Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Going Shopping? Choose Jiji!

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Sometimes shopping can be tiresome, but it doesn’t happen this way if you know about the proper classifieds websites. is the biggest among those in Nigeria. It is the service which is going to save your time and money and make your life much easier. 

It is the place which has collected hundreds of thousands of offers from people all over the country. Everyone can post their adverts for free, and the result is truly impressive:
1.      510,000 active advertisements
2.      70,000 new offers every month
3.      100,000 verified sellers
4.      Over 10,000,000 monthly visitors
5.      And more than 1,200,000 calls from potential buyers.
 The website has smart interface, so it is completely comprehensible even for those who haven’t used similar services before. There are twelve categories of items and services divided into smaller groups. It guarantees your advert will fit in and you will be able to find what you are interested in for sure.
All our sellers are verified, and their reputation is confirmed by users’ feedback and reviews. You always deal with other people directly. Such possibility excludes any extra charges and overpricing, so all items here are cheaper than in any other store.
Speaking about safety, we can’t guarantee that no scammer will decide using Jiji for his own interests. However, there is a thing we can guarantee: our security systems work effectively, tracking all suspicious activity for detecting and blocking scammers. Information about all of them is added to the list of scammers available on the Jiji blog. 

We take care of your interests.


  1. Nice read and good to know. I will check the out the website.

  2. Okay.....i can consider them just because of you

  3. Jiji Ohk oo,is it like Konga and jumia?


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