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LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 7.

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Sebastian dumped himself on a sofa. He felt his mother had betrayed and hurt him badly. He cleaned his eyes and sniffed. “How could you leave my only brother to suffer?”

“I was trying to protect him from dying. I thought help could come from the church. I am truly sorry for what I have done and if I could turn back the hands of time, I would change so many things!” 

Her brother went to Sebastian's left hand side. “It was a difficult decision for your mother. We were naive and helpless. We had no help and we never thought your father would come back for his children. If he knew what your mother did, she won’t be here talking to you now.”

“She would have taken the risk and I would have had my brother by my side. My mother was only selfish. She picked wealth over her own son!”

She wept loudly and gripped her chest. “I loved your brother! I love my children and I made a terrible mistake! I am asking for your forgiveness!”

“Can you remember the name of the Catholic church?” he asked.

“No but I know the address. The church is close to where I gave birth to you and your brother. I will take you there.”

“I will go alone.”

“Please forgive me!!” she pleaded in tears. She was still on her knees.

Uncle Adebayo touched him slightly on the shoulder and said. “I am begging you."

Sebastian shrugged off the hand of his mother’s brother and rose on his feet. He moved towards his mother, squatted and glared inside her wet eyes. “I will only forgive you when I meet my brother.”

“Can’t I follow you?”

“No. You will give me all the necessary information I need to locate him.”

“I will do that my son.”

“Don’t call me that yet,” he said in a stern tone. “I might disown myself if the mistake you did thirty one years ago fail. You will leave my house if I don’t find my brother. My word is final!”

Mrs. Ayo Akande feared. She prayed silently, not only for the whereabouts of her other son but for his safety. She hoped he was alive, hale and hearty.

“Welcome back dad!” Lucky said as she hugged him closely at the airport in the evening. She went to pick him up after closing from work. He was cheerful and all smiles as they entered the vehicle and she drove off.

“Nathan sends his regards,” her father said to her. “He has enrolled for a year course in scriptwriting.”

“That’s good but I still don’t know why he chose that. He should have gone for something else.”

“He has a passion for writing and I want to encourage him.”

She smiled and gave a nod. “You changed your mind.”

“Change my mind about what?”

“I thought you were coming with Dominic,” she replied. “I didn’t see him with you at the airport.”

He sighed. “Oh, I see. Dominic and his sister's flight was scheduled before mine. He has arrived.”

A big frown crested her beautiful face. She drove home in silence. Having a conversation with her dad could result to an argument. She wanted to avoid that. They arrived home and met Mrs. Thelma at the dining table. She had served pounded yam and Egusi soup with goat meat for the three of them. He embraced and kissed his wife before going to his room. He went to clean up, dress in a casual outfit and went back to the dinning. Lucky joined them to eat after she bathed.

After eating, Mr. Tom dinner informed his family he wanted to discuss something important with them at the living room. They approached there and sat in different chairs.

“Dominic still wants to make you his wife after I informed him about your relationship with another man.”

His wife blurted out in an anger tone. “Do not forget he is jobless!”

“Mom!” Lucky cried out.

She looked at her daughter with an irritated look. “What? Is it not true? I told your father about it before he came.”

“I never discussed his unforeseen dismissal,” she said. “How did you know about it if you are not the master minder behind it?”

She gazed at her with a shocked face.

“Watch your tongue Lucky!” Her father shouted. “Do not ever disrespect her.”

“I did not insult her father,” she said and folded her arms. She was right. Her mother had everything to do with Joseph loss of job. She was very unhappy. “I am only asking a question.”

Tom Okoye stared at Thelma. “Are you guilty of what your daughter is accusing you of?”

She stared back at her husband. “Of course not! You can continue what you were saying before your daughter interrupted you.”

He shook his head and glanced at his daughter. “What does Joseph do now?"

She told him of his plans.

“That’s alright,” he said and cleared his throat. “Dominic wants to be a board member of directors. I have agreed and there will be a meeting tomorrow about it. I am also signing all the necessary documents and handover the Company to you.”

Mother and daughter widened their eyes. They were surprised and amazed.

“So soon?” Mrs. Thelma asked. “I thought she was going to get married to Dominic first?”

Lucky ran to give her father a peck on his cheeks and hugged him. “Thank you so much! Thank you for everything!”

“I hope the Company will be in safe hands?”

“Yes father! Nothing drastic will ever happen to it. I promise to make it grow and bigger than how you left it.”

