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(Season 3): GENEVIEVE COLE. E5

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Some of my readers contacted me through BBM and email, asking if GENEVIEVE COLE series will soon end. I told them yes. They said they don’t want it to end. Truthfully, I never knew you guys will love this series like this, and I am GRATEFUL. Well, I am likely to extend it, bring more drama, cases and twist/turns if you all do not want it to end now.

This is a BONUS Episode. It is very LONG. Relax and Enjoy!!

Episode 5 Title: The Handwriting on the Wall & the Murderer of Uncle Freddie 

On their way back to the office, Genevieve stayed muted, and she reserved her gaze on the road. Quincy pondered on her quietness. He knew she was not happy Becky Okoli pigheadedly refused to tell them what could help and hasten the investigation. Quincy slowed down the vehicle to buy two-bottled water for the both of them. He bought and handed her one but she gave him a cold shoulder by rejecting it. He did not say anything but threw it at the back seat and increased the speed.

The atmosphere inside the car was silent until they reached the environment of the NIB when Quincy grabbed Genevieve by the left arm mildly and stopped her from opening the door and coming out from his car.

“What is the meaning of this?” she asked with a massive frown on her face.

“What have I done wrong? Have I done anything to offend you?”

“Are you asking me now?”

“Please answer me.” he replied.

She sighed and bit her lower lip. “You should never have stopped me when I tried to plead with that woman. She would have helped.”

“No. Even if we begged, that woman will still not tell us what she knows. She is trying to protect her daughter and I don’t want to blame her. I won’t forget what she said. Becky Okoli said if my father could solve the case, we will.”

“But she helped him with the information she had.”
“I know but two heads are better than one. We will solve it.”

“We will solve it when we have little information?” she asked in a surprised tone. “I am eager to find out the truth!”

“Me too! We are not only investigating what really happened to Annie Ayiri but the death of my father! You talk as if I don’t want to solve the case.”

“That is not what I am saying,” she explained. ”This is getting nowhere because we do not have enough information. Allow me confront Leroy and I bet you, he will talk. We have come a long way and that should give me a very big reason to talk to him about his lies and awkward behavior for the past few weeks. You saw the way he acted at the meeting, there must be a reason for that and I deserve to know. I saw some white envelopes in his drawers but I wasn’t able to read them.”

“It might not have anything to do with the case.” Quincy said.

“Maybe but Leroy looks suspicious.” Genevieve stated. “There is something going on that we don’t know.”

“I don’t think the person behind my father’s death knows we are still on the case.”

Her left eyebrow went up. “Why would you say that?”

“You have not received any death threat apart from that note.”

“That’s true and if they think we are longer investigating the case, that’s better. I want everything over as soon as possible.”

“Me too but I do not want you to confront Leroy. Our exploration on the case will no longer be a secret.”

“I do not care about that anymore!” she expressed and sighed. “At least, we will know he is the traitor.”

Quincy made a face and dimmed his eyes. “Have you finally accepted he is the traitor?”

Genevieve shook her head sorrowfully and emotionally. Her lips began to shake and her eyes were getting plagued with water. She burst out sobbing. “I don’t know what to say! It hurts so bad that our friendship has degenerated. It hurts me Quincy and I cannot lie to you. I don’t know how I will take it when we find out he is the traitor. I love him so much, like a brother, family!” She cleaned her face with her dry hands and sniffed her nose. “If Leroy is actually the betrayer, he will be the second man that will break my heart.” She cried again and Quincy wrapped his arms around her. He pecked her on the head.

“I am sorry.” He said. He very sad to see the woman he loved unhappy. “I am very sorry.”

She released herself from his grip and cleaned her eyes. “What do we do now?”

“I think I will talk to James Ayiri again,” he answered her. “He has to tell me what he knows.”

“Becky said he never had his sister’s time.”

“I know.” He said. “I don’t have a choice. If he has nothing to say, I will start my investigation on him.”

“You believe he has a hand in your father’s death?”

“He is a suspect.” Akin sauntered to his window side, and hit it gently. Quincy lowered down the glass.

“Welcome boss.” he said and saluted Genevieve. She gave him a weak smile and a nod. “Do we have good news?”


His face fell. “That’s bad. Anyway, while you were both away, Honorable James Ayiri came to the office to see you.”

The two partners looked surprised.

“He came?” Quincy asked.

“Yes sir but he could not wait. He said I should let you know he will be here tomorrow.”

“He should have called me on the phone. I intend to see him too. Did he give you a specific time when he will come?”

“No sir.”

“Okay, no problem. I will see him when he comes.” Akin nodded and went back inside the building. 

Genevieve and Quincy stared at each other. She spoke. “I will be going to the cafeteria to eat and leave when I am done.”

“I will go to the office to read Annie Ayiri’s file again.” He hushed and asked. “When are you coming back home?”

She smiled and massaged his chin. “Very soon. I will leave his house after the award show.” She dropped her hand on her lap.

“How will you be able to break the news to him?”

“I will find a way.”

