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(Season 1)Title: GENEVIEVE COLE. E1

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Episode 1 title: False Identity. 

The loud ringing tone “Hello” song woke Genevieve Cole at 3:10am on a Wednesday night. Her slim and hourglass figure rolled from the left side to the right and she grumbled on top of her bed. She was angry with the caller disturbing her precious sleep she was enjoying. She decided not to pick the call and went back to close her eyes. She had a photogenic face and an elegant nose. Her ebony skin was smooth and spotless. 

There was silence in her bedroom.

Genevieve muttered  “Thank God”

It rang again for the second time. She rolled over to the left side to carry her android phone on top of her lamp table. She pressed the red button without glancing at the name or number of who was calling. She wanted to switch it off but decided not to, it was unnecessary. She dropped the handset back on the table and relaxed her back on the bed to doze off. 

Before she could shut her drowsy eyes, the phone rang again for the third time. She rose up and sat on her bed. She glanced at her brown leather wristwatch she always wore to sleep. It was 3:15am.

She took her phone and pressed the green button to answer. “Hello.”

“He..hello,” a  female trembled voice said. “Am I..... I speaking to detective Genevieve Cole?”

“Yes,” she replied softly. “Who is this?”

“My boyfriend is going to kill me tonight.”

“What!! What did you just say?”

The caller sniffed her running nose. She was crying over the phone. “I said my boyfriend is going to kill me tonight. He threatened to end my life today and I.. I want you to save me, please detective.”

Detective Genevieve uplifted from her bed. “Where are you?” she asked and walked towards her wardrobe to change her red and blue poker dot pajamas to something simple.

“I’m in my house.” She said still crying. “I am so scared.”

“You need to calm down okay. I want you to lock yourself in your house and do not open the door for anyone except me. What is the name of your address?”

“He is inside my house already. Michael is inside my house.”

“Oh my God! Where are you exactly?”

“I am inside my bedroom. He locked me inside and I think he’s going to get a weapon in the kitchen.”

“I want you to stay calm and do not panic,” she said. “I want your address.”

“What if he kills me before you come?”

The detective licked her lips. It was a sign of her getting nervous. “I will be there very soon.”

Genevieve searched for her car key in her room but could not find it. She had already worn a blue jacket because of the cold weather. She was in a hurry and there was no need to search for a trouser. Her pajama’s pants were okay for her. She took her pistol from the lower drawer of her dressing table and decided to check her living room for the car key.

“Are you there?” she asked the caller after the silence.

“I stay at no 23 Allen Pat Street along Lealman road,” she said, still weeping. “My room number is 7.”

“I know the place,” Genevieve said and sighted the key on top of her center table. She grabbed it. “I am coming but I want you to stay on the line with me, don’t end the call!”


She came out from her two bedroom flat and entered her car. “Did the two of you quarrel?”

“We had an argument before going to bed and he woke me up this night to accuse me of cheating. I didn’t but he won’t believe me. I told him I won’t follow him to travel again. We are supposed to travel to Ghana later today and our flight is by 9:30pm. He got angry and threatened to end my life this night. He is really angry with me and I love him very much.”

Genevieve drove out from her residence and entered the road. “I will be with you in ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes?!” she started to cry very loud. “Detective, he is coming! I can hear footsteps.”

“Don’t end the call!”

“He is opening the door with the key! Oh my God! I am going to die!! Please..yo…you have to help me!!”

“Please do not cut the call! I am already on my way!!”


Genevieve heard two gunshots. The phone was still on but she could no longer hear the voice of the female caller. She quickly parked her car at the corner of a road, ended the call and dialed the phone number of a colleague to let him know what was going on and they should meet . She gave him the address and the room number. Detective Oscar informed her he was going to alert the paramedics to go there too. She put her hands on the ignition to turn it on but she could not. Her hands were shaking. Genevieve burst into tears.

Seventeen minutes later, Detective Genevieve Cole arrived at the house and parked her car outside. She came out from her vehicle to enter the compound. She swallowed a big lump down her throat as she saw three male paramedics team bringing out a dead body wrapped with a big cloth. She was about walking towards them when she heard someone call her name.

“Detective Cole!”

She was surprised to hear the owner of the voice. He was the only one who called her by her surname.

“What are you doing here detective Leroy?” she asked as he came closer. “You should be at home.”

“Because I am a married man?”

“Your wife needs you now,” she said. “She is carrying your child.”

“Work is very important.”

“I don’t know why detective Oscar should call you.”

“Well, I am here now. Do you want to see the victim?”

Genevieve looked at him with her sad eyes. “I don’t even know her name. I forgot to ask her for her name.”

