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(Season 3): GENEVIEVE COLE. E2

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Episode 2 Title: Making Things Right

Genevieve widened her eyes. “You want to marry me?”

“Yes. Be my wife.”

Her lips were slightly opened and nothing voiced out.

“Please say yes.”

“But I just came out from a relationship,” she finally spoke to him. She stood up and moved backwards, a bit far from him. “I can’t say yes to you now.”

Oscar got up and put on an inquisitive look. “Does that mean you will say yes later?”

She scratched her head gently with her right hand and bit her lower lip. She was under pressure with the whole situation she was passing through. Asking her hand in marriage during this difficult period was needless. It was only going to make her think more and it might result to headache and stress. The taste of her tongue was getting bitter and she thought she might be having malaria. She planned to visit a pharmacy before going to the office the next day.

He moved towards her but she stepped back. “Are you running away from me?”

“Not at all.” She said and began to head towards the door close to her room. “I just want to stay alone.” Genevieve quickly marched away, entered her room and locked her door with the key. 

Oscar carefully kept the ring back into his pocket and frowned. “I know this is because you still love that nitwit called Quincy Harvey.”  He murmured to himself. “It’s just a matter of time, you will be mine when the time is ripe.”

She went into the bathroom to have her bath in the tub. She thought of Quincy as she scrubbed her body. After few minutes, she got out to clean her body and wear her robe. She carried her laptop to watch a movie but she could not. She placed her hand on her head and thought of her ex lover.

The next morning, Genevieve got out from her bed and helped Oscar clean the living room and the kitchen. She helped Yvonne get ready for school. The renovation was completed. She later got ready for work and left alone in her car. She was not in the mood to go with him to work or allow him to know she was buying some drugs before leaving for her place of work. She drove to buy some drugs.

At the office, she pretended to be joyous in the presence of her coworkers. Jasmine wondered why but she never asked if she had gotten back with Quincy. The politician was making her happy with expensive gifts. She had a new phone, the latest iPhone and an expensive Swatch wristwatch on her wrist.

At 11:28 am, Leroy deliberately followed Genevieve when he saw her heading to the cafeteria. She didn’t take notice of him not until she sat down and he joined her.

“Were you following me?” she asked him.

“Something like that,” he said and alerted one of the male waiter to take their orders. Genevieve wanted rice, stew and snail with a bottle of Maltina. Leroy asked for two doughnuts and a bottle of coke. He left to get what they wanted. “What has been happening? You don’t want to talk about Quincy with me. I will be straight forward with you, we are no longer close.”

“It’s not what you think,” she said. “I have been very busy.”

He smiled widely. “We work in the same office. I am the one that is busy with a case detective Akin and I are working on. You and the boss don’t have a case.”

“I know but you won’t understand.”

“Make me understand. Things have really changed between the both of us. I told Chisom about it and she advised me to talk to you. Open up to me Miss. Cole, I have really missed your company.”

She smiled hard. “I have missed your company too…I … I just want to be alone for some time.”

“Have you finally broken up with Quincy?”

Genevieve heaved out a sigh before a reply. “Yes.”

The waiter came and dropped the comestibles on the table and left. 

“How is your wife?” she asked to change the subject. She began to eat.

“You are trying to change the topic but I will answer you. “She’s doing fine.”

“And the baby?”

“Kicking.” Leroy answered and he took a bite from his doughnut. He crushed the snack with his teeth and swallowed. “I am going to be a father very soon. Chisom will soon put to bed. The doctor gives her three to four weeks.”

“Please, inform me immediately she wants to have the baby.”

“I will.”

Leroy did not bother himself to probe further about Quincy. He knew she would not give him the answers to his questions. They left together back to the office but Genevieve diverted to knock on the door of her boss.

“Come in,” he said. She entered and he stared at her stunned. He was surprised and happy at the same time. He got up.

“Please sit down,” she said to him. He obeyed like a loyal boyfriend. She sat on the chair facing him.

“How are you?” he asked.

“I’m alive.” She gave him a reply in a softly tone.

He managed to give a small smile. “I’m glad you came to see me.”

“You have two minutes to explain.”

Quincy smiled and cleared his throat. “Bridget and I have been separated for the past four years. Before the breakup, a colleague to mine told me she was having extra marital affairs with different men. I never believed her, I thought she was only jealous because she wanted to have an affair with me but I refused. I went home early on this particular day and I caught the woman I wedded in church sleeping with our neighbor. I was shocked and called myself a failure. I thought I wasn’t man enough, she begged and asked for my forgiveness and I did. She promised never to cheat again and I believed her.”

