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(Season 3): GENEVIEVE COLE. E1

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Episode one Title: Broken Smithereens.
Genevieve Cole tongue-tied by the dazed words of the white woman. She sharply cleaned her right ear well and questioned.

“What did you say again?” she wanted to be sure of what came out from the mouth of the female stranger standing in front of her on a Monday morning.

“I said I am Quincy Harvey’s wife. By the way, where is he?”

“Who is that my love?” Quincy queried after he came out from inside to the living room. He wore a blue shirt.

His love was steaming inside in anger and dumbstruck! She opened the door very wide for him to see their unforeseen visitor.

Bridget majestically catwalk into the living room and the eyes of the Quincy pulled out. His eyes went up in flames! Genevieve was breathing very fast, same with her delicate and plain heart.

“Oh blood of Jesus!” he exclaimed in shock. “Where…what…how the hell did you find me?!”

“Hello baby,” said Bridget with a smile on her small lips and she began to march towards his way. “Did you miss me?”

“Miss fire! Don’t you dare come close to me!”
Genevieve gave him a bloodshot look, despite that tears occupied them. “She told me she is your wife! Is it true?”

He looked at her. “I can explain… I mean this is what I was trying to tell you this morning…”

“After sleeping with me last night?!” she asked dazed and tangled. “You allowed me to trust you, poured my heart, my past and my body to you before you can tell me about her? Your WIFE!! How could you be so gullible and pathetic?! Why did you have to play with my emotions after what I have been through?! Why did you have to make sure you came into my life to make me feel more pain?”

“It’s not what you think.” Quincy said in a brittle tone. “I will never bring pain into your life, You make me a happy man whenever you are with me. Genny, please give me some little time. I can explain better if you calm down and listen to me.” He sauntered at her direction.

“I will hit you if you dare come close to me! I need some space! I need time to think why I am so unlucky!”

Quincy halted, he wanted to respect her desires, if not he would not mind if she threw different blows on his face. He deserved it. “Genny, I love you. Please listen to me!”

“Don’t tell me you love me! It’s repulsive when you say those words now!”

Bridget only stared at them. She wanted to allow the two of them argue before she would speak her mind.

“You are my everything.” He said to her in a serene tone. “I’ve made mistakes and I am ready to amend them.”

“You are nothing but a barefaced liar! How could you allow me to sleep you? A married man! Oh my God!! Please have mercy on my soul!” She cried out audibly. She could not control her emotions anymore. Genevieve wept. “You used me!”

Quincy went down on his bended knees. “I did not use you my love. I am not a married man.”

“Oh yes you are!” Bridget sparked. Her eyes displayed lightening! “What is the meaning of all these? How can you lie in the presence of me, your wife? Have you lost your lost mind?”

“Shut up!!” he barked at her. “Don’t make me stand up and lose my temper on you!”

She pointed a finger at him. “I will sue your sorry ass if your finger touches me!”

“Why are you here Bridget? I don’t get it. I don’t understand this whole drama you have put me. Who put you up to this silly plan? Tell me!!”

“A certain detective Oscar located me,” she said with a big grin on her lips. “He offered me a striking deal. I had to accept because it sounded wonderful!”

Genevieve glanced at her stunned. Is this what Oscar was trying to tell me at the restaurant? She asked herself silently. Quincy was speechless to say anything to her. He rose on his feet.

The white woman continued, “I don’t know how he managed to get my contacts but he did and Oscar gave me a better offer for us to be one again.”

“What is she talking about?” Genevieve asked.

“We can never be one!” he shouted at Bridget and gazed his finger at the door. “Get out from my house!”

“I will not leave!” Bridget shouted. “This is my house too! As long as this is yours, it is mine! I am your legal wife and we married in the church!”

“We are separated for Christ sake! I have forgotten about you. We don’t love each other and you know it. I have never loved you!”

“But you once told me you loved me!”

“You wedded her in the church,” said Genevieve “And you open your mouth you never loved her? Are you really like this?”

Quincy closed his eyes and unclosed them. He stared at her. “I was very young when I met her. I thought I was in love when she asked me to marry her. As I grew older, I realized that I was infatuated by her looks. I could not even tell my father I was married at the age of twenty-two. Only my mother knew. We have been separated for the past four years now and it…”

“I can’t listen to any more of your lies! I can’t handle this, I need to leave.”