Leroy, a tall and good looking man with grey hair asked. “Don’t tell me you blame yourself for this?”

“She called me three times before I picked up to answer.”

“It is not your fault and you would not have been able to save her even if you picked the first call. Her name was Beatrice and she was shot in the head and chest.”

Her face fell. “Where is detective Oscar?” she asked.

“He is inside her apartment.”

“Did he question her neighbors? Any witness?”

“Most of them said she was a very quiet person and they knew nothing personal about her and the boyfriend. They heard two gunshots; they panicked and refused to come out. Only one aged woman said she saw a man ran after the shooting. She saw him through her window as he ran and entered into a black car and zoomed off.”

“Does she know the kind of car?”

“It was very dark for her to know.”

She nodded and asked her colleague to follow her inside the victim’s apartment.

My name is Genevieve Cole. I am a detective and I try to fight crime, murder case and be helpful to those souls that are lifeless and unable to identify their killers. I am single, will always be single. I don’t have a favorite color and I am very choosy when it comes to food. 

I am in the victim’s sitting room with two of my colleagues. Detective Oscar and I are quite close. I see him like an elder brother and we are both there or each other whenever. I respect detective Leroy a lot, he is far older with unique grey hair. Whenever I need an advice, I run to him. He is a matured and smart man. 

In the victim's mini sitting room, I looked at the pictures on the wall, I see the victim and her killer boyfriend. Their pictures are everywhere. How can she love a man with an axe and knife tattoo on his right wrist? The tattoo is glaring in most of his pictures because of the singlet he mostly wore. In the photo he took alone, he was holding a bottle of dry gin with his right hand. I took his photographs with my phone. Leroy and Oscar did the same.

“Any evidence that can lead us to the killer?” I asked detective Oscar.

“I did not see her phone but I saw a white handkerchief on the floor close to the bedroom. I have kept it in a sealed container. I am sure he never knew it dropped from him when he was running away.”

”The evidence is important, “I said. “This is absolutely a murder case.”

“You should go home and rest.” Oscar said to Genevieve after the three of them came out from the building.

“He is right,” Leroy added. “We will meet in the morning by 8am at the office.”

“I know.” she said. They left in their separate cars and went back home.


The NIB office in Delta State had different sections for detectives, from homicide to money laundering, art theft, sexual assault, domestic violence and missing persons. Homicide detectives Genevieve Cole, Leroy, Oscar and Jasmine are allocated in the same office. It was a very big room. They had their own desk and two chairs. The four of them stood to discuss the case.

“Why didn’t you call me last night?” detective Jasmine, a tomboy asked. She wore a white shirt, blue Jean and had a low hair cut. 

“I did not want to bother you.” Genevieve said. She was dressed in a black fitted suit. She faced Oscar. “Have you alerted the search unit for the hunt of the victim’s boyfriend?”

“I printed out his pictures from my phone and gave them to the search unit.”

“If we cannot locate him before 9am to 6pm today, we will go to the airport by 7pm.”


“The victim told me they are supposed to travel today.”

“What time is the flight?” detective Leroy asked.

“9:30pm.” She replied.

“Are you sure he won’t find another means to run away to another state to hide?” Jasmine asked.

“What stops him from hiding for few hours and travel to Ghana by 9:30? He does not know she told me the details.”

“You are guessing.”

Leroy and Oscar stared at each other.

“I am not guessing detective Jasmine,” Genevieve said in a firm tone. “It’s only a theory.”

“Are you concluding we should wait for the killer to be searched for?”

“Yes but you can do whatever you like,” she answered her. “We do not have a boss yet to tell us what to do.” Genevieve walked out with a big frown on her face.

She came out and stood in front of a locked office. Written on the door was “Director of NIB” but there was no one inside. She wanted to cry as she remembered her former boss who died a month ago.

“Detective Cole.” Leroy tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. “What is it?”

She replied him. “Nothing.”

He took her by her left hand and they went outside the bureau.

“I know you miss the director,” Leroy said. “All of us miss him. He was a good boss and he treated everyone equally and with respect.”

“We were very close and I miss him every day.”

“Big Freddie was a good man and I miss him too.”

“Uncle Freddie was not only my boss, he was like a father to me.”

“Then you have to continue to work hard because he believed in you. I heard we will be having a new boss soon.”

Her eyebrows went up. “A new boss?”


“But I thought the head of NIB will assign someone from our own bureau?”

“And who do you think fits the role for that here?” he asked.

“You of course!”

Detective Leroy laughed aloud. “Even if they want to make me the director, I don’t think I will accept to be the boss here. I will definitely ask for a transfer.”

