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LOVE & JUSTICE! Episode 8.

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The audience was speechless as the police officers pushed Joseph like a criminal. Sister Theresa was crying bitterly, Mrs. Ayo, Wunmi and Jamal followed them behind to know the location of the station. Tears flooded the face of Lucky, as she raised her gown up to walk behind them, her father held her tightly by the arm. Her mother rose on her feet and motioned towards them.

“Where do you think you are going to?” Mr. Tom asked her in an angered tone.

“I want to know the police station they are taking Joseph to. Dad, please leave me alone!”

“Shut up Munachi!!” Mrs. Thelma yelled as she stood in front of her. “You are going nowhere!” She asked of Lucky’s cellphone from Kate and she willingly gave it to her. She switched off the phone and kept it inside her purse.

Lucky gave Kate a furious look; she looked another way to avoid her friend’s inflamed eyes. She turned to face her mother. “How could you?”

“How could I do what?!” she asked with a huge frown on her face. “You better shut up your mouth. I will never allow you marry a murderer!”

“He is innocent!! He can never kill my grandfather, he loved him!”

“We have to go back to the house,” her father finally said. “My father’s body has been taken to the hospital for an autopsy before they deposit his body at the mortuary.”

“So grandfather is gone?” Lucky asked in a saddened tone. Her mother released her arm. She covered her face and whimpered. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life but in few seconds to make that happen, it transformed into the worst. “I want to see Joseph.”

“You can do that,” he said. “But not now, we have to mourn my father.”

“Oh my God!!”

“I am sorry for your loss.” Kate said.

Lucky refused to say a word. Her father led her to the car and everyone left the church after no wedding celebration. Mrs. Thelma made several calls after they arrived home. Lucky had begged for her phone but her mother refused. Her friend assisted her in the bathroom to have her bath and clean up the tears, but it was impossible, even when she used water to wash her face, the tears will not stop falling.
Tom Okoye was going back to the station to see the DPO. Lucky saw him through her window walking towards his car. She ran out of her room to meet him but two hefty men blocked her way in the living room. Her mother was there.

“What is the meaning of this nonsense?” she asked surprised and a confused expression stuck her face.

“You are grounded for a week!”


“These meet men are here to protect…”

“Protect me from what?!”

“You are not allowed to move an inch from this house! I have spoken to your father and he has agreed that he will handle the company for the main time before you get back to your normal sense! Kate, Dominic and his sister are the only people allowed to enter inside this house. If I see any other person in my compound, your bodyguards are authorized to shoot that person!”

“What!!! How can you do this to me?”

“I am protecting you from making a big mistake! One of your bodyguards will stay outside your room and the other one will be at the entrance door. Their eyes are on you. I seized your phone so that you will not be able to contact that useless Nun that calls herself Joseph’s mother!”

“You are simply jealous because she is the only woman that father has ever loved. You are a trophy wife!”

“How dare you?” Mrs. Thelma asked shocked. She landed a hot slap on her daughter’s face. “I will never take insults from you!”

Lucky touched her aching face. She was dumbfounded. This was the first time she was slapped by one of her parents. “I need to make an important call.”

“I will make the call for you if it’s really important. Who do you want to call?”


“Your father said he will call him. You can go to your room now. Anything you need, tap your door and your bodyguard will let me know.”

Lucky said nothing and sauntered to the direction of her room. Kate was still waiting for her. “I need you to do me a favor.”

“What is it?”

“Inform Sebastian and help me find out the station Joseph was taken too. When you do that for me, I will send you a letter to him.”

“You know I can’t do that. I can never disobey your parents.”

She widened her eyes. “You are helping a friend!”

“I never trusted Joseph, I know he was bad news. I cannot allow you…”

“Get out!!” Lucky spat out.

“Are you asking me to leave?” Kate asked surprised.

“I want you to leave and never come back!!” Kate walked out of the room. Lucky went to her reading table and threw every item on it. She sat down on the floor, touched the locket of her necklace and exploded into soundless sob.

Tom Okoye gave the report that his gateman called him and explained that he came out from the bathroom and saw the lifeless body of his father. The housekeeper said she was in the bathroom. Tom made it known to the DPO that he wants the case taken to a court for a verdict. As long as there was evidence that proved Joseph was the killer there was nothing anyone could say that can make him reconsider.

