Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Should Ibinabo Fribersima Serve The Five-Year Jail Sentence?

The first day I saw former beauty queen and Nollywood actress Ibinabo was in a film titled Camouflage.
I became a fan and I enjoyed watching her movies. On a fateful day, I read in a newspaper that she was drunk and hit a remarkable doctor (Giwa) to death with the car of a popular musician, Daniel Wilson. I was speechless and I felt pity for the family that lost a family member, a father to his children and a husband to his wife. This incident happened eleven years ago.

The families of the deceased were bereaved and unhappy and for that, Ibinabo must face the law. She should not go scot-free just because she is a known person in the country. 

Some individuals are saying she should not have gone into lime light or contesting elections and appearing in public shows because of the case. She is labelled an ex convict. We should not be surprised at Ibinabo for jumping back to her career, as a celeb she is expected to pay bills and take care of her children as a single mom. People forget easily that being a public figure was her job before the ill-fated accident occurred.

Truth must be told, if she was not a celeb, I am very sure the person will still be rotting in jail for killing an innocent man. I don’t know if she was truly drunk but she did not kill that man intentionally. We cannot call that murder. It is very unfortunate that the doctor died.

Now, Ibinabo Fiberesima might be facing five years jail verdict after losing an appeal to overturn her five-year jail sentence by a high court. The court charged her with dangerous and reckless driving.

Let’s not be sentimental and picture Ibinabo has an unknown personality. Won’t you say she should serve the sentence? Although, she has kids that need their mother, what about the children of the innocent man that died untimely? They also need their father and they will surely miss him greatly.

Death is an incurable disease. How I wish the dead can come back to life and you will be amazed to see how many people has left the surface of this earth. The population will be more than the living souls. No amount of money or 100 years jail term can ever bring the dead back to life.

If Ibinabo goes to jail, she will leave behind her children and husband.

If the victim was your family member, will you agree for Ibinabo to go to prison or will you forgive and let go?


  1. hmm Am confused. I love Ibinabo and I feel for the family of the deceased...

  2. Well from a report I read earlier, the family of the deceased have forgiven her. The case is between Lagos state govt and Ib. Sad she has been sentenced to five years in jail,her jail term will definitely not bring back the dead. But I believe the justice system must be upheld, to serve as a deterrent to the people.

  3. Truth must be told, let her serve the five year jail sentence. We should not be sentimental because she is a puplic figure.

  4. yes o... sentiments aside... crime na crime n justice n law is allowed

  5. I heard she was not remorseful. well, she should face the law. When she comes out from prison after five years, she will learn to drive carefully. I hope its kirikiri!

  6. Well. a legal practitioner, I will say justice was seem to be done. though the case is between her and the state it us only when the complainant says they ain't interested the state might probably discontinue the matter.

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