“What about the daughter?” he asked in a worried tone. “It will really hurt that little girl when you leave. She will miss you.”

“I will miss her too. I am entitled to be happy, I want to be happy.” Her face shined with a broad smile on her lips. “And you make me happy and I will be with you as long as you want.”

Quincy carried her hands to his lips and kissed them. He peered into her eyes. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you Genny.”

“Me too honey.” She moved forward to kiss him but he went for her right cheek. “You don’t want to kiss me?”

“No.” he adjusted himself back on his seat.

“Is my mouth smelling?” she asked jokingly.

He laughed. “I do kiss you when you have not brushed your teeth and no, your mouth is not smelling. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”


“If we kiss inside this car, God help me, something good will happen.” He winked at her.

Genevieve exploded into laughter, and opened the door.

“Are you trying to escape from me?” Quincy asked.

“Yes! See you later.” She marched to the route of the cafeteria. 

Genevieve had finished eating noodles and two boiled eggs with a bottle of Maltina. She entered into the office when her phone rang. She pressed the green button and spoke with her sister, Jennifer.

“Hey Jenny,” she said. “How are you?”

“You never bothered to call and ask me about my health.” Jennifer said in a gloomy tone. “I am not happy with you.”

“Oh my! I am so sorry! I totally forget. Please forgive me. My kind of job is stressful and sometimes it makes you to forget things about your personal life. I am truly sorry.”

“I hope you won’t forget yourself someday.” She teased. 

She chuckled. “You are very funny. How is your health now? Is it fever?”

“I am pregnant!” she responded in an enthusiastic tone. “I am two weeks pregnant!”

Genevieve eyes brightened with joy, a thrilled smile roamed on her lips. She was happy to hear the good news.

“I am happy for you! This is a miracle.”

“A miracle indeed! Mom is on her way to see me. My husband has been jumping up and down. I am going to be a mother at last!”

“I am currently investigating a case,” Genevieve said. “When everything is over, I will visit you.”

“Okay sis. Take care!” She ended the call.

Genevieve went to Quincy’s office to break the good news. He was happy for her sister. She went to greet her coworkers and went home. She met Oscar and his daughter already having dinner. He offered her food but she politely said no. The food she ate at the diner was more than enough for her. She went to her room, showered and dressed in her nightie. Oscar knocked on her door and she told him to enter. 

“I am sorry for disturbing you.” he said and moved to where she stood and stretched his hand to give her a key.

She took it. “Why are you giving me a key?”

“It is the key to my house and you should have one.”

Genevieve was dazed and handed it over to him. “I…I… do… I don’t need it.”

Oscar refused to take it back. “I know it’s too early for this but I feel it is the right time. This is your home.”
“I cannot accept this.”

“I can’t take it back. Please, accept it because of Yvonne.”

She looked at his face without saying a word. She had nothing to say. Oscar swiftly moved closer to her and tried to kiss her but she saw him coming and pushed him away.

“What is the meaning of this detective Oscar?”

“I’m…I’m sorry. It won’t happen again,” he apologized and hiked back to the door. “Keep the key!” he said and left.

Genevieve sank herself on top of her bed and looked at the key on her right palm. “What have I gotten myself into?” she murmured and shook her head. She felt sorry for herself. Before she could close her eyes to sleep, she thought about all Becky Okoli said and she vividly analyze the words and put the pieces together to see if she could unravel the case.

The next day, after Genevieve assisted Yvonne to wear her uniform, socks and shoes, Oscar called her aside and made an apology for what he did the previous night.

“You don’t have to say you are sorry again, she said. “It’s in the past now.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” She said and turned to walk away.

“There’s something else.” Oscar sharply said.

Genevieve riveted to face him. “What is it?”

“You know I will be resuming in few days’ time.”

“Yes I know.”

“The award show is next week and I will happy if you say yes.”

“Yes to what?” she asked in a bemused tone.

“Will you be my date to the award show?”

She was short of words.

Akin was in Quincy’s office talking about the case when female detective informed the director he had a visitor. She led Honorable James Ayiri into the office and Akin left to give them some privacy. The governor candidate appeared unhappy. There was not a hint of smile or brightness on his face. He seemed angry to Quincy when he noticed his facial look.

James Ayiri refused a handshake and he spoke out the moment he sat down opposite the NIB director.
“I am highly disappointed in you Quincy Harvey Arinze!” he said in his deep voice.

The eyebrows on his forehead uplifted. “Disappointed in me?”

“Yes and I cannot hide my feelings! You are incompetent!”

“I know you are a prominent man in this country and should be respected but what I won’t take is insults from anybody. You cannot come into my office and shout at me. I will not accept it!”

He sneered. “I gave you an assignment to look into the case file of my sister and all you are interested in, is an award show with my rival!”

“And because of an award show, you think I am not looking into the case of your sister? Wait a minute… are you more concerned about the case or because a rival of yours is the sponsor? Tell me, which one is correct?”

“I want it cancelled and you have to put all your effort to solve the case.”

“You cannot force me to do what I don’t want to do! The award show will go on. Don’t threaten me!”