“Better.” Bridget said and laughed sheepishly. “The fact that we are separated means we are still married to each other.”

“I was going to go back and talk with my lawyer to dissolve the marriage after we solve the case.”

“Irrelevant excuses.” Genevieve said. “You made me fall in love with you, a married man.”

“I am not married Genny! We are no longer together. I was foolish…”

“Why didn’t you tell me about her?”

“I was going to.”

“After you slept with me?”

“Let me explain…”

“Keep your explanations to yourself. I am going to my room to pack the things I can for now, please do not follow me in or outside.”

“Genny please we can talk about this privately and settle it.”

She shook her head, tears dripped on her face and she walked inside.

Quincy turned his glare at Bridget. “Get out of my house and my life!”

“I will not give you a divorce.” She said and went to sit on a single sofa. “I know you won’t push me or force me out of your house. I know you are not a violent man.”

“Don’t make me turn into one.”

She cackled at him mockingly. “If you turn into a violent man, your little black slut will be the first to know.”

He got furious and smashed his right fist on the wall. “Damn you!”

“I love it when you get angry, it makes you look sexy! You can remove your shirt and appear more sexy!”

Quincy touched his fore head and shook it before he spoke. “I made a great mistake. You are a huge mistake and I will make things right.”

“The best you can do is, take me back. We don’t need a divorce.”

“God forbid! After what you did?”

“It was a mistake!”

“You said that the first time after I forgived you and you did the same thing the second time. You used me. You took my quietness and my youthfulness for granted.”

“Shut up Harvey! You talk as if I am old enough to birth you.”

“You can appear young with your numerous plastic surgeries but it doesn’t change the fact that you are eleven years older than me! You are fake!!”

Bridget frowned. His words penetrated into her skull. “Don’t insult me!"

“You this Kim Kardashian wannabe!”

She rose on her feet. “Don’t you dare compare me with that one. I find it insulting!! Jennifer Lopez is better.”

He shook his head and frowned. “Only in your wildest dream. Dream on loser!”

“We need to sit down as a couple and talk about the future. We cannot continue to fight forever.”

“We can never talk as a couple and the only way we can stop fighting is when you come back to your right senses and agree to a divorce. We separated cordially and agreed to live single. My work and you travelling up and down could not allow us divorce but we concluded we would when we are free. I know you must have dated and slept with so many men for the past four years we have been separated. You can never be satisfied! No man can satisfy you. Not even God who created you because you do make mockery of him, bashing and questioning him why he created you the way he did and that led to your unquenchable desire for countless surgeries. You became obsessed and changed so many things about your body.”

“Men drool over my body.”

“Only your body and that’s what you can ever offer men! Your body and nothing else.”

“I still love you.”

“I am older and wiser. A thirty six year old man who would make sure you go back to where you came from and leave my life for forever!”


Quincy blinked his eyes. “What did Oscar offer you? How was he able to convince you to come back and torture me?”

“Why don’t you go and ask him.” Bridget said, sat down and crossed her legs together.

“I will!” he said hiking away from the sitting room.

“Where are you going to?”

Quincy replied her by walking out with his lips sealed. He went to his room to put on some clothes without having his bath.

Genevieve came out, holding a large travelling box, her laptop handbag crossed her left shoulder.
Her partner heard her footsteps heading towards the living room and he went after her.

“You don’t need to leave. Here is safer.”

Without turning her to look at his face, she said to him. “Here is dangerous. How can I continue to live with you and your wife?”

“How many times do I have to tell you she’s no longer my wife? Please try believe and understand me.”

Bridget was standing close to the dining table, sipping a glass of Irish cream.

He added, “She won’t stay here. Bridget will lodge in a hotel.”

“And who told you that?” his estranged wife asked him.

Quincy riveted his eyes to her. “Then I will pack my things and leave the house for you.”

“It has not come to that.” She said and dropped the glass down. “Let’s talk first.”

He hissed and turned to Genevieve. “Please don’t go.”

“Don’t ever in your life call me your love! It is over between us even though it hurts me so bad. We are not meant for each other. It doesn’t change the fact that you are still a married man!” She marched out from the house to her car, got in and turned on the ignition. She drove away to an unknown destination to think about her life.