“Go on,” Genevieve said. “I might add another five minutes.

He smiled and continued his explanation. “After two weeks later, I don’t think it’s was up to that. Anyways, I caught her with a teenager, a boy old enough to be her son or kid brother on our matrimonial bed.”

“What?” she exclaimed. “Was he up to eighteen years?”

“I doubt that and that time I was fed up already. She broke her promise and I could no longer be with a woman I can never trust. We agreed to separate and live a single life. She wanted to travel and explore the world and we concluded that whenever we are less busy, she should contact me and we will finalize the divorce with our lawyers. For the past four years, apart from you, I have dated only two women. The first relationship lasted only three months.”


“She did not believe in marriage. I went into the second affair, it lasted for eleven months, and that was a year ago. I have been single since then. I am not a saint Genny but you are the first and only woman I have approached when I came into Nigeria. You are the only woman I have truly loved. I really love you and I made a mistake for not telling you about her.”

“How can you forget to me? it’s strange!”

 “I know. What I meant was that, I never thought it was important and for the past few months, you have made my life wonderful. I have been so happy ever since you became my woman and it made me neglect or rather made me not to remember I was married to that kind of a woman.”

She sighed and stopped to stare at him. 

“Before Bridget came, if I had told you that morning that I used to be married but we have been separated for the past four years and we agreed to live single, would you have reacted the way you did?”

Her eyes etched him. “No. I would have queried you why you never told me at the beginning of our relationship. If you had given me this explanation, I would have loved you more. But I still don’t understand why you still slept with her.”

Quincy produced an irritated facial expression. “Slept with who?”

“Bridget of course, please don’t act innocent.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about! I rather turn gay than sleep with that… bi… I don’t want to insult her. I will never sleep with her!”

Genevieve looked at him confused. She narrated what happened when she went to pack her remaining things with Oscar.

“You went to my house with Oscar?” he asked angrily. His eyes were all-out.

“Didn’t you sleep with her?”

“Of course not!” he said in a loud and heated tone. “I was not even around! I left the house to stay in a hotel close to the office! I left with some of my things immediately I got back from work! You can go to the Meriden Hotel and asked when and the time I lodged there. They have the records. You should know the place.”

She kept quiet. 

“Why didn’t you go to my room and confront me if you knew it was true?”

Genevieve remained mute. She thought she should have done that. She should never have believed that desperate woman.

“I will never do anything to hurt you Genny, believe me,” Quincy said. “I have made a great mistake for not opening up at the beginning and I will never do such a thing if you give me another chance.”

“How can I give you another chance when you almost killed Oscar?”

“Killed Oscar” he asked surprised. “I only gave him a punch on his lips and I would do it even if you were there that day. I am not proud of what I did but I was mad! How could he go behind my back, and brought Bridget to torment my life? He is the cause of everything going on between you and I. You should know I love you so much.”

“And I love you too but… I don’t know what to do anymore. I loved my father but he wrecked my childhood. I love you Quincy but you broke my heart. I am thinking of trading my happiness for Yvonne’s own. I think she will value me for choosing to be with her father instead of the man I love.”

Quincy’s heart skipped. He speedily jumped on his feet to stay be the side of Genevieve. She rose up instantly. “This is not you thinking. Have you forgotten he is a suspect in my father’s case? Have you forgotten so soon?”

His legs were no longer strong.

“I will wait for everything to be over before I can say yes to Oscar proposal.”

“What if he is the traitor, would you give me a second chance in your life?”

“I don’t know if I can trust you again.”

He wanted to fall on his knees but she stopped him by holding his hands.

“I admit that you are my first love,” she said. “I have trust issues and I trusted you but… the trust drained when Bridget was the one to tell me you were married to her.”

“I am not a married man Genny.” he said in a low tone. He was very sad.

“I know and I have accepted it.”

“Tell me what I can do to make things right again? Tell me what I can do so that we can come back together and be one. I need you back in my life. I have not been concentrating ever since you left me.”

“I think the best thing now is for you to leave me alone.”

“Alone? I can’t Genny. Do you want to kill me?”

She released her hands from him. “Let’s catch the murderer and the traitor of your father first. I am currently staying with Oscar.”

