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LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 1.

I am sorry for not posting on Monday. I have been offline since on Saturday.
This love story requires patience.Suspense will come, it might start later but I am certain ‘Love & Justice’ will blow your mind. Thanks!!

I could hear my mother’s voice screaming my name. I chuntered on my bed, opened my eyes and looked at the wall clock in my room. It was six in the morning. I knew she wanted me to pray with her. It was part of her routine every day and I always keep to time but today, I was still very tired and I needed more sleep. The previous day was hectic and I came home very hungry, and weak. 

“Joseph!!” she yelled my name again. 

I had to stand up from my bed to answer the woman who I will always love and cherish. “I am coming ma!” 

“I am waiting!!”

I came out from my room, turned right to open the bathroom door. I entered, urinated, washed my hands and brushed my teeth. I left there and went to meet the nicest woman I have ever met. She was very precious to my dear heart.

I am a thirty-one years old light-skinned bachelor. I am a tall man but I am not facially good-looking but I try to keep fit and I work out three times in a week. Women stare at my body but I don’t have time for inappropriate relationships. My heart has been broken twice, and I was not ready to enter into another relationship again. I want to take my time and meet the special woman that can have my heart and I will treasure and take good care of her. For now, I want to focus on my family and job.

The woman I called my mother, is not my biological mother. She raised me up like her own and she never married. She was a Reverend mother. I owe my life to her. I always wondered how I became the child of a nun. She explained it to me; she told me my short story on my eighteenth birthday. She opened up to me that someone kept me inside a carriage basket in front of the Catholic Church she worshipped. She informed the Reverend father and volunteered to take me home and take good care of me. She named me Joseph and gave me her surname Dolapo.

I continued to call her my mother, because if not for her, I would have starved and died. She taught me so many things about Christ and I appreciated her for doing that. Sometimes, I call her Sister Theresa.

She sponsored my education, up to my university. There was a time she was penniless, that I had to stop schooling. I did petty jobs in the streets to help her back on her feet. She was surprised that I could do that for her. When she became a bit financially stable, I went back to school. I read accounting and graduated with good grades. My mother wanted me to further my education and go for my masters but I told her not to worry. I would work, save and pay for my fees at the right time. After I served my mother’s land, I searched for a job for close to a year without getting any not until a church member employed me in a publishing firm as an accountant. The salary was not promising but I had no choice. At least, I could buy gifts for my mother and assist her at home. No one was ever going to come between this woman and I. She always had my back and I was ready to be there for her no matter what. 
I am not a perfect man but I always try to be a good man. Some of my employees have taken my gentleness and humbleness for granted. They would offend me and I will overlook it just for peace. I am not good in making friends and I find it difficult to get close to anyone. I detest betrayal.

I left the bathroom to meet my mother in the living room and hugged her. I never keep things from her. I always discuss anything that has to do with my personal life with her. She was also my best friend.

“Good morning mum.”

“Good morning.” She replied me with a smile. She was dressed up in her nun clothing. “How was your night?”

“Fine.” I said and yawned. “Are you going out?”

“Yes. I am going to the church.”

“On a Saturday?”

“We have a meeting and we are going to different places today. Let us pray.”

We fell on her knees and prayed together. We rose up the same time and I followed her to the kitchen.

“There are ingredients for you.” She said and moved to the fridge and opened it. “You can cook whatever you want but don’t make my own.”

I was a good cook. She taught me how to make tasty food. “Why?”

“You know I love to see onions inside my food. I will make mine when I get back.”

“But you will tired and stressed.” 

“Don’t worry Joseph.”

I love onions but I prefer to blend it rather than slice them. It looked like worms to me. “I will slice onions in the food and I will survive.”

She laughed. “That means you will pick them out from your food and throw away, right?”

My mother was right. “Yes.”

She shook her head. “You will never change. Take care son.” 

