wrong! She should take it off or cover it up with a long sleeve.

  4. Wrong. Like you said, it's distracting to the students.

  5. It's cool to have a tattoo but wrong to show it off to your students.

  6. Why should a teacher flaunt her tattoo to her students? it is very wrong for her to do that. it will distract the students


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