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(Season 3): GENEVIEVE COLE. E3

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Episode 3 Title: Resolution, Sonia, Emotions
As early as 6am in the morning on a Monday, Quincy Harvey who was no longer wearing a bandage on his neck left his hotel room and drove to his house. He tried to open his door but it was locked. He banged the door hard and Bridget dressed only in pant and bra rushed out from the bedroom to check who was knocking loudly. 

“Who is that?” she asked.
“It’s me!! Open my door!”

She recognized his voice, and she agitated. She turned around, thinking of whether to go back to the room. Bridget was not alone in the house. She took a deep breath and turned back to unlock the door. He made his way in. His eyes were very red.

“What took you so long so open?” Quincy asked and stared at her body with an irritated look written on his face.

“I was… I was in the bathroom.” She replied in a shaky voice. 

“Go put on some clothes,” he said. “We need to talk!”

“Talk about what?”

He pointed to the direction leading to his room. “Go and put on some clothes!!”

“Calm down Quincy! You don’t need to shout. I can hear you perfectly well!”

“Who is that honey?” a young and very slim guy with tattoos on his chest came out to meet them. He was stalk naked.

“What the hell is going on in my house?” Quincy asked shocked to see another man in his abode, and must have been coming out from his bedroom. He quickly took out his phone from his pocket. “Stay where you are! The both of you must not move an inch!!”

The slender man was stunned and confused. “Are you married?” he asked Bridget. “I asked you who he was when I saw his picture on the wall, and you said he was your business partner!”

“Shut up Andrew! Go to the room and wear your clothes!”

“Not if he wants to go to jail!” Leroy yelled and opened the camera of his phone. He said to the man. “Stay put, I am the director of the NIB. If you make a step, I will arrest you!”

“I am sorry sir!” he uttered and covered his manhood with both hands. He was afraid, thinking he had slept with another man’s wife.

“Remove your bloody hands or I will take my gun and shoot them!” The man quickly took his hands away.
Bridget was wordless at what was happening. What was he planning to do? She quietly asked herself. 

Quincy took photos of the two of them. He looked at his soon to be ex-wife. “If you don’t give me a divorce, this will be evidence that I can never be with a cheating wife! You are disgusting!!”

“I am sorry!” she ran off to the room and wore some clothes.

“Leave my house!” Quincy shouted at the man and he turned to go to the room. “Stop there!”

He stopped and riveted to look at the owner of the house he spent the weekend. “Take everything that you came with and also take the bed sheets, towels, wrappers you and that good for nothing cheap harlot used.”

“Yes sir.” He said in a panicky voice.

“If you leave anything behind, I will hunt you down!”
“Ye… yes sir.” He raced to the room to do as Quincy said.

Genevieve was at the office and wondered why her partner was not yet at the office. She was tempted to call him on the phone but she stubbornly changed her mind. She went to the domestic violence office to see detective Abu. She went there to speak with him briefly. 

“What a pleasant surprise to see one of the best detectives we have in the country.” He said as she approached his desk.

“Oh my!” she blushed and touched her lips gently. “Don’t flatter me.”

“It’s the truth detective,” he said and stood up and shook her right hand. “Please sit down.”

She sat down opposite him. “Thank you for the compliment.”

“You are welcome,” he said and went back to his chair. “What can I do for you? I hope I am not in trouble?”

She smiled faintly. “Not at all, I only came to check up on you.”


“I came to ask how you have been doing… I mean, we have not really talked after detective Jasmine and I solved the murder of your sister.”

Detective Abu managed to put on a bright facial appearance. “Thanks a lot. I know she passed away many months ago, but it still feels like yesterday. I try to work all the time, even if I do not have anything to do, I always try to keep myself busy so that I do not think about her. If the case was not solved at all, I would have fallen into depression. She’s at peace now that the killer is in jail.”

“The worst thing on this earth is losing a family member or a loved one or even a friend. The husband was also persecuted, did you hear about it?”

“Persecuted about what?” he asked puzzled. “The cook killed my sister and not the husband.”

“I know,” Genevieve said. “I thought you knew your late sister’s husband raped the cook several times?”

“Oh! About that, I heard but I never thought you would be able to do it.”

“The detective I put in charge of the case sent me a report that your brother in-law was given a three year sentence.”