Sister Theresa was not allowed to see Joseph. The female officer at the counter informed her to come the next day. She preached, begged and cried for her to see him but she declined. She ran after Mr. Tom when she saw him coming out from the station.

“I cannot do anything about it,” he said to her. “His wristwatch was seen at the crime scene.”

“But there was no witness that saw him.”

“No one saw anyone leaving my house because my workers were inefficient at that time. I will sack the two of them when I go home. There is nothing I can do to help you.”

“You offered me money the last time we saw and I refused. Why can’t you do this for me? Allow them release Joseph and he will find answers. He was with me early in the morning, getting ready for his wedding.”

“Was he with you when you went to have your bath or when you were getting dressed yourself?”

“My son cannot hurt a fly.” she said soberly.

He sighed heavily. “Maybe if he was your biological son, I would have granted him bail and allow the investigation to go on but Joseph won’t leave the country. Eyes will be on him but I cannot do that. My hands are tied already. I am sorry Theresa. I have to go meet my bereaved family.”

“May your father’s soul rest in perfect peace.”

“Amen.” Mr. Tom said and left her.

Wunmi and Mrs. Ayo have been trying to get across to Sebastian on the phone but it was unavailable. They were very worried. Jamal volunteered to be Joseph lawyer if they ever take the case to court. He was the only one allowed to see him. Joseph told him he was at home when the awful incident occurred and he had no reason to kill the grandfather of his fiancée.

Mrs. Thelma and Mr. Tom sat on the bed in their bedroom. He was thinking thoroughly, he never knew his wife was asking him a question. It was until she tapped him hard on his leg, he regained himself. He looked at her startled.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked him.

He sighed and shook his head. “I still cannot believe Joseph could do something like this. Before I came to join you in the room, Lucky said grandfather supported their union and Joseph gain nothing if he was the real killer. I want to believe it is the truth but how did his wristwatch get there?”

“Lucky does not know what she is saying. Joseph has blinded her eyes!”

“Why did you dismiss the gateman and housekeeper before I arrived?”

“They were incompetent! Although, I won’t put the blame on them. None of us thought something like this was going to happen. The bodyguard will help with the gate. I will find another maid.”

“I wished we stayed home with my father. Your idea of going to the hotel was irrelevant. I just wanted to please you.”

“Are you blaming me now?”

Mr. Tom wore a straight face. “Lucky is a mess. She does not want to eat, her room is scattered and her eyes have become weary. I am afraid she might hurt herself. She really loves him.”

“She does not know anything about love.” Mrs. Thelma said without remorse. “When she is hungry, she will let me know.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” Sebastian asked Wunmi on the phone the following day. She stayed back to spend the night with her aunty. It was on a Sunday.

Wunmi explained again.

“This is unbelievable! The verdict on my case is tomorrow and I have to be there. When it’s over I will take the available flight. I will make a call to a Lawyer and see what he can do to release Joseph but it might take some time, the wristwatch that was seen in the crime scene ruined everything! I am worried, I hope nothing bad will happen to him.”

“I hope so. I am worried too.”

“How is my mother?” he asked.

“She’s not taking it likely. I have called my dad to check up on her. I have been begging her to stop thinking. It will affect her health.”

“I will not call her but let my mother know I will do everything I can to help Joseph. Also, the private investigator assisting me to search for my brother said the Nun I met is not living alone. A man she calls her child leaves with her.”

“Are you saying she might have adopted your twin brother?”

“I don’t know. When I come, I will see her again but we must help Joseph first. This could be the handwork of Lucky’s mother and Joseph life is at stake in prison. Have you heard from Lucky?”


“Have you seen her?” Sebastian asked.

“No. The last time I saw her was at the church.”

“That’s strange. I will try her number and get back to you.”

“Okay. I hope you will win the case.” Wunmi said in an apprehensive tone.

“I will.”

Sebastian dialed Lucky’s number several times but was switched off.

Sister Theresa went to the station first thing in the morning. She carried food inside a cooler for him. A police officer led her to the waiting room. There were only two chairs and a table. She stood and waited.
A warden pushed Joseph inside the small room.