“I am not threatening you!” he said in a furious tone. “I am only telling you to do the right thing!”

“You called my father weak the first time we met,” Quincy said angrily. “I let that pass because I respected you. Don’t act this way. It will make me change the way I feel about you.”

He speedily rose up from the chair. “That is your damn business! Investigate my sister’s case!”

“I am working on it but I will not stop the show! You are invited.”

“Damn you and Efe Oghenetega!”

“I am not part of your politics! Don’t put me into your middle. You are eager to know what happened to your sister, why can’t you tell me what you know that can help me solve the case.”

“I don’t know anything!” he yelled. “Do your job and get back to me as soon as possible!”

“And if I cannot solve the case on time, what will you do?”

James Ayiri hissed loudly and moved to the entrance door. He was about to open it when detective Leroy entered.

“Good morning sir,” Leroy greeted the honorable.

“Good morning detective Leroy.” He said and turned to Quincy. “I need answers!!” He moved away and left the office.

“I wanted to check up on you because I heard loud voices,” Leroy said to Quincy. “I hope all is well?”

“Yes.” He said. “Is detective Genevieve around?”

“Yes sir.”

“Please tell her, her attention is needed in my office.”

He nodded and went to inform her. Genevieve met Quincy pacing around his office with his middle finger down his chin. She looked at him with a worried facial look and asked if everything was okay. He shook his head and explained the unforeseen behavior and accusation from James Ayiri.

“Why would he say all those things?”

“I don’t know but there is something I just found out and I know you won’t like it.”

“What is it?” she enquired in a curious tone.

“Remember when I told you I went to see him and he said a detective in the NIB told one of his boys that I was Freddie Arinze’s son.”

“Yes I remember. You said he never mentioned the name.”

“Of course, Leroy came into my office and when he was leaving and he greeted him, James Ayiri addressed him as detective Leroy.”

 Genevieve grunted. “Are you telling me you never introduced the both of them?”

“Never!” he uttered. “James Ayiri left my office in anger!”

“Just like the last time he saw your father.” She motioned towards Quincy. “I still can’t believe Leroy could do this. He said he would never do anything to hurt me but he did. I want to focus on this case and solve it soon! I want this over!”

“I know how much Leroy means…”

“No you don’t!” she said in a tender tone. “I don’t think you know how much he means to me! Let me explain something to you. When Leroy and I met here, he was nice to me, very nice! Some years ago, your father assigned a case to Leroy, Oscar and I. It was about a man that shot and killed his girlfriend. He was on the run and we investigated the case to get him. I received a call of the location of where the man went to hide. Oscar was not available and Leroy and I went there. It was an uncompleted building. We had our guns, Leroy entered from the front while I checked the back. I was the person who saw this man and he was holding something in his right hand he placed at the back. I told him to turn around, go on his knees and put his hands on his head but he refused and brought out his hand. I quickly cloaked my gun and I aimed for his legs but it happened so fast, I shot him in his chest.” Quincy widened his eyes. She sniffed her nose and continued. “I never knew he was holding a phone, I thought it was a gun and he wanted to shoot me! Leroy panicked when he heard the gunshot and ran to meet us and he found him dead! I explained to him what happened and Leroy covered up for me! I would have lost my job if not for him!”

“Oh my God!”

“He kept my secret.” She said in a teary tone. “I explained what happened. Leroy searched the building and saw the man’s belongings, and his gun. He took the gun with his handkerchief, aimed for my flesh and shot me on the left arm. He said we were going to use that as a cover up. If the authorities knew I killed an innocent man, I will not be here today. We didn’t even tell your father. Leroy kept my secret, and he never told a soul the truth. I will not be that Genevieve Cole if they knew I killed that man. My life would have been over. Everything would have been taken away from me!”

“You don’t have to blame yourself. He was a murderer.”

“But he was unarmed that day. I had no right to take his life. I am not God.”

“I know.” Quincy said.


“Saved your career that day.” He completed her sentence.

She nodded and tears crawled down her facial skin to her neck. “No one would have known me as Genevieve Cole the intelligent detective. People would have called me names, even a murderer.”

Quincy gripped her tight. She wept very loud. “I am sorry.” he said.

"What am I going to do now? Leroy saved me!” She looked at Quincy. “If your father was alive and Leroy had a hand in Annie Arinze’s death, I would cover up for him. I will not be sorry for saving him. I asked that day, why he helped me, he smiled and asked me. Can I call you little sis? And ever since that day, we became very close, we brought Oscar and Jasmine closer to us and the four of us….”

“Stayed as family.”

She cried into a bout of tears. “This is hard for me! This is hard to take and that’s why I need an explanation. I need an explanation from him!”

He grabbed her into his arms and consoled her from crying further. A tear fell from his left eye and he wiped it. 

Genevieve was able to get a hold of herself after some minutes. She released herself from him and went to sit down. “Let’s talk about the case.”

“Are you sure?” he asked concerned. “You can go home and rest.”

“Going home to rest won’t solve anything.” She said. “I thought about some things last night.”