Quincy stormed out of his house in rage. Bridget tried to stop him from leaving but the color of his eyes scared the shit out of her. He entered his car and drove in full speed. He was furious at what was happening in his life at the moment. He cursed himself for not telling Genevieve about Bridget. Sincerely, he had forgotten about her because they were no longer together and that have been for long and now, he had truly felt and found real love.
How was he going to get Genevieve back ran across his head as he drove. Will she be ready to trust and take him back? The only thing that would destabilized him is if she falls into the hands of another man especially Oscar. No way! He was ready to fight for his woman’s heart. He loved her and wanted her into his life and he will do whatever it takes to make her fall in love with him again.

He arrived at the location of his office and went to park his car. He got out, entered into the NIB and refused to answer those that greeted him. He barged into the homicide detective’s office without knocking. The detectives looked stunned to see Quincy move towards Oscar and gripped his shirt, raised him up from his chair and put a blow on his face.

“You son of a bitch!” he barked at him. “How could you?!”

Detective Oscar only gave a fulfilled smile despite there was little blood on his lower lip. “I did it for the woman I love.”

He was about to mark him with another blow when Leroy stopped him by grabbing his hands and pushed him away from Oscar. Jasmine and Akin were too shocked to say a word or move an inch. This was unlike their boss. What could have happened? They thought.

“Allow him to hit me!” Oscar yelled. “I cannot wait to show my battered lip to Genevieve!”

Quincy quickly released himself from Leroy’s grip and headed to fight with Oscar. Akin had to jump up and helped Leroy hold their boss very firm. The man they called director was ready to do anything to Oscar.

“Get your hands off me!”

Leroy and Akin refused. They tried to calm him down.

Oscar laughed aloud. “I know why you are ranting and I am happy Genevieve knows you have a wife!”

“A wife?” Jasmine asked in a puzzled tone. The two detectives holding Quincy gazed at each other surprised.

“She’s no longer my wife you moron!”

He laughed again and wiped his lips with his white shirt purposely.

“You have always been jealous because Genny choose me over you. How can you make her unhappy if you really love her? You should have come to me and ask about my relationship with Bridget and I would have come clean to you.”

“It was the right thing to do. It will benefit me because Genevieve belongs to me. You should have told her yourself!”

“I was going to tell her this morning before that self-centered woman showed up in my house to cause havoc!”

“Well, I beat you to it!”

Quincy told Leroy and Akin to leave him alone. They declined because they were scared he might go after Oscar and it might end up bloody and brutal. He assured them that he was not going to lay his hands on Oscar again. They freed him.

“What did you offer Bridget?” he asked.

“That’s none of your business!!”

He put his hands on his waist and paced around the office.

“Can somebody tell me what is going on?” Leroy asked.

“You can ask the director why he lied to Genevieve!” Oscar uttered.

“Lying?” Jasmine sharply asked. “I don’t get.”

“Quincy Harvey is a married man!”

Quincy looked at the three of them, and he shook his head. “I don’t have to explain myself to anyone but Genny. I am unbalanced right now.”

“But where is detective Cole?” Leroy asked.

“She packed some of her things and left my house in anger. Please call her and find out where she is.”

“Even if I do,” he said. “I will not let you know.”


“Miss. Cole has to give me an order for me to do so. If she really left your house in anger, I don’t think she wants you to know where she is. I am sorry.”

He swallowed. “I understand. Just make sure you know where she is and I want her safe.” He left the office, went into his own, and sank on his chair. He was devastated and helpless. He thought Leroy was the right person to talk to Genevieve on his behalf but as long as he was still a suspect on his father’s case, he could not open up to him.

Who was he going to confide in? What could be the way forward about the whole saga? How will he put an end to Bridget fiasco? He covered his face with his sweaty hands.

She was all alone, buried in her thoughts in a garden. She wanted to call her mother, sister and aunt at the same time and tell them everything but she could not. She did not want her family to hate him. She refused to pick Leroy’s calls and answered Akin instead. She told him of her whereabouts but no one must know where she is, not even Leroy. Before he came to meet her, she was sad and gloomy. Her facial expression was down. She made sure no tears came down from her eyes and she felt unhappy and broken. She wanted to take her mind off Quincy but it was impossible.