“That’s short but he will learn his lesson after spending only a night in prison.” He shook his head dolefully. “I have not been in touch with him after the burial. It’s good news detective. What about the baby? The cook was pregnant at that time she was arrested and jailed.”

“She gave birth at the prison clinic two months ago and she gave her son for adoption.”

“Poor woman.” detective Abu forwarded his hand for another handshake. She shook it and got up. “Thank you.”

“Thank you for your time.” she said to him.

“I’m grateful detective Genevieve. I hope you are preparing yourself for the award show coming soon?”

“I heard about it, well, I am looking forward to that day.”

“Me too.” He grinned hard before she left his office.

Quincy allowed Bridget to stay back so they could talk more. The young man had left with the things in a taxi. The former couple sat at the dinning.

“I want you to go back to where you came from or you stay and I will disgrace you.”

“I am ready to change." she said.
"I was alone and angry that you choose me over that ugly woman.”

He's eyes poked out. He stamped his fist on the table and it startled Bridget. “The next time you talk about the woman I love, I will cut your tongue!”


“Don’t provoke me! I am ready to locate the kid I caught you with on my matrimonial bed.”

“Locate him for what?!”

“You know what I am capable of doing.” He said. “With the help of a certain detective Akin, the both of us will search for that young man and I will pay him huge amount of money to testify against you in court.”

“Bridget froze.

He continued, “You know how the law works in your country and the moment they know you slept with a minor, you will be persecuted! I will play the witness in court, and you will spend the rest of your life in prison. I know you don’t want that because of your selfish desire of your body. I might be lucky, you might have a sex tape I can track down and gift it out to the public!”

“You were not like this before,” she managed to say as she trembled. “Who changed you? Who turned you into a monster?”

“You of course! Who else? I will gladly go back to my normal ways when you leave my life alone! Right now, you have made me to act abnormal! Go back to where you belong, I will locate my lawyer and discuss about the divorce. I will send the papers to your own lawyer for the both of you to agree on my terms and you will sign them. You will send me the papers for me to sign and I will be free from you.”

“What terms are you talking about?” she asked in an angry tone.

“I am not a selfish man,” he said. “In fact I will give you the house after what you did. Why am I giving you? Pity, I pity you Bridget and I pray and hope you change. Some men will not take what you did to me. Some men with uncontrollable temper will end your life!” He rose up. “Pack the rags you call clothes and leave my house.”

Bridget closed her eyes. She had lost the battle and won’t be able to collect what Oscar promised her. She opened them and glared at him. “What can I do to change your mind?”

“Oh Bridget!” he uttered in a vexed tone. “Don’t make me change my mind about the deal I have made with you. I will make it worse if you provoke me one more time!”

She got up on her feet. “I wish you and your … your woman all the best.”

“Coming from you,” he said raking into her eyes. “No thanks. Get out!”

She went to collect her packed bags and came out from the house. Quincy locked his door with the key and told Bridget to join him in his car.

“Why?” she asked.

“I am taking you to the airport, I have booked your flight!”

She shook her head. “You really want me out of your life?”

“We would have been friends, if you had really changed from your bad ways to good.”

She did not say anything to him, and she entered his vehicle. It remained that way until they got to the airport.

“What did detective Oscar offer you?” Quincy asked her before she went inside. “Don’t ask me such question. I hate you!”

“I love you as a human being but I dislike your person! My lawyer with contact you tomorrow and I wish you a save flight honey.”

“Go to hell!!” she shouted, not minding they were people around her.

Quincy laughed out. “I was in hell when I was with you, I am at peace here! My regards to your family!” He never waited to hear what was about to come out from her mouth. Bridget saw that he had left her, and she made her way in and bid the country goodbye.

As Quincy drove, he called Akin to join him at his father’s house. He told him the address to meet him there. Quincy got there and he remembered the last time he spoke with his dad on phone. The old man was asking him to marry so that she could birth grandchildren for him. He felt bad that it never happened before his demise. 

How will my father feel, if I had married Genevieve? He questioned himself. He would have be elated and fulfilled. He thought.

He waited outside for Akin and when he came, the two men went inside. The place was dusty but arranged. They both went into the bedroom to search for anything that can help them with the case. They found nothing, except old newspapers, papers and unrelated files. They went inside the small Library and all they found were books.

