Saturday, April 02, 2016

18 Personalities Of A Worthy Boyfriend!

When a female tells her friends how blissful she is in her relationship, it expresses that her lover is a decent man and he treats her right! Having an amazing male partner is a blessing because he will always try to make her happy and complete. He will introduce her to his family, friends and even tell the world about her on his social media platforms.
I have listed 18 personalities of a good boyfriend. If you have a good male lover, at least he should have at least 10 to 15 of these traits I have listed below, kindly leave what you are doing and concentrate. Read!

1. A good boyfriend trusts her wholeheartedly.
2. He creates time in his busy schedule to spend time with her.
3. He cares about her family and asks after them.
4. He is not proud.
5. A good boyfriend remembers her birthday.
6. He tries to make her laugh.
7. He inspires her in a good way.
8. He respects her indoors and outdoors.
9. He surprises her occasionally with gifts.
10. A good boyfriend do not get jealous unnecessary.

11. He gets angry with her once in a blue moon.
12. He communicates frequently when he is far away.
13. He compliments her looks with beautiful words.
14. He is compassionate and friendly.
15. He is damn good listener.
16. A good boyfriend loves his girl completely.

17. Marriage crosses his mind when he is with her.
18. A good boyfriend respects his woman decision for him to give her some space.


  1. 'Happy Single Woman' you should make a post about yourself ooo and tell us why u still choose to remain single. The list is cool

  2. 2much for d boyfrnd naw___ ur fan!

  3. Na only sex guys of nowadays r good @...everyoda thing, dey r found wanting!

  4. Men won't do shit! If you give them this list, it will be like an heavy rock on them.

  5. If I hear.... Our guys (Nigerian guys o) of today don't do any.... All de know is the cookie jar

  6. How I wish Lee boo can do all this.

  7. Nice list, wish we had a whole lot of good boyfriends in this country.

  8. Nice list, wish we had a whole lot of good boyfriends in this country.

  9. I like No. 10.
    Although jealousy is a good thing in every relationship, but it shouldn't be stretched...overdone. I have an article in this...


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