“Why?” Genevieve Cole asked.

“I do not want to be the boss here because I won’t be able to control you.”

She chuckled and hit him lightly on his left arm. 
“Of course you will be able to control me.”

“You know I will not be able to,” he said. “You can see what happened between detective Jasmine and yourself.”

She shrugged and looked away from his direction. “Nothing happened.”

“I quite agree with detective Jasmine. We can’t just sit back and wait for the search team to find the killer.”

“We do not have a lead about who the killer really is.” She said. “The only thing we know about him is his name, his facial appearance and he is right handed. We don’t know his address, family and where he works.”

“This is your case and you have every right to tell us what to do. I believe in you.”

She smiled at him. “Thank you for believing in me and I also believe in you too.”

“It’s good to see you smile,” he said. “We don’t know when the new boss will arrive.”

“Only God knows when he will come. I am tired of writing reports and sending them through email to the head at Lagos. We always write the report and drop it on the desk of Uncle Freddie when he was alive. I loved his way.”

“Me too. He was a simple person. We never can tell, the new boss might be a simple and likeable person.”

“I hope so.”

10:05 am

The homicide detectives were busy going through some files in their office, when a young man came inside to let them know the victim’s boyfriend has been caught. He was seen close to an ATM machine, waiting to collect money. They placed him in the interrogation room. Genevieve told Leroy and Oscar to follow her. She did not look Jasmine’s way. 

They entered and met the man they saw in the victim’s picture. He was wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt and a black trouser. He was seated on a wooden chair.

“Why did you have to kill your girlfriend after she told you she never cheated?” Genevieve asked.

“I don’t have a girlfriend and I didn’t kill anyone.”

“Where were you between 12am and 3:30am last night?”

“In my house alone.”

“That means you have no alibi?”


Genevieve stamped her fists on top of the table in a fuming manner and pointed at him. “You killed Beatrice and you will pay dearly for it!”

“I am innocent!” he said. “I have never killed anyone before and you have nothing to prove I did it.”

Oscar spoke. “Your handkerchief was seen at the scene.”

He laughed at them. “What makes you think it is mine? I don’t know anyone called Beatrice.”

“If that is the case, I do not see any reason for you not to allow us take a blood sample to see if it’s a match.”

He glared at the detective with a scorn on his face. “You can take whatever you like.”

Genevieve walked towards his side. “I do not have to take your blood,” she said in an angry tone. She used her sharp fingernails to remove his hair.

“Ouch!!! How dare you?!” he yelled at her. “Who gave you the right to do that?”

“I have the right to do so because you gave us the permission to take whatever we like!” she said and stormed out to meet Jasmine.

“Please I want you to take this to the lab,” Genevieve said and handed the strands of hair inside a small brown cloth. “We need the result as soon as possible. Doctor Ibinabo knows what to do. The handkerchief is already with her.”

“I thought I was no longer on the case?” Jasmine asked and collected it from her.

“Of course you are on the case. I am sorry for the way I reacted earlier today.”

“I am sorry too for doubting you.”

They smiled at each other before leaving the office. Jasmine left to the lab and Genevieve went back to the interrogation room.

“I am certain the result will be out in 2 to 3 hours.” She said to the victim’s boyfriend.

“You are wasting your time detective.”

“You are very bold.”

“I am bold because I am innocent and I will sue you for assault.”

“Shut up!” Oscar uttered and took out his phone from his trouser. He checked his gallery for the picture and showed him. “Is that not you?”

He looked at it and fixed his eyes on the detective. “That is not me. He only looks like me."

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Genevieve asked. “It is you!”

“You have forcefully collected my hair for a test. Why can’t you be patient and wait for the result?”

She shook her head and opened the door to leave. Oscar followed her.
“I want you to relax and wait for the result.”

“What if it’s not a match?”

“It will be a match because we are looking at the man in the picture with the victim. Why I believe he is lying is because he said he does not know the victim before.”

“That’s strange because his pictures are all over her place.”

“I know,” he said. “Let’s go somewhere and talk about the case.”

“What about detective Leroy.”

“He will contact us when the test result comes out.”


“The victim called you to give a report about her boyfriend,” Oscar said to Genevieve as they arrived inside a diner close to the Bureau. They sat down. "What if she was lying her boyfriend was the one that wanted to kill her?”

“Beatrice told me she loved him.”

“But you don’t believe in love.”

She shrugged and placed her hands on the table. “I don’t but other people believe in love. I do not see any reason why she should lie to me. She was really scared with the tone of her voice.”

Oscar phone rang, he received the call. “I have to go now.”

