Monday, April 04, 2016

Fuel Palaver!

What I Went Through!

I do not think there’s anyone in this country that does not know what is going on concerning fuel scarcity and increase in price except you are living in a desert!
Either some filling stations don’t have fuel to sell or the prices they sell can even buy half rubber of garri. Some sell from 200 to 270 per litre. This is insane especially when we voted for CHANGE for a better Nigeria! Our president is travelling up and down like an Igbo businessman selling imported (china) clothes.

Let me tell you what happened to my aunt and I. We were travelling together. Our trip was 45 minutes’ drive and she decided to buy fuel in her car before we embark on the journey. We reached a filling station at 8:30am (can’t remember the name), they were selling at the ‘normal’ price 87 naira. 
The queue we met was beyond our imagination. Chai! We had not eaten and was very hungry. I persuaded her for us to wait. The lazy fuel attendants were very sluggish like a snail. Mehn! Their shakara no get part 2. Despite we were inside the vehicle, sun scorched our skins. We were sweating like Easter chickens. 

One baba was very kind, he told my aunt to drive and stay in front of him. He came before us oh! We looked at each other stunned (for this country, we have someone like that?). We moved forward and waited patiently. We chatted, gossiped just to pass away time and when we were tired of running our mouths, we decided to see how many cars were remaining before it reaches our turn, we lost count! 

She asked if we should leave, I said "We are already in the queue, it will be difficult for us to see at normal price in another filling station."

Our fuel tank was beeping red! Before we knew what was happening, people were leaving without buying fuel. The fuel attendants left and went inside their building. My aunt rushed out fast fast from the vehicle to ask what the matter was.

“They say their generator don spoil.” Said one man who has been jumping from one place to the other asking everyone if they had a big keg for him to buy fuel.


This time around I was the one that asked what we should do.

“We have to wait.” She said. “We are here already and I heard they are repairing the generator.”

I said okay. There was nothing to buy except ice cream. We bought to clear our dry throats.

To cut the story short, we waited and waited for hours before they finally put their gen in order. The attendants were back to selling fuel. At the end of everything, our turn came and when we checked the time, my sisters and brothers, na 2:30pm! Abeg calculate how many hours we spent because we wanted to buy 3,500 naira fuel. I was angry, not at the fuel station but the government. What is happening to this country? The economy is extremely bad! I hope this fuel scarcity and high price will end soon.

Who get Buhari’s personal phone number? I don tire! No light, no money. To buy fuel and put in your gen, no way! How much do they sell fuel around your neighborhood? Have you been dealt with, just like me because of this fuel palaver?


  1. 7 hours waiting for fuel. SMH @ this country. I don't have Buhari no oo. Lol I have never experience this Kind of shit.

  2. This country don tire me. May God help us

  3. This country don tire me. May God help us

  4. It's no longer funny honestly. Only God will see us through in this country of ours

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  5. Such a situation! residents of enugu have sworn by ojukwu's beard to vote buhari out come 2019. a fact to reckon is that buhari is a nomadic fulani, so the desire to move out and far, wide, traveling is a thirst in a fulani nomad that cannot be quenched! if dem stay for a place too long their legs get itchy! LOL..... "sai baba" with a small "b" e no try at all. ur fan

  6. The situation is really critical, and the worse part is that even salaries for march have not been paid. On Saturday I was in a public bus, I observed that the driver kept mute from the bus stop I boarded his bus till over 2 kilometers. All of a sudden, he just blurted out saying, ''which kind wickedness be dis Na? No fuel, no light, pikin just de cry for night up and down cos of heat".... For Borno state, fuel Na 300 per litre and so on.... He was this mad...

    In fact, I paid him his fare and he gave me more than my expected change. When I told him he has given me excess change, the next thing he said was, '' this situation de make man forget himself, yesterday too, my wife say I forgot my birthday''..

    I was like, guy no kill yourself o, how u go forget your own birthday?

    Sadly, thats the situation for some people in this predicament we have found ourselves...

  7. e bad site we no fit on gen nor carry car komot cos all d filling stations in my area no gt petrol... change is a gradual process...

  8. My hubby left the house 8 o clock on Sunday, came back 6am cos he wanted to buy fuel. This is getting serious

  9. Not a nice time for Nigerians at all.I can't even shout. Lemme just start packing my bags, neighbouring country here I come.

  10. This is really serious. Hope the fuel scarcity will end soon

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