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LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 4.

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Joseph and Lucky left the restaurant and went back to their individual offices after lunch. Nathan had sent his sister a message that he had finished his final exams and he would come home to stay while he waits for his results. He wanted her to send the driver with a truck to carry his belongings. Lucky called him, and assured her brother, that everything will be sorted out on Saturday, which was the next day.

After work, Joseph went to a nearby supermarket to but some provisions for the house. When he arrived home, Sister Theresa was not at home. He showered in the bathroom, prepared dinner but he refused to eat after the preparation. He was not hungry, only sleepy. The lunch with his girlfriend was more than enough.

He went to his room and lay on his bed. He remembered what the reverend advised him to do but he refused. He declined the suggestion to search for his real mother because he was scared of rejection. Many questions clouded his mind. 

What if my true mother never wanted me? What if I was an outcast to my real family? What if I never had a father? Even if I search and find her, will she accept me? Will she take me back into her life? What could be the reason for abandoning me? 

Joseph sighed, closed his eyes tightly. He tried to picture what is mother would look like. He got nothing; he simply had no memory of her. His phone rang and he opened his eyes to check the caller, it was Lucky calling. She wanted to check up on him and made sure he was okay. He made it known to her, he was happy to have her in his life. After they spoke for few minutes, Sister Theresa came home, she explained she was in a meeting and that she escorted Father Abraham to the airport. He had finally left to where he was transferred to in another state.

“Before he left,” she said to him. “I promised him I will continue to persuade you to find your real family.”

Joseph frowned at her. “But I have told you I am not interested. I can’t do it.”

“Continue to think about it.”

He shrugged. “Okay mom. I will think about it and let you know if I really want to look for her.”


Deep down in his heart, he was not going to think about it anymore.  He had made up his mind never to think his mother abandoned him when he was an infant. She hugged him and pecked his forehead. Sister Theresa thanked him for the food and she ate to her satisfaction. The food was her favorite and it was delicious.

After Sebastian left his office with his cousin, he gave his driver the order to drop her off at a bus stop to take a taxi before taking him to one of his hotels. 

He gave her five thousand naira transport fare, and promised to send the check later. After he gave her the money, he said, “I have told you several times to learn how to drive but you have refused. I do not see any reason why you should not learn and drive your own car. I will get you a Toyota Camry when you learn to start the ignition of a car.”

“I am not ready and even if I know how to drive, I will not go for a Camry.”

“I will buy you the latest model.”

“That does not mean,” Wunmi said. “I don’t like the car, I prefer Honda products.”

He stiffened his face. “I will get you what I think suits you.”

She shook her head. “Whatever. Don’t forget to think about what we discussed.”

“I will try and think about it.” Sebastian stated and gave her a light peck on her left cheek. Wunmi opened the door and step outside. She waived at him as his driver drove away.

Sebastian reached his destination and he went into his hotel to meet a top actress he was going to have sex with in his own suite. He decided to spend the night with her. He switched off his phones so that his mother will not be able to reach him and taunt him with her pleads.

“How many times have I told that a decent man who has respect for his mother will call her if he is unable to come home to sleep?” That was the first question Mrs. Ayo Akande asked her son the moment he entered into his two hundred million naira mansion.

“My phones went down and I was unable to make any call. It will never happen again.”

Ayo, a woman in her early fifties, average in height, fair in complexion and she had an oval, beautiful and innocent face. She acted calmly and looked at her son with sad eyes. “Why do you always lie to me?”

Sebastian could not look directly into her eyes. They were angry but also unhappy. He took his stare away from her. “I said it will never happen again. Next time I want to sleep out, I will call you. The only thing that you will promise me not do is beg me to come home.”

“Is that why you don’t call?”

“I have told you I will call you next time.”

She shut her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened them and moved to where his eyes were. “If you know it will continue like this I would not have agreed to stay with you in this house. This house is too big for me to occupy alone. Don’t you have pity for me?”

“Are the housekeeper, security guard and the cook not enough for you to stay with in this house?”