“But we have not ordered anything to drink.”

He rose. “I am supposed to go to my daughter’s school for a short meeting by 11am.”

“Oh. I am sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, I simply forgot.”

“How is Yvonne?”

“Yvonne is doing fine and she always ask after you.”

“I will find time by the weekend to cook something delicious for her.”

Oscar pecked her by the chin. “She will appreciate that. I won’t stay long.”

“I will meet you at the office later.”

He gave a nod and left.

Genevieve was all alone. She never knew a dashing man seated from her left side was staring at her with his glowing and dark eyes. He had a shiny shaped beard, pointed nose and silky lips. Being handsome is an understatement; he was the definition of a redefined creature. He had an adventurous personality.
The gentleman with an attractive physique stood up and strolled towards Genevieve.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked and dazzled a friendly smile at her.

She looked at him, in his eyes. “I never told you I was thirsty.”

He sat down opposite her. She rose up immediately.

“Am I driving you away?”

“I don’t like arrogant people.” 

He lifted his left eyebrow and placed his right hand on the table. Genevieve noticed his expensive swatch wristwatch and his well-trimmed nails. “Do I look arrogant?”

“You never asked for my permission to sit here with me.”

“It’s a free world Miss…”

“I can’t give you my name.”

“My name…”

“Your name is irrelevant for me to know,” she said and walked out from the eatery. He touched his tips of his goatee. 

She went to another eatery to have a cold drink. When Genevieve arrived back at the bureau, she went to the interrogation room.

“I was about to call you.” Jasmine said.

“Is the result out?”

“It’s not a match.”

“That’s impossible!” Genevieve uttered.

“But it’s the truth.”

“I am innocent!” the victim’s boyfriend shouted.

Leroy looked at him. “What are we missing?”

Genevieve eyes were on him.

“You never missed anything, I am only innocent.”

“Give me your ATM card.” Genevieve told him.

“For what?”

“I said give me your ATM card or I will forcefully take it from you.”

He dipped his hands into his pocket and handed it over to her. Genevieve glanced at it.

“This is not possible.” she said.

“What is it?” the three detectives asked at the same time.

“The name written on it is Maxwell.”

“But the victim said her boyfriend's name was Michael.” Oscar said.

“Yes and that is why I am confused.”

“Did we miss anything?” Leroy asked.

Genevieve glared at the accused. “Take off your shirt.”

“For what?”

“I want to see your right wrist.”

Maxwell pulled off his shirt. There was no tattoo. Genevieve began to pace around the room.

“What do we do?” Jasmine asked.

“We have to let him go because we don’t have evidence to prove he is guilty.” Leroy said. “Bring the book for him to write his statement.”

She left and brought the book and a pen for Maxwell to write. He began to right his statement with his left hand.

Genevieve turned her gaze at him. “You are a leftie?”


She glanced at her wristwatch. It was 2:15pm.

“I know what you are trying to do,” she said and smiled. “You want us to keep you here to distract us from catching the actual killer.”

He blinked his eyes. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You are Maxwell and your twin is Michael.”

The detectives were shocked.

“He’s a twin?” Oscar asked.

“That’s explains everything,” she said. “The resemblance and false identity.”

Maxwell bowed down his head.

“You have to tell us exactly where your brother is or I will arrest you for conspiracy. You will end up in prison and I promise to make your life a living hell in prison. I know your brother is supposed to travel to by 9:30pm. There is still time for him to go to the airport. Where will your brother be by this time?”

“Will I still be charged for conspiracy if I tell you his whereabouts?”


He tore a plain sheet of paper, wrote down an address and gave it to Genevieve. She left with an officer. Michael, the victim boyfriend opened the door after he heard a knock. He never expected a detective at his doorstep because of the plan his brother and himself planned.
He was arrested and taken to the Bureau prison. Genevieve received a text from Jasmine, informing her they were in the boardroom for a meeting. She went to meet them and saw her colleagues seated at the last row. She joined them and sat closed to Oscar.

“What’s happening? “she asked.

“We have a new boss now.” he answered her.

“For real?”

“Yes. He just left us to receive a call and he will be back shortly.”

The new director of NIB Delta state branch sauntered inside and glanced at Genevieve. She was stunned to see he was still the same man that approached her at the restaurant.

He looked away and went to stand in front of everyone. ”Like I said before,” he said. “My name is Quincy Harvey and it is very relevant for all of you to know. I am delighted to be your new boss and I will treat everyone with love.”

Quincy gleaming, heavenly white set of teeth flashed at her. Genevieve Cole bright eyes sparkled with fury.

….To be continued.
Sunday by 6pm.


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