“You have five minutes!” he shouted.

“Jesus is Lord!” Sister Theresa exclaimed as she saw the bruises on Joseph’s face.

“Keep quiet woman!” the warden said and left the room.

“Who did this to you my son?” she asked, hugged him and began to cry.

“We have four minutes and few seconds mom.” he sat down and quivered in pain. She sat in front of him.

“I brought food for you and your favorite. An officer took it from me at the counter. He told me he will give you later.”

“Food is not the issue,” he said. “How are you doing?”

“I should be the one asking you that. What happened to your face? It is swollen! Did you get into a fight?”

“A fight?” he asked in an annoyed tone. “How can fighting solve my problem here? I am innocent.”

“I know and I believe this is a set up. What are we going to do now?”

Joseph rose up on his feet, placed his hands on his waist and shook his head. “Is this the end for me mother?”

Sister Theresa stood instantly. She stood by his side and a sad look glued her face. “This can never be the end. God will not allow you end your life here.”

He stared at her. “I might rot in jail. How can I prove that I am innocent when my personal wristwatch was seen at the crime scene? Barrister Jamal said he will do everything he can to get me out of here but it might be difficult. I have not seen Lucky. Did she call you?"

She sighed. ”No, you know she has lost her grandfather and she might be preparing for the funeral. I believe she will come and see you.”

“Even if she is organizing the funeral of her grandfather, it does not take her few minutes to see me.”

“I am sure she will come.”

“I want you to visit my friend’s mother. You have to thank her for paying for the services of the lawyer.”

She nodded in agreement. Joseph called out the address of the home of Sebastian. The warden entered, did not say a word, pushed Joseph out of the room to lock him in cell. Sister Theresa left, went inside her car and wept.

Sebastian arrived Nigeria on a Tuesday afternoon. He went home to meet his mother and Wunmi. They were excited to see him in good health. His family offered him food but he refused. He had no appetite to eat or drink anything.

“The lawyer I sent on Joseph’s case said there must be a witness that saw the killer. I still cannot understand how this happened. I called Kate on my way here and she informed me the workers in the Okoye’s home have left.”

“You mean they were sacked?” Wunmi asked in a curious tone.

“I think so.”

“But they can’t just sack the workers. They could have being helpful in this case except there is something to hide.”

“Exactly, we have to find one of them if not, it will take time to prove Joseph is innocent.”

“Will he continue to stay in jail?” Mrs. Ayo asked. She was not feeling too well.

Sebastian set his right hand on her shoulder tenderly. “I will do everything possible to get him out of there even if I have to bend the rules, Joseph will be set free.”

“Have you heard from Lucky?” Wunmi inquired.

“Not at all!” he answered. “I asked after her from Kate and I got a shocking answer.”

“What was it?” Mrs. Ayo and his cousin asked at the same time.

“Kate said Lucky was busy and inaccessible to talk with Joseph for now.”

The two women’s mouth was widely opened. They gazed at him with a stunned expression on their faces.

“How is that possible?” Wunmi asked.

“I asked myself the same thing.” Sebastian said. “Lucky is not the main issue here. I have to see Joseph now.”

He went to his room, freshened up and got ready to leave. His cousin followed him there. Sebastian tipped the warden some money so he could spend enough time with his friend. He saw Joseph inside the waiting home. He had a swollen face. The two of them hugged each other tightly before they sat down.
Wunmi felt pity for him.

“I hope you won the case in South Africa.”

“Yes I did.” They sat down.

“It’s good to see you again,” Sebastian said. ”Maybe if I attended your wedding, you won’t be here.”

Joseph managed to give him a smile. “I don’t think my fate here can be avoided except we could change back the hands of time.”

“What would you have done?”

“I would have been more careful with the wristwatch. Someone took it.”

“Did you receive any visitor from Lucky’s family?” he asked.

“Her mother and Dominic came to my house on a different occasion.”

“One of them took it and they might be working together. I do not like the look on your face. How can these useless policemen watch your cellmates beat you up? It is unacceptable and I will speak to whosoever that is in charge of this place. I will not tolerate this nonsense!”