“Okay.” He said and sat down opposite her. “Becky Okoli said Annie loved to party, have fun with men. She also said her friend was not kidnapped but left on her own and she dined with an enemy.”

“I’m listening.”

“We know, Efe Oghenetega and James Ayiri are rivals and it’s one of them that will be a winner in the upcoming governorship election. Efe could be the enemy that Annie dined with before her demise. He is a chronic womanizer; remember he tried to flirt with me if not for you. Right now, he is having an affair with Jasmine.”

“If Annie Ayiri left on her own to be with Efe, James Ayiri would not like that.”

“At all,” she said. “But will that be enough reason to kill his sister and your father? If he has a hand in your father’s death why does he want you to reopen and investigate the case?”

“James Ayiri may want us to tie the murders with his rival Efe.” Quincy said. “It will also help him win the election. Nobody will vote for a murderer and he will surely step down and get arrested.”

“I know you are against me asking Leroy but I want detective Akin to follow him anywhere he goes to.”

“If that is what you want, I will do it.” She rose up, recalled something and sat down. “Anything?”

“Leroy is not happy with the award show.”

“That is correct.”

She sighed sadly. “James Ayiri is not also happy. The two of them are definitely working together.”

“That’s true.”

“There something else I want to tell you and it might upset you.”

“What is it?”

“I agreed to be Oscar’s date to the award show.”

Quincy smiled. “I understand.”

“You understand?” she asked dazed.

“Yes I do and I will be expecting you to come home after that.” He said and rose up. He walked to Genevieve’s side and raised her up. “I trust you.”

“I will speak to him after the award. I know it will be hard for him  to take but… I have no choice.”

He kissed her mildly on the lips. “I can’t wait for you to come home.”

“Me too.”

After some days, Oscar was back to work. He neglected Quincy at the office and anything that had to do with a case, Jasmine was the one who always went to meet him. Akin followed Leroy anytime he left the office but he was frustrated when Leroy was either going to a supermarket or to the hospital with his wife. Chisom was due to give birth to their first child. James Ayiri called Quincy for news but he had none. Quincy told him to give him more time. Detectives were voting online for the upcoming event. Genevieve went to see Chisom when her husband wasn’t home.They had lunch together and she wished her a safe delivery.
On a Thursday, Genevieve went for shopping to buy the gown and shoes she wanted to wear for the show. After shopping, she went home and met Oscar waiting for her at the doorstep. He told her to keep her things inside and she should follow him to a place. He wanted to surprise her. She agreed and drove with him in his car. They arrived into a large compound, there was an erected big, and yet to be completed building. It was a bungalow. Genevieve came out from the vehicle, surprised to be in an unfamiliar environment.

“Why are we here?” she asked him after he came out from his car.

He grinned. “The house is not yet completed but I believe very soon.”

“Who is the owner of this building?” 
Oscar gestured towards Genevieve and held her left hand. It surprised her. “This house belongs to us.”

“Us?” she asked in a mystified tone. “I don’t understand.”

He gave her a look. “This is my project I have been working on for the past two years now. I did this because of you. I have always loved you and because of the plans I had for you, I did this. I want you to be comfortable when we eventually become one.”

“But… but I have never told you we are going to become one.”

“I know but three months for me to wait is worth it. We will live here with Yvonne.”

Genevieve was tongue-tied. She did not know if she should let him know she would be leaving his house after the award show and get back to Quincy fully. She scratched the back of her neck and gave a weak smile when Oscar concentrated his eyes on her. He led her inside to look at the design. He wanted to impress her.

“I have an important question to ask you.” she said. 

“You can ask me anything.”

She bit her lower lip before she questioned him. “This project is huge and you are a homicide detective. How did you get such an amount of money to make this happen? The land is big and the house you are building definitely requires a lot of money.”

Oscar smiled and dipped his hands into his pockets. “I inherited the land from my late father and as for the money, to tell you the truth, Yvonne’s mother was from a very rich home. When she was three months pregnant, her own father gave her some money to start any lucrative business of her choice after she gives birth but we never knew it would take her life.”

Genevieve shook her head in pity. “I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” he said in gentle tone. “The money was deposited in our joint account and I had access to it. My father in-law advised me to use it wisely. That’s what I am doing, to make me, Yvonne and you happy.”

“You don’t have to do anything for me Oscar,” she said. “Your daughter happiness is your number one priority.”

“You are my number one priority Genevieve Cole.”

She struggled for words, something to express the shock that surged through her, but none came. How could he make her his number one priority, when he had a daughter? She thought.

“I know you might be surprised but don’t be. I promise to take good care of you.”

“I have never told you I will marry you.” she managed to say. If she kept quiet for long, Oscar won’t take it easy on her. She was wanted to ask if it was love, or lust. Obsession was supposed to be the right word but it scared her to the bones if Oscar was truly obsessed with her. “I want to say some….”

He hushed her by placing his finger on her lips. “You don’t have to say anything. Let’s check around before we leave. We will be going home soon.”

She nodded and followed him behind. 