I hugged her again, and escorted her outside. She entered her small vehicle and drove off. It was part of my budget to save enough money to buy her a better car and take the smaller one. She deserved it. I went back to the kitchen to boil white rice and prepare stew sauce with my favorite, snail.

When the food got ready, I ate to my satisfaction and went back to sleep. When I woke up two hours later, I saw two missed calls from my mother. I called her back and she informed me to check her room for her drugs and take the empty sachets to the pharmacy and buy her new ones. She had high blood pressure.

“There is money inside my drawer.” She said. “Use the money to buy my drugs.”

“Yes ma.” I ended the call. I went to her room and arranged her bed, and swept the floor. I saw the sachets on her table and carried them. I left her money and planned to use mine. I went into the bathroom to freshen up and get ready to hit the road.

Chocolate skinned and beautiful Lucky Okoye was a twenty nine year old woman. She was average in height and in weight. She had a striking smile and pointed shinning nose. She was from a wealthy family and she happened to be the manager of her father’s construction company.

Her hobbies were to travel, swim, make new friends and spend time with her family, especially her grandfather. She was not very close to her mother because of her controlling ways, and she was more comfortable with her stern looking father despite his harshness. Her father, Tom Okoye was a very strict man but provided for his wife, Lucky and her younger brother Nathan Okoye.  Nathan in his early twenties was still schooling in a private university. Their mother, Thelma Okoye never wanted him to school abroad, he was her only son and she was very protective of him, including her daughter. Thelma had one of the biggest shopping mall in the country. She had her own money too. 

Lucky father had an estate in Ikoyi in Lagos. He lived with his family in the biggest building in the estate. It was a one-storey building with a marvelous and modern design. It had six rooms, theatre room, two living rooms, and a large furnished kitchen with a pantry, it also had a swimming pool, and a one bedroom flat boys-quarters behind the house.

After Lucky had her bath, dressed and ate breakfast, she went to meet her grandfather in his room to spend some time with him. He was the father of Tom Okoye.

“My most treasured,” the old man said to her. “You are always checking up on me. Don’t you have other things to do?”

There was always a smile on her face. Things that could make her angry, she would still put on her fascinating smile. It was very difficult, in fact rare to see a frown on her face. 

“Are you tired of seeing my face?” she asked him.
“How can I be tired of seeing your beautiful face my most treasured? You are the reason I am still alive but I don’t want to be a burden on you.”

The smile increased on her lips and she went to sit at his right side. “You can never be a burden to me. I love you very much and I am always happy to be around you.”

“You are very young and I know suitors will be at your feet. You should give one of them a chance. Instead of you to waste your time and watch an old man, you should be with a man that will treat you right and give you the happiness you deserve.”

“The right man will come, grand pa. I know I have been stubborn not to enter into another relationship and I have my reasons. You know what happened in my last relationship, he was hot tempered and controlling. It was the second slap he gave me that I had to give up on the affair. If I had overlooked those things he did to me and ended up as his wife, I would have been a victim of domestic violence. The right man will come and I believe God will give me the right choice, a man that would love and cherish me forever. I won’t lie to you grandpa, sometimes I ask myself if I am not beautiful enough for a good man to come my way.”

“You are very beautiful my daughter.” He touched her left hand gently. “You will meet the one for you and when you do, do not ever let him go. I do not know the man God has planned for you. He could be rich and he could be poor. I am not praying for bad luck for you but real love. When you find him, please hold him close to your heart.”

“But how will I know he is the one?” Lucky asked. “How will I know the man for me?”

He smiled weakly. “I can’t tell you but your heart will do that for you.”

Lucky face brightened, she stood and embraced him. “Thank you grandpa. You are simply the best!”

“You are welcome my most treasured.”

She released herself from him and asked. “Have you taken your drugs today?”

He sighed tiredly. “I cannot lie to you, my drugs have finished.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” she asked surprised.

“I don’t think I will need the drugs again. I get better when I see you.”