“You have got to be kidding me!” he uttered in a shocked tone. “This is unfair!”

“Life is unfair, you were unfair to me when you never told me about your past. I want to forget that. Although, I have not seen anything to suspect Oscar but let me use the opportunity to monitor him.”

“Oscar wants to marry you, he wants to take you away from me and not hurt or kill you! What if he is innocent after we find out the truth? You will be attached to his daughter and you might end up saying yes to be his wife! Don’t be a heartbreaker please. Don’t kill me before my time. I will not be able to handle it. You want to make things difficult for me.”

“Are you blaming me?”

Quincy turned around in a destabilized motion. “What can I do to put an end to this?!” He riveted and faced her. “Tell me what I can do for you to leave his house. I will have sleepless night if you continue to stay in his house.”

“Leave me alone. I will take good care of myself.” Genevieve walked out on him.

Quincy went to his table and scattered everything on it. He was furious but he could not do anything to save the woman he loved.

Leroy went inside his boss’s office late in the afternoon. The two men were inside for close to twenty minutes and Genevieve took note of it and became curious to know what they were discussing about and after her friend and colleague came out, she informed Akin to find out from Quincy.

Genevieve took her drugs when no detectives were with her and she waited for Akin to come out but he was still inside. She was left and was about to enter into her car and leave to go home when Akin tapped the glass of the passenger’s side. She opened the door for him to enter.
“Are you going home now?” she asked.


“Did you bring your bike?”


She turned on her ignition. “I will take you home. I only need your address.”

He thanked her and described his house for her.

“What did detective Leroy and Quincy Harvey talked about?”

“The director said I should inform you that, Leroy came to tell him, he no longer needs a transfer anymore.”

She gazed at him dazed. “He no longer wants a transfer again?”

“Yes ma.”

“Are you for real?”

“Yes ma.” He replied again with the same response.

“What is Leroy up to? I mean, I don’t understand him anymore. If really he is the traitor, he has betrayed me. He knew the kind of relationship I had with Uncle Freddie before he was killed. I don’t want to conclude on anything until I find answers. Maybe I should go and live with him instead of Oscar.”

“I think Oscar’s place is safer for you.”

“At lunch, he asked if I was no longer with Quincy and I said no and after that he goes to tell the boss he no longer wants a transfer. What is he planning? I will talk with him.”

“With who?”

“Leroy of course!” she said. “I will talk to him as if I don’t know anything about him cancelling his transfer. I want to hear what he will tell me. I will never forgive him if he is the traitor!”

She marched the turtle hard and speeds off.

After two days, of going to the office and avoiding the eyes of her boss, on Saturday Genevieve planned to visit the home of Leroy in the afternoon. She wanted to take Yvonne out for some shopping, and take her home and leave.

Quincy had an appointed with the governor aspirant Hon. Ayiri at a hotel. The other candidate Tega Oghenetega called that he wanted them to hasten the preparation for the award show. He wanted to show appreciation to the detectives. 

He promised to send him the details before the end of the new week coming. As he drove on a busy road to see the honorable, he noticed a black car following him. He peeped at his side mirror and saw it was a man wearing a cap driving the wheel. He was unable to see his face clearly. Quincy decided to increase his speed as he turned to the left direction and saw few cars on the road. The black vehicle slowed down and stopped following him behind.

He arrived at the location, called the personal assistant to the honorable and a young black man came to get him, and took him to meet the man contesting for governor. They shook hands and sat down. Ayiri was not a good-looking man with a fine face but he dressed polished. He ordered for a very costly wine and an exquisite meal.

“I am grateful you honored my invitation,” Ayiri said in a baritone voice. “It tells me, you are a good man.”

“Thank you sir,” Quincy said. “I will like to know why I am here.”

“We will drink the wine and eat first.” A waiter brought them, she opened and poured some wine into the glasses and left. The men took a sip from the wine. They began to eat from the food.

“I hope you are enjoying the food?” he asked Quincy after they had eaten half of their food.

Quincy nodded. “Yeah.” He thanked him after they have finished eating. The waiter came to clear the plates and cleaned the table neat.

Ayiri rubbed his neck before he spoke. “I am aware you are the replacement of Freddie Arinze. You took over his office after he died.”

“That is correct sir.”

“He was a friend,” he said. “We used to be classmates in secondary school but we lost contacts after we finished. It was the period my sister was kidnapped we got in touch with each other.”