“Are they my family?” she asked him. She remained in a composed position. She was never harsh on her son. She had no recall of when last she shouted at him.

“What do you really want from me?” he asked and started to walk away from the exquisite, well decorated and spacious living room.

“Are you trying to walk out on me?” she asked him in a surprised tone. “Why are you so disrespectful?”

He stopped to walk and glance at her gloomy face. “What do you want from me mother?”

She stepped closer to him. “I want you to spend time with me. I don’t want the workers, I want my son. The old house your father built was more than enough for the both of us. I still don’t understand why we left there and you bought this last year for the two of us to stay.”

“You knew why I bought it.” Sebastian said to her in a rude tone. “It was a gift to me for my thirtieth birthday. I have the right to enjoy my life the way I want. I have the money!”

Mrs. Ayo continued to speak in a poised tone. “I know but your excesses are getting too much. The three accountants in your company are not doing a good job. They don’t advice you to spend your money wisely.”

“I can never suffer! The company is not the only thing I have. I have two estates that are occupied by tenants, three filling stations and two hotels. Tell me mother, how can I suffer?”

“You are exactly like your father. I wonder why he wrote in his will that you should be the CEO immediately you graduated from the university. You became a millionaire at the age of twenty five and I am sure that is why you don’t know a thing about spending money right.”

“I am not a millionaire, I am a billionaire!”

“Even if you are a billionaire, you should invest on other important things. If not, the money you use on women, alcohol, give your money to charity organizations.”

“I made my father’s company the second construction company in Nigeria,” he said in an angered tone. “I made millions and became a billionaire when I turned twenty nine. If I did not know a thing about not spending money right, how was I able to get other investments? Tell me mother!”

She pointed at him this time, she was very angry. “Don’t you ever shout at me! You look exactly like your father. You never took anything from me.”

 “I took after your looks.”

She dropped her hands. “I am not taking about that. I am talking about your character.”

“Maybe if my twin was alive, maybe he would have been like you.”

“But he is no more and I have only you!”

“I advised you to remarry many years ago but you said there was no need.” Sebastian said. “If you had listened, I would have a brother or a sister. I am very tired and I want to sleep!” He walked out on her.
Mrs. Ayo sulk herself into one of the leather sofas and wept.

Nathan came back home and his mother received him with opened arms. She was very happy to see her second child a graduate. The chef in the house had prepared different varieties of food. Lucky later in the evening begged him for the two of them to go and see Joseph. He lied to his mother they wanted to hang out in a bar to celebrate his final exams. 

Lucky and her brother went to Joseph’s house. Sister Theresa was not home. He welcomed them warmly.

“I have heard a lot about you,” he said to Nathan and shook his hand. 

“Thank you and I am very happy to meet you.”

“Me too.”

Lucky was thrilled to see her brother and boyfriend get along with each other. She knew her grandfather would accept him but her parents was going to be difficult especially her father. She only hoped Dominic would arrive after her parents speak with Joseph. Dominic was bad news.
Later in the evening, Joseph and Lucky chatted with each other. Whenever she was he in touch with him, there was always a wide smile on her lips.
She cared for him, and she loved him with all her heart. Lucky had great plans for Joseph and herself.

Sebastian entered into his closet to dress and go out in the evening. He had hundreds of designer suits and uncountable shoes. He was a fantastic dresser. He wore a brown fitted suit, went over to meet his mother in her room, and told her that he was leaving and would surely come home.

“You can do whatever you like Kehinde.” she said to him in a softer tone. “I cannot tell you what to do any longer.”

“I did not mean to upset you mom.”

“I have heard you.”

He sighed, pulled his jacket off, and went to sit on her bed. 

“Are you not going out again?” she asked him.

“I have changed my mind. I am sorry for my behavior.”

She smiled. “I know you find it difficult to say sorry but I am happy you did. I don’t want to stop you from doing what you like. You should go out.”

“Are you driving me from my house?”

“Of course not!” she said happily.

“I thought you wanted me to spend some time with you.”