“If my father had something that can link us to why he died, where would he have kept it?” Quincy asked Akin to hear is opinion.

“I believe your father would not have hidden it in his house because he knows, those monsters will come here. If he had discussed it with detective Genevieve, he might have given her a clue of where to find it or rather gave the evidence to her.”

“He never discussed about it with her. This is a dead end. If we don’t find anything here, this case is over.” He said in a disappointed tone and sat on the single chair. “I have failed!”

“No you have not and you will not give up. This is your father you are talking about, your flesh and blood! You are not a failure but an inspiration to me.”

“Don’t try to make me feel I can solve this.”

“You will. I believe in you boss.”

He gently smiled. “Genevieve should have come here with me but I don’t want to disturb her.” he narrated the incident with Bridget and Akin’s face brightened. 

“Wow! You have done it! That is step one! Genevieve have to hear about this! She will leave Oscar’s house tonight.”

“No.” Quincy said firmly and he rose. “I want the divorce papers signed and finalized before I can tell her. I want anything that has to do with Bridget away from me before I can be with her.”

Akin sighed. “If you think that is the right thing to do, no problem. I am always behind you.”

He smiled broadly. “You have showed me that there are good people that are trustworthy. I picked you to work with me at the NIB because you were serious-minded and focused. You have never failed me and I will reward you when the right time comes.”

He shook the director’s hand in a happy gesture. “I will continue to remain loyal and help you in any way I can. Thank you sir.”

“You are welcome.”

“Where did you go to all these while?” Genevieve asked Akin when he came back at 2:35pm. “How come you came with Quincy?”

“You noticed I came with the boss?” he asked in a teased tone.

She tried to hide the gleam in her eyes. “ Don’t start Akin. Where were you and him?”

He told her where they went to.

Her face changed. Anger decorated her face. “Why didn’t he tell me? I should have helped with the search.”

“He didn’t want to disturb you and he never gave me the permission to inform you about it. Although, we found nothing.”

“It’s okay. I don’t want to hear more.”

For the past two days, Oscar was unable to reach Bridget on the phone. He thought that maybe she was exploring the country. His plan was to give her what he promised when Quincy and her finally come back as husband and wife. He never knew Bridget was no longer in Nigeria and his boss was back to live in his home.

On a Thursday morning, Oscar and Jasmine had a murder case to solve. Jasmine called him aside and begged him to investigate the case alone, she told him she was very busy and would leave soon. When he told Genevieve about it, she told him not to worry that she will join him to inspect the case. Quincy was unaware of it.

Detective Leroy and Akin went to update the case they resolved to Quincy. Akin left but Leroy stayed back to talk with the director.

“I hope there’s no problem?” he asked him.

“No sir.” He replied and cleared his throat. “I wanted to ask if you have agreed to the award show.”

“Oh yes!” Quincy said in a thrilled tone. “As a matter of fact, detective Abu has been able to arrange a venue, the list of the nominees. The show might hold in two weeks. There will be a meeting on Monday morning.”

Leroy slightly frowned. “Have you told the governor aspirant Efe Oghenetega?”

“I have sent him an email about it.”

The frown on his face enlarged. 

“Is anything the matter?” Quincy asked after he took note of his facial expression.

He gave a shrug and changed the look on his face. “I was thinking the award show was unnecessary.”

“Why if I may ask?” he asked curiously. 

“The deed has already been done sir.” Leroy said and stood. “Thank you for your time.”

The deed has already been done? Quincy questioned soundlessly as he saw Leroy marched out of his office.

Oscar and Genevieve drove in his car to the hospital where the victim’s body was deposited for doctor Ibinabo to examine. They went to see her in her own office. She flashed a dim smile when she saw them. The doc shook their hands before they sat down. 

“Are you partners now?” she asked.

“No…we are only working on this case together.” Genevieve chipped in to answer and stared at Oscar’s face.


“What can you tell us about the victim?” he asked in a stern voice.

Ibinabo answered. “She was stabbed twice. It was one on her neck and stomach. She bleed out and trauma also acted a part of her death. She never expected it.”

“Have you been able to detect the murder weapon?” Genevieve asked.