On Friday afternoon, Jasmine met Genevieve at the cafeteria eating fried rice and chicken with a bottle of Maltina. She joined her and ordered for a plate of what her colleague was eating. She waited for the waitress to serve her before she spoke. 

“I know you like Tiwa Savage,” Jasmine said. “Have you heard about the crisis going on in her marriage?”

“I heard but I thought she’s no longer interested in the marriage.”

“That’s what she says but she is also at fault. She slept with 2face, Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid! She’s a slut.”

“A slut?” Genevieve asked with surprised eyes. “It might be lies.”

“What if it is true?”

“No one is a saint and we all have our past. You should talk about something else, don’t forget, you are having an affair with a married man.”

She gave a sarcastic look. “Thank you for reminding me. Anyways, I heard most of the detectives are seriously voting for you as the overall best detective.” Jasmine said. “You will be the winner of a jeep. I heard it’s a Lexus.”

Genevieve dropped her spoon on her plate and looked at her. “It could be a rumor that I will win. Anybody can win it. I have also voted. I heard other notable people in the country are interested in the event. They don’t want your boyfriend to be the only sponsor.”

“That is true,” Jasmine said. “The fifth richest man in the country deposited some amount of money for the hall, food and drinks. They want to show appreciation to the detectives.” 

“If others want to assist, what will your boyfriend do? Is he the one that bought the car?”

“I am unaware about that. I think Efe gave the idea and these wealthy people loved it.”

“Even if your man doesn’t spend a dime, we will remain grateful to him.”

Jasmine smiled. “Who do you think will win the best male detective?”

“I don’t know. I was confused on who to vote for, especially between Leroy and Akin.”

“What about Oscar?” she asked surprised. “Don’t you think he can win it and there are others too?”

“Of course there are others. I am not disputing the fact that any male can win it. I have simply voted for my choice.”

“Who is that?”

“Detective Leroy.”

“Is it detective Leroy that you are no longer close to? You think I don’t know your friendship with him as gone down the drain. You have been avoiding him in the office. What is really going on between the both of you?”

She drank the remaining of her drink and replied. “Nothing.”

“I know you will say nothing but what really happened to us? We no longer hang out together every Friday. The four of us were very close and we called each other family. I really miss everything. When Freddie Arinze was alive, nothing stopped us from hanging out together. His death really affected all of us. How can we get back together again?”

“We are still together.”

“You know what I mean but you do not want to admit it.” Jasmine said.

Genevieve wondered what could make Jasmine say all these. If not that they were in a public place, she would challenge her why she poisoned her in the past. She was alive and grateful to God. Although, the poison was not supposed to kill but make her suffer and fall sick.

Jasmine added. “You can talk to me and tell me what is going on.”

“I said nothing is going on.” She said in a serious tone.

“If you say so, no problem but I want us to hang out together in a club after the award show.”

“I don’t know about that because I will be very tired.”

“Please,” she pleaded. “I really want us to have some girl’s time together. It should be the two of us, although my boyfriend is likely to come with us but we will ignore him. We should have fun together Genevieve. I want us to spend some time as friends.”

“Can we do that another day?”

“What stops you from clubbing with me tomorrow?”

“Oscar and Leroy are not invited?”

Jasmine shook her head. “I want it to just be me and you.”

“I will go with you on one condition.”


“I will go home after the award show to bath and wear something simple.”

“That’s fine by me girl!” Jasmine and Genevieve laughed and their hands clashed in a bubbly mood.

(Saturday by 4pm)

The day for the event came as detectives of the NIB dressed in their best clothes. Some of them came along with their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and family. Ten directors of NIB in another states attended. The head of NIB from Abuja sent a female representative. Three popular musicians and a comedian were billed to perform in the event. A popular female model and an actor hosted it. 

Jasmine was dressed in a short black gown.

She never cared what anyone would think of what she wore. She sat down with the governor aspirant, Efe Oghenetega and some of his friends. Other prominent men in the country that were sponsors showed up. The son of the fifth richest man in Nigeria represented him. He was the one that paid for the car. The minister of Finance paid for the entertainers. Quincy Harvey dressed in a dazzled black tuxedo sat close to Akin and two detectives from the child abuse department. Leroy did not attend with his wife, she was at the hospital and when the event was over, he would join her. He sat down in the midst of other detectives he barely knew.

Genevieve and Oscar were yet to arrive. Quincy sent her a message that the show had started and the announcement of the nominees and winners will commence soon. After the female musician performed and left, the comedian came out to crack some jokes. Genevieve and Oscar entered and heads turn to their direction. Eyes glued on Genevieve in a stunning blue gown. 

She was shining and glamorous.

“Didn’t she get the memo?” a woman whispered to ask her detective husband.

“Of course she did. She was at the meeting.”

Quincy peered at her with a smile on his lips. The love he had for her, amplified. His smile turned into a grin, and he knew that with Genevieve as his woman, his life would be amazing. 

“My baby wants to look different,” he said to Akin. “It’s sexy!”

Akin laughed.