“As long as that Company is in your hands, my life is with you too. Do not fail me.”

“I promise you.”

Mrs. Thelma was boiling in rage. She felt her husband had betrayed her for not discussing the issue with her before making such decision. “What about Dominic and Lucky?”

He looked at Lucky’s eyes and he could detect the curiosity and nervousness. The only thing he wanted for her, was make her happy. He glanced back at his wife. “Nobody stopped me when I wanted to marry you. You and I will allow our daughter marry her choice.”

Lucky jumped up elated, she turned on the cd player, played Godwin song by Koredo and began to dance. Her mother’s eyes flared up in an extreme anger. How could her husband agree for their daughter to marry a man without a family? A man that knows nothing about his background?

Lucky went in front of her dad, fell on her knees and grabbed his hands. “You are the best dad ever! Joseph and I will not put you to shame. Thank you!”

“You and Joseph should discuss about your wedding preparations and let me know.”

“Thanks dad!”

Mrs. Thelma left them alone and went to her room to be alone. Her husband and daughter’s presence upset her greatly.

The following morning, Lucky went to speak with her father before heading to the office together. She spoke to him about apologizing to Joseph for calling him an outcast and a bastard. He said he thought about it thoroughly after Nathan discussed with him and he was truly sorry. He agreed and told her to tell Joseph to see him.

They reached the office and all the employees were at the meeting room. They did all the necessary procedures for Lucky to take over with their lawyers present. The workers congratulated her as their new boss.

At noon, the board of directors sat at the boardroom to welcome a new member. He was a tall, dark and good-looking man in his mid-thirties. His had big eyeballs with a pointed nose. He was a lover of hats. He had many colors.
As a new board member, he will bring investors to invest more in the company. He went into Lucky’s office after his new appointment. She was happy to see him again after many months.

He sat down, removed his hat and put it on her desk. “I guess why there is a smile on your face is because your father has agreed to allow you marry a man below you.”

She continued to wear her smile. “I will not allow you change the expression on my face. But I will not allow you say nonsense about the man I love and want to marry.”

“I will not give up on you because I love you and I believe we are meant for each other.”

“If you want to discuss about anything related to work,” she said. “Let me know. My personal life does not concern you.”

He grinned, stood and wore back his hat. “I still believe there is hope for the two of us.”

“How is your sister?” she asked.

“Kim is doing great,” he answered. “She will surely pay you a visit.”

“I will be expecting her.”

He bid her goodbye and drove to the home of the Okoye’s to see Mrs. Thelma.

Sebastian arrived at the church his mother described for him. It was on a weekday. He parked his vehicle at the parking lot and went inside the main building. He saw a young Reverend Sister on her knees and two other church members praying. He waited calmly for the Nun to finish with her prayer.  When she got up and prepared to leave, he speedily rose and hiked to catch up with her. She turned to his direction and faced him. He greeted her and asked that he wanted to speak with her about an incident that happened in the church thirty-one years ago.

She gave him a strange look. “Thirty one years ago?” she asked. “I was not born at that time.”

“But you might have an idea. I believe that since you are a Reverend Sister here you should know the story.”

“What story are you talking about?”

“A new born baby was placed in from of this church August 15th 1985. I want to know what happened to that child.”

“Like I said before, I wasn’t born then. I heard a similar story few years back but I never went further to ask more questions about it.”

“I need answers, please.”

“The people that worked here thirty one years ago have left. One of them, Father Abraham was transferred a month ago.”

“Is there anyone else?”

“Sister Theresa but she is not around. She travelled and will be back in a week time.”

“Can you give me her number?”

“Please hold.” she said and left and came back three minutes later. She gave him a piece of paper where she wrote the number. He thanked the nun and offered her a bundle of money but she politely refused.

Lucky went to see Joseph at his new site. His friend had sent four cars to him. He was attending to a customer while she waited patiently on a plastic chair. The small building he was erecting as an office was not yet completed. He was working on his own with no workers yet, after his business booms, he will employ. The money he was going to make was for his tithe, the orphanage, gifts for lucky and Sister Theresa.

The buyer promised to come back and make a choice from two of his cars. He wanted his wife to be present and chose the one she preferred. He left and Joseph went to attend to Lucky. They were both wearing their necklaces. He noticed the gleefulness in her. When he asked the reason, she explained. He was excited and carried Lucky up. His kissed her on her face and dropped her down.