“We have not been able to detect the weapon but it is certainly not a knife. You can carry on the investigation, we are still working and when I have the answer, I will call you.”

“Where was the body seen?” she turned to Oscar to ask.

“Inside the boot of her car in a street,” he replied. “There was no blood in the car.”

“That tells us she was dumped there and the killer drove the vehicle there.”

“I suspected that too.”

“Can you tell us the time of death doctor?” Genevieve inquired.

“Yesterday.” she replied. “It should be between 6am to 9am.”

“That early?” she asked surprised.

“Yes detective.”

The two detectives left to the victim’s house. Oscar took the address from the identity card he saw in the victim’s wallet. The screen of her phone was damaged and switched off. They arrived at a two bedroom flat. A young and very dark woman opened the door and allowed them inside when they introduced themselves as NIB detectives.

“I hope all is well?” she asked and stood in front of them. They did not sit down. It was a waste of time. 

“I am detective Genevieve and here with me is detective Oscar. What’s your name?”


“We are here because of Sonia.”

“Sonia?” she asked in a fearful tone. “What did she do?”

“First of all, who are you to her?”

“We are cousins and we stay together.”

“I’m sorry to say, she’s no more.”

Her eyes widened. “You mean she’s dead?”


Chidinma covered her mouth. She did not want to cry noisily as she began to shed tears. “Tell me you are joking!”

“She was murdered.” Oscar said.

“Oh my God! I warned her! I warned Sonia!”

“Warned her about what?”

She did not answer but cried out vociferously.

Genevieve told Oscar to give her some time. After three minutes, Oscar spoke to her.

“You warned her about what?” he asked again.

“She was dating married men and some of their wives threatened her! I advised her to stay away from men with wives but her annoying friend always supported her to continue. That idiot does not even date married men but always pushed Sonia to date them! She caused the death of Sonia!”

“Maybe this friend can help us with the names of the women that threatened your cousin.”

“She knows everything! That coward!” she burst out crying loud. “I am going to miss her! How will I tell her father that his daughter is dead? How will I break the news? I should have told him about the threats. I never thought it could cost her life! My uncle will be devastated!”

“I am sorry for your loss.” Genevieve said in an emotional tone and held the arms of Chidinma. 

“Please catch the woman, or man or whoever killed my favorite cousin!” she opened her arms and hugged Genevieve. “I am going to miss her so much!”

“Her murderer will be caught.” She said softly to her. “Have faith.”

Chidinma collected their phone numbers and the location of the hospital to claim the body of Sonia after the end of the case. She gave them the work address of Sonia’s friend.

“Her name is Georgina and she’s a tailor. You will meet her at her shop by this time. She’s the owner of the place.” It was 3:45pm.

“Is she married?” Genevieve asked.


They arrived at the location thirteen minutes later, they met four women inside a moderate sized room, and an inner smaller room was there and closed.

“Good afternoon ladies,” Oscar said like a gentleman and introduced themselves to them. “We are looking for Miss. Georgina.” The taller and average sized woman sitting in front of a sewing machine stood. She had a flat nose and small ears.

“I am Georgina and why are looking for me?”

“We will like to talk to you privately.”

She led them to the inner room. The place was scattered and rough with torn materials inside different white sacks and stitching equipment’s there. Oscar broke the sad news to her. She screamed and it got the attention of the other women. They came to check up on her but Genevieve told them to go back and that their boss was all right. Georgina closed her eyes as if she had been hit on the stomach. She could not hold it, she wept.

“What happened to my friend?” she asked after few seconds.

Oscar explained.

“Oh my God! Sonia was murdered?”


“We know that some married women threatened her and we will like to have their contacts.”

“I think there were five women that threatened to deal with her but I only know two of them. I only hope it can help solve the investigation.”

Genevieve and Oscar gazed at each other and back at her. “We only hope one of them will be the murderer.”

Georgina took her phone and looked for a pen and piece of paper to write the contacts of the women. They thanked her.

“Please capture who killed my friend,” she said. “She was like a sister to me.”

Genevieve sighed. “We will.” They came out from the smaller room to leave when a good-looking man with an apprehensive face expression, dressed in a grey suit entered. 

“Have you heard Sonia is dead?” he asked Georgina in a nervous tone. The other tailors gasped. “I don’t want to believe is true!”