“It doesn’t mean grandpa. Daddy must not know because he will be mad at you. I will go to a pharmacy and get your drugs for you.”

“Don’t you have better things to do?”

“The only better thing I have to do right now is buy your drugs! I won’t stay long.” She never bothered to ask for the names of the drugs, she knew them already. She rose up and walked out from his room, and saw her mother approaching her. “Hey mom.”

“Where are you going to?” she asked with no hint of beam on her face.

“I am going to the pharmacy to buy grandpa drugs.”

Thelma Okoye, a fine-looking and chubby woman eyed her daughter from head to toe. “Is that why you refused to go to work today?”

“Mom, please don’t start. You will not make me angry today.”

“You always go to the office on Saturday to check up on things, why did you change your mind today?”

“Daddy has been complaining that I stress myself a lot. He wants me to stop going there weekends.”

“And the only place that interests you to visit is your grandfather’s room. I shake my head for you.”

“I know you do not like the idea that dad has been spending money on grandpa’s health. You should know it his is responsibility. You don’t even check up on him and that’s very bad. Even when you cook, you send the house cleaner to serve him. He is your husband’s father and you should give him his respect.”

“Is that why you advised your father to bring him and live with us in my house?”

“It is the right thing to do mother and the house is big enough to accommodate him and all of us. Your parents and dad’s mother is no more. You should get closer to grandpa. He is becoming weak every day.”

“He can die and I don’t care.”

“Mother!!” Lucky exclaimed.

She poked her finger at her. “I do not want to see you in my house when you reach thirty. If you do, I will throw your things out! I was married to your father before your age! You should be ashamed!”

Her daughter laughed and it made her angry. Her mother’s words were never going to upset her ever again. “I will get married when God says yes.”

Thelma hissed out. “That is past tense! Don’t tempt me to find a husband for you.”

“I am not interested. Do not find a husband for me. I have eyes and I will find a suitor for myself.”

“Remember your father wants to handover the whole company to you soon and I know how much you love that company and you want it to grow. If you don’t bring a man in three months’ time, I will make your father change his mind.”

The smile on her lips disappeared. Lucky looked at her mother expressionless. “I love you mom. Take care of yourself!!” She bounced out from her side.

Thelma face turned wild. “You are a crazy and a senseless girl! Go and get married like your age mates. Nonsense!”

Lucky went to her room and picked up her cars keys. She went downstairs and saw a car entering into her compound and the gatekeeper closed the gate. The person on the wheel was her best friend, Kate. They were course mates and they still kept in touch after graduation. Kate was married but her husband lived in another state due to his job. Kate was a housewife. She left her banking job because of her marriage. She parked, came out and hiked to hug her friend.

“I went to your office.” She said to Lucky. “The security man said you have not arrived.”

“I won’t be going there every Saturday again.”

She stared at her shocked and folded her arms. “Who changed your mind?”

“My father.”

Kate dropped her hands. “I have always advised you to rest every Saturday but you refused to listen. Thank God your father was able to convince you to stop going there.”

“Don’t mind me,” she said with a wide smile on her lips. “Now that you are here, let’s go together to a pharmacy. You will drive behind me.”

“Are you sick?”

“No. I want to buy some drugs, they are for my grandfather.”

“Oh, I forgot he is sick. You and your grandfather! I wonder how you will react when he dies.”

“I don’t want to think about it. I love that man very much.”

“I know.”

The two of them entered into their cars, the gateman opened the gate again and they drove away.

A boarded a taxi to a big pharmacy. I had to take the empty sachets of the drugs because it was my first time helping her to buy them. I met one of the attendants, gave her and enquired for new ones. She stared at my chest and smiled. I smiled at her and turned my back. I just wanted to get the drugs, go home, and sleep more. I slipped my right hand into my trouser pocket and brought out my phone to press. The sound of a female laugh got my full attention. I looked straight in front of me and I saw an enchanting female creature. Her smile was divine and she had this glow in her I could not describe.  She was holding some drugs and chatting with another female. I had no idea what they were discussing about but I was sure, it was amusing.
I was certainly not her type because she appeared very rich and clean. She was richly dressed. My salary would not be able to buy the lovely necklace on her neck. If I could have, this woman has my own, it could only happen inside my dream but in reality, it was impossible. I found it hard to take my eyes from her, she was adorable and too pleasing not to admire. 