“I can’t carry you for long,” he said in a teased tone. “You are getting fatter. I don’t think I will carry you on our wedding day!”

She hit him lightly on his chest. “I will kill you if you don’t!” They laughed together. She told him about her father.

“I will surely see him if he really wants to apologize.”

“Of course he wants to and he is remorseful. Anyways, how is my future mother in law?”

“She’s is doing great. She travelled.”


Joseph sighed and wore a concerned look. Lucky noticed instantly and asked. “Is anything wrong?”

He swallowed and looked at her face. “It’s Sebastian.”

“What about him?” she asked unconcerned. “Did he do something bad?”

“No.” he said and heaved another sigh. “I think he has been avoiding me.”


“Ever since I visited him, we have not seen. Even when I call him, he tells me he is busy.”

“Why didn’t you go to his house and check after him?”

“I called him yesterday that I was coming to see him but he told me he was not around and was very busy.”

“Maybe he is saying the truth,” she said and this time in a concerned tone. “I don’t think Sebastian will avoid you, he has no reason to. He might actually be busy and he does not want distraction. Give him more time, and when he needs you, he will be the one to ask for you.”

“Are you now defending him?”

Lucky broadly smiled. “I will not deny the fact that his attitude make me cringe! Even if we don’t like each other…”

“He likes you!”

She chuckled. “I don’t know and I don’t care about that but what I can say is, Sebastian will not avoid you. He loves you like a brother and he is ready to do anything for you. Why didn’t you call his cousin to confirm what might be happening to him?”

“I never thought about that.” Joseph said, took his phone and dialed Wunmi’s number. She was thrilled to hear his voice. She did not allow him to talk but ask where he was so she could come see him and Lucky. He gave her the address and they waited for her.

Wunmi arrived in a black vehicle and she came out with a man. They went to meet Joseph and Lucky. She introduced him as Jamal, her boyfriend. He was a lawyer. They shook hands with him. They took her a bit away from Jamal and explained to Wunmi.

“Oh I see,” she said. “I don’t think he wants to bother you for now. Give him time.”
“Bother me for what?” Joseph required.

“To help him look for his brother.” she responded.

They stared at her confused. A puzzled look plastered on their faces.

Wunmi added. “Sebastian knows you are going through a tough time with your relationship. He knows that when he tells you about his twin, you will abandon whatever you are doing and help him to search.”

“I still do not understand what you are saying. His twin brother died at childbirth.”

“I really do not know the full details but his twin brother is alive and he recently found out about it.”

“So right now he is searching for his brother?” Lucky asked.


“Now I understand why he has been avoiding me.” Joseph said sympathetically.

“He is not avoiding you,” she said. “He doesn’t want to put his burden on you. Please whenever he calls you to talk about this, don’t let him know I told you.”

“I won’t. Thank you very much.”

They went back to meet Jamal, Joseph ordered for some drinks at a nearby shop for his guests. They chatted for a short time, before Wunmi and Jamal informed them they were leaving. The lovers escorted them to their car and Wunmi called Joseph aside and spoke with him.

“If Sebastian finds his twin brother,” she said in an emotional tone. “He will never change towards you. He truly loves you and values your friendship.”

“Thank you.” The two of them hugged.

Doctor Adebayo sat opposite Sebastian in his office to discuss if he has any new information regarding his twin brother. He narrated what the young nun said.

“Have you called the older Nun?”

“I am nervous to call her.” he replied. “I really don’t know if she would give me good news about my brother.”

“You have to call her even if she has no information about him and you never can tell she might be helpful.”

“I will wait a bit longer. I want to see her face to face.”

“If that is what you want, no problem,” his uncle said. “Your mother wants you to come back home. She is very worried and she has missed you.”

“My hotel is comfortable for me. When I get what I want, I will go back home.”

“Even if you are away from your mother, try and call her to find out how she is doing.”

“Is she sick or handicap?”

“She doesn’t have to fall sick for you to call and ask after her. She will always be your mother.”

Sebastian became fed up with his uncle. He rose and extended his right hand. “I have a document to read. I think you should leave now.”

Doctor Adebayo smiled faintly and stood. He shook his hand. “You are never afraid to say your mind. I will be very happy when you find your brother. I can’t wait to differentiate your personalities.”

“There will be no difference.”

“You are twins but that does not mean, you two will think alike and have the same character.”

“I hope he is worse than me. If he survived without his family for thirty one years, it means my brother is definitely just like me.” He smiled brightly.