“Please do not do that.” Joseph begged. “Eyes will be on me and some of my cell mates purposely find a fault and look my trouble and when I do not answer them, they pounce on me. If God really want me to come out from this place, he will protect me. This is just for a matter of time. I have been praying and I have faith that everything will be fine.”

“God help those who help themselves.”

Joseph shrugged and looked at Wunmi. “Did my mother visit the house?”

She shook her head. “No. I only saw her at the wedding.”

He mentioned it to them that his mother was supposed to visit and thank Mrs. Ayo.

“Maybe she is busy finding means to help you leave this place.”

“This place is a pothole!” Sebastian uttered with a scowl on his face. “I can’t survive a day in this place!”

Joseph placed his hands on the desk and leaned a bit forward. “Lucky has not come to see me.”

Sebastian told him what Kate said.

He widened his eyes. “She could be lying. She never wanted me to marry her friend!”

“I thought as much but how come she has not come to visit you?”

“Maybe something went wrong.”

“Something like what?” he asked. “You are supposed to be her husband if not for this unfortunate crisis. Maybe she’s even part of this setup!”

“She can never do something like that.” Wunmi said defensively.

Sebastian glared at his cousin and pointed a finger at her. “I never called you to put your running mouth into this conversation. Mind your business.”

Joseph sighed and bowed down his head. He shut his eyes. “I need a miracle God.” he whispered.

“If the lawyer I assigned to you can’t get you out of this place, I will do it myself!”

He uplifted his head and stared at him. “Don’t do anything that will implicate you, please.”
Sebastian only gawked into Joseph’s eyes.

“Are you still sleeping with Kate?” Wunmi asked Sebastian on their way home.

“Did she complain to you that I did not f**k her well?”

She glanced at him with an irritated look. “With due respect, you should be ashamed of yourself!”

He erupted into a loud laugh. “You are sick in the head.”

“How can you be confortable to sleep with a married woman?” she asked him. “God is watching you.”

“In 3D?”

Wunmi hissed.

A frown creased Sebastian’s forehead. “This is my last warning to you. Leave my personal life alone. You should focus on how to get Joseph out of prison. Instead of you to get a competent barrister for him, you offered my friend a charge and bail lawyer.” He roared into another sarcastic laugh.

Wunmi lips remained sealed. Not even a single sound came out from her mouth. She was extremely angry with him but there was nothing she could say or do to make him mad.

After few days, the autopsy was out. The killer suffocated Mr. Okoye before he threw him down the stairs. His body was deposited in the mortuary and the burial ceremony postponed until further notice. Lucky sat on her floor inside her room.
She had lost a lot of weight and her father begged her to eat so that she could have enough strength to go back to work. The previous day, Dominic and his slender and flashy sister came to see her. Even when they spoke to her, Lucky did not move her lips to exchange words with them. As long as her parents will not let her see Joseph, she will remain lost in her own world. They left her alone after the long silence.
Mrs. Thelma opened her door and entered with a new female housekeeper. She was holding Lucky’s lunch. She kept it on the table in front of the bed and left mother and daughter in the room.

“You better eat your food.”

She opened her to mouth to her mother’s surprise. “My weave is old and it stinks. I need a new blade to take it off my head.”

Her mother hastily left to get her one. Lucky informed her she wanted to be alone and would lose her hair herself. Mrs. Thelma excused her daughter. She closed the door behind, walked but had a rethink. She ran back to the room and when she opened the door, she saw blood on the bedspread and floor. Lucky had slashed her left wrist. She was gasping for air. Her mother alerted the bodyguards and they rushed her to the hospital. Mr. Tom left what he was doing at the office and came to check on his daughter. Nathan at the airport called his mother. She informed him of the sudden ill-fated incident. He quickly boarded a taxi and headed to see his aggrieved sister. She was conscious but on medication. A nurse bandaged her wrist. She sat down the moment she saw her younger brother. He swiftly moved to embrace her and Lucky burst into tears.

“I am sorry,” he whispered into her right ear. He looked at her face. “I am deeply sorry.”

“I need your help. I have to see Joseph.”

He sat down beside her. “What if you died, would you have asked to see Joseph? Suicide is not an option sis.”

“I thought I would find peace when I leave this surface of the earth. I feel helpless and useless. I can’t help Joseph right now. I don’t know what he will be thinking!”