Where have this woman been all my life? If she were to be a movie star, I would buy and watch all the films she appeared and acted in it. She was a goddess, a gorgeous human being. I never realized she was looking my way until she made eye contact. I quickly turned and asked for the drugs from the female attendant. I was not myself at that moment our eyes met, who was she to torment me with her beauty and sunny smile. 

“Where are the drugs?” I asked again impatiently. I wanted to leave the premises of the woman.

The young lady gave the drugs inside a small transparent nylon to me. She gave me a receipt and required for my money. I was about to open my wallet when I saw a spotless right hand with money on the desk. I looked at my right. I saw the owner of the hand, and it was the attractive woman. She was smiling at me and I became restless. A sparkling surge flowed in me, and I had no idea what I was feeling. This woman made me uncomfortable but I found it stimulating.

She gazed at the lady. “How much is his bill?”

“Six thousand naira.”

I widened my eyes. I never knew it was up to that. I only had three thousand naira with me. She gave her the money, dropped her drugs on the table and asked for her own bill.

“Thank you… thank you… thank you very much.” I stuttered. I was surprised she paid and I could not understand why she did that. Could it be that she guessed I never had up to that amount? I would have been embarrassed if not for her. She saved me. The woman I do not know became my savior. How was I going to repay her for her kindness? I was not buoyant enough to take her to an expensive restaurant or buy her a costly gift like the neckpiece she wore.

She laughed mildly. “How many times will you say thank you? It’s nothing!”

Her laugh, nose, the radiance in her face fascinated me. I did not even know what to say to her. I was short of words.

She forwarded her right hand for a handshake. “What’s your name?”

I responded and gave her my hand to shake. “Jo…Joseph. Joseph Dolapo.”


I still held her hand, I did not want to let go. “Yes.”

She simply sneaked her hand away and she continued to wear that smile. “My name is Lucky. Lucky Okoye.”

My eyebrows cocked. “Lucky?” I asked puzzled.

She chuckled. “I understand,” she said. “I always get that kind of reply when I meet someone for the first time and mention my name. There is a brief story behind my name.”

“Oh really?”


“This is your bill.” The lady said to her in a stern tone. Lucky collected the receipt, looked at it and paid.
She stared back at me. “Please wait for me outside, I want to talk to my friend.”

“That’s okay.” I said and went outside. I thought, how such a charming and loaded woman could say the word “please” to me. The few ones I have met in the past were either snobbish or authoritative. This one was very different. She appeared kind and friendly.

I waited for two minutes before she came to stand by my side. 

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting.” Lucky apologized.

“Oh! That’s not a problem.” I saw her friend entering inside a vehicle. “Is your friend leaving without you? I don’t have a car.”

“I never asked you if you had a car.” She said and pointed to a Prado jeep. “I came with mine.”

I gulped a mighty lump inside my thirsty throat. “Are you searching for a driver?”

“I have a driver but he hardly drives me. I prefer to drive on my own but why did you ask?”

“I thought the reason for talking to me is because you wanted me as a driver.”

She crackled hard. “Oh my God! Please tell me that is a joke!! Why would you think of such? Are you looking for a job?”

“I am sorry if I offended you. I am not looking for a job.” I was seriously searching for a better job but I cannot reveal such to her. I did not want to appear like a gold digger.

“I don’t know why you should think I want you as my driver. Where are you going?”

“I am going home.”

“Okay,” she said. “I will drive you home.”

I stood and raked into her eyes astonished. “You want to take me home?”