“Don’t give your mother hypertension. She regrets what she did in her past.”

He said nothing and sat down. He watched his uncle leave his presence.

“What are you doing in my office?” Lucky asked Dominic the moment he entered into her office. She dropped her pen on the sheet she was writing on.

He sauntered towards her way. “Have you forgotten I am a board member of this company?”

“You don’t work here as a worker. We have days when we meet and discuss about the growth of this company. You cannot just barge into my company anyhow you like.”

“Why are you angry at me for no reason?”

“if you are here to discuss about my company, let me know or you leave. I have a lot to do at the office.”

He smiled and scornfully looked at her. “I came here to ask you to have lunch with me but I have changed my mind.”


He leaned forward. “Whether you like it or not, you are going to marry me.”

Lucky picked up her pen and tapped it on her desk. She stared at him and smiled. “It will be rude of me if I don’t invite you to my upcoming wedding. My love and I are preparing to get married.”

Dominic sneered and hit his fist together before storming out of her office in a furious mood. She didn’t care about him anymore, she was no longer forced to marry him.

After work, Joseph visited Mr. Tom Okoye in his home when his wife was not around. He apologized and asked for forgiveness for what he said and Joseph forgave him. They spoke about the preparation of the wedding; Lucky wanted a small ceremony. Joseph went to salute the grandfather of Lucky before he left. He went home and sat on a sofa in the living room. He pulled his wristwatch, shirt and shoes. He wanted to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water when he heard a knock on the door. He thought Sister Theresa was back, he speedily went to open the door but who he saw made him shiver.

“Good evening ma.” he quickly said.

“I will like to speak with you now.” Mrs. Thelma said in an annoyed tone. He opened the door widely for her to enter. She entered and gave the surrounding a disgusting look before she looked at him. He closed the door. “Is this where you want to keep my daughter and make her suffer?”

“I can never allow Lucky to suffer. She is the love of my life.”

She laughed mockingly. “You are such a big fool! I will advise you to stay away from my daughter but if you insist and go ahead to wed her, I will make you suffer!”

“We are getting married soon. We have contacted a wedding planner for the occasion.”

She hissed loudly. “You have no idea what will happen if you marry my daughter. I came here to warn you! Leave Lucky and allow her marry who will be able to take good care of her.”

“No one can take care of Lucky more than I.”

Mrs. Thelma raised her left eyebrow. “It seems you are bold now.”

“No ma,” Joseph said. “I am only defending the love I have for your daughter.” Another knock and he went to open it. Sister Theresa was back. Joseph introduced the two women but Lucky’s mother bluffed her off. Joseph excused himself and followed his mother to her room, to apologize for Mrs. Theresa’s rude behavior. She nodded and understood. He went back to the living room and met her close to the entrance door.

“Your so called mother look familiar. I think I have seen her before.”

“Maybe you met her in a church,” he said. “She is a Reverend Sister.”

She eyed him and hissed. “Leave my daughter or we will be enemies!” She unlocked the door and moved out. Joseph shook his head and locked his door with the key before he went back inside.

Sebastian went back to the church after he called Sister Theresa that he wanted to see him. He introduced himself as Sebastian Kehinde Akande and she felt she had heard his name from the lips of Joseph. She was silent and waited to hear what he wanted to say. When he told her the reason, she was shocked but appeared composed. She saw the resemblance. Sister Theresa knew the baby was with her. He had turned into an amazing and matured man fighting for his future to be bright.

What if he goes back to his real family and forgets about me? She asked herself silently.

“I know about the story but I don’t know the whereabouts of the child.”

Sebastian face fell drastically. He shut his eyes and fought the tears fighting to rush out from his eyes. “Are you saying you have no idea where I can find him?”

“No.” she replied and swallowed. “I will contact you when I am able to know his whereabouts. I will make some calls and let you know.”

“Okay.” he said dryly. “Thank you ma.”

Sebastian was restless about not being able to find his brother, he also had an issue he had to sort out in court. The work loud on his table stressed him. He visited his personal doctor for medical checkup. The medical doc advised him to rest.

For the past few days, Sister Theresa felt bad for what she had done. She finally knew Joseph was Sebastian’s twin. Joseph came to meet her and discussed about his wedding preparations. He told her she must dress in a beautiful attire as his mother instead of a Nun dress. She willingly accepted.
Joseph and her went to the Okoye’s home to introduce her. Tom Okoye was stunned to see her. He did not hide the fact that they knew each other in the past. He was surprised she gave her life to Christ and became a Nun.