“You should stay alive for him,” Nathan advised her. “You have to be healthy and strong. I wanted to go to the police station first but when I asked for the address from mom and dad before my flight took off, they refused. Our parents believe we will work together and help Joseph. I can’t believe he could do something heartless.”

“What do I do now?” Lucky asked and cleaned her face.

“You have to eat enough food and fruits to gain the weight you lost. Joseph will be disappointed if he ever hear what you did. Don’t stop being happy. Happiness is a part of you. You have to get back to work and I will see what I can do, to locate the station.”

She finally smiled. “Thank you.”

He smiled back at her.

“What’s next?” Kim asked Dominic. She was chewing a gum loudly. She had huge makeup on her face. A red lipstick stuck on her lips. “You should do something now before it is too late.”

“I cannot tell you anything but Lucky will end up as your sister in law.”

“And what makes you think I am eager to see her as a member of our family?” she asked and eyed her brother.

“I don’t care what you think,” Dominic said to her. “Lucky is mine.”

“That is your damn business.”

Kate visited Joseph in prison. She lied to him that Lucky does not want to have anything to do with him anymore. She had realized her mistake and she believed he killed her grandfather for his selfish reasons. He said he did not believe her, but she insisted it was the truth. Joseph told her to leave his sight and never ask after him again.

Nathan went over to meet his parents in their bedroom and went on his bended knees. He was unable to know the whereabouts of the station. He asked for the location but they denied him of his request again.

“Do you want your daughter to fall into depression?” Nathan asked.

“Lucky will never have anything to do with Joseph again.” Mrs. Thelma said. “My word is final.”

“What do you want to do now?”

She looked at her husband. His face had no expression. “I know you are tempted to agree for Joseph release and also to allow him write an undertaken never to leave the state until the investigation is over. If you do that, you will never have a grandchild from Lucky.”

“Mother!” He got up on his feet.

Mr. Tom raised his left eyebrow. “Why would you say such a thing to me?”

She sneered. “Lucky will wait for Joseph to marry her until the investigation is over. We cannot predict when the truth will come out. Do you want to risk that?”

“What do you suggest?”

She glanced at her son. “I want to talk privately with my husband. You can leave now.” Nathan looked at his mother irritably and fumed out of their room.

After the second mass at the Catholic Church, a member went towards Sister Theresa. She was surprised he was bold to tap her on the back and requested to see her. The nervousness she noticed in him made her to follow him outside the church to talk.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“I am officer John. I work in the police station Joseph was arrested.”

She widened her eyes. “I hope everything is okay with him?”

“Yes for now.”

Her heartbeat raced. Her hands fidgeted. “What do you mean by that?”

He took her to a corner. “I have been a member of this church for the past ten years. With the little I know about Joseph, I believe he is innocent of the crime. No one must know what I am about to tell you. You have to find a way to get him out of the prison. There is a rumor that a huge amount of money was paid for the death of Joseph….”

She gripped her chest.

He continued. “If nothing is done to get him out in a week from now, you will carry the dead body of Joseph.”

Sister Thelma exclaimed in shock. She thanked him, took his complimentary card and promised to call him. She never waited for the next mass. She rushed into her car and took the direction that led to the home of Sebastian.

When she arrived at her destination, she met only the housekeeper. She informed her that the Akande’s had gone to church and would be back shorty. She could not sit but paced around the living room. After twenty minutes, Sebastian, his mother and cousin came home and entered inside their home. Mrs. Ayo and Wunmi recognized her as Joseph mother. They went towards her and greeted her. Sebastian was shocked to see her.

“What are you doing in my house?” he asked her.

“Have you met Joseph mother before?” His mom asked.

“Mother?” he asked in a confused tone. “But she is a Reverend mother and she is the one that is supposed to give me information about my twin brother!”

“That is not possible. She adopted Joseph. You must be mistaken!”

Sister Theresa motioned to face Sebastian. She narrated what officer John said.

“Why are you telling me this?” he asked. “I still don’t understand.”

She was about to go on her knees but he held her firmly and she remained on her feet. “I have offended you and your mother.”


Mrs. Ayo and Wunmi stared at her puzzled. They had no idea what she was talking about. She gave an account of how she saved a baby that was placed in front of a church thirty-one years ago.