Oscar and Genevieve assembled on the empty seats and listened to the jokes of the comedian. They laughed aloud as he entertained them. He left the stage after few jokes, and promised to be back. The female model and actor came out to call out the nominees for the best male detective. 

They called the names together: Oscar Nnamdi, Fred Olawole, Akin Salami, Peterson Okoro and Leroy Raymond.

The model said, “And the winner for the best Male detective is Leroy Raymond.” Everyone clapped and Genevieve did not hide her feelings, she was very happy for him. He deserved it. Leroy rose and walked to collect the award and made his speech.

“I am grateful for this award,” he said. “This award is dedicated to my wife. Thank you all.” They clapped again for him and he went back to sit.

“The nominees for the best female detective,” said the actor. “Ebere Agu, Jasmine Jones, Genevieve Cole and Tolu Akindele. The winner is Genevieve Cole.” They clapped, Leroy beamed in joy. 

She went forward and turned her back to look at her partner.

He raised his glass of champagne. 

She took her award. “I am happy and thankful for this beautiful award. The nominees are also winners and I appreciate all the detectives I have worked with. I dedicate this award to God. Thank you.”

Nominees for most punctual detective were Peterson Okoro, Jack Ahmed, Oscar Nnamdi, Abu Sanusi and Akin Salami. 

The model said, “And the winner is Oscar Nnamdi.” He came out and dedicated the award to his daughter and colleague Genevieve Cole.

The nominees and winners for other awards were announced and handed their awards plaque. Abu Sanusi won the most popular male detective. Genevieve won the most popular female detective. Tolu Akindele won best-dressed female detective. Collins Adebayo won for the male. The comedian came to the stage to crack more jokes and comestibles surrounded the tables of everyone. 

Five minutes later, the actor came out with an award. He said, “I have been informed by the son of one of the richest men in the country to give this award to a man of honor and integrity. He is a good and brilliant man and he should be respected. He does not have to be a detective for him to win an award tonight. We call the award most honored. I am privileged to give this award to Quincy Harvey.” A huge smile plastered on Genevieve’s lips, Oscar looked at her and frowned. He was extremely jealous. The director stood up and moved to collect it.
“I never planned a speech for this because it was unexpected,” he said. “I am very grateful to Odefola Jakande, the minister of finance Onyi Chukwu, all the supporters and Mr. Efe Oghenetega. He has my immense support with the detectives in the upcoming governorship election. I dedicate this award to my late father Freddie Arinze and to two of my amazing friends, Genevieve Cole and Akin Salami. Thank you.”

Genevieve surveyed around to look for Akin, when she sighted him, she gave him a thumb up and he smiled back at her.

A male musician came out to perform and some of them danced. Jasmine was up on her dancing shoes, rocking while her man watched her.

After some minutes, more nominees were called. Jasmine won most Jovial female detective. Fred Olawole won for the male. Genevieve won her third award for best homicide detective. Akin Salami won the most diligent detective.

They also called out the winners for best child abuse detective, domestic violence, among others.
Leroy won the most dedicated detective. He spoke to the audience. “This is my second award and I appreciate it. I dedicate this award to my best friend and sister from another mother, Genevieve Cole. You are a good woman.” She took a deep breath down her lungs. The words sent cold into her body.
The award all of them have been waiting for came. Quincy Harvey came on stage to call out the nominees. They were Jasmine Jones, Tuoyo Buchi, Genevieve Cole, Tolu Akindele and Sandy Philips.

He opened the paper and delightfully said, “The winner for the overall best detective is…. Genevieve Cole!”

As she stood, everyone rose up on their feet and clapped their hands. Oscar rose and opened his arms. She hugged him and went to collect her award. Quincy pecked her on her cheeks and gave her the award. They all sat down on their respective chairs.

She sighed audibly with a wide grin. “This is a great night for me. I… I never thought I would win this award. I am thanking everyone that voted for me. God bless you all. I want to use this opportunity to talk about a man, I called father. He was the former director that died and he made me who I am today. He believed in me and he encouraged me to work harder. I dedicate this award to Freddie Arinze.” Everyone clapped their hands. “I also want to say something about two remarkable men in my life.” She looked at Quincy. “Thank you for teaching me about love. You are a wonderful boss and even when I try to push you away, you always come back.” She turned her gaze to the crowd and gazed at Leroy with teary eyes. “I am also grateful to detective Leroy, for his compassion and friendship. I don’t think you know how indebted I am for what you have done for me.” The tears she fought to hold drizzled down. “Thank you.”

Quincy patted her back and whispered to her. “Be strong and wipe your tears. People will start asking questions.”

Genevieve cleaned her face carefully, in order not to stain her hands with make-up. “This is hard for me to take.”

“Confront him.” he said as he walked with her away from the stage.

“Are you sure?”

“You deserve to know the truth. I am still shocked he could do this to you. You have every right to know.” He said and left her with Oscar. Oscar snubbed him and gave him a scornful look. Quincy overlooked his immature attitude.

“You won big tonight.” He said to Genevieve. “Congrats.”

“Thank you.”      