“Yes but…”

“No but mom,” he said. “I want to stay and spend some time with you. I will go out tomorrow after church.”  

“Where are you going to?”

He narrated what Wunmi told him.

“Really?” she asked with her eyes wide opened. “Have you decided to meet him?”

“Yes. I will call her tonight to book for a table in another hotel for us to meet.”

“What is his name?” she asked.

“Joseph Dolapo.”

“I can’t tell you not to go. I want you to be careful and if he is someone you think has a good character, get to know him better and he can visit you in the house.”

“I am sure you are looking for company mom.”

She laughed out aloud. “You will never change.”

Wunmi called Joseph immediately she spoke with Sebastian on phone. He was excited her cousin wanted to see him. They arranged to meet in a popular fast food. She told him he could bring his girlfriend along.

Joseph informed Lucky about it. She wanted him to go alone but he insisted for the two of them to go there together. The next day, Lucky drove to meet Joseph at the eatery. They waited for thirty minutes and the others were yet to arrive.

“If this man wanted to see you,” Lucky said. “He should have come here at the appropriate time.”

“Let’s be patient my love.”  Joseph said and tapped her on nose gently. They ordered for two glasses of water and continued to wait. Sebastian and Wunmi arrived and she led him to meet Joseph when she recognized him.

Joseph and Lucky rose up together when they neared them. 

The two men were surprised that the only difference between them was their facial look. Even at that, they looked alike in so many ways. Lucky stared at them surprised. Joseph handed his right hand for a handshake. Sebastian gave a cocky smile and spoke.

“I don’t know if my cousin told you I don’t find handshake healthy. I prefer to hug.”

Joseph, Lucky and Wunmi exploded into laughter. Sebastian went ahead and embraced Joseph and Lucky too. “You have a beautiful girlfriend.”

“Thank you.”

Lucky felt she had seen him somewhere before but could not place it.

The four of them sat down together and a female waiter came for their order. Lucky wanted fried rice, salad and chicken, Wunmi asked for yam pottage and fried beef, Sebastian ordered for Chicken and chips. 

“I want Jollof rice and snail.” Joseph stated.

“Yuck!” Sebastian uttered. Wunmi gave him an eye to stop talking but he continued. “I don’t like snail. I feel it will still crawl inside my body after eating it.”

“That’s not possible.” Joseph said with a smile.

“I just don’t like it.” He said and told the waiter to bring two bottles of the best champagne they had.

“It’s nice to see you.” Joseph said to him.

“My cousin told me how she mistook you for me. In this life, I think two people actually look alike without being blood related. I am happy to meet you. What do you do for a living?”
“I am an accountant in a publishing firm.”

“How much is your salary?”

Joseph, Lucky and Wunmi looked at him dazed with his question. His cousin quickly cleared her throat to distract them and spoke. “I am really hungry. The waiter is taking long.”

“I agree with you,” Lucky said. He phone began to ring and it was her friend, Kate calling to ask where she was. She gave her the description of the place for her to meet them. She told the three of them and Sebastian thought it was a good for her to invite her friend over. Wunmi told Lucky that she loved her hair after two waiters came to serve them. 

“I think the two of you don’t know who I am.” Sebastian said rudely to them as they finished serving. “You kept us for more than ten minutes. I think the both of you do not have manners at all. Where is you manager?”

The two waiters apologized but he refused and remained persistent. Joseph felt pity for them and decided to speak on their behalf.

“I think you should forgive them,” he said to Sebastian.  “They have apologized enough and I assure you it will never happen again.”

“I can’t take this nonsense from them if you can. We are different!”

“But they are truly sorry. Please, forgive and let go.”

His furious eyes went from Joseph to the two waiters. “Thank God he is here, if not the two of you would have been sacked!”

The servers were relieved and thanked Sebastian and Joseph.

“You better leave before I change my mind.” Sebastian said. They swiftly moved their feet and hiked away.

“That was uncalled for.” Wunmi said to her cousin. 

“Shut up and eat.” he said without staring at her. He began to eat his food.