After the left, Lucky asked her father, if she was the one he loved. He told her yes.

Dominic went to Joseph’s house unexpectedly. He had no idea who he was. He introduced himself and warned Joseph to back off from Lucky. He did not say a single word. No man was going to tell him what to do any longer. He simply told Dominic to leave his house or he will call the police and make a report that an intruder was inside his home.

Dominic contemptuously glared at him. “I will destroy you!!”

“You don’t scare me. Get out!”

“You will regret it!” He walked out.

Joseph was having a cup of coffee in a restaurant when Sebastian called to apologize for his absence.

“You have done nothing wrong,” Joseph told him. “I understand you are very busy.”

“Thank you for understanding. Wunmi informed me you are going getting married in two weeks’ time. Why the sudden rush?”

“Lucky is scared that her father might change his mind.”

“Oh I see, I hope he asked for forgiveness for what he said to you.”


“That is good,” he said and paused. He sighed and spoke. “I will not be able to attend your wedding.”
“Why?” he asked in a surprised tone.

“I am deeply sorry.” he pleaded. "I will surely make it up to you and Lucky when I get back from my trip.”

“Are you travelling?”

“Yes. I have a court case in South Africa. A nitwit is suing me for a business transaction I did with him few years ago. I will win the case. I have the best lawyers.”

“I am really sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Sebastian said. “I miss your company and when I come back, we have a lot to talk about.”

“I miss you too and I will be waiting. Although you are supposed to be my best man but I will find someone to do that for me.”

He apologized again and said, “Inform Lucky that I will sponsor your honeymoon to any country of your choice.”

“I will tell her.”

“Wunmi and her boyfriend will attend. My mother will be there too. She loves you like a son and she will not miss your big occasion for anything in the world.”

"I know. Thanks for telling me. Take care."


Two days later, Joseph and Lucky went into their new house to clean and arrange some of their personal things there. After a while, they rested and chatted.
“I want to tell you something,” he said to her. “But I think you will be upset.”

“Do you want to postpone the wedding?”

He gave her a look. “No!”

Lucky smiled and took a deep breath. “You can tell me anything.”

“I cannot find the wristwatch you gave me.”

She widened her eyes and blinked. “Since when?”

“I can’t tell. I do not always wear it because it’s expensive. I wanted to wear it yesterday and that was when I realized I have not seen it for some time now.”

She sighed. “Have you asked your mom?”

“I have but she has not seen it too.”

She checked his neck and saw the necklace.
“I always wear this." he said. "It is safe.”

“Well, continue to look for it and I am sure you will find it.”

“I hope so.” Joseph said in a concerned tone.

Guests, Lucky’s parents, Wunmi, and her boyfriend, Mrs. Ayo, Sister Theresa , former colleagues of Joseph, Kate, friends and well-wishers gathered in the church to attend the white wedding of Lucky Munachi Okoye and Joseph Dolapo. Nathan was unable to attend. Lucky’s grandfather was becoming weak. They left him at home the previous day with the maid. They went to stay in a five star hotel.

Lucky was a beautiful bride as she walked down to stand with her groom.
When Joseph saw her entering into the church, he knew she was the one for him. Joseph grinned as she approached him and the pastor to join them as husband and wife. Mrs. Thelma, Kate had a massive frown on their faces. Mr. Tom was happy for his daughter. His phone rang, he answered and walked out from the church.

After the pastor said a short sermon, he advised the couple to love, and respect one another. “We are gathered here today to join the Holy matrimony of Lucky and Joseph….” “Lucky Munachi Okoye, do you take Joseph Dolapo has your beloved husband, in sickness and in health…."

“Stop!!” Tom Okoye uttered and moved towards their direction with two policemen. Everyone turned to stare at them.

“Dad,” Lucky said in a confused tone. “What is going on?”

He didn’t answer her but put a blow on Joseph’s face. “How dare you?!”

“Father!!” Lucky yelled. Mrs. Thelma remained seated. Mrs. Ayo, Wunmi, Jamar, Sister Theresa rose on their feet and went to meet them. Guests exclaimed! Joseph was short of words.

“You are under arrest!” one of the police officers said.

“For what?” Lucky asked.

“He killed my father!!” Tom Okoye shouted. Everyone appeared shocked.

“What!! That’s not possible dad.”