“Oh my God!” Mrs. Ayo uttered. “Is Joseph my son?”

“Mom,” Sebastian said. “How can you say Joseph is your…. wait a minute.” He gazed into Sister Theresa’s eyes. “Is Joseph the baby you adopted?”
She nodded as tears dropped down. “Joseph…is… your twin brother!”

Wunmi gasped. Mrs. Ayo stood motionless. Sebastian lost his balance and fell on the floor. She assisted him up. He held her hands. “Tell me this is the truth. Tell me you are not lying because of what officer John said. I am ready to do anything to get Joseph out of that place. I don’t want you to ever lie to me.”

“Do you have a birthmark?”

“Yes. It’s on my left thigh.”

She turned to the path of Mrs. Ayo. “Before you left your child in front of the church, did you ever take note of his birthmark?”

“Of course I saw it and it is a bit difficult to see it. You have to tell me and I will know you are saying the truth!”

“The birthmark is at the back of his neck!”

“Oh my God!” Mrs. Theresa wailed. “Joseph is my son!! I need to see my son!!” She began to shed hot tears.

Sebastian went to hold his mother. “Is he my twin brother?”


Sebastian did not know whether to cry, laugh or jump up but he knew he wanted to see Joseph and call him his brother. Sister Theresa begged for forgiveness. They forgave her and the four of them hopped into one of Sebastian's vehicles. The driver drove them to the police station.

Joseph was dumbstruck when they revealed the truth to him. He asked if it was to make him feel better but Mrs. Ayo gripped her son and sobbed. She checked the back of his neck and she confirmed it. The joy in her eyes lighted up in exhilaration. The happiness occupied Sebastian’s heart that he thought it might burst out from his chest. Joseph was weak. He stared at his mother with tears around his eyes. He searched for words to define how he felt inside but none came. Mrs. Ayo explained why she abandoned him in the church and she begged for his forgiveness. Wunmi cried silently but it was tears of joy.

“To err is human,” Joseph said to his real mother. “To forgive is divine.” He wrapped his arms on her. Sebastian joined in the embrace, same with Wunmi. Joseph stretched out his right hand for Sister Theresa. It was a moment of a great reunion, family love and a remarkable bond.

The doctor discharged Lucky from the hospital. She was back home and she took the advice of her brother. She began to eat well and look good but she was still grounded. Mr. Tom and his wife went to meet Lucky in her room. She asked for their audience. She wanted her father to have mercy on Joseph. She was scared that something bad might happen to him.

“Your father and I have discussed the issue.” Mrs. Thelma said. Nathan entered the room. “There is only one option.”

“What is it?”

“You have to marry Dominic.”

Sister and brother bellowed in shock.

Mrs. Thelma did not care what they thought. She added, “Your father will ask for the release of Joseph but he still remains a suspect. The case will be investigated.”

“What does that have to do with Dominic?” Nathan asked.

“We cannot allow you to have anything to do Joseph again. He is a killer. You can help him if you want but Dominic must be your husband.”

“What if I say no?” Lucky asked.

“Joseph remains in prison.”

Lucky glimpsed at her dad, he could not look her in the eyes. He glanced at another side. She started to cry soundlessly. She sniffed her nose.
“Don’t worry sis.” Nathan said. “We will find another way.”

Lucky peered into her mother nonchalant eyes. “I will marry Dominic.”

Mr. Tom gazed at his daughter. He did not utter any words. Nathan shut his eyes. He cringed as if something hard hit him on his head.

“Good.” said her mother. She smiled widely. “Your wedding gown is still intact. We will have a private ceremony on Saturday.”

“So soon?” Lucky asked in a dazed tone. “That’s in three days’ time!”

“What are we waiting for? The day you marry Dominic, Joseph will be released or do you want to change your mind?”

“No mother. Do whatever you want to do but I promise never to make Dominic a happy man.”

“When you come back to your right senses you will know I did the right thing for you.”

Sebastian informed his mother he had a plan to set Joseph free. He only needed her prayers to make it work. She asked for his plans but he bluffed her off. He had paid a huge amount of money to officer John. They had two days remaining otherwise Joseph will lose his life. He gave the full details to Wunmi. She fell on her knees and pleaded for another way out. Sebastian was impatient. He wanted his brother out of prison as fast as possible.