His attitude disgusted Lucky. She thought her boyfriend and him were totally different despite the resemblance. Who was he to talk at those waiters rudely? She wanted to leave his sight but her boyfriend was right beside her. Joseph and Lucky started to eat. Joseph shifted the onions to the side of his plate and his girlfriend put them into her food.

Sebastian looked at Joseph. “You don’t eat onions inside your food?”


He sighed. “You are very strange but it’s good.”

“What do you do?” he questioned Lucky and glanced at her.

“I am the manager of TOK Construction Company.”

He gave a one sided smile. “I have heard about your company. I have met the owner once.”

“He is my father.”

“Oh! That’s good. Your company is far behind me in position but he is doing a good job.”

“Behind you?” she asked confused. “I…I don’t understand.”

“I am the CEO of AK Berger Construction Company.”

“No wonder.” Lucky said. She understood why he was very insolent and why she thought he was familiar. She had seen him in a magazine.

Joseph widened his eyes. He knew about the company and he had no idea he had been interacting with the owner. 

“No wonder what?” Sebastian asked.

“Do not worry,” she said and grinned. “I know you have one of the biggest construction companies in the country and I am delighted to meet you. People like you are mentors. You are an inspiration.”

He smiled widely. Kate walked up to them and Lucky introduced all of them. She shook their hands except Sebastian who gave her a hug instead. She joined them and one of the waiters took her order. This time, the waiter was fast to serve Kate her food. She did not want to get into trouble with the handsome man, the Yoruba demon.

After they ate, Sebastian and Kate began to flirt with each other. Lucky told her friend she should escort her to the bathroom. When they got there, Lucky spoke to her angrily.

“Have you forgotten you are a married woman?”

“What did I do?” Kate asked her innocently.

“Your attitude towards Sebastian is not proper! You have a husband.”

“Which husband? Is it the one that refused to allow us leave together?”

“That is because his work took him to another state. You are the one not ready to live with him.”

“I have never been to Port Harcourt before and I have no intention to go there. I prefer Lagos.”

“Then do not cheat or flirt with a man. You belong to another.”

“We are not the same Lucky! I know you can never cheat on your boyfriend but I can do whatever I like, it is none of your business.”

She stared at her disappointed. “You gain nothing if you cheat on Kelvin.”

“It is my life and not yours,” Kate said. “I will advise you to get married to Dominic. Joseph cannot offer you the kind of life you want.”

“And who told you that?”

“He is not rich. He doesn’t have your kind of money. If not that, I like Sebastian and I want him for myself, I would have advised you to dump Joseph and date him. Sebastian is a billionaire and he will pamper anyone woman that comes his way.”

“What makes you think Joseph does not pamper me?”

Kate shook her head. “That man might be deceiving you. I think he is after your money.”

“You are talking rubbish. We love each other and we will be together for forever.”

“I will not allow you make a mistake.”

Lucky frowned at her friend. “You made it clear to me that it was none of my business about you and that arrogant man. It is my turn to tell you, to never, ever interfere in my relationship with Joseph.” She walked out of the bathroom and went to whisper to into Joseph ear that she wanted to speak with him privately. The moment they excused themselves from Sebastian and Wunmi,Wunmi turned to her cousin.

“You did not have to show your true color to the people you are meeting for the first time. You are so annoying!”

“I cannot pretend. This is who I am.”

“This is not about you pretending. Can’t you see how Joseph has been behaving?”

“Like I said before, we are different. Joseph’s character pisses me off.”

“What?” she asked stunned.

“He behaves like my mother! How can a man be so calm and polite? I find it womanly. I think that is the kind of son she wants and I will be happy to introduce them together because they have so much in common.”

“A man that respects his mother, girlfriend or wife will treat other women with respect too.”

“You can say whatever you like.” he said and saw Kate coming towards their path. “Do not say any word anymore.”

“I want to leave.” Lucky said to Joseph.


“I don’t like Sebastian. If I had known he was Akande, the billionaire, I would have advised us not to meet him.”

