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Episode 8 Title: Twist and turns. (Part 1) 
Aunty Bimbo welcomed us with a heartfelt smile. She sounded very excited when I introduced her to Quincy. He felt at home with the openhearted reception my aunt and I offered him. He could not stop smiling as his eyes studied me. My aunt served us hot-pounded yam and vegetable soup with dry fish. We ate to our satisfaction and I felt good. I was very delighted to have her around for some time and I know my weekend is going to be a fabulous one with the woman who fought for my freedom many years ago. The only problem I was going to have with her was marriage issues. I know I am old enough to get married, but getting married is out of my list. I want to speak and fight for the victims that were murdered. I will have children but it will be later in future. 

After dinner, my aunt left my partner and I as we went to the living room. We did not speak to each other but watched a detective movie. After the film ended, he told me he wanted to go home. 

“Thank you for the dinner,” he said with a cute smile on his lips. ”My regards to your aunt.”

“Thank you too for coming and I will send your regards to her.”

I escorted him to his car, he gave me a peck on the left cheek and entered his car. I waived him goodbye before I sauntered into my abode.

On Monday morning, as I arrived at my workplace, Quincy dressed in a black suit stopped me from entering my office.

“We are going out.” he said. 

“Where are we going to?” I asked.
“We have a new case.”

I allowed us to reach his car and entered before I asked, “What is the case all about?”

He ordered me to take a file from the pigeonhole. I opened it, took it out and read it. It was the details of a young man named Jimmy Aderenle, a 33 years old graduating student of Delta State University. He was a very handsome man with good body physique. 

“Is he the victim?” I questioned my partner.

“Yes.” Quincy replied as he drove.

“What happened to him?” I asked in a concerned tone.

“He’s body was seen inside his vehicle close to an isolated area. He was pierced three times with a knife.”

“Was the murder weapon found?” 


“What about evidence?”

“Doctor Ibinabo’s team found none. According to medical examination, he died on Saturday.”

“So where are we heading to?”

“We searched through his phone records and the number he constantly calls is a woman. When I dialed her number to break the news, her picture showed up. I had to cut the call before it rang.”

“Why?” I asked in a mystified tone.

“You and I know the person,” he said. “She is the first lady of this state.”

I widened my surprised eyes. “Why was the victim calling the first lady constantly? Who could have given him her contact and what is an undergraduate doing with her?”

“We are about to go find out. I called the first lady's P.A with my number and an appointed as been booked.”

“Just like that?”

“I have connections Genny.”

“But you were born abroad.”

“So?” he asked. “Can’t I make friends there and beside my father knew many important people. Don’t underestimate me. There are still a lot you don’t know but I will open up soon.”

“But when?” I asked. “Time waits for no man. We have to use it wisely. I want to know the beasts behind Uncle Freddie's death.

“I know. After we crack this case, I will show you something.”

“What?” I asked curiously.

“Let’s solve this case first but what I still don’t understand is that the victim was found dead in the passenger’s seat.”

“Meaning he wasn’t the one who drove.”

“It should be the killer that drove that vehicle there and left the victim to bleed to death.”

When we arrived at the government house where governor Odaro Igho and his family stayed, two huge men dressed in black suits approached us. We showed them our ID for identification. They led us into a very large and beautiful living room. On the left wall was a portrait of the governor, his wife and two female I perceived to be their daughters. We remained standing while we waited for our host.

After five minutes of waiting, Mrs. Rukevwe Igho came in to see us. She was a chubby woman, with fine face and robust behind. There was a big gold necklace around her neck.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting,” she said with a smile on her lips. She stood opposite us. “Why does the NIB director want to see me?”

Quincy cleared his throat and introduced me to her as his partner. He said. “I will like to know your relationship with Jimmy Aderenle?”

She shrugged and there was a questionable look on her face. “Why do you ask?”

“It is very important, we have to know.”

“I am the governor’s wife and I demand to know why you are asking me about Jimmy.”

“You called him by his first name,” I said. “That tells us that you know him.”

“Jimmy Aderenle is dead,” Quincy uttered. “He was murdered.”

Mrs. Rukevwe inhaled. She stared at us speechless. Her eyes were becoming teary. “This cannot be true. Tell me this is a lie!”

“I am sorry,” I said. “He is dead.”

This time she burst out crying. “Oh God! What happened?”

“That is why we are here to find out how you knew him.