Detective Oscar came and sat beside her.
“If you are here to talk about your boss,” Genevieve said softly. “Please leave.”

“I am not here to talk about him,” he said. “I am here to listen and share your burden with you.”

She gave him a look, could not hold it anymore, tears flushed out. “Am I not beautiful enough for a man to love me genuinely? You do not know my story detective Akin but I have been through a lot in my past. I avoided men because I do not want to get my heart broken. Quincy smashed it.”

He sighed and shook his head pitifully. “I am not here to defend him but Quincy loves you. I am sorry for what is going on with your life right now but you have to be strong and make yourself happy. This is an opportunity for the devil to make you depress and I don’t want that. Everyone around you knows you love and care so much about Quincy Harvey. I don’t want to talk further because this should not be about him but your feelings and happiness.”

Genevieve cleaned her face. “Thank you.”

“What are your plans now? I mean, where will you be staying? I won’t advise you to go back to your house it’s dangerous.”

“I know.” Her phone began to ring. She took it from the pocket of her trouser and checked the caller name, it was Leroy and this time she decided to answer. “Hello detective Leroy.”

“Why have you not been picking my calls? What’s going on with you? I know you have issues with Quincy but we need to talk.”

“I have nothing to talk about Leroy. I want to be alone.”

“Are you going back to your place?”


“Should I call Chisom to arrange the visitor’s room for you to stay? She will be happy to receive you.”

She smiled faintly. “Thank you but I will not be staying with you. I will be fine.”

“Will you come to the office tomorrow?” he asked.

“I will send a letter through detective Akin or detective Oscar to give to the boss. I want three days leave from the office.”

Leroy spoke. “You cannot avoid Quincy Harvey for long. He remains your boss.”

“If I can come to the office tomorrow I will. I will call you later.” 

“Let me believe you will call but do take good care of yourself.” She ended the call.

Akin asked, “Where will you stay?”

Genevieve kept quiet for few seconds before she gave him a reply. “Detective Oscar’s place.”

He widened his eyes. “This is not you thinking straight. You want to hurt Quincy?”

“I told you I don’t want to talk about him,” she said in an annoyed tone. “I think the presence of his daughter around me will make me a bit happy.”

He did not want to believe what she said. “Are you really going to stay in Oscar’s house?”

“Yes.” She firmly replied him.

He was about to tell her what happened between Quincy and Oscar at the office when she uplifted and carried her bag. “I have to leave.”

He got up on his feet. “Have you eaten today?”

“I don’t have appetite Akin. Can you do me a favor?”


“Help me write and submit a letter asking for three days leave.”

“I will do that for you.”

“Submit it to the boss and get back to me. Also, anything concerning Uncle Freddie’s case will be discussed between you and I. whatever you two discuss about it, you are the one to report the case to me.”

“Ok ma.”

Quincy Harvey left the office in the evening. He fell asleep unknowingly and woke up at 3pm. He sent several messages to Genevieve’s phone, saying ‘I love you’. Immediately she sees his messages, she deletes them. He went back home and met Bridget on his bed naked. He simply packed some of his important stuffs and went away to lodge in a hotel not far from his office.

At 6pm, Genevieve went to Oscar’s house. The nanny opened the door for her and took her belongings to the visitor’s room. Yvonne was asleep and she waited for Oscar to come home. She sent him a text to let him know she was at his place. He came few minutes later and she looked at him shocked to see blood stains on his shirt.

“What happened?” she asked and move towards him to check his lip and shirt.

“Quincy did this to me for telling you the truth! He fought me at the office but I never raised my hand on him. If not for detective Leroy and Akin I would have been dead!”

“I am sorry!”

“It’s okay. I am happy you have realized the kind of person he is. I want you to feel at home. This is your house.”

She managed to smile. “Thank you.”

Genevieve went to her room and as she tried to make herself happy, she could not stop thinking of Quincy.

Oscar had his bath, dressed and went to meet Genevieve for them to go to Quincy’s house to collect her remaining things. She agreed and followed him there. Bridget welcomed them in. She was only wearing a white short and pink bra. Genny went to her room to take her remaining things. When she came back to the living room, she spoke to Bridget.