“I am very sorry about your sister. I was told the case was never solved.”

“No one really knows what happened. I feel miserable whenever I remember her. We were very close.”

“It’s a tragedy to lose a family member.”

“Yes it is,” Quincy said in a low tone. “I have been there.”

Ayiri relaxed his back on the chair and took a napkin to clean his mouth. He dropped it back. “Allow me to call it a rumor; I heard you are the son of Freddie. One of my boys is a friend to one of your detectives. Is it true?”

He was proud of his father and there was no need hiding it anymore. “Yes and what is the name of this detective?”

“I can’t remember the detective’s name. It’s not relevant now that I have heard the truth from the horse’s mouth. Your father never said anything about you. I am happy he did not die without an heir.”

“Why am I here sir?”

“I want the case of my sister’s case reopened. I want to be able to find out what happened to her. She was my favorite sibling. I heard you work with an intelligent female detective. You two can work together and I believe you and her will solve the case.”

“My father was unable to solve it, why me?”

“I am sorry to say this, your father was weak and slow at that time and that was the main reason I quarreled with him.”

“Allow me to call it a rumor, I heard that the last time you saw him at his office, you left in anger.”

The governor aspirant laughed aloud. It irritated Quincy but he refused to show it on the outside.
He stopped to laugh. “Yes it is true and I have regretted it.”


“It was the last time I saw him. I travelled and before I came back, I heard he was no more.”
 You trying to build an alibi, Quincy thought to himself silently. If you are guilty, I will surely get you.

Ayiri said, “I am willing to compensate you if you crack the case.”

“I will search for her file, read what my father was able to find out and get back to you.” He stood on his feet.

“Are you leaving?” He asked surprisingly. 

“Yes sir.”

“So soon?”

“I believe why I am here is concluded.”

“Well, you are right.” He ordered his bodyguard to give him what he kept for him. The big looking dude with a broad chest, dressed in a black suit, handed over his chequebook. Ayiri took out a piece from it, wrote a huge amount, and gave it to Quincy. 

“I can’t accept that sir.”

“But why?”

“Let me solve the case first before I can take anything from you. Thank you sir.”

“If that is what you want, no problem.” He put the cheque down, stretched forth his hand, and shook him again.

At 2pm, Genevieve arrived at the home of Leroy. He was surprised to see her and received her warmly. He appeared happy and he offered her to sit down. He asked for what she wanted to eat and drink but she declined. He still went ahead to get her a glass of cold water and fruits for her.

“Where is your wife?” she asked.

“She went to the hospital but she will soon be back.”

“Why didn’t you take her there?”

“She insisted she wanted to go with a friend and I let her be. She also wanted me to rest.”

“That’s means you have been very busy,” Genevieve said. “How is the case you are working on with Akin?”

“Well, we have not been able to solve it but we will.”

She waited for a while before she asked, “When are you relocating? Is it after the birth of your daughter?”

“Oh no! I am no longer relocating. I should have told you about it but we have not really talked like we used to do.”

“Chisom has agreed to allow the both of you stay?”

His eyes blinked and he quickly rubbed his fore head. “Yes.”

“What were her reasons?”

“I never asked her but I think she knows I am happier here at the NIB. It will be a bit difficult to adapt to a new environment.”

“Hmmm… I understand.” She drank from her glass of water. 

“I don’t think you have made the right choice.” Leroy said.

She swallowed more water, removed the glass cup from her mouth and held it. “What choice have I made?”
“Breaking up with Quincy Harvey,” he replied. “I think he truly loves you.”

“I know and I have never hidden the way I feel about him. I… I am disappointed that he could hide something like that from me. I trusted him. When I trust someone and he or she breaks that trust it will be difficult for me to trust that person again. I love Quincy, I don’t know the future. I don’t know if we can be lovers again. Right now, you are the only one I trust, we have come a long way Leroy and we should treasure our friendship.”

He smiled. “I trust you too. I know we have been distance for a while now but I appreciate you for coming to see me and my family.”

“I know you will never hurt or betray me and I will never do the same to you.”

He came towards her and touched her on the left shoulder. “I will never do anything to make you sad. I can never hurt you Cole. If you don’t know, you are my best friend and sister.”

She wanted to talk, to ask him why he lied to her but it was going to spoil the investigation. His phone rang. It was on the center table and he got up to pick it. He looked his phone and stared at Genevieve.

“I have to take this call, I will be right back.” 