“Why?” he asked. 

“I have heard about him and he is pompous.”

“I think he is open minded that is why you think he is pompous. Give him some time and get to know him better. You will like him.”

“You can get close to him, I have no interest.”

“You can learn a lot from him. You are in the same kind of establishment.”

“I am still not interested.” she said and finally smiled. “What are we still doing here? We have finished eating.”

“When you and Kate left to the bathroom, he suggested we go to a swimming pool and chill there.”

“I thought you don’t know how to swim?”

“I agreed because I know you love swimming.”

Her face beamed brightly. “Thank you love.”

Joseph smiled at Lucky and kissed her on the lips. “Let’s go.”

Joseph joined Lucky in her car and they drove behind Sebastian’s car. Kate did the same. Wunmi decided to take a taxi and leave. She lied that she had an urgent assignment that will be submitted the next day but the truth was that, she urgently wanted to leave where her cousin was, if not, they would sure quarrel and create a scene. 

The four of them arrived at a relaxation center. Sebastian ordered for beer for all of them but Joseph preferred juice. The champagne he had, made him a bit tipsy. Sebastian and Kate stood close to the swimming pool side. They were getting to know more about themselves. Lucky and Joseph sat, chatted and watched some of the people swimming.

“Don’t you want to swim?” he asked her.

“I am not in the mood. I want to stay with you.”

He smiled and as he was about to open his mouth and something, Sebastian playfully pushed Kate into the water. They laughed at Kate. Sebastian jumped into the water and joined her despite wearing his suit.

“I still think Sebastian is a nice guy.” Joseph said to Lucky.

She sighed and shook her head. “You are defending him because you like him.”

“Should I hate him?”

“No! He has an attitude problem but he makes me laugh too. He can be annoying but fun to hang out with.”

“Why can’t you join them?” he asked. “No one should stop you from catching fun. Forget their character, focus on yours and everyone goes home happy.”

She rolled her eyes, smiled and gave Joseph her bottle of beer. “You can drink the rest.”

He dropped it on the floor. “Thanks, I am satisfied with my juice.” 

She giggled and ran towards the swimming and hopped inside. Sebastian and Kate cheered her up. Joseph watched them with happiness in his eyes.

One of the workers came to tell them that they were breaking the rules and they had no right to swim with their clothes.

“I want you to tell your boss that Sebastian Akande has broken his rules,” he said. “My friends and I are not in a hurry to leave.”

“You cannot come here and do whatever you like sir.”

“The owner of this place still owes me money. If he has my balance, he can call the police and take me out of the water.”

The manager of the place ran to meet the worker and whispered to him. They left them alone. Lucky left Sebastian and Kate to be with her soul mate. Joseph gave her phone to her, Nathan was calling.”

“Hello bro,” she said after picking up the call.

“We need to talk.” he said in a serious tone.

“Any problem?” she asked.

“Dad and I are travelling in three days’ time. Joseph has to meet dad as soon as possible. I will explain better when you come home.”

“Please give me a clue about you want to discuss with me. I am already worried.”

“When dad comes back from his trip, I will not be coming with him.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“I will explain why he wants me to stay back when I see you,” he said. “But Father will not be coming home alone; Dominic will come along with him.”

To be continued…. on Thursday morning.


  1. jeeesu oba iye... oya lucky and Joseph go nd visit papa lucky immediately.
    I cnt even predict this story sef... Carina, Carina the Suspense Queen!!

  2. I can't predict the story too. We know the story revolves around Joseph. But what about Sebastian and Dominic. Carina will surely do something to surprise us

  3. Lol @ Sebastian's attitude. Oh meeting the parents has really become inevitable. @Kate, not a fan.
    C.J be entertaining us since 1900. More grace dearie.

  4. I hope nothing will tear Joseph ad Lucky apart o. Sebastian is annoying Sha. I'm sure carina has a reason for his character. I am waiting for the next episode.

  5. AnonymousJune 02, 2016

    Interesting. I cannot wait for the drama to unfold


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