“Yes. Is that a problem Mr. Joseph?”

“No… no.”

“So, let’s go!” she dragged me by my arm. We hopped into it and she turned on her ignition, air condition and drove. I directed her to where I lived in the mainland. “Should I tell you the story behind my awkward name?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“When my mother wanted to give birth to her first child who happens to be me, it was a very difficult childbirth. She was in labor room for fifteen hours and she lost a lot of blood. She had lost hope and thought she would die. Luckily, my father who was not in the country arrived and came to the hospital. When the doctor brought him to her, it was like a miracle when she saw him. She popped me out instantly. Instead of the doctor to say thank you Jesus, the first thing he said to my mom was, ‘You are lucky’!”

I grinned. “And your mother felt it was appropriate to name you Lucky?”

“My father.” She said. “He felt the name was unique and I earned it.”

I looked at her as she drove. She was truly unique. “I have never heard a female bear your name but it suits you.”

She smiled. “Thank you.”

We arrived at the location of my home. I saw my mother’s vehicle. She was back early and I wondered why. I thanked Lucky and came out but she surprised me again when she opened her door and strolled to meet me. “Don’t you want to invite me in?”

“You are always invited.” We walked to the doorstep and I opened the door for the two of us. We sauntered inside. I greeted my mom and Lucky did the same. She stood up from the sofa to shake the hand of Lucky.

“This is my mother.” I said. “This is my friend Lucky.” I introduced the both of them.

“Lucky?” my mom Theresa asked. She was still dressed in her attire.

Lucky laughed and gave me a questionable look.

“I know you must be speculating how a nun could be his mother,” Sister Theresa said. “He calls me mother but I am his guardian.”

She heaved a sigh. “Now I understand.”

“You can address me as Sister Theresa.”

“Okay ma.”

“You are the first woman he has brought into my house. You are welcome, please sit down.”

“I am so sorry Sister Theresa because I am going to say no to the offer.”

“Why?” I asked.

She looked at me. “I have to get back home. My grandfather needs to take his drugs.”

“We both understand.” My mother said. “I pray for quick healing.”

Lucky and I chorused an Amen. I followed her outside and watched her drive off. I went back into the house and it occurred to me, I never asked for her contact. I raced outside to see if I could catch up with her but she was far-gone. I went back and sat down in an unhappy mood.
“What happened?” My mom asked.

I explained to her.

“I think she likes you.” she said to me. “Relax your mind, she might come back and visit you.”

“But she may think I don’t like her. How could I have forgotten to collect her number? I find it impolite!”

She smiled and shook her head. “Why are you talking like this? She will come back for you if she’s really into you.”

I sighed and stared directly into her prying eyes. “I think I am in love mom. I think I have fallen in love with Lucky.”

Sister Theresa said to me. "She's a damsel and I love her smile. If you are truly in love with such a pretty and down to earth woman, you are lucky."

 To be continued on Sunday!


  1. This promise to be a fantastic series. Nice one Carina

  2. Hmmmm... can't wait for the next episode.

  3. This promise to be a fantastic series. Nice one Carina

  4. Oh yeah!!!! Am already hooked on this. C.J darling, this is amazing. You are simply the best.

  5. hmmmm.... I'm soooo loving this one. Carina love, u never seize to amaze me. weldone darl

  6. Thanks ckj, this is a good story,

    .am already addicted to this, please dear kindly change the lucky name, it does not make sense how long will she continue telling people about are mystery,this is my first time hearing a lady bear that,not even in real life. Thank you so much can't wait for the next episode.

    1. AnonymousMay 22, 2016

      I dont see any reason changing the name. We already know the reason behind her name.

    2. I agree. The name is unique.

    3. @Gloria....One of my younger sis (female) friend bears the name Lucky. I thought it was only for guys. It's not a common name and I understand your point but I can't change it. What if I named the character Crown?I know a female that bears that name. Thanks Glo Glo, you are among the best. *kisses*


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