Sunday, April 03, 2016

Confused Blog Reader Asks. (Go Back to Her Cheating Ex?)

Hi CJ. I love your blog. Your fictions stories are superb (a huge fan of Eternal love, Complicated and your current ongoing series. You have a good sense of humor. This is the reason for writing you. I left my ex-boyfriend I dated 4 three years becos of his cheating wicked ways. He was responsible for my upkeep and school at the university. I cut off the relationship in my final year cos I couldnt concentrate on my final exams. I managed to pay my fees with my saving. I finally graduated, lost his contacts and moved on with my life. i served, got a job with a good pay.
On a friday, going on from work, a car stopped and it was one of my ex boyfriend distant cousin! I used to see him around when I used to visit my ex boyfriend family house in Ibadan. We exchanged pleasantries and he took me home. I gave him my number and we hanged out for drinks. I purposely refused to ask after my former lover because I don’t miss him one bit. A month later of knowing each other better, he asked me out and I agreed. We have been dating for six months now and now there is a problem. He invited me for a wedding, we went together and my heart jumped when I sighted my ex. I could not explain why but the feelings I had for him came back. We didn’t talk much but he collected my phone number. He has been begging me to take him back and he is ready to marry me if I say yes. He is 36 years and my current bf is 29years. I am not getting any younger ( I'm 28). I am confused.Should I break off my relationship and say yes to him?
My reply:
I'm still thinking of what to say!!


  1. Madness in practice. Two brothers! Distance cousins my foot.ur hrt will jump on d floor very soon

  2. You need deliverance.he wants to taste your cookie and breaks up with you. Another of his cousin will come like a saint, you will fall inot his trap. They will tose you like a dice. Leave that family, focus on your job. You might be lucky someone better will come your way. Someone that is not his 'distant' cousin. SMH

  3. Goodness gracious! Can you put up with your ex's cheating ways when the chips are down? If yes, I wish you the very best.

  4. Did anyone tell u dt ur destiny is in that family? Y wud u even accept to date d cousin in d first place? Deep down, u wanted to make ur ex jealous nt like u liked d cousin n nw u r stuck! Pls leave both of dem n go for d next available relative!

  5. Pls leave the both of them.


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