On a Saturday morning, Mr. Tom drove his family to meet Dominic at the church for a quick wedding. It was importune. He found a pastor to ordain the couple as husband and wife. Kim did not congratulate them.

Lucky Munachi Okoye wedded Dominic Obi. Lucky Obi was an unhappy bride.

Sebastian dressed in his best suit. He wore a hat for the first time in his life. He drove to the station and requested at the counter to see his brother. A female warden took him to the waiting room. He hugged Joseph tightly when they brought him. The warden left.

“How are you?” he asked Joseph.

“I’m fine. I was not expecting you today.”

“Your life is at stake here. You will die tonight if you remain here.”

“What d…do d… you mean but that?” Joseph stammered and looked at his brother confused.

“Pull your clothes.” Sebastian ordered him. 


“Pull your clothes and be fast about it!"

Joseph had no clue why he wanted him to take off his clothes but he removed it. Sebastian removed his own suit, hat and gave them to his brother to wear. He wore the yellow jumpsuit. "Why are you doing this?"

"Just do as I say."

They exchanged clothes.

"Officer John will come here and give me his gun." Sebastian said. "But it will look as if I forcefully took the weapon from him. I will hold you at gun point and take you to the vehicle I brought and we will drive away."

"I have to pretend to be you?"


"But it will complicate my case. Everyone will think I am guilty that's why I'm running away."

"I will drive to a bridge with you and when I get there, I will jump."

"You want to kill yourself and make it look as if I committed suicide?"

"Yes but I don't have to die."

"Do you have a plan?"

"I have paid some fishermen. They are waiting for me with their boats right now. Nothing bad will happen and I am a good swimmer if anything goes wrong."

"Some police officers will chase after us. What happens to me?"

"When they see me jump into the lake as you, there's no need to chase after our vehicle because they will think it's Sebastian. You will drive to the airport. My agent and a friend are waiting for you. There's a phone in the pigeonhole. When you get there, call the number stored inside. You are leaving this country today. I will help you investigate the case and search for the former workers of the Okoye's. You will come back after the truth is out."

"I can't leave the country without seeing Lucky. I have to know why she refused to see me."

"There’s no time for that. I will find a way to see her. Are you ready to leave now?"

Joseph took a deep breath. "How can I ever repay you?"

Sebastian smiled. "The only way you can pay me back is stay alive."

He wrapped his arms on his twin brother. "Thank you for helping me."

"I am not helping you. I am saving you!"

They waited for a minute before Officer John came and pretended to take Joseph back to cell. Sebastian as Joseph took his gun and pointed to his brother. The officers panicked and begged him to drop the gun. They were unable to see their faces clearly. The hat covered Joseph face. The plan worked and as they entered into the vehicle, officers shot at the prisoner but they missed.

Sebastian turned on the ignition, threw the gun out of the window and speed off. Three police officers entered one of their vehicles to chase after them.

Sebastian increased the speed of the car, fear gripped Joseph.

"Please be careful!" Joseph begged.

"We have to be fast! I don't want them to catch us!" His phone rang, he answered Wunmi's call and listened to what she said. "What!!! What do you mean Lucky is married to Dominic?"

Joseph heart shattered into pieces. He looked at his brother. "That is a big lie!!!"

He ended the call. "It's the truth brother!! I can't believe this is happening to you! She has betrayed you. In this life you have to be smart, strong and versatile! When you show how kind you are, people will call you a weakling! Close your heart and no woman will ever break it! Be hard-hearted and success will never depart from you! Lucky has crossed the line! I will make her pay for what she did to you!" Joseph bowed down his head and shed tears. Sebastian stared at his brother. Tears clouded his eyeballs. 

Joseph wiped his face and raised his head. "Look out!!!"

Before Sebastian could take a glimpse at the road and swerve at another direction, a drunk driver driving a big trailer carrying heavy woods coming towards them at the left side lost control and hit their vehicle hard. Sebastian turned right and used his body as a shield to cover Joseph.