Later, the managing director of Lexus motors in Nigeria gave Genevieve Cole the key to her new car parked outside. Efe Oghenetega wrote a cheque of five hundred thousand naira and presented it to her. She took a quick look at it and shook his hands. He surprised everyone when he wrote another cheque and made it known it was for the most dedicated detective. Leroy came forward and collected it for him. It was a moment of joy and their coworkers congratulated them.

The event came to an end. Genevieve told Oscar to go home alone, she promised to join him later. He refused at first but with enough persuasion, he left her behind. She went to meet Quincy and Akin. They congratulated her for winning four awards.

“We need to talk.” She said to the both of them.

“Yes,” Quincy said. “I will look for a quiet room for us to talk and Akin will inform Leroy you want to discuss something important with him. I hope you are ready.”

She nodded.

“What about the cheque?” he asked her. “Please don’t misplace it.”

She opened her purse, brought it out and gave it to Quincy.
“Why are you giving me?” he asked.

“To help me keep it,” She replied and he looked at the cheque. “I will cash the money on Monday morning.”
Quincy did not say anything. He wore a questionable expression on his face.

“Is there a mistake on the cheque?” she requested an answer from him.

“I don’t want to believe this,” he said and handed the cheque back to her. “Can you take a look at it properly? I mean the handwriting.”

Genevieve had no idea what he meant, but she surveyed the handwriting and she opened her eyes wide when she recollected an incident from the past. “This is the same handwriting that threatened my life in that note I saw on the windscreen of my car!”

“Are you sure about that?” Akin asked in a dazed tone.

“Yes!” Quincy replied and the three of them looked at the direction of Efe Oghenetega. He was talking with Leroy. “This animal killed my father!” As he swiftly moved to their direction, Genevieve gripped him. 

“This is not the time and place for this! We don’t have enough evidence, just a piece of paper with his handwriting on it. We don’t even have the letter anymore. And even if we do, how do we prove he killed your father?”

Quincy’s eyes sparked with intense anger. “All along, we dined with the enemy. The murderer of my father became my friend! I am an asshole!”

“No you are not! You never knew and now that you know, he will pay dearly for it.”

“What do we do now?” Akin asked Quincy.

“Genevieve and I will look for a quiet place to stay. I will ask one of the ushers to direct us. You will inform Leroy that Genevieve wants to speak with him. You will bring him to us.”

“Okay sir.”

“You will not touch Leroy.” Genevieve said to him.


A male usher gave the direction of a room located inside the building. Akin followed them to know the place and went back to the hall to notify Leroy of the message. Genevieve and Quincy paced around the room, in deep thought. Akin knocked and the two men entered.

“Hey Cole.” Leroy said. “Detective Akin said you wanted to talk with me.”

She peered into his eyes. “How could you betray me? I thought you were my friend but you turned out to be a fiend!”

He stood motionless and stunned with her selection of words. He stared at her dumbfounded.

“Talk to me!” she yelled at him.

“Talk to you about what?! I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“You got yourself involved in Uncle Freddie’s murder!”

“What!!!” he exclaimed  and his eyes bubbled in red. “This is unbelievable! How could you accuse me of this nonsense Genevieve?!”

“This is the first time you have ever called me Genevieve. You always call me Cole.”

“That is because I am extremely mad at you right now!” he pointed at Quincy. “Did he persuade you to ask me this rubbish?”

“He did not! I want answers!! You lied to me!”

“Lied to you about what?” he asked in an angered tone.

“You said your wife told you to ask for a transfer but I know the truth. She never asked you, you were the one that wanted the transfer yourself! Reasons unknown, you no longer want it. I know your hands are not clean and I need an explanation!”

“I am highly disappointed in you and Quincy! Especially you Cole!” Leroy shook his head. “I never knew you could think of me this way. How could you believe I have a hand in the death of Uncle Freddie?”

“I want answers!”

He put his hands on his waist, and continued to shake his head. He sighed and focused his eyes on her. “When you told me the first time at the cafeteria that you think Uncle Freddie was killed and I said I believed it was a robbery and not murder, I lied.”

“You lied?” the three of them asked shocked.

Leroy added, “Even before you told me, I believed he was killed.”

Genevieve with surprised eyes, said. “Don’t confuse me Leroy. You mean you knew he was murdered?”


“Why did you lie to her?” Quincy asked him.

“I lied to protect Cole and my wife.”

“What do you mean?”

He simply took out his key to his vehicle and gave it to Akin. “Please go to my car and check under my seat, you will see four envelopes. Bring them.” Akin left and Leroy stayed quiet and waited. When he came back, Leroy ordered him to open them to read. The three of them were flabbergasted to see the letters were threat notes. 

“You were threatened to leave?” Genevieve asked.

“Yes. Who threatened me felt I was investigating the case and I was sent these notes to relocate if not, they would kill you and Chisom.”

“Oh my God! I never knew.”

“I changed my mind about relocating because I want to solve Uncle Freddie’s death. Some months ago, I told you I wanted to investigate the case with you but you said you have changed your mind and that you never believed he was killed.”