The governor’s wife quickly wiped the tears crawling on her face. She turned her back to search round, to make sure no one was coming. She faced us. “This should be between the three of us. No one must know I knew him. I don’t know anything about his murder but when you catch the killer, please don’t forget to tell me.”

“Why don’t you want your family to know about him?”

“Leave my family out of this. I am innocent.”

“Did you have an affair with him?” Quincy asked in a stern voice.

Mrs. Rukevwe eyed him. “I want you to leave my house now!! Don’t let me call the security.”

My partner pointed at her. He had a frown on his face. “Nothing will stop me from coming back if you have a hand in it. I wondered why you don’t want to talk about it but I will get to the bottom of it.”

She was about to open her mouth to talk when two young ladies hiked inside to meet their her. They were arguing over a gold necklace with a teddy bear pendant.

“Mom I did not take the necklace,” the younger one said. She should be between 18 to 20 years old. “Tell Ese to leave me alone!”

“You have my necklace,” Ese said. She should be between 23 to 25 years old. She’s very tall and busty. “Mommy, tell Gina to give me or I will beat her up!”

“You two have started again,” Mrs. Rukevwe said and glared at Gina. “Did you take the necklace?”

“No mom! I did not!!!”

“This is not the first time you have taken your sister’s necklace. Return it or I will report to your father when he comes back from work.”

“I swear, I did not take it. Ese should search very well for it. Maybe she does not know where she kept it.”

“You took it!!”

“I will buy you another one.” The first lady said.

“I don’t want another one mom,” Ese said. “That necklace is very expensive.”

Their mother sighed and turned to our direction. “Leave my house, I am done with you.”

“Is anything the problem?” Gina asked.

“No my daughter,” she replied. “Everything is okay.”

My partner and I walked away. 

We went back to the office. I was not in a good mood because we had nothing to continue the investigation. Quincy gave detective Akin an assignment to find out personal information about the victim. Akin promised to give us details in two days’ time.

At 3:30, on my way to see Quincy, I saw Jasmine coming out from his office. She was wearing a look. I knocked and entered to see him pressing his phone. He dropped it on the table the moment I sat down.

“I wanted to talk about the case before I go home.” I said.

He smiled and relaxed his back on his chair. “Please do.”

“I still don’t understand why the first lady refused to talk about the victim. When we told her about his death, she was somber but the moment you asked her if she had an affair with him, she got angry and rude.”

“I noticed it too.”

“Could it be that she was a sugar mommy to him?”

“If she was having an affair with him, that could put the victim’s life at risk. If the governor found out about it, I am very sure he will assassinate the man.”

“The governor is a suspect.”

“Let’s not conclude on that,” he said. “We have to wait for detective Akin before we move to the next step. I called one of the friends of the victim.”

“And what did his friend say?”

“He is not around but he will come here when he returns. He said I should contact the girlfriend.”

“He had a girlfriend?” I asked.


“His mates have a job, married and even have kids. He was still an undergraduate.”

“We don’t really know much about him.”

“Have you contacted his girlfriend?”

“I called her number but it was switched off.”

“How do we see her?” I asked.

“We will do that tomorrow.”

“Well, let’s wait for detective Akin.” I rose up to leave.

Quincy stood up. “Jasmine wants to have dinner with me next weekend.”

I swallowed a big lump down my throat. I never expected it because I have forgotten she was interested in him.

“You agreed?” I questioned. 

“I could not turn her down.”
“That is not a problem. Having dinner together is harmless.”

“We might go over to my place after dinner.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I just want you to know.”

I turned my back and walked to the entrance door. “I wish the two of you good luck!” As I moved outside, to the direction of where I parked my car, I thought about it and I was not angry or jealous, I just wanted to be alone and think about the case.

I arrived home to meet a delicious meal prepared by my aunt. She wanted to talk about my boss but I refused. I told her about the victim, and how I felt about not being able to catch the killer.
She assured me I would, that I should take my time and think very well.

“I believe in you Genny,” she said. “You will solve this case.”

“Thank you for believing in me.”

She hugged me and I left her to my room. I showered, wore my nightie and went to bed thinking about Quincy for the first time since I have known him. Was I attracted to him? Yes. Was I in love with him? No. He can do whatever he likes, if Jasmine is the one for him, they will be together. If we are meant to be together as a couple, he will surely wait for me. I am not in a hurry for love. If true love exists, it will find me and give me my missing rib.

To be continued… on Sunday by 8pm.


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