She went towards him and began to cry again. “It’s true!”

“Who told you about the death of Sonia?” detective Oscar asked him.

“Sonia’s cousin called me few minutes ago on my way here.” He replied. “So is it really true?”

“Yes, she was murdered.”

“Mur…murdered? What!! Oh my God! How… how is that possible? Why? When?”

“Who are you to Sonia?” Genevieve asked in an inquisitive tone.

“My name is Tony,” he introduced himself. “She was my friend and I am the boyfriend of Georgina.”

“Okay.” She said. Oscar and her walked out to their car when doctor Ibinabo called. She picked. “Hello doc.”

“I hope the investigation is going on well?”

“We are about to drive and see two of the suspects.”

“That’s good,” Ibinabo said. “We have been able to discover the murder weapon. I know why it was a bit difficult to identify because of the metal blades pivoted, with sharpened square edges.”

“What is the murder weapon?”

“It’s a scissors.”

“A scissors?”


“Thanks doc! I will call you later.” Genevieve said and cut the call. “We need to go back!”

“The murder weapon is a scissors?” Oscar requested.

“Yes!” The detectives hiked back inside the store. The tailors and Tony were surprised to see them.
Georgina standing close to her man asked, “Did you forget something detectives?”

“Where were you yesterday, between 6am to 9am yesterday?” Genevieve queried her.

“I was here in my store.”

“Was anyone here with you?”

“No. My workers resume work by 10am. Why are you asking me?”

“I want you to give me all the scissors you have here in your store.”

She folded her arms. “Why?”

“Because a scissors is the murder weapon that got Sonia killed!”

“What!!” Tony bellowed. “That can’t be possible! My girlfriend can’t hurt a fly!”

“If she is innocent, she should give us.”

“She might have cleaned the blood,” Oscar said. “We won’t have evidence.”

“If she really killed her,” Genevieve said. “That means it was here it happened. Can I see your phone?”

“For what?” Georgina asked in a furious tone. Her eyes were angry.

“To check your call records. Sonia phone is bad and we can’t access it for now.”

“You need a warrant to collect my phone!”

The other women watched, Tony stared at his woman and touched her gently on her shoulder. “I don’t believe these detectives know what they are talking about. Please give them the phone to prove them wrong.”

“I won’t!” she said defensively! “It’s the right to do the right thing!”

“The right thing is to show everyone that you are innocent. I know you can never hurt your friend Sonia.”

Her eyes started to get watery. 

Genevieve ran inside the inner room. They all followed her.

“What are you doing?” Georgina asked in a shaky tone.

“If you really killed Sonia, I am sure you might not be able to throw away what you used to clean the blood on the floor. You must have panicked and the only thing that would be on your mind is to dispose the body of your friend. I will search every sack in here and I will not be surprised to see a cloth soaked in blood!”

”Georgina can’t kill Sonia!” Tony yelled. “They were like sisters!”

“Were you sleeping with Sonia?” Oscar asked him. “We know she dated married men.”

“Don’t accuse me of what you know nothing of!!”

“Oh shut up Tony!” Georgina wailed out. “I knew you were sleeping with her!”

He gazed at her stunned. 

She continued in a teary and mad tone. “I saw the text messages you were sending to her. I called her two days ago to meet me here.” She turned to Genevieve.” I do resume work by 6am because my house is not far from here. Before I came to work, she was already waiting for me beside her car. I asked her about my boyfriend and her and she never denied the affair! She told me to forgive her and she was going to stop dating married men and agree to marry him. Sonia told me he proposed to her a week ago and he was going to break up with me today!” She glared at Tony. “How can you choose a slut over me?!”

Tony bowed down his head. “She rejected my advances at the beginning but she could no longer say no because she had already fallen for me. I am sorry. I only fell in love with her.”

She raised her hand and landed him a hot slap! Shocked Tony touched his face.

Angry tears gushed out from her teary eyes. “I hate you! I took her phone and saw your photos with her together. I smashed it and Sonia had the guts to push me because of that. I could no longer control my emotions anymore, and I took my scissors and stabbed her twice! She deserved to die! If I can’t have you, Sonia will never have you!”