“I thought you wanted to get information from me!”

“You should have confronted me! I am very disappointed. I never betrayed you in the past, why should I do it now. You knew I was close to Uncle Freddie, why would you think I will do such a terrible thing!”

"I am sorry!"

“We saw you talking to Efe Oghenetega today.” Akin said.

“He came to meet me. He said he would like to see me in his office next week, but he did not tell me what he wanted to discuss with me.”

Genevieve covered her face and began to cry. Leroy went towards her and held her. “I forgive you.”

“I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I am truly sorry!!” She wanted to go on her knees but he stopped her.

“Apology accepted my sis.”

“My father said there was a traitor among the homicide detectives,” Quincy said. “We are very sorry to think you were the traitor.”

“I never knew someone among us works with Efe Oghenetega. I never knew there was a traitor.”

“You knew he killed Mr. Freddie Arinze,” Akin said. “That was why you never wanted the award to go on.”

“That is true and I told the director the deed had already been done. We are lucky he is not the only sponsor. The only thing that will connect us to that murderer is the money he gave us. We cannot accept the cheque.”

“He knew why he gave detective Genevieve and you that money.”

Genevieve released herself from him and wiped her tears. “We will return it when we have enough evidence to arrest him.”

“I am a friend to one of the body guards of James Ayiri,” Leroy said. “We have been investigating the case but we can’t find the video linking the death of Annie Ayiri to Efe Oghenetega.”

“There’s a video?”

“Yes. That is why James Ayiri came to the director to see if he knew anything about it. He was very angry that you were friends with the enemy.”

“I thought James Ayiri killed my father.” Quincy said.

“No, he did not. Now, the next step is to find out who the traitor is. Is it Oscar or Jasmine?”

“But Jasmine is having an affair with Efe Oghenetega.” Akin said.

“What if they pretended never to know each other in front of us that day?” Quincy said. “It might be a strategy to confuse us.”

Genevieve looked at her wristwatch and spoke to them about Jasmine asking her to club with her.

“You mean she wants you to club with her tonight with her killer boyfriend?” Quincy asked.


“I cannot allow you to go.”

“It could be a plot to get you.” Akin suggested.

“I will go but I will surely send the three of you the address of the location and if Jasmine tries any nonsense, I will beat her up!” 

“Did Uncle Freddie give you anything to keep?” Leroy asked her.

“No but we will surely get the video one day.” She walked to the door and faced them. “The three of you should go home and freshen up. We have a job to do tonight. See you guys later.”

"Please be careful." Quincy said to her.

"I will."

Genevieve took a cab home and met Oscar in the living room browsing with his desktop. He turned on the WiFi connection in the house. Anyone could use it. She informed him about her outing with Jasmine. He agreed and did not argue. She met Yvonne in her room playing with her teddy bear.

“Where did you get that from?” she asked her.

“I saw it inside your bag and I am sorry for taking it.”

“It’s okay dear.” She said and pulled off her shoes, placed her purse on the table and went into the bathroom to undress. She had her bath and came out to wear a simple blouse and blue jean. 

“Yvonne!!”Oscar called out his daughter’s name. “Someone is at the door! Go and check!”

“Okay daddy!” She quickly gave Genevieve back her teddy and ran out from the room without locking the door.

Genevieve shook her head and smiled. The little girl made her happy. She dropped the teddy on her bed and did a double look at it. She thought of what Leroy said about a video and about what Becky Okoli mentioned. A USB flash drive.

“I don’t believe he would keep something like that inside this teddy bear.” She said to herself and took it. She searched for a blade, saw one on the table and slashed the back of the teddy. She dipped two of her middle fingers to feel inside it. She touched something hard, and brought out a USB flash drive.

“Oh blood of God.” She muttered in an astonished tone and checked one more time. She saw a small paper and she quickly opened it to read.

My precious Genny,
If you are reading this, it means you have cracked the case that got me killed. I admit I was weak, I thought I could change the mind of my friend Efe Oghenetega to confess his crime but I was wrong. I wrote this note in case something bad happens to me. I knew who the traitor was but if I had told my son, he would retaliate without thinking straight and I do not want my son to commit murder. Save the soul of Annie Ayiri and mine. Allow us to rest in peace by sending the video to the public and the head of the NIB in Abuja. Everyone involved must face the law. Do it fast! Tell my son, I love him. I hope you and Leroy are still close. I love you.

Crying was not going to bring back the dead, she speedily dipped the paper and her phone into her right pocket and opened her laptop to insert the flash drive and check the video. The video loaded and she pressed play. Her heart skipped, jumped out and went back into her body. Her mouth was opened, her hands were shaking, and her body was quivering. Fear gripped her whole body as she watched the horror of what was happening. With her shaky hands, she managed to turn on her connection and hurriedly sent the video to Quincy’s email. She sharply closed her laptop and planned to run away without taking anything. As she turned, someone was standing behind her. She never saw it coming!

GBAM!!!!!!! A big plank landed on her head. Genevieve Cole fell unconscious!

To be continued on Saturday or Sunday!


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