Passersby screamed in shock as heavy woods pounced on Sebastian's vehicle. The truck was beyond repair. Sympathizers helped the two men out and the driver to the hospital. A man searched for a phone and called the first name he saw on the received calls.

"Aunty!!" Wunmi screamed with tears in her eyes. Mrs. Ayo raced to meet her and asked what happened. "Joseph and Sebastian have been involved in an accident! We need to go to the hospital!"

"I am finished!!!"

The driver drove them to the hospital. Mrs. Ayo and Wunmi cried all the way to their destination. When they arrived there, they rushed out and hiked to the emergency ward. Doctor Adebayo came out and saw his sister and daughter. He worked at the private hospital.

"Where are my children?" she asked him.

The look in his eyes could tell something was wrong. "Please calm down. The doctor in charge wants to see you."

"Dad." Wunmi said. "I hope they are okay?"

He sighed. "Please, let's go and meet him." They followed him to meet the medical practitioner in charge.

"I am doctor Kingsley Ehime. I am supposed to inform the police officers outside but I am informing you first because you are my colleague;s sister. The prisoner covered the man in the suit with his body. It affected him more because something hard hit him on his head. I have bad news, he is in coma.''

"My life is over!!" Mrs. Ayo wailed. Her brother stopped her from rolling on the floor. Wunmi was crying. "Oh my God! How can this happen to Joseph after all the suffering?"

"It is not Joseph but Sebastian." her brother said.

She looked at the other doctor. "You said the prisoner is in coma. That is Joseph."

"No." Adebayo said. "It seems like they exchanged clothes."

"How come?"

"I don't know."

Wunmi did not say anything but wished Sebastian never went ahead with his plans but it was already late.

"Will my son wake up from coma?"

Doctor Kingsley replied. "It is sixty percent chance of survival but we are running some test on his brain. If he wakes up, there is a possibility he might not recognize his friends and even his family. I only hope he is not brain dead when the result comes out."

"God forbid!!“

"He also sustained a minor injury that gave him a small scar on the right side of his face."

“What about Joseph?“ Wunmi asked in an apprehensive tone. "The one wearing the suit.''

"He is receiving treatment. His body is okay but the accident affected his face. It is damaged and he will need plastic surgery."

"Plastic surgery?" she asked.

"He will be referred to the best surgeon in the United States of America. Your brother informed me that you are capable of paying the bills because it is extremely expensive."

She kept quiet and thought of what next to do. She spoke with tears coming out from her sad eyes.
"I will pay any amount for the best surgery. I am their mother and I want the best for both of them. Do you have a victim that is unrecognizable?"

"Yes. The driver of the truck died."

"I am ready to pay you five million naira to tell the policemen that Joseph is dead. Dress the body of the driver in the prison attire and show him to them."


Wunmi and her father gave Mrs. Ayo a puzzled and a curious look.

She answered. "I am afraid. Sebastian might not wake up but I will not give up on him. I want him transferred to another hospital in Abuja. I will wait as long as I live for him to wake up. Nemesis is catching up with me for what I did thirty-one years ago. No one must know that Sebastian is in coma."

"I am still confused." Doctor Kingsley said.

She wiped off the tears on her face. "If the authorities know Joseph is alive, they won't care but throw him back into cell. My son cannot go back to prison. Never! I will not lose two sons!!"

“So what do you really want?“

“Have you accepted to take the five million naira?"


"Joseph will find answers to what happened to him."

"How will he do that when people think he is dead?" Wunmi asked. "He is alive and he will have a plastic surgery to have his face back."

"I never told you he will get his actual face back."

Dr. Kingsley and Adebayo raised their eyebrows.

"I don't understand." she said.

Mrs. Ayo explained. "He will have a plastic surgery that will make him look like his twin brother. Joseph will have the face of Sebastian Kehinde Akande and take his identify. No one will ever know. This should be between the four of us. He will prove to his haters that he is innocent of the crime he never committed. Joseph as Sebastian will hit his enemies like a time bomb! He will fight for his love and justice!!"

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  6. Awwww! C.J am in tears. This episode has got my emotions all mixed up. In short am speechless. You are just the best.

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    1. I forgive you!
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      I have been asked several times to publish my stories and I will. I have plans and I will inform my readers about it soon.
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  9. AnonymousJune 13, 2016

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