Tony sobbed silently. Oscar and Genevieve arrested Georgina and took her away in handcuffs.

The next day Friday, Oscar went to Quincy’s office at 1:30 in the afternoon to give him the report of the case. He omitted Genevieve’s name. Later in the day, the director went through the file of Hon Ayiri’s late sister. He turned on his laptop to look at Genevieve's picture.

He was staring at her pic when he heard two knocks on the door. He noticed Jasmine came late and he had sent for her through Leroy.

“Come in.” he ordered her and closed his laptop. 

Jasmine sauntered in. He balanced his hands on top of the file on his desk.

“I know you have not been consistent at the office for some days now,” he said to her. “What is going on? Are you getting married?”

“No sir.”

“Why did you come late today?” he asked.

“I went somewhere important,” she replied. “I have been very busy and I promise it won’t happen again.”

“With your personal busy schedule, how were you able to investigate the case with detective Oscar? You solved the case in a day. Brilliant!”

“I was not the one that investigated the case with him.” Jasmine said. 

“You allowed him to solve that case alone?” 

“No, detective Genevieve joined him.”

Quincy eyes fired up as if someone threw a bomb on his feet. “That cannot be true!”

“It is sir.”

He was boiling inside, the anger in him increased as he thought of the two together talking and solving the case. “Call the both of them for me now!” He rose on his feet and paced around the office. She went and called them. Genevieve and Oscar entered into his office.

“Is it true you both investigated the case together yesterday?” he asked and turned to face Oscar.

“Yes.” Genevieve answered.

Quincy turned directly to her. He peered inside her eyes. “Who gave you the right to do that?”

She was speechless to say anything. She had never heard him speak with her in such tone.

Oscar spoke. “Detective Genevieve volunteered to investigate the case with me because my partner, detective Jasmine was not around.”

“And you could not investigate the case alone?” he asked him, his eyes still on his partner. “I assigned you with your own partner and you went with mine without my permission! You don’t have the right until I say yes or no!”

“Oh please! She’s no longer your girlfriend! Cut out this attitude”

Quincy gripped his right fist firm and gazed at Oscar. “You talk back at me in an insolent tone? This is not about my personal life! I am talking to you as your director! How dare you?!”

“We have solved the case and I have heard you. Let’s forget about it.”

“You are suspended for two weeks!”


“You can’t do that!” Genevieve said astounded.

“He is suspended and I will make it two months if he does not leave my office now!”

“But…I… I mean, I said it will never happen again.” Oscar stammered. “Next time I will ask for your permission. You can’t suspend me just like that!”

Quincy felt he was not apologetic, but rude. “Oh yes I can! I am your director, and boss and I can do that!”
“This is insane!” he spat out in a violent tone.

“I will write a petition against you that I can no longer condone your nasty attitude and arrogance here! One more word from you, I will send an email to the head of the NIB at Abuja. Don’t push me!” He pointed directly at his door. “Get out from my office!”

Oscar looked at Genevieve. She said to him. “Don’t say anything.” He had no choice anymore, and he went to open the door and walked away.

The director went to shut his door with the key. Genevieve trooped in front of him.

“You are biased!” she said in an annoyed tone. “You should also suspend me for not asking permission to work with another detective!”

Quincy went very close to her. “I will not suspend you but teach you a lesson!” He grabbed her by the waist and pushed his lips into her. She opened her eyes and closed to them as she kissed him back irresistibly. His warm touch was too enticing to resist and she loved the sparking sensation rushing from her head down to her body. Genevieve’s body shuddered as he carried her on top of his desk. He felt lucky that she was wearing a skirt suit. He moved his hands inside her skirt and removed her pant. He kissed her lips and neck hard. The two of them were breathing fast as their emotions fueled up in their hunger for more romance.

“I miss you Genny.” he said to her in an unruffled tone.

“I miss you too.”

He went down on his knees and sucked out the juices from her pussy. 

“Oh my goodness,” Genevieve murmured as he licked her calculatedly with his wet tongue. “I love you.”

Quincy manhood was hard and his eggplant could not wait to penetrate into her.

“I love you too baby.” He said and unzipped his trouser. He stood on his feet, took out his erected cock and zoomed into her. Genevieve moaned and clutched her arms around his neck.

To be continued… on Saturday!


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