“Okay.” she said and he left. Genny was tempted to stand up and follow him quietly to listen to his conversation but it was risky for her to do. She decided to stay where she was. Leroy came back after three minutes to meet her and he held his car key. “Are you going out?”

“I am very sorry. The call I had was very important.”

“Is your wife okay?” she asked to get information about the call.

He shrugged. “This is not about my wife. She should be on her way home. I am sorry for leaving you.”

“That means I have to leave.”

“You don’t have to,” he said. “Please, wait for Chisom. Feel at home.”

“If you say so.”

Leroy smiled and went to give Genevieve’s forehead a mild peck. He walked to the arrival door and left. She was curious. She waited for close to five minutes and rose up to check his room. She quickly went inside and searched for the master’s bedroom. It was unlocked, the door wide open. She thought, maybe he forgot to lock it because he was in a hurry to leave. Detective Cole was nervous; she prayed never to find anything that could link Leroy with Uncle Freddie’s death. She searched on top of his table, wardrobe and even his leather bag, and found nothing. She was a bit relieved but her conscience wanted her to search more. She looked around attentively and noticed the table had two drawers. She moved hastily to check inside. She opened the left one, and it was empty. When she unlocked the second, she heard the horn of a car. His wife was back. Genevieve checked inside and saw some papers and she used her hand to see if there was any other thing. Her eyes captured some white envelopes, there were close to four, but suddenly she heard the entrance door open. She speedily closed the drawer gently and ran out. When she got to the door leading to the living room, she cautioned her step and strolled in. Chisom was not startled to see her.

“Leroy said you were waiting for me,” she said and dropped her handbag on a single chair.

“Yes. I went to check for the visitor’s bathroom

She pointed to a door in the living room, at the right side. “That is the visitor’s bathroom.”

“Oh! I never knew.”

“It’s okay,” she said and sauntered to her direction. “I hope you are okay now?”

“Yes I am.” Chisom and Genevieve hugged each other. She excused herself and went to have her bath. She came out and asked Genny to join her in the kitchen. We cooked, chatted and ate together. I was not able to wait for Leroy. I thanked his heavily pregnant wife for her hospitality and went home to meet Oscar and his daughter.

What were the contents written inside those envelopes? Genevieve asked herself severally before she slept off.

The following day, Genevieve and Yvonne came back from church at 12:05pm, Oscar had prepared food for them but he was not home. She and her colleague’s daughter ate and watched Cinderella. It was Yvonne’s favorite cartoon. Quincy called her four times but she refused to pick. He wanted to see Genevieve and give her some flowers.

He sent her five messages.

‘I will make things right again. I believe we are going to come back together and we will spend the rest of our lives forever’

‘Bridget will not TEAR US APART. I will see her and make a deal to leave me alone’

‘You are my friend, partner, and lover’

‘I will marry you and make you my wife’

‘I love you’

She read them.

Genevieve wiped the rainy tears that fell down her cheeks. She didn’t want Yvonne is see her eyes watery. She muttered. “I love you Quincy. Please make things right, so that I won’t make a big mistake.”

“Are you talking to me?” Yvonne asked innocently.

She drew her closer. “No darling. I hope you are enjoying the cartoon?”

“Yes Aunty Genevieve!” she said in an excited tone. “I can’t wait for the prince to see Cinderella!”

“Me too!” The two of them giggled.

After dinner at 7pm, Oscar was not yet back. Yvonne later went to her room to sleep because the next day was school. Genevieve waited for Oscar to arrive. He came home at 9:55pm. He was holding a very big bag. She noticed a small part of a white material and wanted to ask what was inside but she kept her mouth shut. She did not want to appear nosy.

“I am sorry I came late.” He said. “Please forgive me.”

“You don’t need to apologize to me.”

“I want to.”

“It’s okay, I forgive you.”

Oscar said he ate in an eatery and she should wait for him to have his bath. She waited in the living room and he came to and sat by her side.

“I am ready to do anything for you. Please Genevieve.”

Genevieve knew what he wanted to discuss with her again. She did not want to prolong the conversation. She said, “You know I just came out from a relationship,” she said. “Give me time to heal.”

Oscar sighed. “How long?”

“Three months.”

“I will wait.” He said in a serious tone.

Deep in her heart, three months, a year or forever, was not enough. Quincy Harvey was the only man that truly had her heart.

To be continued on Tuesday. I love you guys!!


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