“I am innocent!” Joseph cried out.

The officer with the handcuff said. “Mr. Nze Okoye is dead. He was thrown down the stairs this morning and you are the number one suspect. He was killed early this morning.”

“How is that possible?” Joseph asked. “I was in my house getting ready to come to the church! You cannot arrest me!”

Lucky burst into silent sobs.
Her grandfather was gone. “Joseph can never do such a thing." she said. "Something is wrong somewhere.”

Wunmi whispered into her boyfriend’s ear. Jamal spoke. “I am Joseph’s lawyer. The wedding must continue and you have no hold or evidence to arrest my client.”

The other policemen brought out a transparent nylon and showed it to them. Joseph’s wristwatch was inside and it was covered in blood. “We have evidence!”

Jamal shook his head. "I'm sorry. I can't help you now."

“This is a set up!” Joseph wailed. His eyes were red. He was about to cry.

The well-wishers, guests, Mrs. Ayo, Sister Theresa placed their hands on their heads and begged.

“Joseph misplaced this wristwatch,” Lucky defended him. “He will never do such a thing to kill my grandfather!” She turned to face her father. “Dad, you need to believe me. Joseph is innocent.”

“I did not want to believe it but when they showed me the wristwatch with his name engraved on it, I had no choice. He must face the law!!”

“Let us get married before the arrest.”

“Never!” He uttered. “Arrest him!”

The police officer handcuffed Joseph. Wedding Cancelled.

To be continued….on Sunday!


  1. Chai... .Carina the queen of suspense.... Can't wait ooooo

  2. Mrs Thelma okoye, your a disgrace to all mothers... to think u would hate take over the human in you and become a beast by killing ur father-in-law and dropping Joseph's wristwatch to implicate him is jes wickedness at its peak.

    Sister Theresa, why! please dnt allow the devil take over your soul. go right your wrong Ma. Joseph wnt leave you alone, you brought him up well. he can never abandon you.

    Sebastian, pls for give your Mother... dnt let her die without knowing Joseph is her son. soften your heart and learn to give others a second chance especially love. erase all the hate in ur heart, I knw its not easy but you just ve to.

    Dominic, devil's advocate; you and Mrs Thelma shuld be happy, its just for a short time.

    My Joseph, please dnt give up... I know it wnt be easy BT you will be vindicated. jes kip bn prayerful and hoping in God to come to ur rescue fast.

    Thank you Wunmi and Jamal, you both tried nd I k w u will help in solving this murder.

    Mr Okoye, hmmm...

    Lucky love, be strong and ready to fight to win this battle, do not relent and be vigilant. this is the time I need you to be smart and strong for Joseph.

    Carina, the suspense Queen... thanks for this episode bt really y would u stop here. you wanna gimme a heart attack!!? love you still darl

  3. Shit! Wedding cancelled?Heartless Mrs Thelma never liked her husband father. Sebastian should come back fast as possible . Joseph needs serious help he can get to win the murder case. Lucky has to stay strong for Joseph. Sister theresa should better talk now.

  4. What????? Holy smokes! You got me there C.J. Kept telling myself everything is happening so fast, this is too good to be true. But of course the show must go on! Sad grandpa Okoye had to go in a such a terrible manner. Mrs. Thelma has got no chill sha. Sister Theresa, this is the height of selfishness, well the truth can't hide for long. This episode is awesome despite the twists and turns. C.J, more grace, you are truly gifted.

    1. @PearlyTee...Of course, getting married would have been too soon. Their love story will break hearts. It will not be easy for them to be together.This is just the beginning of the story, it starts in the next episode.

      @Mizz Tee... U of go wait Oooo Lol

      @Temitope... Me love you too. Let's hope Joseph overcomes the battle. A lot will happen in the next episode.

      @Dragon...Wait and see what happens next. No need to predict it.

      Thanks for your comments. Gracias!

  5. This is full of suspense, Mother Theresa shld say d truth naw.. Mrs Okoye is heartlesss.. Lucky shld just hold on , Joseph will be fine ..weldone Carina

  6. Evil people every where, am suspecting Mrs Thelma 4 this murder, my goodness y will u kill someone else because u don't want the couple to get married. Joseph it is well dear. sister Theresa Pls say the truth. Thanks Carina. God bless u real good.

  7. @Mary..Thanks babe.

    @Ayo...God bless you too!

  8. @Mary..Thanks babe.

    @Ayo...God bless you too!


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