“Where is Quincy?”

“He’s in his room sleeping. He is tired from the hot sex we had before you both came.”

She frowned and stormed out and went to enter the car. She cried uncontrollably. She never knew one of his cars was not in his compound or saw Oscar give Bridget a thumb up and she replied with a wink. When she got home, she called Akin not to bother and write the letter and that she would be in the office the next day. He was happy to hear that. Yvonne was already awake and went to give her a tight hug but she tried to be cheerful but could not.

The following day, she went with Oscar and went straight to her office with him. Quincy asked her from Akin and he reported she was in the office but looking cheerless. They talked about the case and Akin went to inform Genevieve that the director would be having lunch with Hon Ayiri during the week.

“Whatever the honorable says,” she said. “Let me know.”
“I will ma.”

Jasmine was back to her former hairstyle.  She was no longer wearing a wig. She stood at the doorpost in a suit, a bright smile on her lips.

She was talking about the gifts and care the governor aspirant was showering on her. She never cared to ask what Genevieve was passing through.

Genevieve refused to talk about her personal life with Leroy when he asked. She also made sure Quincy and her never made eye contact. She was very conscious of her surroundings and she left her work of place before closing time. She prayed never to have a case that could bring her and the director together. He’s father’s case was more than enough for her to handle.

She arrived home and was a bit happy to see Yvonne. The two of them went to the kitchen and prepared dinner. When Oscar came home, they ate at the dinning together as family. After they ate, she played with the little girl before she fell asleep.Oscar told her he wanted to see her in the living room and she joined him.

He sat down close to her. “I know you are going through a lot but I am ready to be there for you always. I have loved and cared so such about your welfare and I will continue to do so. I no longer blame you for choosing Quincy over me. I only want to be the man that will make you very happy for the rest of your life. You can see how Yvonne is excited to have you here, please don’t change that.”

She smiled. “I am grateful for helping me find the truth about Quincy’s true marital status. I really appreciate that. I will do everything I can to always put a smile on Yvonne’s face. She’s like a daughter to me.”

“Then make that happen. Be her mother.”

She raised her left eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

Oscar went down on his left knee and took out an engagement ring. “Genevieve, will you marry me?”

To be continued on Friday! Cheers.  


  1. aye ooo..... Oscar is evil, ow I dislike him ryt now!!! Genny shuld be smart jor and stop bn a mumu jare

  2. I can't believe,i was crying when I was reading the heartbreak, genny behaves like a moron at this point,y will she think of going to oscar house maybe,she has a plan,at this point she is suppose to be on her own,please don't marry oscar,he is a traitor,am suspecting Akin,in ferdie case,i believe in few months time genny will be pregnant

    Welldone aunty carina,God bless you ckj,but Friday it's far ooh, but what to do.

  3. Why shld Genevieve go to Oscar's house, she did not think about it welk at all. Oscar is so evil, i dislike him,right now.

  4. Carina dear u re so gifted n talented... Wow! d whole puzzle is coming together. I ve a feeling Geneviève will find out oscar is d one dey ve been looking for by staying in his house. Pls carina I hope there won't be any story n excuses on Friday?

  5. Carina dear u re so gifted n talented... Wow! d whole puzzle is coming together. I ve a feeling Geneviève will find out oscar is d one dey ve been looking for by staying in his house. Pls carina I hope there won't be any story n excuses on Friday?

  6. She should say no! So angry at that oscar and quincy needs to teach that masquerade bridget a lesson

  7. Hmmmm! Oh silly Quincy, who ever forgets such vital information??? Not feeling sorry for him. Genny the gullible one, ride on, as for Oscar, waste your time all you want. @ this episode, I roll my eyes. Well done Cj dearest. Thank you once again for the credit *shines teeth* very much appreciated.

  8. @ Dara.. Hey sweetie!
    @Immaculata... No excuses dearie.
    @Dragon... *hugs*
    @PearlyTee... Thank you too!

  9. Woah....long and nice....

    Cool post and this just the kinda page I like
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  10. Ckj....Friday it's over oooh.babe,do something na,desperate to read....thank you.

  11. hmmm, real nice. on to the next episode!

  12. I love this blog!


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